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  1. I have sent support 4... 5... 6... I dunno, a lot, but they remain obstinately mute. Geniatech has the potential for a pretty good product, as it used to be, but what they're doing is akin to self harm. I can still watch live TV, but it's a pretty rough work-around, and every now and then I have to reinstall.
  2. Me too. I bought a new Mac. It was the third item of mine to run Eyetv 4. Whether that prompted my invalidation remains to be seen. I have raised a support ticket, for what it's worth, but it's very frustrating as I use it to watch TV every night. I have deleted it from two of the machines, but there was no miraculous revalidation. It's New Year's Eve, here in Australia, and whether there's anybody on the Help desk, is anybody's guess— probably not, but I'm an optimist, and if I get sorted out I'll come back here and report. Happy New Year— ☹️.
  3. I had the same issue: crash on launch. I downloaded the file as recommended above, and now it crashes on quitting; whenever I quit EyeTV, I get a dialogue box saying that EyeTV just quit. If it wasn't slightly annoying, it'd be funny, but at least it works, and given its form over the last few years, I'm thankful (and surprised) that it at least works. Added a few days later: It seems to have settled in, and only occasionally quits on quitting, if you know what I mean, but it does not (NOT) like me clicking EyeTV>Preferences>Recording. Instant quit! But otherwise, it does what I need it to do. I watch TV and record. It's like the Black Knight from Monty Python— '... it's only a flesh wound.' MacBook Air M2 Ventura, blah, blah.
  4. I'm in Australia. I spend a lot of time travelling remote areas in a motorhome, and I must say that I'd be lost without EyeTV. In remote areas, I often don't get a (free to air) signal, and I rely on pre-recorded shows. Sure, it's clunky, and if it stopped working tonight I wouldn't be in the least surprised but if there was a viable alternative I'd certainly explore it. Is there a viable alternative to EyeTV?? Thanks in anticipation.
  5. MacBook Pro, Big Sur: my EyeTV was working adequately, and is still working 'adequately' but even though it will tune stations, and I can watch free-to-air, my Diversity is not listed under the Devices heading. It used to be. The MacBook/EyeTV can see/employ the device, but EyeTV doesn't list it under Devices in the sidebar. I also run a MacBook Air, and it's fine; the Diversity appears, listed under Devices. I can still tune via the Assistant, but that's a long way around, and since I move around a lot, it's a pain. Thanks in anticipation, GeoffPh
  6. I want to add that I use it ONLY for recording and watching free-to-air television in Australia on my MacBook Pro. I don't export or edit. I travel widely, in rural areas, and where there is no reception I can watch previously recorded movies etc. I use it every night, and if it didn't exist... what then? For me, and my limited use of it, it's terrific. It does as much as I need— a bit clunky in some respects, but if it didn't exist, how would I watch the cricket?
  7. I use EyeTV every night; it is my only TV. It's not as bad as some of the posters are making out, and even though I would be seriously embarrassed if it was my product, I would be equally as upset (as a user) if it wasn't available. True, it's not nearly as good as the old version, but I use it every night, and if it stayed where it is now, I'd still continue to use it. GeoffPh
  8. I downloaded 4.0.0, 8523, running on MBPro and Catalina, since yesterday. I was prompted to do so from within the Eyetv window. Most things seem to work, but no fast forward/reverse arrows down near the stop/go symbols in the live window. They were handy. The the work-around is to activate the editing time line and drag the editing head to and fro. Everything else seems adequate. No beach balls, full screen enter/exit is prompt.
  9. I'm using it on a MacBook Pro, built-in monitor only, and the program guide scrolls normally using track-pad.mouse etc.
  10. I'm running a brand new Macbook Pro, Sierra-10.12.5, and the haptic touch trackpad. IF: The cursor size is enlarged (Preferences>Accessability> etc) THEN: The cursor disappears for up to thirty seconds whenever Eyetv boots. Swipe to an alternate screen and back again is a work-around, returning the cursor size to normal (tiny) removes the problem. By the way: I have also had the cursor disappear when booting iTunes but once only. Hope this saves some frustration.