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    So to get recording to work using TitanTV, does one do this by choosing what you want to record on their website and using the remote scheduling feature in preferences? I guess I'll give this a try for now. I was planning on moving to another solution after my TV Guide subscription expired in June (mainly because of the out of stock notice on the product page and what seems to be an intentional kill off of Eye TV for the Mac). Now that recordings cannot be setup using the TV Guide service, it looks like I'll need to switch now. It really is a shame because under Elgato's ownership, EyeTV had great brand recognition and a really easy to use PVR / TV solution. I'd been a happy customer for well over 10 years.
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    DC Rackerby: Thanks for the tutorial on xmldv. I set it up and got it working right now. I live in the metro St. Louis area. A few pointers to those who are trying to do this as well. Step 1: set go to schedulesdirect.org and and click on the "Sign Up" tab to create an account. It sets you up with a free 7 day trial account. I haven't upgraded to the $6 2-month or $25 yearly account yet. Step 2: You'll get an e-mail with an activation code. Copy and paste it into the schedules direct web page. Step 3: on the "SD-DD Subscribed Lineups: Add a new lineup Report Lineup Problems " line click "Add a new lineup" and select the appropriate channel service you need. I have an HD Antenna which picks up 54 stations in the St. Louis area. Step 4: go to the http://mc2xml.awardspace.info to download mc2xml. Scroll down about a page and click on the download. since we are on Mac's choose the third column for OS X (x86) Step 5: create a folder "scripts" in your home folder (i.e. /Users/username - for me it is /Users/weber). You can go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on "Go" and navigate down to "Home" then right click on the Home folder and add a "New Folder" and name it scripts. Step 6: move mc2xml from your downloads folder to the scripts folder Step 7: open "Terminal" from your "Utilities" folder which is inside your "Applications" folder. type "cd ./scripts" to navigate to the scripts folder. Then type "chmod 755 mc2xml" so that mc2xml is recognized as an executable. Step 8: still in the Terminal window, type in ."/mc2xml -T sdusername:sdpassword" where username and password are what you choose for schedules direct in step 1. It will take a minute or so to process and will create a mc2xml.dat and xmldv.xml file and place them in your "scripts" folder. Step 9: still in the terminal window, type in "open -a EyeTV /Users/username/scripts/xmltv.xml". be sure to change username to your actual username. for me it is weber as you can see in top 5. Step 10: Go to EyeTV (which should be open). Click on "Channels" the third tab under Library on the left. Then for each channel click on the EPG tab and change it to xmldv. It will ask you to assign a channel and give you the list to choose from. This corresponds with the "lineup" you hopefully correctly choose in Step 3. Note, I tried setting each channel to xmldv before Step 9 and I got a blank list. So step 9 has to come first. Step 11: Once done for each channel you can go to the EyeTV "Program Guide" and see that it is filled in including titles for each episode and colors to indicate type of program - as we were used to with EPG TV Guide. Step 12: Open "TextEdit" and copy in the getup.sh procedure (listed again below). Remember to change your mac username on lines 2, 3 and 5and the schedules direct username and password on line 10. Then save it as getup.sh and place it in the "scripts" folder you created in step 5 #!/bin/bash MC2XML="/Users/username/scripts/mc2xml" XMLTV="/Users/username/scripts/xmltv.xml" #Set the working directory cd /Users/username/scripts/ # Check if we have internet connection ping -q -c 1 -t 5 google.com > /dev/null if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then # Get new schedule $MC2XML -T sdusername:sdpassword # Reload EyeTV with the file open -a EyeTV $XMLTV fi Step 13: Back in the "Terminal" window. type chmod 755 getepg.sh" to make getup.sh recognizable as an executable. Now in the terminal window you can tap "./Users/username/getepg.sh" and it will do the whole job for you. I haven't yet automated the procedure using Launch Agent, but will do that shortly. I also have to go thru this procedure on another mac since I have 2 eyetv hybrids. Thanks again to DC Rockery. I needed to put together this dummies guide because it took me a while to figure out how to make it all work. I figured someone else may need this as well
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    Is there any chance of upgrade to HEVC/x265 support? I've been using that for a while & it works out excellently for all of my projects. This would also help avoid a second encode of the EyeTV material & if available, would bring quality up to 10 or 12 bit if the source material provides it.
