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  1. tomw

    Invalid login or password

    the new Geniatech service login doesn't work with older versions; it requires 3.6.9
  2. tomw

    Software interface to EyeTV hardware on macOS

    s/d's can display a tuner's stream on vlc by piping it thru udp...see attached i imagine u can capture it too...i use both an ota hdhr & a cablecard hdhr ip tuner hdhr2vlc.tiff
  3. tomw

    update 3.6.9

    3.5.4 worked fine for me using an hdhr dual & eyetv hybrid, but tvguide subscription requires 3.6.9=, so i tried it...and my hybrid died after i tried 3.6.9, coincidence?-\ and 3.6.9 refuses to recognize my hdhr:-\ so i can use 3.6.9 to get tvguide, but not watch tv, or use 3.5.4 to watch tv w/o tvguide?