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    That's actually unfortunate.. I want EPG data far more than I want a refund. I mean, come on.. EyeTV is pretty much their ONLY software product and is vital to ALL the hardware they sell.
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    Hello Geniatech, The major networks begin their new fall season in less than 6 days... IT WOULD BE SO NICE TO KNOW THAT YOUR ENGINEERS HAVE SOLVE THE "PROBLEM" (Or the office finally scraped together enough cash to pay your vendors like TV Guide). IT'S BEEN ONE MONTH SINCE I REPORTED IT AND NEARLY 7 WEEKS WITH NO USE OF THE PROGRAM GUIDE. There is no such thing as a server problem that takes this long to fix. STOP LYING ABOUT IT. While I'm listed as a 'Newbie,' I've been using Eye-TV for more than 10 years!! FIX THIS!!!
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    Are you sure that someone is still working on the software? The latest version of EyeTV4.0.0.8528 is from nov. 12th 2021 and has still mayor flaws. Someone has written that Geniatech had only one software engineer working on EyeTV for mac. Perhaps this one left the company a couple of month ago. Despite these unfavorable assuptions, a reaction from Geniatech would be desirable. Any further delays in an appropriate answer to the community would be disastrous.
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    From the web page, went to products, software, then clicked on EyeTV 4 (macOS). That led me to a purchase page here: https://www.geniatech.eu/product/eyetv-4/ I clicked "Add to Cart", and completed the purchase. Shortly after I received an activation key by email. Hope that helps. Note I already own hardware, so I wasn't trying to buy hardware. Rob.
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    muss mich verbessern, Antwort erhalten: wir haben zur Zeit ein technisches Problem mit dem Server. Ich habe Ihnen den Rechnungsbetrag für die Bestellung 133071 und für die Bestellung 127580 anteilig erstattet. Thanks & Greetings from Aachen /Gruß aus Aachen/DE Sabine Schroer /GTE
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    Um eine Reputation zu verlieren, müsste man zuerst eine haben. Seit Elgato das ganze eyeTV-Projekt an Geniatech verkauft hat, sind aus meiner Sicht sämtliche diesbezüglichen Kredite verspielt worden.
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    It's been nearly a month... either hire more "engineers" or better "engineers". It does NOT take a month to: 1) run an update 2) check server log 3) determine error 4) address error 5) push out fix. If your "engineers" can not get this done in 3 days, 1 week tops..... FIRE THEM ALL. and hire a better team. EyeTv is your flagship product, you should be dropping EVERYTHING in an effort to fix issues.
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    I urge everyone to cut the cord with them and follow the instructions for downloading your own listings data from a subscription service that is cheaper than Genia Techs!! Links can be re-posted if needed but they have already been posted above by others. I tried them, they work! And I am not going back
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    Geniatech PLEASE RESPOND When will the TV Guide be back working. No more excuses. All of us here on the forum know it's bullshit. Be honest and tell us what is going on. Everyone here really needs to know.
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    Folks, we're all getting screwed here! For six weeks now, Geniatech has allegedly been unable to solve a problem that really isn't rocket science. I have now written several emails to Geniatech support. The answer (quote): Our technicians are working around the clock to solve the problem (end quote). Six weeks... around the clock... does Geniatech seriously think that anyone believes this fairy tale? The service is dead - and Geniatech doesn't intend to bring it back to life. Period. I don't want to hear their lies anymore. I want my money back.
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    I asked Geniatech for a refund of my EPG annual subscription on the basis that the software had not been repaired and there did not appear to be any likelihood of it being repaired. The reply from the company was: "Very sorry that we still do not have a solution for it. I will send you email once our engineer has a solution. We will extend the time of your EPG validity period for the outage period. Our engineer is really trying to solve it. Our engineer may need some time." I have now made alternative arrangements for recording tv programmes and will not be renewing my subscription if the EPG ever comes back on line.
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    Nachdem Geniatech sich jetzt nicht einmal mehr um die letzte wiederkehrende Einnahmequelle (EPG-Abo) kümmert, müssen wir wohl leider davon ausgehen, dass dort die letzten Lichter ausgegangen sind.
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    I guess you've never been a business owner which has experienced an issue that was completely out of your control. I was against negative reviews shortly after the EPG data disappeared, give them time to address the issue....... but a review based upon the LACK of attention to the issue, is now warranted, and becomes more warranted every day.
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    i just updated my EyeTv 3 software but had no luck on guide.
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    Yes.. I stated it was going to take a month... the issue would be escalated considerably. I'm not so unrealistic as to think issues with never happen. But to not address the issue effectively is simply a poor business model. I still would not purposefully try and tank a company's reviews though.
