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    Thank you, Rammy - costly, but it has worked. I have now found myself exporting files with zero bytes, but as per someone else's post, I have found Handbrake manages the exports nicely.
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    EyeTV for iOS & iPadOS with Apple Silicon desktop I'm happy to be able to access my tuner running on an intel iMac running MacOS 13 Ventura. However this has never worked with the tuner on my M1 Mac mini running MacOS 14 Sonoma. Do others users see the same issue? Does Genitech have any plans to update the app?
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    Thanks guys, glad it was of some use. I must admit I hardly ever use EyeTV now, I moved everything from iTunes into Emby, bought the one off lifetime premiere licence and an HD homerun quatro (4 tuners) and use that. It works so much better. I love the fact that I can say ‘record series, all episodes, not in my library’, then if I have say season two of a program and season one gets repeated it will record it as it isn’t in my library. (Or if you only want new series you can do that too). But the main reason is that it works and is supported. There are other media servers, plex for instance, I tried lots and decided emby was the best for what I wanted. The original EyeTV releases by Elgato were great, geniatech are just a total waste of space. It’s been many, many years since I first raised issues with them, still waiting for any useful response!