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  1. MacBook Pro, Big Sur: my EyeTV was working adequately, and is still working 'adequately' but even though it will tune stations, and I can watch free-to-air, my Diversity is not listed under the Devices heading. It used to be. The MacBook/EyeTV can see/employ the device, but EyeTV doesn't list it under Devices in the sidebar. I also run a MacBook Air, and it's fine; the Diversity appears, listed under Devices. I can still tune via the Assistant, but that's a long way around, and since I move around a lot, it's a pain. Thanks in anticipation, GeoffPh
  2. I want to add that I use it ONLY for recording and watching free-to-air television in Australia on my MacBook Pro. I don't export or edit. I travel widely, in rural areas, and where there is no reception I can watch previously recorded movies etc. I use it every night, and if it didn't exist... what then? For me, and my limited use of it, it's terrific. It does as much as I need— a bit clunky in some respects, but if it didn't exist, how would I watch the cricket?
  3. I use EyeTV every night; it is my only TV. It's not as bad as some of the posters are making out, and even though I would be seriously embarrassed if it was my product, I would be equally as upset (as a user) if it wasn't available. True, it's not nearly as good as the old version, but I use it every night, and if it stayed where it is now, I'd still continue to use it. GeoffPh
  4. I downloaded 4.0.0, 8523, running on MBPro and Catalina, since yesterday. I was prompted to do so from within the Eyetv window. Most things seem to work, but no fast forward/reverse arrows down near the stop/go symbols in the live window. They were handy. The the work-around is to activate the editing time line and drag the editing head to and fro. Everything else seems adequate. No beach balls, full screen enter/exit is prompt.
  5. I'm using it on a MacBook Pro, built-in monitor only, and the program guide scrolls normally using track-pad.mouse etc.
  6. I'm running a brand new Macbook Pro, Sierra-10.12.5, and the haptic touch trackpad. IF: The cursor size is enlarged (Preferences>Accessability> etc) THEN: The cursor disappears for up to thirty seconds whenever Eyetv boots. Swipe to an alternate screen and back again is a work-around, returning the cursor size to normal (tiny) removes the problem. By the way: I have also had the cursor disappear when booting iTunes but once only. Hope this saves some frustration.