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  1. I am also using the "JSON" service. This gives you data very similar to TVGuide. The other service lacks season and episode data. This is the -J tag not the -T tag when downloading the EPG.
  2. Too little too late for me. The EPG I got during my 7 day free trial with schedulesdirect ended this weekend. I paid for a year and now have fully functional EPG with the same information as TVGuide but no longer dependent of Geniatech to get it to me. I only had another month left on my TVGuide subscription so I am not out much.
  3. If you want an alternative look at pages about 3-6 in the TV Guide not updating thread.
  4. Thanks for that little tidbit. If OTA gets a non-recording flag them I am out. Spectrum has scrambled every channel in my area so I am recording OTA. If they end up blocking that then I am SOL.
  5. This is all rumor but look at the history since Geniatech bought this software. The first thing they did was drop HDHomeRun support. From my limited information I think that mostly affected the USA market. This could also have something to do with Silicon Dust developing a competitive product to EyeTV. Either way they have pissed off a large section of the US market. Now with the loss of TVGuide it seemed like another slap to the US market. Seeing people in the UK also having EPG problems led me to wonder how well Geniatech can stay in this business.
  6. If your smart guides use more than just show name you need to use the -J tag not the -T tag for SchedulesDirect. From what others have said it sounds like XMLTV gives season/episode info also but I have not explored that source. ./mc2xml -J username:password -c us -g 62260 Season/Episode info like TVGuide 14-17-Day EPG ./mc2xml -T username:password limited Season/Episode info also only a 7-day EPG As the original poster of this thread it has done exactly what I had hoped. It sparked a discussion on the loss of TVGuide and ways to fix it. This thread has gotten large but not impossible to navigate. By page 5 you should have had all the information you needed to get an alternative EPG. Several people have worked very hard to describe how to get these alternate EPGs and some others have aggregated the info and posted a guide. There is a currently shorter thread in the TVGuide section of the forum with similar information. For the newcomers to this thread that feel it is too long maybe your contribution can be starting a new thread referencing what you think is pertinent in this thread.
  7. I think someone posted a week ago that Angela said it was going to be fixed in a week. So which week will it get fixed?
  8. If you are running into strange errors with the bash script try this in terminal: tr -d '\r' <FileWithCarriageReturns> FileWithOutCarriageReturns I have no idea where my script acquired the carriage returns but I had the hardest time getting the script to work before running the tr command.
  9. I also just tried to see if the script would run from a launch agent and it did. Genietech has a couple weeks to see if they can negotiate with TV Guide before I need to pay for schedules direct. Other than a carriage return issue this was simple to get up and running. If they get TV Guide running I will have to decide once my subscription is up if it is worth relying on Genietech anymore.
  10. There really isn't any elaborate coding. I understand it is not a simple GUI process but my problems ended up being simple once found. My issue was carriage returns in the code. A little searching found tr -d '\r' <FileWithCarraigeReturns> FileWithOutCarraigeReturns fixed the problem.
