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    Despite the many months in beta, the newly released EyeTV 4 software is still woefully underdeveloped. Many, many bugs have persisted from the beta stages to the initial release, including: Arrow keys no longer work to scroll through the channel list. The aspect ratio doesn't change with the programme in full screen - if watching a show in 4:3, the ad break will be squashed or, if you start watching whilst the ads are on, the programme will stay stretched. Switching out of full screen view doesn't work, switching to some strange, random scale. Most annoyingly of all, the mouse cursor stays visible at all times, even in full screen view. To release and charge money for such inadequately developed software is a disgrace and Geniatech should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If you want to have any use at all of your EyeTV hardware, you're forced to pay for this 'upgrade' and put up with an inadequate and underdeveloped bit of software. I hope that development continues at a rapid pace to dramatically improve this software so we can eventually enjoy TV on our Macs in the way we used to.
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    I understand what you want to say. But just because you have lower software requirements, you cannot call the software free of bugs and issues just because you are not affected. This results in a wrong picture for other users whose requirements you do not know. This is what I want to say and I hope you can accept it.
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    Dude the difference between the software you just mentioned above is that they all work and do what it says on the tin and not in the dev stage, do you get the difference?
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    Hello everybody! I am tired of reading "Why do I have to pay for EyeTV 4" or "No new feature other than 64bit - what do I pay for" - sorry, but this stupid. We life in capitalism: the developer needs food, clothes and a home. Geniatech needs revenue to do its business - so it is stupid to think someone gets something for free. I was very happy that the price was real low - 30€ for a new version (still with bugs, but it is the first release) - this is cheap! If we all buy the new version, Geniatech is encouraged to pay the developer to fix bugs and add features for new releases. There will be no development if they can not earn money. Look at Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office - there are no new feature since years, just gui randomisation - but you have to pay for every new version or on a yearly basis. So, give a few dollars/euros to Geniatech and hopefully bugs get fixed and feature are added. Just to mention: I get no money for this. But I want to have a feature rich and rock solid version of EyeTV that support a lot of devices. So go buy your licence and start new threads with bug reports and contact geniatech. Just my to cents, eweri
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    Hi Bernie, I created a small manual ... 'EyeTV 4.0 Video Edit' .... I hope it helps.
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    Geniatech is continuing to cynically view Mac OSX EyeTV customers as pliant cash-cows. With hardly any code changes between the final public beta and the retail release, some major flaws are still being reportedly seen by those of us who have new Activation Keys. I don't know about consumer rights outside the EU but within the EU this product, EyeTV 4, can easily be described as unmerchantable goods, (that is Goods which do not cover expected functionality aka, Not "Fit For Purpose"). Geniatech can refund our money until such time is covered to see 4 reach user and feature parity with 3 by squashing all major EyeTV 4 bugs. I've recently got to the bottom of what was causing my Mac to freeze for several seconds at a time within as many minutes; a complete uninstall using EyeTVReporter 64bit brings an end to the hangs only for them to reappear once EyeTV4 is reinstalled. Filed logs and support tickets have not yet been answered. So, I'm back running Mojave and EyeTV 3.
