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  1. Is this a 64bit issue or some incompatibility with EyeTV4? I was going to try EyeTV4 on a Mojave system since that is what I currently have. That will run 32bit so if this is just a 4bit issue it might not show up. I noticed Wine does have a 64bit version running on Apple Silicon so I hope ComSkip will get updated also.
  2. Does anyone know of a way to purchase EyeTV4 without their EPG package? I have schedules direct working just fine and don't need their flaky EPG. I am in the USA if that makes a difference.
  3. I have been running EyeTV3 on a mid 2010 MacPro for a lot of years. I am not sure how much longer that computer is going to keep running so I need to decide if I should by the remaining Intel Mac mini before it is discontinued or move up to EyeTV4. I am running HDHomeRun tuners and from what I have read it looks like EyeTV4 can now use them. Does ComSkip work like it did in EyeTV3? Will EyeTV4 run the script and mark the commercials in the video editor so the cuts can be tweaked then compacted?
  4. I did another recording test and if I select a program in the Program Guide to record the puddings correct. When it records form a scheduled smart guide there is no padding. I wonder if 7528 only gets the padding correct if it is the version that actually scheduled the program?
  5. With TV Guide I noticed the New tag was not very reliable but the Repeat tag was. With SchedulesDirect they don't seem to use the New tag at all only the Repeat tag. What you need to do is set Repeat to false instead of New to true in you smart guide. I have been doing this for years and have been very satisfied with the results.
  6. After being away from this topic for a couple months I was glad to see they had a new build that supported HDHomerun hardware. So I installed 7528 and did some recording tests. I ran into the same pre and post padding issue. I changed the time to 0 in preferences then restarted EyeTV and changed it back to 3 min. I then scheduled a recording and it did the correct padding. Later last night it recorded 2 shows that were previously scheduled. Those had no padding. I am glad to see they have finally fixed the guide issue but I have SchedulesDirect working just fine and don't see a need to trust Geniatech again for my guide information. Looks like I am heading back to 7520. On a somewhat side note. Have they been doing anything that has actually improved the user experience in the last 3-4 builds? About a year ago I finally upgraded to 7520 but saw no improvements to anything with that update. 7524 removed HDHomerun support but did it add anything? Now 7528 breaks the recording padding and restores the guide that they were responsible for breaking in the first place. Maybe they have been doing some under the hood improvements but I have not seen any change in my user experience. I am glad they have not taken the Microsoft mentality of upgrades of just moving the same functions around with no improvement to the user just so they can say they have a new version. I will quit rambling now.
  7. There is a helper app call EyeTV Helper that schedules the restart for a recording. You can look in activity monitor to see if it is running. There was some issue in the past that the computer would shutdown to quickly before the helper could schedule the restart. Somewhere I wrote a script telling the computer to wait for EyeTVHelper to quit before shutting down. That might be still hanging around on my computer but I forgot how it works.
  8. I am surprised you have not had problems until now. It is looking like they are abandoning TVGuide for their own service. You will need the latest version of EyeTV so no HDHomerun tuners. There is a beta out there, not sure if it is officially released yet.
  9. If you rearrange the list of schedules in the left hand pane it can cause multiple schedules in the Archive folder. If you quit and restart EyeTV it will read the multiple schedules and you will get multiple recordings.
  10. My EyeTV Archive is not on my boot drive. Somewhere in the preferences you can identify where the folder lives. I have had mine on a non-boot drive for years with no problems.
  11. You can also put the Library folder in the side bar of the finder window. Then if the Library folder is ever hidden again the shortcut in the sidebar is still there.
  12. It looks like some others are having problems with hidden characters. I fought this for days trying to get mine up and running. I would get it working then make another edit for one reason or another and it would get hidden characters again. Here is a terminal code that fixed my files tr -d '\r' <ProblemFileName> NewFileName This will generate a new file named with NewFileName. You can then delete the problem file.
  13. I am also using the "JSON" service. This gives you data very similar to TVGuide. The other service lacks season and episode data. This is the -J tag not the -T tag when downloading the EPG.
  14. Too little too late for me. The EPG I got during my 7 day free trial with schedulesdirect ended this weekend. I paid for a year and now have fully functional EPG with the same information as TVGuide but no longer dependent of Geniatech to get it to me. I only had another month left on my TVGuide subscription so I am not out much.
  15. If you want an alternative look at pages about 3-6 in the TV Guide not updating thread.