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  1. Your exactly right, i've had mine for 10 years, it's great software/hardware, people here are getting too angry over a 20 buck a year guide subscription, when they took over the software, they could have easily charged for an upgrade and probably should have.
  2. glad to hear they Been using this since 2010 - I’ve got two program guide subscriptions with 8 months left. I’m not going to bother asking for a refund. Hoping they are actually working on a fix. I’m getting by with the atsc guide and manual set ups for now. It’s a bummer when you have a nice hardware software solution that gets shelved or ignored because the company can’t make money on it. Had that happen with a telephony solution a few years ago, never could replicate that with anything else. At least eyeTV has alternate solutions.
  3. my tv guide runs out at 3pm today, I put in a manual recording for tonight, go into schedules, click the new button, we'll see if it works
  4. same problem, el capitan, 3.6.9