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  1. eyeTV seems to be effectively dead, as far as I can see. No replies to support requests, no meaningful updates (Apple silicon!), sale of remaining products on eBay, no new hardware. Now if they at least released the software with some sort of open source license, THAT would be helpful.
  2. The problem is: With Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina, you don't have a choice, since eyeTV 3 is not 64-bit ready. As it is, eyeTV 4 is pretty much unusable, and I would expect MUCH better support, and software, very soon! BTW: eyetV 4 tends to fail to detect my eyeTV netstream 4C for days on end, anyone else experiencing this issue?
  3. Same here. Their "support" is a joke. As is the non-existent manual. Remind me again why I paid for this (64-bit) upgrade?!
  4. This is ridiculously inaccurate. In eyeTV 3, I could move the markers by using the arrow keys. This seems to be impossible now, because the arrow keys will only move the playback marker, not the cut markers. Am I missing something? As it is, cutting in eyeTV 4 is even more of a PITA than it used to be in eyeTV 3. At least back then, I could cut with an "accuracy" of about one second.