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    antenna tuner

    So EyeTV will only recognize 2 tuners in the quatro when used alone or in tandem with a dual tuner. I am running 7513 so it still recognizes the HDHomeRun units. It sounds like I was lucky not to get any update notices. Did they change any other functionality in the later versions other than dropping the most widely used tuners in the US?
  2. Phillie14586

    antenna tuner

    I did some more detective work and found my original HDHomeRun is both antenna and cable compatible. The newer tuner I bought a couple years ago is only cable. I would like to get back to 4 tuners. I noticed the new units are either 2 or 4 tuner. Could EyeTV handle 6 tuners if I got a new 4 tuner? What kind of through put would the network and disk drive need to record 6 streams while watching a 7th recorded? I wouldn't be recording 6 streams for extended periods. I would hope it would alleviate some of the losses at the beginning and end when the unit has to change channels between two consecutive recordings.
  3. Phillie14586

    antenna tuner

    Spectrum is finally making everything encrypted in our area. I have a couple HDHomeRuns. I tried hooking them up to my antenna but they did not work. I thought they had both antenna and cable tuner but obviously not. Does the HDHomeRun Connect 4 tuner work with EyeTV?
  4. Phillie14586

    EyeTV3 will not auto-tune

    I am running EyeTV3 on a mid 2010 macpro with Sierra. When my cable went out last week and would be out for several days I tried switching my HDHomerun tuners from the cable to my antenna. When I went to have EyeTV scan for channels I got the error "EyeTV is currently recording. Stop recording before auto-tune." This is when I selected the antenna option at the bottom of the channels window. If I left it on the cable option it would auto-tune but only find a couple stations. I tried turning the program and system on and off, deleted all the scheduled recordings and deleted the saved channel lineups and it would still give me this error. It is likely I will drop cable in the near future so I would like to figure out how to fix this. Any ideas why EyeTV thinks it is recording when I switch from cable to antenna? Other than this error there were no obvious signs of anything recording.