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  1. If anyone is using the xmltv refresh script from above you may have noticed that the EPG has defaulted to 5 days recently I think the 14 day listing option has gone away. Change —days from 14 to 10 /opt/local/bin/tv_grab_uk_tvguide --nodetailspage --days 10 Stuart
  2. Sorry I have not used xmltv for BBC Radio stations. It could be that they have been renamed. You may want to rerun the channel config from scratch, but be warned that is quite painful unless you select all ! Stuart
  3. Apologies I missed a # from the first line of should be #!/bin/bash See OldGoat's post above
  4. tv_grab_eu_epgdata is the grabber name but I just went to their site and it looks like they have stopped providing the EPG I must be lucky that the EPG in the UK is provide by TV Guide and free of charge The full list of grabbers installed by xmltv is: tv_grab_ar tv_grab_eu_epgdata tv_grab_fr tv_grab_it tv_grab_na_tvmedia tv_grab_uk_tvguide tv_grab_ch_search tv_grab_fi v_grab_huro tv_grab_na_dd tv_grab_pt_meo tv_grab_zz_sdjson tv_grab_fi_sv tv_grab_is tv_grab_na_dtv tv_grab_tr
  5. FYI - You will have to set up any season/episode recording again, at least I had to
  6. I managed to get XMLTV working in a couple of hours after some trial and error Hopefully just enough detail to get people going. I'm sure I reused previous knowledge from posts I found here and on Google This is all done in the terminal. If you are not comfortable with this I would avoid this option Pre-req is to install xcode and add-on's when prompted Google and Install macports (there is a package but I installed from the source tar. I recommend you do too as it will compile the version for your macOS). I'm doing this on an old mac running Sierra. Old OS and old shell Follow the instructions on the website including adding /opt/local/bin to your path or terminal will not find "port" once installed Once macports is installed: Install xmltv using sudo port install xmltv It may take a while as it takes care of all the required dependencies. This creates a series of tools in /opt/local/bin. I'm using the UK grabber but there are others. Then I ran /opt/local/bin/tv_grab_uk_tvguide --configure This creates the .xmltv directory in your user home and defines the cache location. You do want to go through the pain of selecting the channels in this config as selecting all will take the grabber forever to run. For the UK I had to say no or yes over a 1000 time. Yes it was pain but worthwhile One configured I created myself a script file in vi ~/.xmltv Use your editor of choice. In this file I entered the following: !/bin/bash # Run the grabber, limit detail for speed 14 days, pass to sorter and output to an xml file /opt/local/bin/tv_grab_uk_tvguide --nodetailspage --days 14 | /opt/local/bin/tv_sort --by-channel --output ~/.xmltv/uk-tv-listings.xml # load xml EPG in EyeTV by passing the file /usr/bin/open -a /Applications/ ~/.xmltv/uk-tv-listings.xml Make the above file executable by running chmod u+x ~.xmltv/ Test the grabber by running the above script you saved: ~/.xmltv/ You can test this is eyeTV by selecting xmltv as the guide against a channel. You will instantly see the channel listings if it has worked Once happy you can add an entry to your crontab like: # 00 05 * * * $HOME/.xmltv/ >/dev/null 2>&1 00 17 * * * $HOME/.xmltv/ >/dev/null 2>&1 This will run the script twice a day ay 05:00 and 17:00. Choose times to suit Good luck. Hope this helps some people while we wait .. Stuart
  7. The dates on the Geniatech website have been all over the place for years. Most just seem to show the current date
  8. I have stopped receiving updates to Gracenote for the (UK) EU. I am getting "Update failed (could not connect to server)" I completed the checks on certificates at: The last one fails due to an expired certificate My EPG subscription is valid for another month I also noticed that the option to buy an EPG subscription in the Geniatech shop is gone and now links to buy EYETV4 software Anyone else having issues? Is this finally the end of support? I did use xmltv for a while but when the API changes a few years back I could no longer get it to work Thanks in advance for any advice Stuart EYETV 3.6.9 (7524) on an old Mac mini running Sierra (as I found EYETV on High Sierra to be unstable)
  9. I am experiencing issues with the record timings on this new version. The recording buffer setting preference "Extend Recording" seems to be ignored and default to 2 minutes I have reverted to the old version You may or may not experience this issue. Please comment if you do and/or have a workaround Stuart
  10. Partially fixed for me. Some of the HD channel schedules are still missing in the UK Current workaround is to use the non HD listings
  11. At least we know it isn't a canned response. "formed" was spelt correctly in yours 🙂
  12. I have received a response overnight from Angela at Geniatech support: "It is an technical issue. We will fix it asap.and keep you infromed." Stuart
  13. Same issue here. Nothing after about 11:00 on 3rd Jan. My subscription is valid until the end of July 2019 As far as I can determine there has been no Gracenote schedule update since before the Christmas holiday I raised a support ticket a few days ago but only got the canned automatic response Stuart
  14. I gave up trying to get EyeTV too work on 10.13 Despite what Geniatech say it simply doesn't work reliably and they seem to have no interest in fixing the application I went back to running EyeTV 3 on an old MacMini with 10.12 and it has been completely stable EyeTV 3 is as good as abandonware since Elgato sold it to Geniatech. An absolute shame as I have used the hardware and software since first released and recommended it to many of my friends. Not any more