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  1. Hi, I can’t really understand why Elgato sold their TV business – they are still. First I have expected they are bankrupt. But still alive and busy selling capture cards, but more focused on gaming, streaming, broadcasting… While geniatech seems like just doing it like Google, Apple etc. Get some "innovative" software technology and let it die.… Offer their own – well not really… I wish there is a open source alternative like OBS for EyeTV.
  2. Mojave forever too. I have the bad feeling Geniatech won’t update to EyeTV 4 any soon.
  3. I’m not a big Fan of Big Sur, but recently I have to “updated” my TV/Media Station Mac to Mac OS11 just to test it. Unfortunately I needed to upgrade also my EyeTV 3 to the 64bit software EyeTV 4. I should knew it, after all these bad reviews, but after a public beta test, I have expected a better running optimized version 4.0.0 What a big dissapointment, only a cooler facelift with the little logos of the TV stations, but it's function got worse. It's horrible to cut videos. I really recommend, only install it, if you need to. totally agree, better stay at Mojave – specially if you have to work with older software like me…
  4. hi, i use my Hybrid stick with EyeTV 3.6.9 – on Mac OS 10.14 for Catalina you need EyeTv 4 – except of a little facelift and 64bit , not much has changed… unfortunately the old version doesn’t work for DVB-T in germany anymore, so my only use this stick is to digitalise my VHS tapes