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    We do not care about what the Windows version does or supports. EyeTV 4 doesn't exists on OS X (macOS) and for all we know , it might never exist on OS X. We want 64 bits support on the Mac OS X version (macOS), supports for the tuners we bought with EyeTV when it was sold by Elgato (HDHomerun) and bug fixes. And so far we haven't seen any of this, bugs have not been fixed and no effort is being made towards any of the things I mentioned above. So we do not trust anything Geniatech is saying anymore.. this is the reality of the market, not someones view. So if your use case is EyeTv 4 on Windows, you are in the wrong thread as here we're talking about EyeTV on OS X and the lack of support and/or update as well as wether or not there will be a 64 bits version for the future OS releases.
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    To put it slightly differently, none of us chose Geniatech! Almost all here are people who purchased devices from Elgato or their software and then were sold down the river when the company was sold to Geniatech. As they have no products to sell in Australia (as an example) and they have stopped EyeTV working on network tuners that are sold what market is there for they product in many parts of the world. So you seem to be alone in the "give a little faith" game. If they came out and said there were developing EyeTV 4 and what tuners it would support or provided the aTV app that we all asked for we might have a little faith. As it is just a forlorn hope they will produce something and realise that without hardware no-one is going to buy their software!
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    I don't know the TV things. But Geniatech has announced they will be ready, they will. Please trust them. Their customes are all over the world. Why do they take risks to lose them? Now that you choose them, please just give a little faith of them.