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    I have other information. A * .ts file is a container file, more precisely a media container. The specification was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) in 1988. There are two main distinctions (see picture appendix). DVDs contain a program stream (PS) and DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) contains a transport stream (TS). Transport stream specifies a container format encapsulating packetized elementary streams. The Transport stream is specified in MPEG-2 Part 1, Systems, formally known as ISO / IEC standard 13818-1 or ITU-T Rec. H.222.0. The specification for MPG-2 transport streams for HDTV range from 720 x 576 x 50 frame/s to 1920 x 1080 x 25 frame/s (interlace) For this reason, the file is displayed by the Finder (file information) as an MPEG-2 transport-Stream (see picture appendix)
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    Blog 10: Eyetv Software for macOS 2019-12-18, Aachen - Shenzhen - Indianapolis DONE: Thank you very much for all your patience, the extraordinary support and criticism during the trial period. Today, Thursday 18.12.2019, after 15 months of development, we release our new macOS software Eyetv 4 (64-bit) and the license you can get here https://www.geniatech.eu/product/eyetv-4/. For further understanding and application here are some factual explanations for you: Eyetv 3 (32-bit), is a standalone- & lifetime license software, is self-contained, continues to be maintained, is subject to a charge (79.95 euro incl. VAT ) and supports all Apple macOS operating systems from 10.9 - 10.14 Mojave Eyetv 4 (64-bit), is a standalone- & lifetime license software, is self-contained, is charged 29.95 euros incl. VAT (introductory price) and supports all Apple macOS operating systems from 10.14 – 10.15 Catalina Note: There is no direct update from Eyetv 3 (32-bit) to Eyetv 4 (64-bit). A new Eyetv 4 (64-bit) license / license key must be purchased Note: Customers who want to switch to Eyetv (64-bit) must purchase a new license, can get it here: https://www.geniatech.eu/product/eyetv-4/. Please note, Eyetv (64-bit) requires the use of macOS 10.14 Mojave or macOS 10.15 Catalina Note: Installing Eyetv 4 (64-bit) requires a new Eyetv 4 (64-bit) license key and usually inherits all settings from a previously installed Eyetv 3 (32-bit), so that with supported Eyetv tuner (see list) or Sat>IP server, e.g. no new channel search is required. Also, the login data for Eyetv Premium EPG Europa / Nord Amerika do not need to be entered. Note: We recommend that all customers register with us during installation/setup so that you can view or find their Eyetv license keys at any time under https://services.geniatech.eu. Note: Eyetv 3 (32-bit) activation keys does not work with Eyetv 4 (64-bit) Note: Customers who have purchased an Eyetv 3 (32-bit) license or an Eyetv Tuner product after November 1, 2019, please contact GTSales@geniatech.com, with proof of purchase. An Eyetv 4 (64-bit) license key will be sent to these customers by email. Eyetv 4 (64-bit) technical and support notes: Function: Eyetv Remote (Eyeconnect via iOS APP EyeTV) will be updated in February 2020 Support: https://www.geniatech.eu/de/support/eyetv-4-de/ We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happiness and Health for 2020.
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    OldGoat, Thank you, thank you thank you! I checked my EyeTV Archive folder in my own admin account (Get Info) and found it was locked. Not sure how that happened but I unlocked the folder and then EyeTV was able to launch without the "insufficient privileges" dialog appearing and live TV was able to be seen. Oddly as a check, I locked that folder again and relaunched EyeTV and it still worked. (But of course I have left it unlocked now.) As to both accounts sharing that folder, that is not the case. In my account the EyeTV Archive folder contains old recordings I made back in the days of EyeTV 3. I had never gotten in far enough with an EyeTV 4 beta to attempt to record anything else. In my wife's account, the EyeTV Archive folder there only has one test recording I made when I first found that the EyeTV 4 betas were working there. "Get Info" in either account shows Sharing is unchecked. And the final mystery (to me) is why having the EyeTV Archive folder locked would prevent viewing live TV. I can understand how it would prevent me from adding anymore recordings there for sure. I suppose the software decides if I can't record, there is no sense even viewing live TV? In any case, thanks to you I now know what was causing my issue and I can now get on with exploring the EyeTV 4 beta (and feel more confident when a final paid version is available, as I was worried about paying for that when I hadn't resolved this frustrating issue. I am not concerned with Program Guide issues if they remain as I use the program guide from my TV provider via the set-top box. So thank you again, for taking the timer to respond and for your thoughtful directions.
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    Just have to type in BREXIT to exit fullscreen
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    Well it's very easy to replace the icon your self. 🤓
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    Hello all, here a short description how to edit a movie in EyTV4.0 .. Step1: Open the Edit mode and click above the blue line Step2: Hold down the 'left' mouse key and move the marker to the end of the part you want to remove from the movie Step3: Highlight the part you want to remove by clicking on the part. Now click on the scissors symbol. Spep4: Now pick the small black stripe on the right side and move them to the left. Step5: Now you can compact the movie ... You will see what will be done ...
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    Hello seems kind of crazy that you would release the paid EyeTV 4 software without compatibility to our paid iPad or iOS app!! When will this be repaired?
