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  1. I am experiencing issues with the record timings on this new version. The recording buffer setting preference "Extend Recording" seems to be ignored and default to 2 minutes I have reverted to the old version You may or may not experience this issue. Please comment if you do and/or have a workaround Stuart
  2. Partially fixed for me. Some of the HD channel schedules are still missing in the UK Current workaround is to use the non HD listings
  3. At least we know it isn't a canned response. "formed" was spelt correctly in yours 🙂
  4. I have received a response overnight from Angela at Geniatech support: "It is an technical issue. We will fix it asap.and keep you infromed." Stuart
  5. Same issue here. Nothing after about 11:00 on 3rd Jan. My subscription is valid until the end of July 2019 As far as I can determine there has been no Gracenote schedule update since before the Christmas holiday I raised a support ticket a few days ago but only got the canned automatic response Stuart
  6. I gave up trying to get EyeTV too work on 10.13 Despite what Geniatech say it simply doesn't work reliably and they seem to have no interest in fixing the application I went back to running EyeTV 3 on an old MacMini with 10.12 and it has been completely stable EyeTV 3 is as good as abandonware since Elgato sold it to Geniatech. An absolute shame as I have used the hardware and software since first released and recommended it to many of my friends. Not any more
  7. Please keep us posted on your experience with DVB. When I tried it a few weeks ago I only got a few hours of updates. In the past I woudl get 7-8 days after a few hours
  8. Thank you. I was aware of this site and didn't realise I could simply use the feed directly without transformation
  9. The problem with missing schedules is still happening after yesterdays update to EyeTV There is nothing showing after next Friday for me. I used to use xmltv for my listings which was flawless and free. Unfortunately the Radio Times feed was switched off a couple of years ago and I have failed to get the xmltv coder to work with the replacement (mostly my lack of patience) Also the DVB feed has been broken for a while too, so no option at the moment that this appalling Gracenote service Stuart
  10. Hi, I have been getting no updates for several UK channels for the past week including BBC Four (all variants). I have cleared and reloaded the schedule. For these channels I just get "To be announced" Anyone else seeing this? Stuart
  11. EyeTV - Revenge of the Sith Sadly I too experience two overruns last night. Damn I really hoped I had found the problem. I also received a somewhat unhelpful recommendation for Geniatech Support yesterday morning. "Because we have receive other customers feedback the same problem with you so we test the recording with our self and we can record and stop at correct time, so it is not the problem with the software.Please try your prodcut with another computer which is not the high sieera system to check if it can work well."
  12. EyeTV: A New Hope…. I may have found the source of the problem. I think it could be related to the Night Shift mode introduced in High Sierra. Why I have no idea but this could explain why I do not see the problem during the daytime I turned Night Shift off on a hunch (do this in the Displays preference pane) a couple of days ago and all of my evening recordings since then have started and stopped on time. This included five recordings on the same channel last night Can those of you with the same problem. Confirm if you are using Night Shift. If you are switch it off for a few days to see what happens. Thanks Stuart
  13. The answer is …. 7523 is still broken. An 11 Gb recording of over 4 hours for a scheduled 30 minute record This is with all power saving features turned off Stuart
  14. A new version 7523 has been released. Let see if this makes a difference Looking forward to reports!