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  1. I am coming back, using Hybrid, since the last issues of eyeTV43 then eyeTV4 MAC, I expected to reach the same quality and qualified running for Mac Catalina than with MOJAVE (eyeTV3). Las, the same problem occurs from the beginning with eyeTV4 (4.0.0 8521) which skips and vanishes as soon as I press to record a video ,coming through the analogically Hyprid component. Anyway This does not happen when recording any TVchannel. I am contrived to come back to the MOJAVE system, fit with eyeTV3 which still works perfectly. I regret, I cannot use your software any more with Mac OS X Catalina. Don't rely on me to have fun in any case . This is a failure which lasts too long now.
  2. new EyeTV4 with Hybrid (Catalina Mac OS ) skips suddenly eveytime I connect an analogically device, on pressing the recording button. I must resign and go back yo EyeTV3 through Time Machine (GOJAVE). Pitiful!