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    Anyone else having problems with TV guide? My guide currently goes out to Tuesday at 7:00PM but nothing after that. My subscription goes until Mar. 19. I did a update now and it said downloading and adding channels but still no additional programs.
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    It looks like the topic, "TV GUIDE NOT UPDATING" got de-railed, and is now more about coding, hacks, and work arounds for the EPG? As to this topic: Has anyone had any luck with the actual EPG, or real answers from breakthroughs with TV Guide EPG, or with Geniatech? I've gotten the same run around and even legally threatened by Angela in Support. She basically said if anyone slanders Geniatech - they'd deal with it legally. I don't give her an ounce of credibility. The beginning of each of the last two weeks I've been given the same rubbish - their techs are working around the clock, and to wait another week. I've done that twice now. Regardless of when -- or if they get this issue fixed, I'm demanding a full refund no matter what. I don't know what options others have - depending where you're at - but I'm in the states, and I'm also filing a case (at least ) with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for failure to deliver a contracted service. My suspicion: they've completely lost any kind of TV Guide licensing and their scrambling to put together some half-a$$, make shift EPG data stream service of their own! [edit] Oh... and to date, 4:52pm, U.S. west coast time - our EPG is STILL dead.
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    Re: ^. Sorry, wish Forum software let you edit previous posts, but it doesn't. Here's the attachment with a minor correction in a note on Step 2. XMLTVListings EPG with EyeTV-Guide.pdf
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    ATSC EPG alternative Here's an EPG stopgap that works, tested this evening. I have an over-the-air antenna (live in a rural area in Wisconsin without cable, don't want a dish). Not sure if it will work with cable. This is for a Mac running OS 10.11, should work through 10.14. 1. Go to the Channels listing in EyeTV. You will find a listing of your channel lineup you set up in EyeTV. 2. In the EPG column, there is a dropdown menu for each channel; it is currently set to TV Guide. Change it to ATSC for each channel (has to be done one at a time). 3. Go to the Program Guide window, which is still blank, and from the dropdown menu at the top, select Update ATSC (you should have several options, don't select Update TV Guide obviously). 4. I have about two dozen channels in my EyeTV channel listing (which remains active), the program download took under 2 minutes. When done, the Program Guide will be populated for about the next 24 hours (although our 4 public TV channels populated for 4 days out). The listings are barebones, but you can click to record as with TV Guide, and the individual programs do have a content description if you click on the program title. All the usual Record functions work. 5. I'll find out tomorrow if the autoupdate daily function works (set in Program Guide in Preferences), or if you have to do it manually each day. Obviously not convenient like TV Guide, and only goes a day in the future, but it did work fine for me this evening and . . . this is how we did used to do it a decade ago with early DVRs (EPG's have spoiled us). xmltv is probably a better option, I'll tackle that over the next few days.
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    Here are the basic TitanTV steps (using titantv.com). 1. First, set yourself up as a user (free) and log in. 2. Click on the Site Preferences menu item at the top. 3. Click on My Channel Lineups tab. 4. If it hasn't filled in your provider, create a new lineup. 5. Click on the My DVR Options tab. 6. Enable the Remote Scheduling checkbox and Save Changes 7. Click on TitanTV Listings at the upper left to get back to the schedule for your system. 8. Click on a desired program. 9. In the popup window, click on the button with a red dot/black box (2nd from left). 10. Confirm you want to add it to your remote queue (that you have to do this for every program is a major PITA). This stores the temporary setting on the TitanTV site (somewhere) 11. Go to eyeTV Preferences/Guide tab. In the TitanTV Remote Scheduling region, click the Change button to add your TitanTV account name (not email address) and password. This will let eyeTV access those stored recording requests stored on TitanTV. 12. Click the Check Now button. (I also set the interval to every hour). 13. This should start populating your Schedules list in eyeTV with your TitanTV selections. You may encounter some channel issues (e.g., I don't have a digital TV subscription, I had to edit the channel listings on TitanTV to remove the "HD" from the names). Also, you won't know about time conflicts until this stage: TitanTV lets you set anything you want without signaling conflicts). 14. If you see a program in the eyeTV Schedules list, and nothing is set to italic, eyeTV should record the program (at least it has for me). Okay, folks, this was a quick-and-dirty rundown based on my hunting around and experimentation. I am far from an expert on TitanTV, so don't ask me about the service. BTW, the iOS version of the TitanTV app does not let you set remote schedules. Booo! Enjoy (as best you can) this clumsy operation.
