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  1. Just confirmed that mc2xml 1.6 (the version on the website) does not run on my old OS X 10.6.8 computer. I just tried it on my laptop running OS X 10.14.3 and it worked.
  2. Is anyone still using OS X 10.6.8? When I run the mc2xml command, it takes me straight back to the command line with no errors or files being created. I'm wondering if my OS is too outdated to run this program but can't confirm. The OS requirements aren't listed on the mc2xml website.
  3. So to get recording to work using TitanTV, does one do this by choosing what you want to record on their website and using the remote scheduling feature in preferences? I guess I'll give this a try for now. I was planning on moving to another solution after my TV Guide subscription expired in June (mainly because of the out of stock notice on the product page and what seems to be an intentional kill off of Eye TV for the Mac). Now that recordings cannot be setup using the TV Guide service, it looks like I'll need to switch now. It really is a shame because under Elgato's ownership, EyeTV had great brand recognition and a really easy to use PVR / TV solution. I'd been a happy customer for well over 10 years.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I created an account and a support ticket to confirm I'm seeing the same behavior on the latest (7523) version of eyetv and a late 2014 Mac mini on Mac OS X 10.13.2. It's getting harder and harder for me to continue using this software but I have two Elgato/Geniatech tuners (and a HD Homerun which is now out of the picture). I've already had to move to another application to watch TV full screen but still like eyetv for iOS and DVR viewing. If things don't improve by the time my TV Guide subscription runs out next June, I'll abandon the hardware and move away from eyetv completely.