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  1. Yes, but that does require you to actually browse the channels manually every refreshing time frame. With the scheduled temporary recordings you can let it go on its own for days without needing to manually refresh. For those of us who don't watch daily the manual method is a huge PITA. As long as you have created your regular programming schedules properly you could let it go as long as you had space without touching it, just as it was before the guide failure.
  2. For those of you who don't want to mess with the xmltv guide process, and do get OTA schedules that populate when you watch the channel, you can make a dummy 1 minute recording for each channel you record from each day, when the tuner tunes to the channel to make the recording it populates the schedule data. I ran into issues if I used the menu process to get guide data for OTA schedules, it would pick one channel and populate its guide info to all the others. But letting each channel populate on its own worked for me. Each primary station may have a different time frame they load the schedule for, one of mine only does about 12hrs, another does about 48hrs. I made those 1 minute schedules repeat daily, and only keep 1 recording (so it doesn't fill up the recording list) (though the 12 hour station I have a morning and night schedule) It doesn't help with the new/repeat information about a show, and some of ours are also in reruns, so I had to update the regular recording schedule with specific channel and time ranges. I am glad that my guide wasn't due for renewal until next month. I'm sorry for those who had just renewed before this guide snafu started.