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    Sorry but 8519 makes things worse: 8519: It does not find my SAT>IP devices and it does not find my EyeTV 3 shared archive any more I am back on 8518
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    There are other things specified as fixed than you listed. I find it much worse that new bugs have been added.
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    The new version 8519 no longer works on my iMac 27 "(2017) with Catalina. EyeTV doesn't recognize my Netstream 4C and therefore no TV window can be opened. I had to go back to the last version 8518 to watch TV again. Geniatech: are you able to improve your quality as a developer? You are slow and perform poorly. Apart from the many bugs in EyeTV 4, your update to 8519 from today did not work and installed the old version 8518 and the correct version on your server does not connect to my Netstream device. All of this is not normal and gives the impression that you are completely overwhelmed and your developers are not competent enough. Why don't you get help from people who can do it?
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    For me it's time to stop following this topic. Too much repetition asking the same old questions. Will come back when next version of EyeTV released and hopefully a new topic created.
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    Ok, thanks! My findings were probably "cruft" from older versions of EyeTV, that installers of newer versions should have removed. They would probably not have made any harm, as long as they weren't referenced. Peculiar that installing Catalina didn't catch them, though. It had a lot to say about other things... 😉
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    OH Yes it helps. I change under Debug-Menue the Surround AAC FF to the AAC MC and I can hear again the Dialog at EyeTv! Yipeeeee... But I have to do it every Time again then I change between the channels. Thanks!
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    You have to click slightly above the playhead to be able to drag it.
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    Yes -- Jennifer (& anyone else that can't download the instructions in Eric's post), anyone can read these posts, but only logged in users can download attachments. If you can't get a eyetvforum account because you can't get the verification email (I couldn't using a comcast.com account), then try using a mail.com address to sign up here. That worked for me.
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    right found a work around. You need to use the invert option. If you invert as soon as you go into the recording, then decrease at both ends then invert again and keep repeating this until you get the desired number of segments, then you you can drag the segments to cut out to the right position. A hassle but a work around if you are desperate and yes it is fiddly. Closing and opening the recording maintains the marked segments. Have nt had a chance to compact and see how it hangs together but that's the next step
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    Some people on here repeatedly say that Handbrake doesn’t work… I repeatedly explain that it does, and tell them how to do it, but they just love to complain 🤣 If you want to encode using Handbrake, use “Open source” (or whatever) to select your EyeTV recording from the EyeTV Archive folder. Then… click on “Title” and choose the stream listed at the very bottom — the third one in the list. The first one is labelled “Thimbnail” — skip that, skip the one below, then use the last one in the list. People who’ve had issues have emailed me their recordings and it has always worked fine. It’s fast and the quality is good… and it’s so easy!
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    The Diversity usb tuner works with EyeTV 4 on Catalina. I checked it on my system.
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    I bought eyeTV4 three days ago after my update to Catalina. MacBook Pro 15in 2017 3.1. I been using eye TV 2 and 3 for the last twelve years. I spent hours trying to edit recordings in version 4. No chance. Frustrating. How can a simple and easy to use function be altered in such an anti-intuitive way? If only there would be a video tutorial. Best, ...
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    That is EyeTV Reporter 4. Geniatech up to their usual incompetence I'm afraid.
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    I can't manage to export a recorded video. Whatever the format I select, I can't read the exported video. Any help? Thank you!
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    And when will I be able to export my recordings to iPhone/Ipad?
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    You can update to EyeTV 4 before upgrading to Catalina. You can keep your copy of EyeTV 3 or install EyeTV 4 in a different folder. That way you can try it and decide whether to upgrade to Catalina or stay on Mojave and EyeTV 3.
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    I'm in Canada and have the same device. I bought the. EyeTV4 software assuming it would work given the fact that GeniaTech says the EyeTV Hybrid is supported and on their website, the device appears identical. I could not get the new app to work with my device and contacted Support about it. After some back and forth, I'm told my device is old and that I should apply for a refund of my software purchase. In other words, it would appear that the new software doesn't support these older devices which were for the North American market.
