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    Hi all One of my frustrations with Geniatech is their withdrawal of the online EPG. I don't like only having one week of UK DVB guide and I hated the fact that it didn't update, so I thought I would try treating an AppleScript application to automate that. It's all working for me now so I thought I would post it in case it's of use to anyone else. Firstly I went into EyeTV4 prefs and unchecked the online EPG service to 'None'. After the obligatory EyeTV4 crash and restart, it was done. The effect of this is to turn the 'refresh' icon (arrows in a circle) in the bottom right of the EPG window from refreshing the online guide to refreshing the DVB guide. This saves having to open the pop-up menu on the gear icon. Then create an AppleScript in Script Editor, pasting in this: tell application "EyeTV" activate end tell tell application "System Events" tell process "EyeTV" keystroke "g" using command down delay 1 click (button 6 of splitter group 1 of window "EyeTV4 Programs") end tell end tell Test it using the play icon in Script Editor to check it is working for you. Then save it as an Application. You can then either run it using Calendar and creating a recurring event that runs the application or run it using Lingon (which is what I did). It fails to run the first time, prompting you to add the application to approved apps in the Accessibility section of the privacy control panel, but thereafter should auto-update happily. Hope this helps somebody! Tim
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    EyeTV Version 3 permits use of any standard EPG (electronic program guide) formatted source; it does NOT have to be through a Geniatech provided source. I can tell you for a fact that it works with XML TV Listings (https://www.xmltvlistings.com/) out of Ottawa, Ontario, which covers North America. At $19.95 a year, with automatic renewal built in, it's a bargain (I have no connection with the company, just a satisfied customer). I've been using this without incident since the US TV Guide source was abruptly terminated in January 2019. I collected other people's info and my own experience to write up detailed instructions for setting up Eye TV to use this service; it is tricky but I've never had to fix anything once it was up and running in 2019 and I watch and record a lot of TV programs. These instructions are still posted somewhere on this site, and XML TV Listings asked me for permission to post, so it's on their site also. Since EyeTV 3 is 32-bit software, I have kept my Mac Mini used as a media center permanently at OS 10.14.6. Given the poor customer reports on EyeTV 4, and the fact that EyeTV 3 is an outstanding and mature piece of software running virtually perfectly, I could see no reason to go through the pain and agony of upgrading (I have several other computers running OS 12, but my understanding is EyeTV 3 will not run on anything later than OS 10.14). It should be possible for you to get an inexpensive older Mac Mini, erase it and reinstall OS 10.14, and run EyeTV 3 on it. An Apple dealer I patronize gave me instructions on how to erase a Mac and install an older OS; they are still available on an Apple web site that is not publicized. You notice I haven't said anything about Geniatech here; I've written them off, sad because EyeTV is great software that they apparently lack the technical knowledge to upgrade. Hope that answers your questions.
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    If you want to access the guide for using xmltvlistings, it is also posted on their web site under the Help tab; you don't need an xmltvlistings account to access it: https://www.xmltvlistings.com/help/guides/eyetv It looks formidable if you glance at it, but I wrote it up so if you are patient and take it step by step, and follow instructions exactly, you'll have a maintenance free EPG for EyeTV v.3.6.9. I can't speak to EyeTV 4, since I have never used it, given that v. 3 works fine.
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    I think I know where all the money is going. I just saw at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas that Geniatech is one of the many companies developing set top convertor boxes for ATSC-3 now being called Next Gen TV. I intend to contact the people I used to work with at both the FCC and FTC. I am a consulting engineer with a law degree. I may be able to show they do not deserve certification (required to sell these devices) since they have basically done a one sided cancellation of their "contract" to supply existing users with the pre-paid service(s) ie. the guide.
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    Super ! Après extinction et redémarrage nocturne, tout fonctionne ! Je valide la manip ! Merci à tous !
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    I closed the program window before quitting the program--no crash! Thanks it works for me as well. A fix would be nice. Thanks Geniatech for continuing to support eyeTV, very much appreciated.
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    It works for me, but a fix would be nice.
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    Vous devez aller dans "Toutes les chaines" et mettre "xmltv" dans la colonne "Guide des..." pour chacune des chaines. Cela ne fonctionne que si vous avez déposé au moins une fois une fichier xml sur l'icone EyeTV du dock ( sinon il ne trouve pas les noms de chaines)
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    D'autre personnes dans ce forum ont eu ce problème ici: https://eyetvforum.com/index.php?/topic/306358-eyetv-4-crashing-on-macos-ventura/&tab=comments#comment-320451 il n'a pu résoudre ce problème qu'en écrivant directement à la personne (Kelli Li) "Geniatech EyeTV Support Team" dont le mail est écrit au début de la page
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    Bonsoir, votre Mac M1 est sous quel version de MacOS ? l' application EyeTV est-elle en version 8528 et date-t-elle du 8 aout 2022 ( il y a eu 2 versions 8528) ? sinon mettre à jour avec https://file.geniatech.com/eyetv4/EyeTV4.0.0_8528.dmg si le problème persiste, réinstaller la version 8528 sans la lancer avant la commande suivante taper dans l'application "Terminal" la commande : sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/EyeTV.app/Contents/MacOS/EyeTV (méfier-vous, si vous faites un copier-coller depuis ce site , il y a parfois des caractères indésirables) et réouvrir EyeTV avec la touche "Control" + clique et choisir "Ouvrir" si cela ne règle pas le problème, réinstaller la version 8528. Pour les enregistrements EyeTV 3, ouvrez-vous bien avec EyeTV l'élement .eyetv se trouvant directement dans le dossier "EyeTV Archive" et non pas le fichier .mpg se trouvant dans ce sous dossier (.eyetv) ? Pour la grille de programme l'EPG par gracenote ne fonctionnant plus, il faut dans "Toutes les chaines" choisir DVB dans la colonne "Guide" pour toutes les chaines et "Control" + clique sur "Guide des Programme", choisir "mettre à jour le Guide DVB" autrement il ne met à jour automatiquement que les chaines du même multiplexeur de la chaine que l'on visionne.