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I contacted support over 1.5 years ago and still have yet to hear back.

EyeTV 4 has a crash loop where it will crash on start and stay stuck in a crash on start loop, and other bugs (same bug introduced in last few EyeTV 3 builds)

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The features were brought over to the MacBook also brought the Mac Error Code 43. The optical drive was reduced in size in order to fit into the slimmer MacBook Pro, hence it runs slower than the optical drive in the PowerBook G4 and cannot write to dual layer DVDs. The error didnt allow this drive to open up and function at its best.

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I have bought eyetv64. After first difficult installation, and contradictory infos, the subsequent updates are claimed rc, that is release candidate. Now I try, from my account to download eyetv64 again, but the link (which should allow infinite downloads) goes to the page which proposes to acquire again. But if you scroll te page.... at the bottom you find:

Find a Reseller:

This product is currently not available.

What the fuck are you doing???????????????? My money was true!!!! Your app is a fraud!!!! I asked also for e refund: never an answer!!!!!

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