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    Your old activation code for eyeTV 3 does not work with eyeTV 4,. Users who recently purchased eyeTV 3 have a grace period during which they can they can upgrade to eyeTV 4 for free. All other users will have to purchase a new activation code. (Hint, I would download version 4 now while eyeTV 4 is on sale for half the regular price.) Some users are complaining that they have to purchase a new activation code. I look at it this way: there is a lot of hard work put in by the developers in converting eyeTV 3 from a 32 bit application to eyeTV4 a 64 bit application. The developers are still improving eyeTV as bugs are reported. I am grateful for all the hard work they have put into converting eyeTV from 32 bits to 64 bits so it will work with MacOS 10.15. I am willing to pay the developers for their work; the developers deserve to be paid for their work. (To the developers: thank you for all the hard work you have put in to convert eyeTV from a 32 bit application to a 64 bit application. Your work is very much appreciated.)
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    Bov, you have to buy version 4. When you have paid your €30 you will receive an email from Geniatech with the new activation key.
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    I bought the eyetv hybrid a couple of years ago, with a key for version 3 of the software included in the package. I have reported a problem, here in Italy, with several channels presenting micro shots and video glitches (RAI1, RAI2, RAI3, RAI4, RAI5, QVC, Mediaset Extra, La5, etc.), unsolved on version 3 and also on version 4. In "new" version 4 many users have been reporting several small and large bugs that have not been resolved yet. I can't understand with what courage Geniatech can ask for an extra cost for this garbage. Unfortunately, there are currently no viable alternatives for watching Antenna DTT TV on a Mac, otherwise I would have thrown everything long ago
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    Thank you Old Goat and MiaSanMia for your advice.
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    Yeah. I do not know why Geniatech removed this, but it is quite easy to get it back. Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard Select Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts Press on the litte "+" icon and select program "EyeTV" Type in the EXACT name of the menu command in your language. In German it is "Vollbildmodus", in English probably "Fullscreen" (but I do not know for sure - look it up). Then choose the keyboard shortcut you want for Fullscreen. I choose the original "CMD + 5". Done (Screenshot shows German localization)
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    You don't have to shout here and don't get so upset! And if you had read this forum, only the posts from this evening, you would probably have found the solution to your problem!
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    This is not a question of driver. If I understand correctly, you are making two points: 1- Why doesn't it work in 64-bit Mac while it works fine with 64-bit Windows? These are not the same OS, and eyeTV for Windows is not the same as eyeTV for Mac are not the same software. They make look the same, and implement the same feature, but the programming code inside is very much different. I would reckon that they have very little - if any - common code. So according to you, the Windows is a 64-bit app. This has no impact on the fact that the Mac version is a 32-bit. BTW, MacOS has long supported both 32 bit and 64 bit apps. Not Windows. Windows users must should to install the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of the OS, and 32-bit Windows only supports 32-bit apps, while 64-bit Windows only supports 64-bit apps (at least, that was the case last I looked, which was quite a long time ago). Why? This was a cost-saving decision by Microsoft. A trade-off. Apple also made a trade-off decision, just not the same. 2- Why doesn't it work in macOS Catalina while it works fine with MacOS Mojave Because of that Apple trade-off: Apple has stopped supporting 32-bit apps with macOS Catalina. They have announced the deprecation of 32-bit apps a loooong time ago. Many years. And they announced that Mojave would be the last OS to support 32-bit apps a long time ago too. So that developers had time to transition. But EyeTV 3 is a 32-bit app, and never was a 64-bit app. That's why it doesn't run any more. Why wasn't EyeTV 3 not a 64-bit app to begin with? We can only speculate. Clearly it was a decision their developers made a long time ago, when they started the development. Their decision was probably also a trade-off. it's difficult to say which one. One possibility is that they wanted to use the QuickTime API, which was 32-bit only, and would allow for a faster development of some feature. They didn't anticipate the pain their users would be in so many years later. In any case, it is *not* reasonable to expect EyeTV 3 to continue to work on Catalina, as it is a 32-bit app.
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    I tried this, but it doesn't work reliably for me. In 80% of the attempts, Handbrake or iVi does not load the video file. The file appears to be opening, but the process does not end. For this reason, I go directly to the file and use the * .ts file to convert.
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    That is not correct. .ts is just a container. An HD recording with e.g. 1280x720 contains the video part as AVC format, because MPEG-2 only goes up to 720x576.