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    What a loss for Geniatech. They could of added a yearly subscription service to allow 3rd party hardware to work with EyeTV. Geniatech seems like its not on top of things with EyeTV. Since it purchased EyeTV, tech support is sub par, updates are sparse and bugs multiply. I contacted support by email yesterday about the issue with the PAID subscription programming guide, no reply or fix today. None of this shocks me. We all need to accept that the party is almost over soon.
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    all - we move to a public beta - so everybody / eyetv customer are invited to join - Update v20191010 /v_EyeTV4.0.0b6(8059).dmg: thank for great, value and open feedback, please keep on doing so, following fixes, in below you will find the latest beta release Netstream 4c autoscan issue several performance issue / several cosmetics issue eyetv plus fix add eyetv U6 lite support we keep on improving, thanks for value feedback. please download EyeTV4.0.0b6(8059).dmg from here: http://file.geniatech.com/eyetv4/EyeTV4.0.0b6_8059_.dmg (this link will be replace by our CDN soon, as Dropbox is sometimes very tricky and with errors) Eyetv 4 Keys, please use one of the below 5 keys (FYI - will be blocked after 30th November 2019) 1 LBT3D-8L7E9BD-Y56DAKC-HL55D23 2 T4PDA-V9YE9CW-37W78KM-HBG4GA3 3 WKCTK-AS5MPZZ-854VRQY-QH26ZWZ 4 4D2QK-ZPW1VEX-HSKNYXQ-74DNUDG 5 2RGHE-826LQ77-EXPAVN7-ER3XZRW here is the voting- list for supporting Eyetv Tuner and other third-party tuner solutions- please join. https://doodle.com/poll/9q4h64ipa5z4v4i6 kind regards Mike all, we know a lot of you are waiting for some clear signs, what's next - will they ever be release a 64 - bit Mac APP? Answer: yes - working on this 64 bit transition for all Eyetv Applications (more then 15) since 12 month - supporting iOS/Android/Windows/Windows 10/macOS, Apple TV, ipadds, we almost finished for all operation systems - beside macOS, we know you waiting for this a long time, but it is / was also the biggest tasks, and there was a time in March this year - we feared that we cannot not make it, but we overcome the mayor challenges and ups and downs. Please see some live screen shots to get a idea about our new Eyetv 4.x for Mac 64 - bit (beta + preview) - UI / UX. We look for some serious & experienced beta testers and heavy eyetv usersfor Mac. This will be limited closed beta - preview group. If you are interesting, please post a pm to me. Please be aware yetv 4.x for Mac 64 - bit (beta + preview) will be only for + require latest macOS Mojave and for macOS Catalina, no other other macOS! Open speaking, it was + is a heavy load to upside everything to 64bit, to have this clear - we still have a way to go, but so far it looks promising + working, we now working with open sprints, on the device integration, final compatibility (hope Apple do not change so much anymore in Catalina) - stabilize the code and work on the performance. More or less quality quality ......... From time to time, I will update here, the Eyetv dev + support team have a clear target, as from beginning - move eyetv Mac app to the next level - and be ready in time (launch of Catalina), but as much quality first, hope understand this. thanks + have a great day. kind regards Mike
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    To me it rather looks like an Alpha version and not a Beta version.
