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    yes, version 4 for the Mac is the worst piece of software that has ever been released in the last 20 years To ask for money for this alpha software (beta is far from it) is an outrage. Strictly speaking, the manufacturer would have to pay all users money.
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    Used the Beta versions to export recordings successfully, then paid $ for the released version of EyeTV 4 and (a) it only offers H.264 and MPEG Elementary Stream as options and (b) the little red progress wheel on the recording's entry never completes even after leaving it running overnight. Haven't been able to export successfully yet even after reinstalling the software. Not satisfactory: a key feature of the software in not functioning.
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    Hello Together, eyetv 4 is the biggest bug ever... is there a german forum? where are the export entry's for apple tv and so on? who has designed this gui? eyetv 3 was very stable, but eytv 4 crashed every time. regards Kai
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    Same here. Their "support" is a joke. As is the non-existent manual. Remind me again why I paid for this (64-bit) upgrade?!
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    I would highly be interested as well
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    I give up. EyeTV4 to erratic with still serious shortcomings, like incomplete recordings, crashing, beach balling, locks up channels on Netstream 4Sat such that scheduled recordings don't record, interface is rubbish compared to EyeTV3 and other issues noted in this forum. Gone back to High Sierra and EyeTV 3 (7528). Don't see Geniatech making significant progress in the near future. Catalina needs some sorting out also. Had panic crashes due to USB issue and as I have a 2017 iMac, it's full of USB connections including 2 hubs so as to connect 6 disks, 2nd monitor, BluRay Drive, USB keyboard & mouse and a DAC to drive my stereo. Going to give it about 6 months before Looking at EyeTV4 again. Have a bootable back up of Catalina with EyeTV4. Use Carbon Copy Cloner for backups. One thing I have noticed is adding 16GB to memory seems to have helped performance a lot. Reduced beach balling. Good luck folks. iMac 2017, High Sierra 10.13.6, 24 GB RAM, 1TB Fusion Drive, EyeTV Archive on 2TB Raid 0 (2 disks) EyeTV 3.6.9 (7528), Netstream 4 Sat
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    For the first time ever, I have turned off OS updates on my Mac mini. I'm sticking with Mojave until Geniatech gets this POS version of EyeTV working properly on Catalina. They should be ashamed.
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    EyeTV 4 is extremely buggy. Did a test recording last night and it seemed to go fine. I scheduled another recording for today and nothing happened. The only export option I have is .mpg . I discovered that I could load the EyeTV recording into Handbrake and export from there. Thank God for Handbrake! The edit function in EyeTV 4 is also very clunky. EyeTV 3 was better in every way. EyeTV 4 ist extrem fehlerhaft. Habe gestern Abend eine Testaufnahme gemacht und es schien gut zu gehen. Ich habe für heute eine weitere Aufnahme geplant und nichts ist passiert. Die einzige Exportoption, die ich habe, ist .mpg. Ich entdeckte, dass ich die EyeTV-Aufnahme in Handbrake laden und von dort exportieren konnte. Gott sei Dank für die Handbrake! Die Bearbeitungsfunktion in EyeTV 4 ist ebenfalls sehr umständlich. EyeTV 3 war in jeder Hinsicht besser.
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    The same for me. Compared to version 3, the entire editing and exporting is simply unusable. There is an urgent need to rework here. If an export works, it takes far too long and the export (AVI) is corrupt and therefore unusable. As a software developer, I would not allow myself to release software in this state as a release version. The latest update (Build 8520) is still beta. When does Geniatech deliver the missing functions? Please do not forget - customers pay money for functions that are not available or defective. Thank you very much!
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    Since the latest update (Build 8520) I can't export my recordings (from EyeTV Netstream 4Sat) as MPG-Media-Stream. Only avi videos are exported which are useless on Mac.
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    EyeTV 4.0.0 (8519) Catastrophic! my configuration: mac mini mojave with EyeTV Diversity I specify that I had EyeTV 3 for several years, and that everything was at the best. - Play recordings: sometimes no sound - Watching TV: non synchronous sound (sometimes unbearable) - preferences: sharing tab sometimes disappears - impossible to watch a channel during a recording on another (however I have a capable material: eyetv diversity 2 tuners, and it worked without problem with EyeTV 3) - Mac connection with iPad, iPhone, iPod (EyeConnect) impossible This software is not in a marketable state! For 30 Euros, it's a shame! How long will we have to wait to reach the quality level of version 3?
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    Thanks, jpmist27 I found the xxxx.ts (transport stream I presume) when I opened the package as you suggested. The .ts file plays fine with VLC. But that doesn't excuse Geniatech for releasing such deficient software!
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    Just out of curiosity, and maybe you've tried this, but in EyeTV 3 the actual recordings are "packages" files. You can open the package by right-clicking and selecting "Open Package". That gives you a folder of oddly named files the largest of which will be a movie file. Pretty sure I've used either Quicktime 7 or Handbrake to convert that file into something editable/usable. Just spit-balling here . . .
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    Hi Rod Did the dual tuner function work? I can't use two tuners with a Diversity and EyeTV 4 Mac. If I try picture in picture the second channel is black and when I try to change channels it responds with a message saying No Content. I'm interested in your experience.
