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    Having purchased EyeTV 4 (8521) for macOS Catalina, there have been issues, some documented in the support forum here. I have allowed time since purchase for updates to be issued, which they have and all in all EyeTV 4 is an unmitigated disaster. Exporting is useless. Video stuttering Exiting Full Screen takes at least 2 attempts before it exits. Spinning beachballs galore. It is an unqualified mess. EyeTV 3 and earlier, allowed you to export in whatever format you wanted and guess what? IT WORKED EyeTV 4 exports a file which is unreadable by any player I have tried. EyeTV 4 is a pile of useless junk and a complete waste of money. It's as if Geniatech had absolutely no Mac software experience, but they did with EyeTV 3 DO NOT BUY.
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    (is the name of this forum correctly spelled ?) Since latest updates from Microsoft Windows 10 build 20H2 (64bit) the EPG info is no longer shown within Geniatech Total TV Player. The channels list displays only the channel name and nothing more and the program name does not display neither in the application window, nor in OSD. Even saving a program as .ts file will only save the .ts file alone, without the accompanying .xml file, as used to be in the past. I also installed clean a Windows 10 system with all updates, then installed Total TV Player (6.48.02) from scratch – no difference, EPG still does not show up. At the same time, using DVBViewer shows the complete TV Guide, so there is obviously a problem with Total TV Player program, not a drivers problem. ??
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    (addendum) It is related to DVB-C. The EPG is for sure enabled in advanced options (and it is enabled by default anyway when installing the program clean).
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    I am new with Eye TV4 and not so familiar right now. I tried to record a small movie using EPG. The record startet at the right time, but it didn't stop at all. I had to stop it by hand. After that I tried to start a record manually. It worked well but as before it won't stop at all. Any idea what went wrong?
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    I have an Eye tv 500 (Firewire) running on an Late-2012 iMac i7 (Catalina 10.15.7 (19H524)) using Apple's Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle adapter. I bought Eye tv 4 in September and it hasn't worked once. Every launch gets into the setup sequence and immediately crashes. (Always thread 24 or 25 with the same, identical SEGV.) I have contacted GeniaTech about this numerous times over the last seven months and never once gotten a reply. I have included crash logs from the Console app, system configuration data from System Profiler, steps to reproduce, contact information, .. everything I can think of to make a good bug report. I get an automated response that my bug report was received, and then, nothing. The greatest insult is that they also have not refunded my purchase to my credit card. I find it hard to describe this. In forty-five years of computing, I cannot recall ever paying for something that simply never worked at all. And only rarely do I recall having Customer Support turn theirback on me and ignore a crash report.
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    The good news: I get what you are asking and why you are asking it. I wonder the same, because... The bad newsL Any attempts to record anything in eyeTV 4 result in a immediate crash of the app.
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    Just my 2c worth. I have used EYETV 3 for many years, and unfortunately I paid for EyeTV 4 - the worst purchase of the year. It's clunky, bug-ridden, and the editing and export functions are worse than basic. I can't think of a single way in which 4 is superior to 3. I'm one of the lucky ones who still has an old Mac Mini around to run 32 bit apps on, however.
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    I have been using EyeTV3 on Mac Minis for many years (in the USA). Currently I have a hackintosh (using a cheap, used HP business pc) running Mojave and EyeTV3 version 3.6.9 (7520). I think that's the last version that will work with my HDHomerun Connect (dual tuner). I've had 3 actual Mac Minis and was going to try the 2018 Mini but I am fed up with Apple's refusal to allow easy user upgrading of memory and hard-drive. Earlier this year I tried "Channels DVR" and now it is what I use for most of my TV recording and playback. Their server runs very well on Mojave and it will have no problem running on Catalina. It is designed with HDHomerun devices in mind (I don't think it works with any other brand). And - for the same reason I generally prefer MacOS to Windows - "it just works". It does cost USD 8 per month but I believe it is worth it. They do not have a MacOS app (only IOS) but you can use a browser interface to do everything. You can also watch recordings in the browser but instead I use IINA (an excellent free MacOS app) to watch them. And "Channels DVR" now has "TV Everywhere" support so you can record any streaming channel that way (just requires Chrome). So - in that case - you do not need any HDHomerun hardware. I am VERY impressed by the responsiveness of the Channels developers. They are currently testing the new M1 Mac Mini to see whether their IOS app will now work on MacOS with the new capabilities of Big Sur. So - for longtime EyeTV users - I recommend trying "Channels DVR". It also has a great "remote viewing" feature that works seamlessly so you can view your recordings from anywhere with no trouble. It's a small company but the developers are excellent and VERY dedicated to their customers.
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    I use EyeTV every night; it is my only TV. It's not as bad as some of the posters are making out, and even though I would be seriously embarrassed if it was my product, I would be equally as upset (as a user) if it wasn't available. True, it's not nearly as good as the old version, but I use it every night, and if it stayed where it is now, I'd still continue to use it. GeoffPh
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    I agree that EyeTV 4 an unmitigated disaster from start to finish on macOS Catalina. I bought EyeTV 4 in March 2020 to try with Mojave in advance of upgrading to Catalina since it absolutely requires 64-bit programs. My experience with EyeTV 3 under Mojave and previous OS's had been great, but I quit using EyeTV 4 after only a couple of days it was so bad. I had hoped an update would be issued. Now I feel I was wrong to think an upgrade would ever be issued, as it is getting to be near the end of August. RIP Eye TV, it was great while it worked.
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    eyeTV 4 Mac is a chinese fake app Nothing dows work as advertized, nothing. Save your money, don´t buy eyeTV 4 Mac !!