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  1. Thank you WisconsonEric. My experience (AzMel) suggest that TIVO shut down our servers in early February 2019. As I was uninstalling/reinstalling EyeTV3 I noticed a company name ROVI as the EPG provider. ROVI was "acquired" by TIVO in the last quarter of 2018. My EPG updating also stoped in early February 2019. The trail of evidence that leads from TV Guide to ROVI to TIVO is a little hard to track down on the internet. Every "contact us" or "help" link at TV Guide is broken, if you try to go to you get redirected to TIVO and if you try to contact TIVO they will only talk to you if you are a business, consumers need not apply. Geniatech is the only company that can force TIVO to meet their contractual obligations. Unless there is a lawyer following this who knows a class action lawsuit when he/she sees one Search "EyeTV TIVO Class Action"