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  2. Yes,,, EyeTV software works right now,, however, I'm almost certain that the app will not be compatible or optimized for the next OS after Mojave. Then, unless one doesn't update to the new OS,,, we will have bitten the dust.
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  4. The new EyeTV SW no longer supports SiliconDust - annoying as it is, but ... I suspect, we'll see, the "fix" will be in SW and will not support the older EyeTV SW version that supports my SiliconDust tuners. Could be wrong. Also, time for computer upgrade at home (10 years is enough), and old EyeTV SW may stop working on new MacOS soon enough. Just too much to think / worry about. I can get other guides to work, but why? Plex just works, I have lots of rave reviews from friends & colleagues. And it removes commercials (well, we'll see how good that works). I've recommended EyeTV in the past, but stopped when they stopped supporting SiliconDust; I felt a real change in the quality of the company at that moment. And now, with the guide not working for 2+ months, not sure why I would want to continue to hitch my horse to the company? And they never provided notice (advanced or otherwise) of stopping support to SiliconDust or Guide programming, there's just a real lack of any quality of support. One had to figure out these "changes" - discover it - on one's own (wasting our time) then dig around the forums to find out what's happening. Meh, they've probably lost me.
  5. I am not sure why you think EyeTV has to be abandoned if it fails to deliver on EPG service in May. It works perfectly right now with EPG's from either of two North American sources: (which I've been using since February with zero problems since I got it running) or Both look and behave just like TV Guide, and both offer annual subscriptions, a little less and a little more (respectively) than TV Guide. In fact even if EyeTV restores its EPG, I won't consider going back to subscribing to it until my XMLTVListings annual subscription ($19.95) runs out next Freburary. Instructions on how to set each service up on EyeTV were written up by members of this discussion forum and were posted in other discussion threads. The few comments I read on Plex as an alternative left me with the impression that EyeTV is vastly superior in what it does.
  6. In response to another email I sent them on April 5, I received a note on April 7 saying they were collecting test results and I would be informed when EPG service is back. I suspect my Memorial Day weekend will be spent setting up Plex and abandoning EyeTV.
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  8. I had another update from Angela. Nothing new. One poster on another forum says it will be late May.
  9. I have been corresponding with Angela in tech support for over 2 months. She keeps sending me the same update and instructions, saying it's fixed. It's not. I don't know what their problem is. I paid for a year's service and I didn't get the last 2 months of it. Come on, Geniatech, fix this already!
  10. The Program Guide screen still includes TVGuide next to Expired. Nothing from Geniatech on reasons, options or their beta versions.
  11. I am surprised you have not had problems until now. It is looking like they are abandoning TVGuide for their own service. You will need the latest version of EyeTV so no HDHomerun tuners. There is a beta out there, not sure if it is officially released yet.
  12. Hi, I have two installations of EyeTV on different machines. One is only for testing new upgrades. Unfortunately I clicked on the activation link on the testing machine and now the wrong machine was extended with gracenote. Is it possible to transfer the gracenote extension from one to another machine? Best Daniel
  13. If people are looking for alternative solutions, the following may be of interest. I finally set up a ChannelMaster Stream+ (CM-7600) DVR that I got some time ago. It is actually an Android platform that comes with built-in apps but one can also add apps from the Google Play Store. The main built-in app is Google Live TV. This allows DVR-like recording and playback. Recording is done from a 14-day TV guide in a grid format like EyeTV. One can record either a specific show or a series. The TV guide is apparently free---no subscription cost. However, the meta-data seems to be relatively sparse in terms of the information it gives about a show. The unit has two builtin tuners, and one can attach an external USB hard drive for storage. From comments by users, it appears one can somehow add a Silicon Dust app that will recognize suitable HDHomerun tuners, but I haven't tried that. I don't think the added tuners are usable by the Live TV app. I tried to add the EyeTV Android app but it didn't seem to be accessible in the Google Play store. There may be some complicated way of "sideloading" an unsupported app, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.
  14. Hi It is April 2019 and mine will not work with ios12.2 will it just be one more waste of money ???
  15. Thanks! I picked up the latest MPEG Streamclip (it's 64 bit) and I still have the old MPEG-2 install that I got from Apple eons ago! I've been moaning and groaning knowing that my Quicktime 7 Pro is going away. I'll give this a shot.
  16. I was going to try it, but it's a lower build than the beta I currently have installed (7527). The description talks about "Update eyetv plus – renew activation / subscription", which I don't think is the same as EyeTVEPGPremium where I'm getting the new guide. At least it's a completely different button, and when I select United States it says not available in my country yet:
  17. On the HDHomeRun point: I dug into the (7520) release a while back* and found an assortment of HDHR firmware and device icons. I copied the HDHR resources out, zipped the existing (7520) application, installed Build (7524), and drag-copied the HDHR resources from the older build into the relevant locations. Didn't work; the (7524) build didn't give me any option to select the HDHR. I suspect there are a few .plists in the older build where the SiliconDust hardware is listed as menu options, but I'm already a little out of my depth; I'm not clear how to edit the corresponding .plists in the newer builds to add HDHR as a signal source. Assuming that trick would work, which I also don't know. * Right-click/control-click on EyeTV application icon>Show Package Contents; copy Contents>Resources>Firmware>HDHomeRun and HDHR-relevant icons from Contents>Resources>Device Pictures onto Desktop; transfer to new version of application
  18. I see that there's a new version (Release Candidate) of EyeTV available. The notes say that it supports the new guide. My setup has two HD Homeruns, so I'm stuck on 7520. The website still says that the guide is "out of stock". Can anyone on 7520 who still has a subscription check the guide as see if it works again? If it does, then maybe I can download the new version, subscribe to the guide, then roll back to 7520. My guess is that the guide will be exclusive to 7524.