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    Just paid Aussie $45 for an eyetv 64 bit version and got an activation key by email. Upgraded to Catalina. Downloaded eyetv4 and installed. It works but its not perfect. Some flickering as it changes to different view sizes but it always gets there, defaulting to the top left. There could be other issues that I'll never know because I mainly use it in the home office for watching and occasional recording, as the wife has supreme reign over the TV in the lounge room.
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    I send Console and Crash reports, whether Geniatech's developers bother to open and look at these files is anyone's guess. What's needed is something akin to an interactive tabulated column and row Poll Bug List. This way we can all see what bugs we have and tick them off when they are fixed.
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    Recording problems. I have posted on this subject before several times. A programme scheduled to record does not stop when the programme ends; the app will go on recording for hours if you let it. I stopped a recording manually by clicking the red pulsating recording indicator button. This caused the app to crash and delete the recording (and a list of others set up for the future) completely. I discovered a method of stopping recording manually which doe not delete the recorded programme but does cause EyeTV to crash. Go to File > Show Info and click 'Stop recording'. However, this is pointless; in effect EyeTV cannot be used to record programmes by timing them. Geniatech has ignored my and others earlier posts in this point and I don't expect the company to take any notice now. Having ranted I will now give up and go and make a cup of coffee. Happy Christmas or Season's Greetings to all my readers
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    LAST! Update v20191207 /v_ EyeTV4.0.0b13(8516😞 http://file.geniatech.com/eyetv4/EyeTV4.0.0b13_8516.dmg 1. Add multiple language support: German, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Italian, Polish. 2. Fixed the issue that the day of the Program Guide cannot be changed 3. Fixed immediate crash issue when the hardware is connected 4. Fixed the Update Error issue when performing "Check for Updates" enjoy.... and thank for value feedback Mike
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    Lionel, I am in almost 100% agreement with your observations. EyeTV3 was ultra-slick and very very close to perfect. It made every PC TV app I used on my Home-built Windows PC look feel and behave in the ugliest ways imaginable. Nothing could touch EyeTV 3 for sheer quality (it’s what Mac users have come to expect from the hardware and software we purchase). I guess EyeTV 4 is planned to be a paid-for software version update. Just so long as the current coders stick to the EyeTV3 layout and implementation we users have come to love I will not hesitate to pay for the effort Geniatech Dev’s (or are the superlative Elgato software engineers building the new 64Bit EyeTV 4?). Real gripes: Entering Editing mode and trying to use it is a hideous experience. Apart from the new Video Editor layout not looking or behaving like it did in EyeTV3, I’m saddened to see that the "Fine" option is as coarse as ever missing the optimal frame cut by several frames. This slows down editing enormously as one has to scrub back and forth with the trackpad or keyboard hoping the edit splice happens on the frame where you want it to. On replaying a captured video… Why on earth have the layout designers split the tools so we now have two time-line replay bars; one at the bottom of the video replay window and one at the top? Why divide a comparatively perfect multi-function tool interface found in EyeTV 3 which sat at the bottom of a screen into two, where we have to mouse from the top to bottom and bottom to top of our screens to achieve the functions which were logically and ergonomically kept together. I have the distinct feeling Geniatech has handed the Elgato Source Code and some TV Tuners to a couple of cheap, Asian developers more familiar with Linux or Windows rather than commission a couple of experienced Mac software developers who understand GUI guidelines and the beautiful elegance of simplicity. Still, it’s early days and Geniatech have left Beta testing right up to the release of Catalina when people such as I had been Beta testers contributing to 10.15’s development a year before Gold release. As EyeTV,s 2 and 3 have served me well for a decade or more, unless and until I launch EyeTV 4 on a 64Bit Mac running Catalina without my nerves being frazzled I will not be parting with any cash for it.
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    Bonjour, 'The change to 64 bit is in progress' . Prévu par Géniatech pour fin octobre - fin novembre = aucun 'progrés' .... depuis X années d'attente si j'ai bien compris? Quand et comment sera-t-on informés de la mise à jour de eyetv3-32 bit - compatible avec CATALINA ? La version BETA pose trop de problèmes pour un 'simple' utilisateur. (Je n'ai pas trouvé de Blog en français : cela existe-t-il ?? ) Odette