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    sorry i just find your receipt in my PM. Another suggestion: uninstall EyeTV 3 via EyeTV Reporter completely and re-install it. Then check with EyeTV Reporter if eyeconnect service has been installed. Anderer Vorschlag: Deine EyeTV 3 Software via EyeTV Reporter vollständig deinstallieren und neu installieren. Danach kannst Du überprüfen, ob eyeconnect richtig installiert wird. Du kannst hier auch auf Deutsch schreiben
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    Sure, i'm glad to help you In this case, it might be an issue of the WLAN (wireless Ethernet connection between your mac/router/netstream 4Sat). I have few suggestions for you here: 1. use network diagnosis of our eyetv reporter tool to check if your network configuration is fine; 2. check if eyetv 3 and eyeconnect (a part of eyetv 3 software) are allowed under firewall settings. 2*. Another way to check if eyeconnect is allowed: find eyeconnect under Mac - Application - right click and choose show package content - resources - eyeconnect. Now double-click eyeconnect, if it asks "would you allow eyeconnect", please choose "yes", if nothing happens, everything is fine. 3. use cable connection between your mac and router 4. check security settings of your router (mostly using or to access your router) We also have several old netstream 4Sat in our office and they are running almost 7x24h. So a bug of software could be excluded. May you give me your receipt via PM? Our team will discuss about your issue soon and try our best to do what we can. Apologize for your inconvenience again...
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    @thomaskud I think it is a good idea if you add links to new updates in "EyeTV News and Announcements" makes it easier to update.
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    Hi Georgio8, I confirm your solution. Have had the same problem as I didn't register EyeTV again with the new 4Sat code. The circumstance that tis code is a release code for the 4sat device wasn't that clear before :-) Regards, Peter.
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    Problem solved! The answer was simple: the EyeTV software has to be (re)registered with the code that came with the Netstream device. I was using it with an older code that has worked for several other devices. I think the Device Preferences tab ought to make this clear. It shouldn't just say 'No Network/ IPTV EyeTV Netstream 4Sat devices connected' when there is one connected! It should say something more useful like - EyeTV must be registered for use with this device.
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    I have written numerous times to this firm over the past couple of days without one reply both through the service requrest portal and contact portal. I did get an automated reply from the site stating that they received my queries but nothing more. It's very disheartenting to see that my hardware is going to end up in a landfill because this company doesn't support both it's clients and the hardware that it has procurred from elgato. In my case, all I wanted was some some support wuth eyetv2 which didnt work with eyetv hybrid under OSX 10.12. I later found that that it no longer works with version 2 but supposedly works with version 3. I downloaded it thinking that it was a free update. My serial number didnt work so I wrote them... I checked around and read that there is an upgrade discount for version 2 owners but cannot find it on the site. The cost for version 3 is too high and if that's the price without a discount for previous owners... I'll just trash the product and be done with it. Either way, I would appreicate a reply from this company so I can proceed. Barry
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    I have used EyeTV for many years and a couple of years ago I reinstalled it a couple of times in different places. I now seem to have a phantom file that is adding schedules that I don't want and are not in my list. I have searched all over the HDD and the external drives that have archives on them but cannot find where these might be. I am guessing there are invisible files which store such information. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction? I don't want to do a removal and reinstall if possible as I have lots of schedules in place that I don't want to have to set them up again. I am sure there must be a single (probably invisible) file that I can search for and get rid of it, thus stopping the incorrect scheduling. Any help would be appreciated. Patrick
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    I've upgraded both of my Macs to High Sierra. I use EyeTV on both, with 610 on Mac mini and Hybrid with MBP. The version is 7520 on both. EyeTV works ok as long as you don't try to look for EPG-data from Live TV window. It crashes every time. Any hope for a High Sierra compatible version soon?
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