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    I have written numerous times to this firm over the past couple of days without one reply both through the service requrest portal and contact portal. I did get an automated reply from the site stating that they received my queries but nothing more. It's very disheartenting to see that my hardware is going to end up in a landfill because this company doesn't support both it's clients and the hardware that it has procurred from elgato. In my case, all I wanted was some some support wuth eyetv2 which didnt work with eyetv hybrid under OSX 10.12. I later found that that it no longer works with version 2 but supposedly works with version 3. I downloaded it thinking that it was a free update. My serial number didnt work so I wrote them... I checked around and read that there is an upgrade discount for version 2 owners but cannot find it on the site. The cost for version 3 is too high and if that's the price without a discount for previous owners... I'll just trash the product and be done with it. Either way, I would appreicate a reply from this company so I can proceed. Barry