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    Geniatech ... if you ever want to sell anything in Germany ... get your ass up and fix that software which is compellingly needed to use your products! I payed 30 € now for the "final" version and the first thing that happens is an application crash while trying to cut / compress a recording like succesfully done a hundret times before with the old version 3. I am convinced many people will never ever buy anything that has your name on it or comes from your production if you seriously SELL crap like the version 4 of eyetv. And this is NOT a problem of the programmer´s work, this is in the responsibility of executives deciding how much money is put in a task! Do it or leave it, but what you do now is to muck arround with your PAYING customers.
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    I'm sorry to have to say it, but the program works like a sack of nuts. That is really a shame😢😢😢😢
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    I just bought the Eyetv 4 and have the same issue.... what a shame buying for a software that does not do the minimum expected. It was the same in the Beta version and nothing has changed.
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    The functionality is still there, it's just a little different. Open recording you wish to edit. From the Toolbar, select View > Open Editor. Editing bar will open beneath the main recording window (Pic 1 Highlighted in Yellow) Inside the Editor, click the + Magnify to open a more detailed Frames 'Scrub' Preview (Pic 2 - Highlighted) Drag the Recording Start Marker to the start point of the recording you want to save. Select the correct Start Frame from the Scrub Preview for more accuracy. The Editor Play Head (White Line) will move with the Start Marker. Once selected: Click Fast Forward (FF) >> in the player, to scrub through the frames. Click FF >> again to stop (Pic 1 - Highlighted). I haven't found a way of manually scrubbing through frames. Once you get roughly where you want with >>. You can drag the play head, the White line which turns red once Cut (or Trim) is made (Highlighted in Pic 3) to the correct point for greater accuracy (or select the correct Frame from the Scrub line). Click Scissors at point you wish to Cut recording. A New 'Start Marker' point is created, which can be dragged to the next sequence you wish to 'save from'. Drag the new Start Marker to the next point you wish to save from. Once selected, repeat the FF >> scrub through until the next 'save point'. Once selected, click Scissors. Repeat until you have selected the sections you want saved (The Blue bits). (Pic 3 - Highlighted) Finally use the End Marker and Drag to the end point of your recording. Once done, Click the 3 Dots at the bottom right of the editor and select Compact. A Warning window appears showing you the areas which will be removed (Greyed out bits where the 'Cuts' have been made) beneath shows the saved areas as a 'compacted' recording (All the blue bits together) . Click Ok / Compact to proceed. When compacting is complete, you have your edited file. I didn't have anything recorded with ads to edit out, but hopefully the attached images give some idea. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you, but sorry, this does NOT help much. It sometimes works and sometimes does not. This is below the standard of beta-software. I think, this way the company will be out of business within a short time.
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    And this is one hour later. And I tried, and I tried, and I tried and I tried.
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    I bought eyeTV4 three days ago after my update to Catalina. MacBook Pro 15in 2017 3.1. I been using eye TV 2 and 3 for the last twelve years. I spent hours trying to edit recordings in version 4. No chance. Frustrating. How can a simple and easy to use function be altered in such an anti-intuitive way? If only there would be a video tutorial. Best, ...
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    purchased the so called finished version ! still as buggy as the previous beta's nothing I can see that has been fixed, very disappointing to be selling a beta full screen still gets stuck requiring eye tv to be restarted update still fails registration still fails I could continue listing but see very little point
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    EyeTV4.0.0b13_8516, 10.15.2 (clean install), EyeTV Hybrid. Software is completely unusable: crashes constantly after install.
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    @Mikyesun Since EyeTV4.0.0b13_8516 crashes after installation and is completely unusable I am not convinced to buy the final version since it could be a waste of money. I use 10.15.2 clean install (!) and EyeTV Hybrid. I simply can't use the software and have send numerous crash reports. There are other users with exactly the same problem(s).
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    On the left of the editing page are 2 magnifying glass icons, one marked "+" and one marked "-". If you click on the one that is white it changes the resolution. I have found that when you have an edit window open and try to change to another application, the edit window stays on top of the screen. Hiding it is the only way I've found to make it disappear. To me these changes show the complete idiocy of the management. The EyeTV 3 interface was very intuitive where as EyeTV 4 is like using a brick to move things under a microscope.
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    So I gave it a last try, but no change at all. Goodbye Geniatech and eyetv. Disappointed but from now on no more waste of time.
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    That is not the full list of supported eyeTV peripherals. I have just downloaded the final eyeTV 4 and the setup wizard recognized my eyeTV HD box with a picture of the box and pictures showing how to connect the cables for a new users. It works well. I am pleased.
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    Thanks a lot @Ondansetron I took the chance and I tried myself, using the last (b13) version (8516, not the final 8517). iMac Retina 5k 27 inch late 2015 MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 Software: EyeTV 4 b13(8516) Hardware: EyeTV410 and EyeTV310 connected in chain to the iMac via aThunderbolt to FireWire adapter. Indeed, it DOES work! 🙂 And actually, it works with both devices connected, I can open both windows, 410 and 310. The only problem, audio comes simultaneously from both devices, while in EyeTV 3.6.9 audio came only from the front tv window (while the back window was silenced). Anyway, I am happy with it, and I wanted to share my experience on this forum with people still using those old but wonderful devices. Ready to move to EyeTV 4 and finally upgrade to Catalina!!!
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    @mattes.hh, please be a nice person. Since they are speaking of Core Duo processors and dual G5 processors, not to mention quotes that are 10 years old, you really can question the reliability of the information delivered by this page. So, cala.vera’s question is quite OK.
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    Please tell us if there are any improvements!
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    Anybody tried a EyeTV 3/Mojave/VirtualBox Installation on MacOS Catalina?