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    Hello Geniatech, The major networks begin their new fall season in less than 6 days... IT WOULD BE SO NICE TO KNOW THAT YOUR ENGINEERS HAVE SOLVE THE "PROBLEM" (Or the office finally scraped together enough cash to pay your vendors like TV Guide). IT'S BEEN ONE MONTH SINCE I REPORTED IT AND NEARLY 7 WEEKS WITH NO USE OF THE PROGRAM GUIDE. There is no such thing as a server problem that takes this long to fix. STOP LYING ABOUT IT.
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    Can you start in terminal window and type : /Applications/EyeTV.app/Contents/MacOS/EyeTV (Key Enter) Have you a message about signature concerning framework CoreAVC ? If so, do : stop EyeTV type the command in terminal codesign --remove-signature /Applications/EyeTV.app/Contents/MacOS/EyeTV and restart EyeTV
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    I wrote a python script that gets an xml file of my listings. I see from the scripts very nicely shared above, that opening EyeTV with such an xml file causes the program to parse it and populate its data in the in-program guide. But, do you know whether I can just store the xml file in some directory on the computer so that EyeTV just accesses the data from there? I'm using a Mac. Once I get this working, I can share the script.
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    1 do the same hardware "Eye tv 500 (Firewire) running on a Late-2012 iMac i7 using Apple's Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle adapter" works fine before with EyeTV3 on older MacOS system ? 2 which version of EyeTV4 have you installed ? ( 8517 -> 8528 ) 3 Can you start in terminal window and type : /Applications/EyeTV.app/Contents/MacOS/EyeTV (Key Enter) Copy the messages that appears inside terminal window and send it here.
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    Dear sufferers, What I can recommend you is the Plex Media Server. But for live TV and recording you need a Plex Pass (5€/month, 40€/year, 120€/lifetime). I was once lucky to get the Lifetime subscription reduced for 90€. Unfortunately I also needed new hardware. I couldn't get my Netstream4C to work and got a HDHomeRun EXPAND from SiliconDust (HDHR5-4DC) with four cable tuners. Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere to buy right now. But there are certainly many alternatives for Plex. The whole thing runs really reliable and in contrast to EyeTV4 even when another user (in the foreground) is working on the Mac. In addition, there are clients for all conceivable platforms and you can access the recordings from anywhere (and can also program recordings from all clients). The only thing I really miss with Plex are the many options for "Intelligent EPGs". With Plex, you can't search for specific seasons, nor episodes, time ranges, etc. You can do free text searches, but not free text programming. So you can only program series (permanently) which are currently found in the EPG. Since the EPG is also from Gracenote, the info (season, episode, ...) are all there, you just can't use them for programming. Only for the permanently stored intelligent searches ("EPGs") I had continued EyeTV4 in operation and opened once a week. Only for this I even paid for the EPG service. If someone knows a software or an online service that makes such intelligent searches and I can save/edit them permanently, I would be very grateful for any hints. Thanks a lot and cheers, justr
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    EPG not working in the U.S. for a month now.
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    I snooped around this forum and found (8528), downloaded it, ran the script, and now EyeTV launches under Ventura 13.0! This is great!
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    Sorry, this script works only with version 8528 of EyeTV it cuts the program file and the offset in the file is not the same with other version.
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    I used the guide at XMLTV Listings website: https://www.xmltvlistings.com/help/guides/eyetv I no longer have to rely on Geniatech and it only costs $20 a year for the service at the above site. Took maybe an hour to get everything set up. Highly recommend if you are dying for your listings (like me) and do not want to wait months.
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    UPDATE : Deleting the unused channels not just unchecking them, resolved the issue. BIG thanks to WisconsinEric for publishing the guide and all those who contributed to it. I know have my TV listings and it costs me $20 a year, less then TV Guide and I can control it without relying on GeniaTech. I suppose I should ask for my credit now since they seem to not care at all about fixing the problem.
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    As I have only recently renewed my subscription (14 July) I have today raised a refund/chargeback request with PayPal. I think if enough of us follow this course of action, it will directly impact the company's financial position, and this is more likely to get a resolution than when we raise "passive" support requests.
