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    Yes, the 2 EPG services are fee based. I tried the free week on schedules direct.com, and got my setup working in a day or two. Then I subscribed for 2 months for I believe 6 dollars, just in case it didn't work long term or TV Guide came back. I think the full year is $25. Sure, it was 6 bucks I shouldn't have to had paid, but it was worth it. Now I am not beholden to Geniatech and their whims. I fully control the scheduling. I've had questions, and someone from Shedulesdirect.com answered me in 3 hours! Try to get an answer from Geniatech. This alternate schedule system uses functionality existing forever in EyeTV, it sends the schedule into the program just as the makers had intended to allow. No hack at all. Another potential bonus: the alternate sourcing using the directions from the forum works on a low level in the system...it is not likely to break with updates. I use it on an ancient mac mini running snow leopard, and a 2014 mac mini running High Sierra and both work perfectly. Of course, with the next apple update, if they remove all 32 bit resources, all bets are off.
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    I just want to say thanks and how much I appreciate the problem solving efforts here. Rather than just complaining, we have some workable solutions to this "unfortunate" situation. Like many here, I have been using EyeTV and some form of HD Homerun for many many years and don't miss cable AT ALL. Over the air is just fine for me, especially with so many alternative TV options. What has happened with the business end of EyeTV being bought , first dropping support for HDHR and now this, it was (I think) only a matter of time. With no 64-bit update coming that will work with Silicondust products, EyeTV's days were probably numbered after the next big MacOS update anyways. At first all the techie ideas were just too much for me and really not worth the effort. I have Plex and that seems to be working, but not nearly as elegantly as EyeTV was (is). But a big thank you to all of you who posted clear step by step instructions on how to make EyeTV work again (Until Apple does it in for good). I will give it a go and see what happens. Perhaps its just time to start getting through all the books I want to read!! Cheers and big thanks to all you problem solvers!! Maris
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    It looks like the topic, "TV GUIDE NOT UPDATING" got de-railed, and is now more about coding, hacks, and work arounds for the EPG? As to this topic: Has anyone had any luck with the actual EPG, or real answers from breakthroughs with TV Guide EPG, or with Geniatech? I've gotten the same run around and even legally threatened by Angela in Support. She basically said if anyone slanders Geniatech - they'd deal with it legally. I don't give her an ounce of credibility. The beginning of each of the last two weeks I've been given the same rubbish - their techs are working around the clock, and to wait another week. I've done that twice now. Regardless of when -- or if they get this issue fixed, I'm demanding a full refund no matter what. I don't know what options others have - depending where you're at - but I'm in the states, and I'm also filing a case (at least ) with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for failure to deliver a contracted service. My suspicion: they've completely lost any kind of TV Guide licensing and their scrambling to put together some half-a$$, make shift EPG data stream service of their own! [edit] Oh... and to date, 4:52pm, U.S. west coast time - our EPG is STILL dead.
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    curl https:/ /www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/MYAPI/4105/14>xmltv.xml You need a space between 14 and > and also a space after the > So . . . curl https:/ /www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/MYAPI/4105/14 > xmltv.xml
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    I did this for a few days in February. It isn't very useful or convenient, but it is better than nothing. Once you have EyeTV working, clear your EPG listing window (there's a command to do that somewhere. If you had eliminated all your channels, also do a new channel scan as you would when you first installed EyeTV. Then go to the Channels window, uncheck the channels you don't want. In the EPG column, for each channel you are keeping checked separately, select "ATSC/OpenCable" as your EPG source from the dropdown menu (you'll notice that xmltv is the EPG source listed right below this, which is what you select when using one of those two sources). The EPG will populate as soon as you select the source. What you get: a plain vanilla (no colors) program listing with little information for 24 hours at a time. You can use it for one-click recording to save having to manually program them, but that's about it. I noted that my public TV channels gave me 3 or 4 days schedule when I used this. It is a powerful motivator to sign up and implement either xmltvlistings.com or scheduledirect.org as your EPG source.
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    Hello: I wish Geniatech would let EyeTV customers know what is really going on with the TV Guide EPG service.
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    Yes, they are different. I'm wondering if that is somehow related to the email--not problem, though, if the same email address is used.
