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  1. T minus 2 months (60 days) and counting before catalina's release (and eyeTV and other 32bit apps are toast)
  2. forgetaboutit! eyetv is abandonware. never worked on my 2012 mac mini, 2017 imac5k, and 2012 macbook pro (yet worked on my iphone6/X, ipad pro 10.5) ...
  3. I'm a new purchaser of the NETSTREAM DUO (ATSC) in the USA. I'm sitting on pretty new hardware, brand new network (i installed/configured) and here's my delima. EyeTV/NetStream DUO works GREAT on my IPHONE7, IPAD (2012) and new IPAD PRO 10.5 ... all devices running IOS11 ... flawless ... great channel reception ... no latency ... very impressed. i have 3 mac's ... MBP 2012 Retina w/16gb ram and 768SSD ... 2012 Mac mini w/16gb ram and and 2Tb samsung SSD ... and a brand spanking new 2017 IMac 4.2Ghz 64Gb RAM and 3Tb Fusion drive. all macs are running sierra 10.12.6. latest version. all macs are on the same network ... WIRELESS AC w/WPA2 encryption ... tri-mode WRT3200ACM router ... great throughput (for home/office usage) ... i constantly have 18+ devices connected to the networks ... the tri-mode router (2.4 and 5ghz channels) handles the load without breaking a sweat. PROBLEM: EyeTV 3.6.9 (v7520) will not auto-tune on any of the macs. its IMMEDIATELY returns "0 channels found". I've tried the ADVANCED UPDATE SCAN option ... same problem ... i cannot select ADVANCED EXHAUSTIVE SCAN (its grayed out) ... i get the exact same results ALL 3 MAC's ... its almost like its not probing the NETSTREAM DUO device at all ... GT support had me try 3.6.9 (v7516) ... same problem ... I've given up on GT support ... they say its been tested on their labs and works fine ... QUESTION: where would i look for logfiles of errors for EyeTv? i'm commandline versed in all linux/aix/hpux/solar OS's ... but have no clue where to start looking to help troubleshoot what's going on ... again, the SCAN IMMEDIATLEY returns after i click AUTO-TUNE (and says Auto-tune found 0 channels). EyeTV_problems.docx