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  1. Gracenote EPG is still out on EyeTV3 running on an old 27" iMac I had with High Sierra running. The DVB- EPG is dreadful, but at least it's there (unlike the paid for Gracenote EPG)
  2. I've been searching the Geniatech site for some info, but as ever when it comes to this company, silence appears to be their default setting. Hey Geniatech some info about Apple Silicon compatibility would be good! Any way, it's been almost 2 years since Apple launched their M1 based Macs, during which time many variations of Apple Silicon have been released, so has anyone been able to get EyeTV 4 up and running on Apple Silicon based Macs? What issues have you encountered (if any)?
  3. It's been a while since I checked in, but here's an update. I gave up with EyeTV 4. I bought an old Mac Pro 3, 1 running Mac OS X El Capitan (which is showing its age with latest standards / browser etc. so I used the dosdude1 hack to upgrade it to High Sierra (the last Mac OS which supports 32-bit apps). I added a cheap WD Green 240GB SSD to boot from prior to installing the hack. It worked fine (if you follow his clear instructions). Installed EyeTV 3 (courtesy of a backup copy I had on an old drive), ran set up assistant etc and it works effortlessly (as it always did). WOO-HOO! I was curious about the recordings I'd made with EyeTV 4, so I copied them onto a USB stick and pasted them into EyeTV 3 on my old Mac Pro. Result? Recordings in EyeTV 4 can be pasted into your default EyeTV 3 folder. Once copied over, start EyeTV 3 and the recordings show up in the 'Recorded' section. They can be edited and exported without issue. Exports from EyeTV3 once edited and exported, then copied over to my 5K iMac and added to TV App, play absolutely fine. No issues. Image quality from EyeTV 3 HD recordings is really good. I know this is a less than ideal solution, but it works. Obviously you don't need a Mac Pro to run EyeTV 3, any Mac limited to High Sierra will do, but the 8- Core Mac Pro I got (specs: 2 x Xeon 3.2GHz Quad Core, 20GB DRAM, with nVidia GTX 680 2GB DDR5 Graphics card), was surprisingly cheap. There have been an update or two since I last opened EyeTV 4, so I will install them and see what improvements (if any) there are (unless anyone can let me know here if exporting / editing works now?). Thanks.
  4. Having purchased EyeTV 4 (8521) for macOS Catalina, there have been issues, some documented in the support forum here. I have allowed time since purchase for updates to be issued, which they have and all in all EyeTV 4 is an unmitigated disaster. Exporting is useless. Video stuttering Exiting Full Screen takes at least 2 attempts before it exits. Spinning beachballs galore. It is an unqualified mess. EyeTV 3 and earlier, allowed you to export in whatever format you wanted and guess what? IT WORKED EyeTV 4 exports a file which is unreadable by any player I have tried. EyeTV 4 is a pile of useless junk and a complete waste of money. It's as if Geniatech had absolutely no Mac software experience, but they did with EyeTV 3 DO NOT BUY.