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    Are you sure this is the situation? (you have "bricked" the program) XMLTV and SchedulesDirect are not a "workaround"; EyeTV already has built into it support for their standard EPG format (.xmltv file type). You do NOT need an active subscription to anything to run EyeTV including to set up the channels list. What you DO need to do is reset all the channels so the listing in EyeTV is linked to a corresponding channel listing in the EPG source you choose to use. Presumably EyeTV's software was written to do that automatically for TV Guide specifically so we don't have to fuss with it, but it isn't THAT hard to do yourself manually, and you only need to do it once. I suggest you take some time to read back through this long thread (hard to sort out the important stuff from casual comments, I realize). You'll find I prepared and posted a step-by-step guide on how to set up EyeTV to use xmltvlistings.com as the EPG source. Others have provided similar info on how to use the other North American EPG source, schedulesdirect.org. [Comment: the former is more user-friendly, the latter more powerful, but both do the same thing – give you an EPG in EyeTV that looks just like the TV Guide one]. Both sources offer a free 7-14 day trial; xmltvlistings also has a one-click download of a 7-day schedule that you can try out without having to do the small amount of programming to automate it. If you have questions, there's a bunch of good people on this Forum thread who would be happy to help
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    Been following this discussion for over a month now and finally figured out how to get my Forum sign-in working (hint - Mail.com) I'd received the same email from Angela everyone else did and maybe because I didn't abuse her too much I got a response from her yesterday offering a beta version to try out. The beta takes out all reference to TV Guide and offers an "EyeTVEPGPremium-US" service instead in the Guide part of the EyeTV Preferences. This is excellent news. Because I shut down my TV Guide subscription I couldn't get the beta (EyeTV3.6.9(7527)20190314) to actually work since without an active guide the listings won't populate. Still I'm encouraged that Geniatech is working on a workaround that has been in testing for almost a week and hopefully will be released soon. I think if you inquire nicely to Angela she'll respond with a link to it. Am gonna editorialize for the rest of this, so please skip if you don't want to read some old guy bloviate, but I gotta "tsk tsk" some of the anger I've read in this thread. Honestly, it's been over 10 years since I actually paid for this program and that it's been updated for this long is a miracle considering no one makes an El-Gato type DVR box for this software anymore. I'll be as sad as anyone when we finally get abandoned for good, but until then, please be kind to the support guys.
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    Just got this: Hello Eric ,Sorry for the inconvenience.The restoration has been completed. We are testing it now. We will inform you immediately once it is finished testing. Kind regards,Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team
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    After patiently waiting for more than a month for Geniatech to get their act together I finally gave up and requested a refund from PayPal. It was approved in less than 36 hours! At least Geniatech's accounting department is efficient. Looking at the two solutions described in this forum I found that the XMLTVListings approach, while easier, did not have the full channel lineup for my TV service (OTA). Moreover for the channels that were listed there was no sub-channel information. So I went with the Schedules Direct approach. I was able to find the correct listing for the TV service I have with all the sub-channel information. It took an afternoon to implement the automatic updating of the schedule (set at 4 am) in EyeTV using the directions posted on the forum (with minor modifications). I'm using the "json" service at Schedulesdirect.com. All appears to be working fine including the Smart Guides. I am using OS X 10.11.6 on a 2010 Mac Mini and EyeTV 3.6.9 (7416). Many thanks to all who contributed to finding a solution to the "EPG problem."
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    Yes, I am having no glitches, also, running schedulesdirect.org. I only show 14 days out, but I think the schedule actually goes farther. Did you do anything to get it to show 17 days? TV Guide was always 14 days on my eyetv, and it still just shows 14 days with schedulesdirect.org.
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    I haven't posted in quite a while, since I am having no problems at all. I haven't had any glitches with eyetv 3.6.9 (7524) since Feb. 5th, when geniatech's EPG TV Guide went down. The schedulesdirect.org xmltv guide works flawlessly, with schedules going out 17 days - including season and episode numbers. And it automatically updates the TV guide twice a day (more often if I wanted it to). The only thing I do is schedule recordings, and remove commercials from recordings before uploading to my iTunes library, which is exactly the same thing I was doing before Feb. 5.. I do hope geniatech comes up with a 64 bit version of eyetv 3. Although I won't jump into OS 10.15 right away. I'll wait to make sure some of my other older software gets updated to 64 bit. So I have been as happy as a lark since Feb. 5th. From my perspective nothing has changed in my use of eyetv 3.