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    all, to all who like tp participate in the eyetv 64-bit program, please print + sign + scan attached e-copy of the NDA + BETA Eyetv 3, Eyetv 4 64-BIT BETA PROGRAM and share a signed e-copy to EYETVBETA@EU-GENIATECH.COM. After received sign e-copy - we enroll to you the beta - program to you, sorry having things so complex, but legal wise it is necessary. thank you in advanced for help and supporting eyetv. Mike GENIATECH-EYETV4MAC-64-BIT_MUTUAL_NDA_v20190903.pdf
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    Wow! I am a little bit stunned. And happy. And a little bit angry. If you guys just would have said one word, all this bit**ing around in the forums never had escalated. I never understand why companies do not talk to their customers. Well... But I am glad EyeTv4 is happening. And thanks for using my flat theme I posted on Deviant-art a few years ago. (or is it just coincidence that it looks exactly the same :)) )
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    I installed 7528 over the weekend, and made the following observations to pass on. Up to this point I have kept our version at 7520, because later versions did not recognize our HDHomeRun. Some of these may not be news to you if you have installed versions after 7520: 7528 installed and worked fine, picking up all existing recordings and schedules. (After TV Guide stopped working, we have been scheduling using TitanTV because it was not that much of a hassle, and could be done from any of our devices with a web browser.) 7528 recognizes our HDHomeRun again. While others in this thread have also noticed this, it doesn't seem to be mentioned in any release notes, so I'm wary that it might not be officially/permanently supported. But at least there is now a build that we can use as long as we don't need the Mac to go beyond macOS 10.14 (since 10.15 won't run 32-bit applications). That means we can keep using this version of EyeTV at least until 10.14 stops getting security updates, which might be in 2022. So, another 3 years of service at least. Of course, this is a moot point if Geniatech issues a 64-bit update of EyeTV. We are in the USA. Now that the TV Guide subscription is available again, I paid to subscribe for another year. Price went up from $20 to $30 a year, not happy about a 33% price increase. But it works again. I ran a channel rescan. At the end it puts up the dialog box where you enter your zip code and choose how you get your TV (I choose OTA broadcast). At this point 7528 would either crash, or hang with the rainbow pinwheel of death. I had two zip codes entered; testing revealed that it crashed if I left it that way, but no longer crashed if I deleted the second zip code so that there was only one ZIP code in there. I had to go into Channels view and make sure all channels were set to EyeTVEPGPremium-USA, because they had lost their program guide setting after TV Guide went down. The easiest way to do this is Select All first, then change one and all selected channels update. The left column of 7528 includes the EyeTV Plus service. This is not available in the USA, so it was just taking up space. It turns out you can disable EyeTV Plus in Preferences, so that disappears from the left column. All in all I'm relieved that we no longer have to consider an alternative OTA recorder for our old faithful Mac mini. (I do have Plex but it has its own issues.) We'll just keep cranking along with EyeTV. While I thank Geniatech for this update, I am not happy about how it happened because after TV Guide became unavailable and HDHomeRun support was dropped, communication with customers was handled very badly. They need to work on this.
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    These old discussion threads are now quite long, making current topics hard to find. So I just started a new topic under Discussions "EyeTV 3 Version 7528 release Experiences" so we can focus discussion of the new version there and make it easier for people to find. Thank you.
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    It also appears that you can buy a renewal for EyeTV EPG Premium-USA in the store. Anyone try it yet? https://www.geniatech.eu/product/tv-guide/
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    Maybe you'll get an answer in this tread - in the thread "64 Bit support" - we did not get an answer. I guess geniatech bought a yacht an they are sailing away. In the harbor they read in this forum and laugh. To cut a long story short. Find a another product that fits your demand and forget EyeTV. I'm only here to find tipps about alternative products.
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    Meanwhile TV on Mac and PC ist a niche. There is no doubt about it. The thing I don't understand they still sell Hardware with a (formerly) great piece of software. And we all now the the software won't work anymore from Q4/2019 on. What was their intention when they bought EyeTV from Elgato? Why is there no official member of Geniatech to do public relations. This forum produces so much displeasure. Why not telling people either: a) Hey guys, go away the Mac story ends up here! b) Look there is a screenshot of EyeTV 4 for Mac - but still takes some time to finish. AND you will have to pay some money for it. Is it that hard to talk to the people that pay your salary?
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    " they are actually devoting their energy into creating a 64 bit version of the software." You are a standup comedian?
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    Do you still have the old, working box? In my case, I went to the old box, picked LIBRARY/Channels on the left hand side. Then I picked "Service/Edit on the bottom, and it brings up a window titled "Manage Channel Sets". Pick a Channel Set, and click on "Export...". Move the created file to the new box and reverse the process, picking "Import..." instead of "Export...". Worked for me. YMMV.
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    I did a select all in the Channels list and changed them all to EyeTVEPGPremium - there are 1105 channels! TV Guide is gone from the dropdown, replaced by the new one. xmltv is still there. I should also have mentioned earlier that I was doing the export/import of the channel list because even though all my zip code's providers show up in the setup window, it never showed the right Service and never downloaded a channel list.
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    I still have an active TV Guide subscription, so I downloaded the beta mentioned above and tried it on a spare computer. No trouble logging into EyeTV, and the service now says EyeTVEPGPremium - USA and Canada with the TV Guide expiration date. After some fiddling around in Setup, I managed to import my channel list from my real EyeTV installation and ran the program guide update. I saw the grid start filling up and thought "Voila!", but unfortunately it only gets a (random?) subset of the total channels. Anyway, it looks like they're very close!
