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  2. Terratec S7 not recognized

    eyetv netstream 4Sat for DVB-S/S2 (4 tuners):
  3. EyeTV Diversity tuner is no longer available in Australia either so EyeTV is useless if my current device breaks. They need to support the HDHomerun products unless they intend to introduce their own new tuners. They also need to have 4 tuner support (like the new HDHomerun product).
  4. Dear Geniatech, Just a simple feature request; please return support for HDHomerun tuners in future updates to the EyeTV software. This support was deleted in the latest update without notice or warning to current EyeTV users with this configuration. Thus, the tuner hardware access was disabled, leaving users to figure out that a software roll-back was needed to get EyeTV working again. I"ve been a fan of EyeTV for over 10 years, and was forced to get an HDHomerun for dual tuner support when ElGato left the US market. Please consider continued support for this configuration for US-based users if you're not going to introduce a dual-tuner product for the US. EyeTV is an excellent product, and you showed great foresight in picking it up and continuing it. Thanks!
  5. Location of Activation Key for EyeTV OSX app hope this will help you.
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  7. EyeTV 3.6.9 (7521) EyeTV Plus

    Hi all, That was a bug of eyetv 3.6.9(7521) and now it's fixed! Please download 7522 version (or higher):
  8. recording videos through eyeTV Plus

    Hi Lothar, Unfortunately, it's not possible now. But you could use any record software to record the tv window of eyetv plus or your screen. I know OBS has this function and there are also many other OBS-like software
  9. eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    I also want to protest in the strongest terms about the dropping of support for SilconDust HD Homerun network based tuners - why Geniatech? Why? And why let, what must be thousands of users, find out when it breaks! At least explain to us the decision and do the decent thing and offer to refund the license fee? You've just rendered eyeTV useless.
  10. Terratec S7 not recognized

    sorry thomaskud, but I saw your products for mac and did not find anything for the satellite, I need to see hotbird
  11. Terratec S7 not recognized

    Unfortunately, the new Terratec S7 Rev.4 (new model since 2014) is still not supported, sorry My suggestion: return your S7 and purchase an another eyetv 3 supported receiver (for example our products )
  12. Open letter to Geniatech

    Good idea
  13. Open letter to Geniatech

    For HDHomerun, please use eyetv 3.6.9(7520),
  14. 3.6.9 7521 breaks compatibility with HDHomeRun

    I'm not sure I'd call either a solution as such as they don't have the UI or features of EyeTV as each currently stands, but DVBLink is available free (with emailed activation code) and SiliconDust also have their own macOS client software. Those aside, there's also Plex support for HDHomeRun tuners and server/NAS-based setups like TVheadend. Calling a spade a shovel, I think it's absolutely atrocious we've been placed in this position, especially with no prior notification whatsoever.
  15. 3.6.9 7521 breaks compatibility with HDHomeRun

    I was pleasantly surprised to see an update for EyeTV that has been quite unstable on Mac OS X High Sierra. But very rudely surprised to see that I can no longer use it with my only tuner, a HD Homerun. This is not good. I am very very disappointed. I would like to see an update for EyeTV that fixes the frequent hangs and crashes without removing support for tuners. For those who have found an alternate solution. Can you share your experience with us? Thanks, Baskaran
  16. Silicon Dust HDHomeRun CONNECT 4 tuner

    Thanks for the firsthand info. It sounds like the new Connects have a slightly better tuner. They say it helps with channels on the edge. I've got a couple of those, so I'd like to see if it improves things.
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  18. EyeTV-T2 not working

    HALLO? Wie sieht es aus??????
  19. EyeTV-T2 not working

    Danke für die beiden Hinweise! Ich hab jetzt einen zweiten Stick angesteckt, klappt problemlos! Einen Unterschied konnte ich beobachten: Wählt man eine zweite Sendung an, öffnet immer ein zweites Fenster mit der Sendung. Das konnte ich vorher nur, wenn eine Sendung aufgenommen wurde oder über den Umweg PIP.
  20. eyetv HD

    Same here - installed the most recent upgrade and STILL DOES NOT SEE EyeTV HD!!!!! Crap!!!
  21. High Sierra: time information missing

    Really strange. I found that if over an hour then the number shows.
  22. Silicon Dust HDHomeRun CONNECT 4 tuner

    Yes, it works but with the limitation that EyeTV can only see 2 tuners. Signal strength shows about the same as my old connect but signal quality is higher. I picked up one at BestBuy. They had a few even though the shelf tag sad Duo.
  23. Solution? Either switch to version 7520 or different software like DVBlink, TVHeadend, MythTV.
  24. eyetv DTT Deluxe not recognized

    My iMac Retina will no longer recognize my eyetv DTT. It worked fine until around the time I installed High Sierra. I'm running 3.3.9. I've tried reinstalling the software but that didn't solve it. Has anyone gotten it to work?
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  26. eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Heads up that I found prior versions of Eye TV software after ferretting around the geniatech website... has multiple past versions and the 7520 build is at Will download it tonight and install and see how it goes in getting the HDHR back. Cheers, Andrew
  27. 7521 doesn't recognize eyeTV Sat free

    v.7522 works, the latest version is 7522
  28. 3.6.9 7521 breaks Geniatech EyeTV HD!

    I'm pretty T'd off about this. Looks like one more reason to use Windows. (That list is growing rather large as of late). I rolled back using TimeMachine. EB
  29. eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Well this sucks . I was able to use time machine to roll back to 7520. I was a big fan of eye tv but not any more. I will not spend another dime with Geniatech. At least have the courtesy to in the update notes to tell us HD products will not longer work. EB
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