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Eye TV 4 MAC OS, great issues

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As EyeTV 4 is available, I have install It.

I use Eye TV3 since long years, when it was ElGato. I have two diversity which are driven by EyeTV on a Mac Mini last version of MAC OS. 

Yesterday, I discover that I have to pay again the soft EyeTV4, just to get compatibility with MAC OS. And the product, as in the BETA version don't work :

  • When I try to call Preference/Storage ; there is a crash. So Files are stored on the MAC itself, which small HDD. I can not settle to store files on my external Hard Drives.
  • When i Erase a film,  sometime the system crash
  • When I record a film sometimes, the recording do not stop
  • When I program series, recording doesn't work. No launch, nothing...

With that, the product is unusable.

Thanks for some help...




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similar issues as Christophe: (1) shows that it is going to record shows and then afterwards it is only 0 seconds; (2) when I try to delete the "0" shows, the system crashes; (3) even when I can tape a show (seldom), I can't play it and I can't export it to iTunes, etc.; (4) I bought the software and now I get a "clear" screen with nothing on it when I try to go to live recording, etc.....

thoroughly unusable....

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EyeTV Bugs

Version 4.0.0 (8520)

  1. EyeTV v 4 is very unstable:
    1. Picture and sound may show when recording starts;
    2. Picture and sound may show when another app. is started;
    3. Picture and sound may start on its own with no other app. running.
    4. Can sometimes get sound only while listening to iTunes music. Only fix is to close EyeTV.
    5. Occasionally, the act of watching a programme while still recording ends the recording.
  2. Cannot open TV window with the mouse after eyeTV starts. Have to use “Control+P” - no option available to do anything.
  3. Cannot use “ESC” key to minimise full screen TV window. Have to double click picture to minimise then close with “red” close window button.
  4. If the station signal is too weak, it opens a picture window without content (just white) without any any minimise etc buttons. I.E. A translucent window. Have to close EyeTv to close.
  5. TV Window behaviour is unconventional:
    1. Horizontal scroll bar is at top not bottom of screen. (BBC iPlayer, BT TV, Netflix etc all have the scroll bar at the bottom.)
    2. Scroll bar is too short making scene selection difficult.
    3. Cannot resize any window and have the size remembered.
    4. Cannot use CTRL+P to bring EyeTV to the front. It works from nothing but not with a picture showing.
    5. The picture window “hides behind the system menu bar so you have to click on a “close” button that is only just visible.
  6. Cannot delete a recording except from the recording list. (different to 32 bit version)
  7. Cannot delete more that one item at a time even though several can be selected at once.
  8. Editing a programme is very tricky. to continue after the first clip, you have to start from within the prior clip.
  9. “Help/How-to” is desperately needed.

Still a lot of finishing work to do. Don't stop now!


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I agree with all the issues listed already.


Another one that consistently happens for me is changing channels in full-screen mode and using the Last channel command if it is working regularly causes EyeTV 4 to stop responding which requires Force Quit.

It is incredibly unstable and not a release ready build.

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I also did not like this build at all. 

The above problems unfortunately arise constantly. I'm tired of fighting them. I recently bought Switchonshop, still like. I hope there will not be so many problems.



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j'utilise EyeTV3 depuis 10 ans, fonctionnalités sans problème, montage facile (par exemple éliminations des pubs dans les enregistrements ..), stockage sans problème, exportation vers DD externe, ou sur clé usb en mp4; la version EyeTV4 (8520) pour Catalina est "tordue", impossible d'afficher la barre de montage, si je clique sur "édition" les choix sont en grisé, donc inutilisables. A quand une mise à jour réglant tous les problèmes qu'on peut lire sur ce forum ????

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