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    Yes, the 2 EPG services are fee based. I tried the free week on schedules direct.com, and got my setup working in a day or two. Then I subscribed for 2 months for I believe 6 dollars, just in case it didn't work long term or TV Guide came back. I think the full year is $25. Sure, it was 6 bucks I shouldn't have to had paid, but it was worth it. Now I am not beholden to Geniatech and their whims. I fully control the scheduling. I've had questions, and someone from Shedulesdirect.com answered me in 3 hours! Try to get an answer from Geniatech. This alternate schedule system uses functionality existing forever in EyeTV, it sends the schedule into the program just as the makers had intended to allow. No hack at all. Another potential bonus: the alternate sourcing using the directions from the forum works on a low level in the system...it is not likely to break with updates. I use it on an ancient mac mini running snow leopard, and a 2014 mac mini running High Sierra and both work perfectly. Of course, with the next apple update, if they remove all 32 bit resources, all bets are off.
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    I just want to say thanks and how much I appreciate the problem solving efforts here. Rather than just complaining, we have some workable solutions to this "unfortunate" situation. Like many here, I have been using EyeTV and some form of HD Homerun for many many years and don't miss cable AT ALL. Over the air is just fine for me, especially with so many alternative TV options. What has happened with the business end of EyeTV being bought , first dropping support for HDHR and now this, it was (I think) only a matter of time. With no 64-bit update coming that will work with Silicondust products, EyeTV's days were probably numbered after the next big MacOS update anyways. At first all the techie ideas were just too much for me and really not worth the effort. I have Plex and that seems to be working, but not nearly as elegantly as EyeTV was (is). But a big thank you to all of you who posted clear step by step instructions on how to make EyeTV work again (Until Apple does it in for good). I will give it a go and see what happens. Perhaps its just time to start getting through all the books I want to read!! Cheers and big thanks to all you problem solvers!! Maris
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    XMLTVListings EPG with EyeTV-Guide.pdf Re: ^. Sorry, wish Forum software let you edit previous posts, but it doesn't. Here's the attachment with a minor correction in a note on Step 2.
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    [this repeats a post I just uploaded on the more major EyeTV Forum discussing the EPG issue] With more time on my hands than I probably should spend on this (being retired), I decided to preserve the indispensable advice posted here in a single PDF guide (attached). After all, Geniatech could kill this Forum without notice, and I'd hate to lose this information. Sorry, but the "enter your info marked in red" color failed to transfer from NeoOffice to the PDF, but I also used brackets so you'll be able to see it. Please be sure to call any errors to my attention so I can fix them, but I have tested everything and it works. This guide replaces the two really long posts from me above (I don't think the Forum will simply let me delete them). IMPORTANT: this guide applies just to Macs (I don't know the Windows world), and to using xmltvlistings.com as the North America EPG source (which is what I am doing). Maybe someone will do a similar guide for schedulesdirect.org. Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this Forum! [I have also posted this on the other original Forum thread discussing these issues, which has a lot more people following it. I tried to write this so nonexperts would find it useful]. XMLTVListings EPG with EyeTV-Guide.pdf
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    I've been using EyeTV for at least 12 years (my first tuner was an "EyeTV USB"). At this point, I'm pretty sure Geniatech does not give a shit about EyeTV customers in North America. It's kinda looking like the end.
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    you can also use http://mc2xml.awardspace.info/ then once the xmltv listing is downloaded you can load it in EyeTV. You have to do this on the command line : open -a /Applications/EyeTV.app ./xmltv.xml The best is to set a cronjob with a script that downloads the file and load it in EyeTV once a day.
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    Try submitting a support ticket here: https://www.geniatech.eu/support-contact/?Product=eyetv 3 I did that tonight, and promptly received the following reply: For HDHomerun, 7520 is the last version supporting HdHomeRun. Version 7520 software download site: https://www.geniatech.eu/download/eyetv-3-6-9-7520/ As for the issue of TV Guide, it is a technical issue. We are fixing it. We will inform you immediately once it is back to normal. Kind regards, Angela
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    Hi Jürgen! Go to Systemeinstellungen - Sicherheit - Allgemein and allow EyeTV to open. Regards, Peter
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    Hi Angela..... Thanks for your answer, but I didn't find the link for download. Can you please give me a hint where I can find? Joerg
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    Now that Catalina is released, it will get very crowded in this forum. I see one post of issue reporting vs. 20 Newbies applying for beta-access (they have my sympathy). It will be barely readable. From what I see how many issues there were in beta 3 and still are within beta 5, we are weeks/months away from a release. So maybe a locked forum would be better to work things out.
