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  1. TBone

    13.2 (22D49)

    Still crashes while clicking on schedules or info haven't tried double clicking on info yet this might be the on that works
  2. Still crashes Still works with xml Is there another post i should be involved in?
  3. now using 13.2 (22D49) I'm scared to click on anything else. Something might make it crash. It works
  4. I bought EyeTV in 2007 I’ve tried every version of EyeTv along with every MacOS as a beta tester for apple at times This is the first time it didn’t crash in EytTV4 while clicking on schedules or other things It crashed this morning The program still works, but has a lot of problems Currently I’m using 4.0.0 (8528) with 13.1 (22C65)
  5. ive been using this software since 2007
  6. im not too worried about the guide as much as the program crashing I still use the software every day
  7. I’m gonna wait and see I’ve waited 6 months in the past for it to work and got a 6 month credit The MacBook Pro still works with XML The Mac Mini does not because i did a full restore trying the new OS
  8. it could all be copyright issues here in the US
  9. I am not a techie but I am a user of the software and this is what I’ve encountered over the past 15 years
  10. As a 15 year user of usb tv tuner I realize it’s hard to do programming for multiple country’s and regions I give Geniatech credit for trying i will not stop using my usb tuner but find a way to use it My use is MacBook Pro 2007 with version 3 Mac mini 2018 with 8 tb external storage for EyeTV my way is xmltvlistings.com
  11. The https://www.xmltvlistings.com/ file does work, I’ve been using it for years. does anyone have a better solution until the guide is back up
  12. If you view all channels, on the right side you’ll see click on EPG and select XMLTV. You just have to set the channel then download once a week, drag the file to the Eyetv icon.