  11. Here is the response from running the script in bash. Yes my 7 day trail is expired and I need fix that. But the script looks like it went out to schedules direct to get the data and it opened EyeTV. So why doesn't the cd command and ping work from the .sh script? bash-3.2$ MC2XML="/Users/ericphil2/Scripts/mc2xml" bash-3.2$ XMLTV="/Users/ericphil2/Scripts/xmltv.xml" bash-3.2$ echo "Hello World" Hello World bash-3.2$ echo $MC2XML /Users/ericphil2/Scripts/mc2xml bash-3.2$ echo $XMLTV /Users/ericphil2/Scripts/xmltv.xml bash-3.2$ #Set the working directory bash-3.2$ cd /Users/ericphil2/Scripts bash-3.2$ #Check for internet connection bash-3.2$ ping -q -c 1 -t 5 PING ( 56 data bytes --- ping statistics --- 1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0.0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 89.969/89.969/89.969/0.000 ms bash-3.2$ if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then > .DS_Store mc2xml xmltv.xml ~$ ~$test2.txt mc2xml.dat ~$bin.txt ~$test.txt > #Get new schedule > .DS_Store mc2xml xmltv.xml ~$ ~$test2.txt mc2xml.dat ~$bin.txt ~$test.txt > $MC2XML -J -c us -g 14519 > .DS_Store mc2xml xmltv.xml ~$ ~$test2.txt mc2xml.dat ~$bin.txt ~$test.txt > #Reload EyeTV with the file > echo "in if statement" > open -a EyeTV $XMLTV > fi Loading ..... : mc2xml (c) <> (v1.6) Reminder .... : Unauthorized redistribution prohibited. Reminder .... : If this software is useful, please donate! Reading ..... : mc2xml.dat Connecting .. : Error: Account expired on 2019-02-16T19:44:31Z in if statement bash-3.2$
  12. Bash didn't have any problems with the script. I purposefully entered a wrong path in a cd line and that gave me an error. Copying and pasting the cd line from the code returned nothing so I assume it was ok. I removed the echo after the ping but the problem is there are no packets returned when pinged from the script. If I ping from Terminal I get a returned packet.
  13. Since things were being inconstant in High Sierra I updated to Mojave. That was a fiasco since I didn't realize HDMIAudio.kext doesn't work in Mojave. Got that fixed. So I tried the bash script again and was not getting any response from running in Automator or Terminal so I rewrote the code. There must have been something about doing a copy paste versus actually writing the code. So I am able to run the script in terminal but I am having some issues. Here is my code: #!/bin/bash MC2XML="/Users/ericphil2/Scripts/mc2xml" XMLTV="/Users/ericphil2/Scripts/xmltv.xml" echo "Hello World" echo $MC2XML echo $XMLTV #Set the working directory cd /Users/ericphil2/Scripts #Check for internet connection ping -q -c 1 -t 5 >/dev/null #echo ping responce echo ping response $? if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then #Get new schedule $MC2XML -J -c us -g 14519 #Reload EyeTV with the file echo "in if statement" open -a EyeTV $XMLTV fi echo open eyetv open -a EyeTV $XMLTV Here is theTerminal response: [MacPro:~/Scripts] ericphil2% sh ./ Hello World /Users/ericphil2/Scripts/mc2xml /Users/ericphil2/Scripts/xmltv.xml : No such file or directoryers/ericphil2/Scripts : Operation not permitted/null ping response 1 ./ line 22: syntax error: unexpected end of file Notice : No such file or directoryers/ericphil2/Scripts also : Operation not permitted/null and the ping response is 1 not 0. I also don' know what line 20 should be for end of file. I also ran the script with out the >/dev/null in the ping command here is that response: [MacPro:~/Scripts] ericphil2% sh ./ Hello World /Users/ericphil2/Scripts/mc2xml /Users/ericphil2/Scripts/xmltv.xml : No such file or directoryers/ericphil2/Scripts PING\013 ( 56 data bytes ---\013 ping statistics --- 1 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss ping response 2 ./ line 22: syntax error: unexpected end of file Again the : No such file or directoryers/ericphil2/Scripts and no packets received. So I tried to ping in Terminal and here is that response: [MacPro:~/Scripts] ericphil2% ping -q -c 1 -t 5 >/dev/null [MacPro:~/Scripts] ericphil2% echo $? 0 So Terminal will ping google bu the script won't. The script also can't get the path correct. Also nothing executes after the If statement, even the code outside the FI line. You can see form my Terminal prompts I am in the /Users/ericphil2/Scripts folder.
  14. I ran first aid in disk utility last night and it said all was good. I tried recording shows on the 5 channels I normally record on and all had season and episode data after recording. Also this morning I get no error messages when trying to run the .sh file in either automator or terminal. Automator just says complete and terminal just gives me the next prompt yet nothing has happened. I am using EyeTV 7520 and OS10.13.6
  15. I do the ls and it shows the file. I then type and it says " Command not found". I redid the chmod command still Command not found when I run the .sh.