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  1. EyeTV - Revenge of the Sith Sadly I too experience two overruns last night. Damn I really hoped I had found the problem. I also received a somewhat unhelpful recommendation for Geniatech Support yesterday morning. "Because we have receive other customers feedback the same problem with you so we test the recording with our self and we can record and stop at correct time, so it is not the problem with the software.Please try your prodcut with another computer which is not the high sieera system to check if it can work well."
  2. EyeTV: A New Hope…. I may have found the source of the problem. I think it could be related to the Night Shift mode introduced in High Sierra. Why I have no idea but this could explain why I do not see the problem during the daytime I turned Night Shift off on a hunch (do this in the Displays preference pane) a couple of days ago and all of my evening recordings since then have started and stopped on time. This included five recordings on the same channel last night Can those of you with the same problem. Confirm if you are using Night Shift. If you are switch it off for a few days to see what happens. Thanks Stuart
  3. The answer is …. 7523 is still broken. An 11 Gb recording of over 4 hours for a scheduled 30 minute record This is with all power saving features turned off Stuart
  4. A new version 7523 has been released. Let see if this makes a difference Looking forward to reports!
  5. Possibly figured out why people may not get a response from Genitech. Their email service is configured badly. Their outbound email fails BATV checks which is designed to stop spoofed return addresses and probably switched on by most receiving services. I have temporarily turned it off for my email after noticing my server bounced an email GENIATECH - FIX YOUR EMAIL!
  6. I have logged a support ticket and encourage others to do this. I'm pretty sure nobody at Geniatech reviews this forum! Stuart
  7. Following my clean install of 7522 my first recording was fine. Two recordings last night ran over. Bizarrely daytime recordings seem to record fine. It just the evening ones that have a problem more research needed
  8. Just EyeTV. I have a VM with a clean install of High Sierra for testing stuff. Might hook up EyeTV and see what happens if the reinstall of the application makes no difference
  9. AA couple of 7 hour recordings yesterday evening! I have just done a complete re-install. I'm not holding my breath on this making a difference Will report back
  10. As far as I am aware this has been a feature of EyeTV for years. So yes I experience this too The schedule information is probably maintained until the recording completes, effectively it re-triggers the record to start
  11. EyeTV and 10.13.2

    Still having problems with recordings running over time or together which I am guessing is the application not dealing with the extend record settings or some other magic. Otherwise no obvious differences in experience from 10.13.1
  12. Gracenote Missing Programs

    Should have been CBEEBIES above
  13. Gracenote Missing Programs

    Its a position that has got much worse recently. I also find that some channels just don't get updated at all especially BBC Four A workaround is to clear the EPG. This also clears your channel list and you will need to manually change BBC FOUR HD in the channels list after the update or Gracenote will give you the CBBC schedule
  14. I have the same issue. I do find the recording seems to stop after about 4 hours It is extremely annoying if you have multiple recordings scheduled. Often later shows are recorded within an earlier. It also locks out recording other channels so I will miss recordings It is the same behaviour whether using an APFS or HFS filesystem for storage