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    I suspect Ton is not in North America, neither of those solutions would work for us. There are products like Channels and Plex for Homerun, Tablo is a solution for us, Amazon has a system now that will record OTA and send it to your tv's. Amazon's solution includes free lifetime program guide. Tivo will work. None of them work like EYETV, though, through the Mac. And you will have to start over and replace all your hardware with new hardware for at least 100 dollars or more, and (except for Amazon) pay even more per year for a program guide. It is interesting that more companies are entering this space, providing OTA and even cable card DVR capabilities and whole house solutions, while Eyetv languishes and has just about withdrawn from the North American Market. The replacement program guide systems that the forum has detailed will keep your Eyetv hardware working indefinitely. It would be nice if Geniatech actually "restores" the program guide function, but those who spend their time asking for a refund of a few dollars instead of just fixing it themselves may be waiting indefinitely.
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    Don't need to worry about the approved apps. Don't know where you are in the process, but here is the guide put together by others listing the step by step process. There are many posts about this throughout this TV Guide thread... 2nd version of schedules direct .pdf 2nd version of schedules direct with mistakes.pages 2nd version of schedules direct with mistakes.pdf
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    Which service is everyone using at Schedulesdirect.com? I can't figure out which one that works with Eye TV. I've come to the conclusion that TV Guide is done.... Thanks in advance....
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    I have used the various resources from this thread and the others and also internet resources that these threads based their directions on and I have a fully automated replacement for the Geniatech TV Guide that is fully functional on three computers in 2 states all using schedulesdirect.com. It is not a hack or a workaround but a fully functional alternative. I have no programming skills or experience, all I can do is bring my English Major skills to typing in my own names and passwords and modifying the procedures to suit my location. The smart guides absolutely work if you use the JSON (J) version of the downloads from schedulesdirect.com. I had to make new smart guides as the previous ones did not seem to populate from the new data resource, and, as previously mentioned, I needed to put repeat to false on the guide choices as it does not have a "new" tag on the data from schedulesdirect.com . If I can do it, anyone can. If anyone prefers to wait for Geniatech's solution I hope you have an abundance of patience and don't mind missing a lot of recordings in the interim. Or forever. The participants of this thread found real permanent solutions to the TV Guide problem in about 2 days. Geniatech claims to have been at it for over a month now. You be the judge.
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    Re: ^. Sorry, wish Forum software let you edit previous posts, but it doesn't. Here's the attachment with a minor correction in a note on Step 2. XMLTVListings EPG with EyeTV-Guide.pdf
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    XMLTVListings EPG with EyeTV-Guide.pdf Re: ^. Sorry, wish Forum software let you edit previous posts, but it doesn't. Here's the attachment with a minor correction in a note on Step 2.
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    [this repeats a post I just uploaded on the more major EyeTV Forum discussing the EPG issue] With more time on my hands than I probably should spend on this (being retired), I decided to preserve the indispensable advice posted here in a single PDF guide (attached). After all, Geniatech could kill this Forum without notice, and I'd hate to lose this information. Sorry, but the "enter your info marked in red" color failed to transfer from NeoOffice to the PDF, but I also used brackets so you'll be able to see it. Please be sure to call any errors to my attention so I can fix them, but I have tested everything and it works. This guide replaces the two really long posts from me above (I don't think the Forum will simply let me delete them). IMPORTANT: this guide applies just to Macs (I don't know the Windows world), and to using xmltvlistings.com as the North America EPG source (which is what I am doing). Maybe someone will do a similar guide for schedulesdirect.org. Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this Forum! [I have also posted this on the other original Forum thread discussing these issues, which has a lot more people following it. I tried to write this so nonexperts would find it useful]. XMLTVListings EPG with EyeTV-Guide.pdf
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    + 1 Same problem as everybody else, and subscription good through July. Using OS Sierra with EyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) - keeping this version as it works with SiliconDust HD Home Run. If this doesn't resolve soon, considering switching to Apple TV + HDHomeRun + Channels https://www.techjunkie.com/watch-live-tv-apple-tv. but open to suggestions.