  19. I've never had a system panic for any reason, so I can't comment. The HD Homerun and EyeTV software I got some years ago for around $200 are still working fine with the xmltv guide solution described in this forum. If for some reason I find I can't live without a 64-bit OS, and the present setup is still working as good as it is now, I'll probably just dedicate my present mid-2010 mini to EyeTV.
  20. Interesting anomaly here...after successfully completing the recommended "step-by-step" for getting to provide my guide and schedule service via .xmltv, I somehow boggled the auto-update script in the Home/Library/Launch Agents folder and proceeded to tinker with that for a few days and it wasn't auto-updating. I must have finally gotten it right now, but with a twist. Even though I pared down my local cable-listing inventory at, days ago. this morning I found that EyeTV's Channels listing now shows the entire world of channels my cable provider offers are back. That surprised me because as I changed the "xmltv" pull-down for each channel in my much smaller listing of desired channels, I "deleted" all the channels EyeTV was showing that were unchecked and showing "Nome" for Guide-provider. Last night's first-time successful update put all the unchecked channels back in my EyeTV Channels window even though the Program Guide in EyeTV still only showed program information for the channel inventory I wanted and indeed the end of that update of Guide listings had moved ahead to 2 weeks and two days into the future beyond where it was set originally before I had the auto-update in the right order of things. No big deal, I guess...just was surprised to see all of those unwanted channels back in my list.
  21. That's great that you do not experience recording failures - for the first three years, EyeTV was very reliable for me too. For some unknown reason for the last two years occasionally I experience a system panic when recording with EyeTV, maybe once every 20 to 30 recordings. I'll see the Mac OS X login password screen, then see a failed recording in EyeTV. It's a situation where I'm not motivated to ask tech support for help as it seems a waste of my time: it's impossible to duplicate and likely is some complex cross-platform/application thing. At one stage I thought it was due to using a Fusion drive, but that turned out not to be the case after making a fresh install on a non-Fusion drive. Moving forward I need a TV guide recording solution that has long-term support for the HDHomeRun. Since EyeTV dropped that ball, I figure HDHomeRun manufacturer SiliconDust is a good choice (as I already said, I'll miss EyeTV's great user interface - video scrub editing, smart guide recording - hey-ho).
  22. Yup the Mac Mini is running an older MacOS build - currently El Capitan. Moving forward without EyeTV, I'll be able to move to 64 bit whenever that seems right. To edit .TS files on Mac OS I'm using the free MPEGStreamClip but it requires an MPEG-2 install which I purchased a long time back from Apple. The interface is not as good as EyeTV, but you can cut out sections on a timeline at the nearest frame, then convert the final trimmed .TS to an MPEG. This workflow was how I was using EyeTV. If I ever go back to Windows (if...) I own a licence for TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 software which will do the same.
  23. Just went to renew my 2 year TV Guide subscription for EyeTV and the Geniatech page says "Out of Stock" and there is no button to renew my subscription. How does a digital product run "out of stock" ??? Past posts indicate the problem has existed for some time and there are some indications the problem is being worked on. Hopefully a solution is found soon.
  24. You have found an old product listing. Check out the reviews on Amazon and you will see this is not new. Also the EPG service shows the icon of TVGuide not the new icon on the premium EPG that is on the current website. Therefore EPG data IS NOT AVAILABLE YET.
  25. EPG data now available for EyeTV 3, but you won't like it. Go to <> and check this out. Buy new hardware from Geniatech, then buy EyeTV 3 and you will be allowed to subscribe to the EPG. Isn't that wonderful?
  26. Hello All, like all of you I cannot renew my EPG. So I contacted Geniatech support, opened a ticket and got no where. So I went to forum and started talking. Then they shut down the .eu forum, then they shutdown the support topic for the EPG. Then they stopped all replies to my open ticket. But at the us.Geniatech web site they are still selling the EPG for North America. I just can't find out how to open a new account and start the download. Has anyone contacted a owner of the new Geniatech hardware and found out if this is only available to people who buy new hardware and then subscribe to the EPG?
  27. Hi, I am also interested in their HD HomeRun Software, keep in touch.
  28. Hi, I contacted support when my HD HomeRun no longer worked with EyeTV 3. Yes they are not supporting Elgato or Silicon Dust devices. So use ver 3.9.6 build (7520). Then start looking for something else to take its place, Eyetv 3 that is.If you search around the internet you will fine people using a open source (free) replacement that includes a (free) open source EPG. Yes Genitech no longer support the EPG for north American users. Cannot update my EPG for the year 2019. No help from support, none. It's now 04/20/19.
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