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  1. Hello, sorry do not fully agree at all of Your first comment. You bought 10 years ago, but other users bought 1 or 2 or 3 Years ago. Who ever is in charge of this does not really matter. Point is that as it is all over in the world, all is down to money not to people. it is a pain that what ever You buy is already old even it is new in the shop. When a company sell their business they make money with it most likely so the new owner should take care of it from that moment on. I have three valid licenses on Eye TV3 bought in the past, But non of them runs on my new Mac with the Catalina software. Loosing all this money and not able to use the SW is not fair to valid Customers. I know this World is not fair! it became a Pain i.a..... But You also want to use this Software. I am Happy that EYE TV people take care of this at the moment. so I can al least use my Hardware again. Thank You to the Team! But why is the Company doing current business not taking care of their Stuff. Because the do not care as it look like. may be Profit with this it looks like. I like to thank all People involved on this Project to improve this SW.
  2. Last test done on my Mac mini Catalina and EyeTV 4 latest Beta and EyeTv Sat Hardware 1. Screen size Issue is still there, changing to full and back is not possible. 2. Program Guide Premium, update possible but changing the day is not possible. Still jumps back to today. 3. Recording with Timer Programming in to days etc. therefore not possible, because of the Program Guide issue. 4. Remote control most commands no function. power no, 5. Remote button green change to full screen and after the Computer crashed complete. needed to user power off on button on Mac to quite the grey empty screen, could not go back to any application on Mac. Dead screen. 6. so pleas do not use the remote features! full crash. lost all info which was I had typed in during testing and this crash. this Software is for sure not ready to be released! Sorry to say. Good work done!!! up to now!!!! But still a long way to go.
  3. Latest Beta EyeTV4.0.0b12_8515 installed, running Mac mini Catalina & EyeTV Sat Problems still seen, Programm guide is updated but can not be scrolled through, stay only on the current day as ist die in the past Versions. the Update was made but does not show any better since. Update installation did not work, Error on Update see Printscreens Only installed direkt from the Downloaded File. Rename of Favorites Channel List works fine now. other stuff will be tested. One main issue is the Program guide, update works but not able to switch to a other date then today.
  4. further is does update the egg according to the screen info, but not able to change to any other day. Any day you chose it stays on the same info in the Guide Guide Updated according info Window, but that's it no change.
  5. Eye TV Crashes by updating the Programm guide, does not update correct. can not switch to the next day stays alway at the same day which ist Today. need to quits software by hard exit. could not stop eye tv any other way. This SW as it is, is for sure not ready to release by end of this month as read.
  6. some short things I still see on the beta 4 11 version Install error still existing, Window resize Error still existing. Program Chanel list can not be renamed still exists. Channel Sorting as requested to enable to sort to customer needs still not possible.
  7. one more issue seen after start today, Programm guide does not work any more, also not updated. seems that it lost all in since 24Hours
  8. Some more Issues found, Rename Created Channel List not Possible, can be chosen, but no Input possible. See Picture. Not able to use the MY EyeTV can not Select see att. Picture Running EyeTv Sat, Catalina Mac mini (Ende 2014) 1,4 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB
  9. Update Beta 10 Crashed, Update not possible Error. Downloaded the version manually and installed. App Crashed during update from Programm guide. Restarted pc and started Update manually, Program guide was loaded OK took very long. Automatic update did not work. Running: Mac mini Catalina latest Version EyeTV Sat
  10. same to me also the Program guides still does not work! does what is been told on the page but still no success
  11. Hello, Update to the Programm Guide is still not working, have a valid Option and purchase until end of Nov. but still not able to update. The info to accept the Cookies and the Certificates from the following page is done bit does not work still. Connection not possible.
  12. ich bekomme das auch nicht hin, keine Cance, Zertifikat akzeptiert und trotzdem geht nichts. abo ist immer noch Gültig
  13. Hello, Latest Beta using. Window resize with double click does not work clean. opening to full screen work but getting back to the old window size by clicking on the green resize window does not work, stays big. Also I can not reload and upgrade to the Gracenote EPG service by using the setup seeing the following screen, habe followed the rouse seen but not luck. any idea?
  14. Hello, I am on 10.5.1 Catalina! and the Beta EYE TV4 seems to work fine for now! Asking for the Driver device update message sen on previous version, is not seen any more.! Update software request on previous version Error "update was not found!" please try later not sure if this was ok on the beta.