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  1. Adding this topic here since there seems to be no dedicated area for EYEtv 4. Used a Diversity dongle (for years) with Mac OSX (currently version 11.1 - Big Sur) and EYEtv 4.0.0 (8524). Noticed yesterday (15/12/20) that recorded programmes are exported with no audio. (This applies to all exported file formats). This issue has only arisen in the past couple of days - previous exports have been fine (and I export a lot of recordings). Any help and advice gratefully received. Thanking you in anticipation, Tony Moss
  2. Same for me. After a lot of problems with the initial upgrade to EyeTV 4 I was advised to delete it and re-download and install the current version. Did so, but now find exactly this problem - no second tuner available for my Diversity. Not a happy bunny!!