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    Ich lass meine 310er Box unter 15.7 laufen mit EyeTV 4.0 und es funktioniert alles. Ich denke es liegt an dem alten System, Apple hat da viel mit den Netzwerkprotokollen gemacht. Ich würde empfehlen auf 10.14 zu gehen und auf den Netstream die neuste Firmware drauf zu spielen. EyeTV 4.0 ist unter 10.14 stabil und der netstream hat relativ neue Protokolle mit der neusten Firmware. Das sollte in der Kombination laufen. Denk daran dein Mac kann nicht jedes System. Sollte es noch ein alter Mac sein, da verwende erst einmal High Sierra, das ist 10.13 unter dem hab ich mit EyeTV 4.0 angefangen. Das sollte auch stabil laufen. Das einzige was es unter 10.13 zu sagen gibt ist, dass manchmal der USB ausfällt, dann einfach einmal aus und einstecken und es funzt wieder. Also schau erst nach was dein Mac kann, sonst wird da ein Abenteuer mit bösem Ausgang.
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    It's been nearly 3 weeks.. can we PLEASE get EPG data back?!?
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    Es wäre zu hoffen... ...und die Hoffnung stirbt ja Bekannterweise zuletzt 😮
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    The precedent script does not work well on last beta of Ventura (22A5321d) (problems with gatekeeper). I have made a new one that I join and the procedure is: 1 install version 8528 of eyetv4 (https://file.geniatech.com/eyetv4/EyeTV4.0.0_8528.dmg) 2 Extract Framework "FWAUserLib.framework.zip" in your Downloads folder 3 In a "Terminal" window , type : 4 cd Downloads 5 sudo zsh ./eyetv-ventura1.sh 6 start normaly EyeTV eyetv-ventura1.sh
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    still zsh: command not found etc... But thank you I'll give up for now. Maybe Geniatec will do something. These kind of hacks seem too risky for me as a regular user.
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    Well, that's for that Roy. Unfortunately, in the past, it's still taken several months for a fix to be implemented. But at least now there's evidence they know about the issue
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    Has anyone heard from anyone at Geniatech? I think the staff is on vacation. And by staff, I mean singular-- one person. To quote a US politician It could be a 400 pound person sitting on their bed in their pajamas. OK Really, Geniatech, SPEAK UP Let us know what's going on, Every day, you loose current clients and make it impossible for you to find new suckers. Yeah, I am pissed.
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    Some response from Ginatech would be nice.... At least an acknowledgement that they are aware of the issue.
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    Geniatech should know about this problem for more than one week (my first request). Normally i got the ticket number immediately, but now - no response. Is the company still in business? The problem seems to be not on the customer side - only on the server side. Has anyone find out if the EPG provider has changed their access protocol?
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    tv_grab_eu_epgdata is the grabber name but I just went to their site and it looks like they have stopped providing the EPG I must be lucky that the EPG in the UK is provide by TV Guide and free of charge The full list of grabbers installed by xmltv is: tv_grab_ar tv_grab_eu_epgdata tv_grab_fr tv_grab_it tv_grab_na_tvmedia tv_grab_uk_tvguide tv_grab_ch_search tv_grab_fi v_grab_huro tv_grab_na_dd tv_grab_pt_meo tv_grab_zz_sdjson tv_grab_fi_sv tv_grab_is tv_grab_na_dtv tv_grab_tr
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    everyone makes a good point. 15 year user Last time this happened to me it took about 6 months. They gave me a 6 month credit for the guide and blamed it on server issues. in that time I used https://www.xmltvlistings.com/. Works pretty good. You even get program info, season and episode numbers.
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    Yes, yes, here we go again. EPG data not downloading. I am using EyeTV 3 and subscribed until March 2023, sign. At https://www.geniatech.eu/support/ the only Premium service listed is eyeTV plus. Titan TV no longer working: "The TitanTV account information is invalid. Please verify and correct your account information, then try again." Looks like Genitatech have cut us off.
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    Yes, yes, here we go again. EPG data not downloading. I am using EyeTV 3 and subscribed until March 2023, sign.
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    I've found that communication with the Chinese owners to be a bit lacking. And, by a bit, I mean they are absolutely useless. During their major outage a couple of years ago, it took months of only getting the same response from "Angela Xu" who appears to no longer be there. For at least 6 weeks the response is our engineers are doing some final testing... I have a solution, fire them and hire a team that knows what they are doing. Maybe this is how the Chinese government deals with Spkr Pelosi's trip to Taiwan. If they don't deal with this soon, the will lose even more users. Elgato really screwed all of us when they sold EyeTV to Geniatech. Hey Geniatech get your damn act together and tell us what is happening. Better still, fix it. Did you fail to pay TV Guide and they shut you down again*? * just a guess. The support ticket system is a joke. If they can not determine if there is a MAJOR system failure, a ticket submission is not going to help. I am so sick of this companies lack of incentive to keep their system working. In the 10+ years with Elgato this type of outage just did not happen. Once in a great while they had an issue that was solved in hours. Now this is the forth time Geniatech has screwed us.