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    Emailed 'Angela' and was sent a link to a new beta (build 7527, app name EyeTV DBG) and while it's far from perfect it is working! Setup the link to my set top box and channel changer, allowed me to manually add channels (that's the biggest flaw - doesn't fetch a channel list), and is downloading schedules. They are getting there!
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    I use a couple EyeTV HD's and I have had that problem for years. Mine will sometimes only complete the first 2 of three numbers in the channel number. I have tried changing the timing of the of the numbers in setup, tried resetting up, tried all manner of things with the ir blasters, even bought other EyeTV HD's from eBay. It still fails sometimes, randomly. One thing I do is set the channel in advance for recording, then if it fails it is on the correct channel. Only thing that helps is to reboot the HD box, but that is of course, temporary. I run EyeTV 3.6.9 (7420).