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    Thanks for the update Eric! If the document Eric posted isn't available to you, it's probably because you didn't log on. If you can't get a eyetvforum account because you can't get the verification email (I couldn't using a comcast.com account), then try using a mail.com address to sign up here. That worked for me. As far as any other suggestions: The instructions say XML listings work with at least build 7524, which is what Eric tested on. I tested on 7520, so I suspect the instructions will work on any build of EyeTV 3.6.9. YMMV. If you go to your dashboard at xmltvlistings.com, you will see a support note about complaints from EyeTV users saying stations are in the wrong order. That is not an xmltvlistings.com issue. The problem can be fixed in EyeTV by going to the "Channels" screen and dragging each station to the order you would like it displayed. EyeTV will automatically remember the new order until you 'rescan' or 'auto tune' your channels again (something you only do when a TV station in your area is new, or changes frequency -- a very rare event). If you don't like the yearly auto-renew of your xmltvlistings.com subscription (the default), then you can change that under "Manage Subscription" on the xmltvlistings.com dashboard page. Enjoy! 😁👍
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    Folks, I've been lurking here since the OP. I enjoyed many years of EyeTV and really didnt want to let go. I'm impressed by all the workaround knowledge here but just didnt have the appetite to jump into it. Just wanted an out of the box solution that would plug and play. Decided to try the new Tablo Quad. Yup, a complete shift in interface but it works really well for my needs. Add to that the four tuner capability and browser interface that lets me easily watch on any machine/TV/iPad in the house. Also, this should work for the foreseeable future as OSX moves to all 64 bit. I did need to upgrade my antenna and did just buy the lifetime subscription service. For the equipment and subscription I laid out about $500. Not cheap but I'm hoping to ride this set up for the next few years. My neighbor pays Comcash $180 a month, so I dont feel too bad about the cash outlay. Tablo also just released their automatic ad skipping algorithm. Will be testing that out in the next few weeks. So far, so good. Mark
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    The computer I installed it on did have some older version of EyeTV on it, although I had only ever used it for OTA recording (Olympics!), so it didn’t have my DirecTV channels on it. I followed the instructions from an earlier post in this chain on how to export a channel list from one EyeTV installation and import it into another. All the channels do show up in the channel list, but for some reasons not all channels get populated in the guide.
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    After patiently waiting for more than a month for Geniatech to get their act together I finally gave up and requested a refund from PayPal. It was approved in less than 36 hours! At least Geniatech's accounting department is efficient. Looking at the two solutions described in this forum I found that the XMLTVListings approach, while easier, did not have the full channel lineup for my TV service (OTA). Moreover for the channels that were listed there was no sub-channel information. So I went with the Schedules Direct approach. I was able to find the correct listing for the TV service I have with all the sub-channel information. It took an afternoon to implement the automatic updating of the schedule (set at 4 am) in EyeTV using the directions posted on the forum (with minor modifications). I'm using the "json" service at Schedulesdirect.com. All appears to be working fine including the Smart Guides. I am using OS X 10.11.6 on a 2010 Mac Mini and EyeTV 3.6.9 (7416). Many thanks to all who contributed to finding a solution to the "EPG problem."
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    Which service is everyone using at Schedulesdirect.com? I can't figure out which one that works with Eye TV. I've come to the conclusion that TV Guide is done.... Thanks in advance....
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    Yes, I think you may be onto something there. It is when new stuff is introduced that the old stuff is obsoleted. Or it may break if there are software upgrades. I'm also wondering if the project to upgrade EyeTV to a 64 bit program might have something to do with it. https://www.geniatech.eu/blog-8-eyetv-32-bit-macos-highsierra-10-13-4/ In trying to make TV Guide work with a 64-bit version of EyeTV, they may have broken access by the 32-bit version. Lots of things would be different with 64-bit data. At least this would mean Geniatech are still actively developing EyeTV.
