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  1. The problem is: With Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina, you don't have a choice, since eyeTV 3 is not 64-bit ready. As it is, eyeTV 4 is pretty much unusable, and I would expect MUCH better support, and software, very soon! BTW: eyetV 4 tends to fail to detect my eyeTV netstream 4C for days on end, anyone else experiencing this issue?
  2. Same here. Their "support" is a joke. As is the non-existent manual. Remind me again why I paid for this (64-bit) upgrade?!
  3. This is ridiculously inaccurate. In eyeTV 3, I could move the markers by using the arrow keys. This seems to be impossible now, because the arrow keys will only move the playback marker, not the cut markers. Am I missing something? As it is, cutting in eyeTV 4 is even more of a PITA than it used to be in eyeTV 3. At least back then, I could cut with an "accuracy" of about one second.