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  1. I can't believe that everything works well, if you've really tested "all functions". Many functions do not work properly oder are missing completely. Your statement draws a wrong picture of the software for others who do not read the whole thread from the beginning
  2. Please search in my old posts. I have already written a description twice on this subject "export".
  3. the fastest and easiest solution is to buy a license. Where is the problem? Other solutions are not free either.
  4. I understand what you want to say. But just because you have lower software requirements, you cannot call the software free of bugs and issues just because you are not affected. This results in a wrong picture for other users whose requirements you do not know. This is what I want to say and I hope you can accept it.
  5. No bugs and no issues is wrong because certain functions are completely missing and Geniatech has announced them for February. It is also known that exporting HD recordings does not work for anyone. Those who wants to schedule recordings with an iPhone or iPad via the iOS EyeTV apps should definitely not switch to Catalina and EyeTV 4.
  6. This question has already been answered in this topic. And it wasn't in the last update (8519), but in the update before (8518)
  7. There are other things specified as fixed than you listed. I find it much worse that new bugs have been added.
  8. The new version 8519 no longer works on my iMac 27 "(2017) with Catalina. EyeTV doesn't recognize my Netstream 4C and therefore no TV window can be opened. I had to go back to the last version 8518 to watch TV again. Geniatech: are you able to improve your quality as a developer? You are slow and perform poorly. Apart from the many bugs in EyeTV 4, your update to 8519 from today did not work and installed the old version 8518 and the correct version on your server does not connect to my Netstream device. All of this is not normal and gives the impression that you are completely overwhelmed and your developers are not competent enough. Why don't you get help from people who can do it?
  9. The update is not working. With the current update from January 8th, 2020 to version 8519, version 8518 will be installed again.
  10. Have you ever tried this? If you select h.264, no .mp4 file is written. See the screenshot. It is also of no use to change the extension to .mp4 manually. The exported file is a broken .avi file. In my opinion the .avi file should be a container, but it cannot be opened and video players and converters cannot do that either. If this is different for you, then please report precisely and in detail which constellation you have and document this with screenshots
  11. with the same window size, the same resolution and deinterlace settings? I never was at a CPU load at 12% mit EyeTV 3 on my iMac. Perhaps with no deinterlace
  12. I have not been able to observe that EyeTV 3 under Mojave was faster for me than EyeTV 4 under Catalina