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    As the command is written, the xmltv.xml file will be created in the directory where the command is executed. If you want it to be created in a particular directory, you would specify that. For example: curl https://www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/API Key/LineupID/Days > ~/Downloads/xmltv.xml
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    I gave it a try, and the command to run (or put in a script) is: curl https://www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/API Key/LineupID/Days >> xmltv.xml That produces an xmltv file (named xmltv.xml) that EyeTV happily consumed. However, "XML TV Listings" data is much more limited than Schedules Direct, and they only allow 5 connections per day, so that limits my ability to test.
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    Don't understand what you mean.
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    Thanks a LOT to Millstadt Weber procedure. Works - it revived by EyeTv. I was trying Plex and it is not really that easy to use TV replacement. I added daily updates using Automator and Calendar. Automator: Start Automator and create new Application, In the Application insert as action "Run Shell Script" and paste content of the getup.sh from one of the posts above. Save as Application in the scripts folder. You can test it if you select "results" which opens window with script output and run through top right corner run button. You can see if you get same response as when running shell script manually. Automatic updates: Follow this web page: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/schedule-automator-tasks-mac-os-x-39132.html -- except, it is really old, so replace in these instructions "iCal" with "Calendar". Rest is same. In short - you create daily Event (mine is at 4am, I run all 24/7), add Custom Alert in it, as action select Open file, Other, navigate to the Automator application you just created and it should run the Schedule update. It is not completely tested (not sure how, actually, will need to wait for few days to check guide is indeed updated), but seems reasonably likely to work.
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    I thought Geniatech was just giving up on the USA market. If the UK is having guide issues also I wonder how much longer this program will exist. If they are having issues monitoring their product I would have paid a fee to get a 64bit version if it still had all the functions and hardware support of version 3.6.9 (7520).
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    Let's hit up Geniatech on social media. I commented on their most recent FB post. https://www.facebook.com/Geniatech.EyeTV/posts/2041201695901825?comment_tracking={"tn"%3A"O"} I'm no fan of twitter, but: @Geniatech_EyeTV using #CustomerService
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    Thanks Danny! Additionally, we can double click on programs within the Schedules area in EyeTV and click on the "Edit Schedule" button and then change the Repeat option to Weekly or whatever you prefer. I don't know how well this will work. Also totally crude from what we've been used to, as it doesn't allow for skipping repeat episodes, etc. Earl - I think you may be clicking on the leftmost "Record" button. Instead, use the smaller red button w/ black rectangle - for "Remote Schedule Queue." Nothing should download via browser. EyeTV handles it internally. I tested it from a 2nd computer, and EyeTV on the other computer loaded it right up.
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    The EyeTV interface isn't perfect but is still the best for watching and recording on Mac. However without TV Guide I am lost. Feels like the Sony HDD250 DVR story again which I gave up and went to EyeTV. Doing a quick look I saw too many complaints over in the Plex forums of things breaking that used to work. Decided to give emby a try instead which I had never heard of but saw some decent reviews. Loaded the server without much trouble. Everything is through a web interface on Mac OS. Got a guide for $5/month to test and scheduling appears to work but selecting and changing channels is a dog. All of these programs seem to be a media players first with TV being an afterthought.
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    Promises aside, I see no signs that Geniatech is or will fix this issue. I suggest that everyone submit a ticket as described above, and at least they will know how many (or how few) people are affected. I also received a follow-up reply to my own ticket. It's disturbing... We wanted to continue to support HdHomeRun, but things did not go as we expected. Therefore, it is a strategic decision from our Management to stop supporting HDHomeRun Devices, as they have no License Agreement and not any Agreement in place between Silicon Dust and Geniatech.
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    I don't have much confidence in the TV Guide company. A few years back they abruptly quit providing guide service for broadcast stations. This completely bricked an expensive Sony DVR that I owned, which was designed by total fools without any means of the user setting the date and time. So while it was possible in theory to manually set recordings, it involved complex calculations to convert the real date/time into the DVR's erroneous date/time. This clusterflock was what caused me to start using EyeTV in the first place. I don't understand why EyeTV is not constructing any schedule from the basic EPG data broadcast by the stations. It is supposed to do this and has done this in the past when the guide subscription ran out, so something is seriously amiss. It may be possible to schedule EyeTV programming using the free TitanTV service, but I have not really tried to get this working. It is at least possible to look up local schedules, though manually setting recordings will not be any picnic.
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    I updated about a month ago, but have not been getting updates. I hope they get this fixed by Feb 4th because that's when I run out