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  3. I have proven (to myself) that it is the EyeTV application which doesn't like Big Sur. If I connect the entire chain of adapters and Firewire cables (because my external CD/DVD player is also a Firewire Device and is on this chain), I can run the CD/DVD drive to look at CD content and then just disconnect everything and no crash of Big Sur. (As long as I didn't launch the EyeTV app.) In other words, Big Sur is happy with my whole adapter/cable string but not the EyeTV app going away.
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  5. utilizzo eyeTv con MAC catalina 10.15 e ho già provato la risintonizzazione sia quella semplice che quella completa e il canale 50 di Sky news24 non si sintonizza .. Fino a dicembre 2020 riceveva regolarmente il segnale sulla precedente sintonia.. da gennaio 2021 non più
  6. Non si riesce a sintonizzare il canale 50 italiano sky TG 24, dopo il cambio di sintonia dell'emittente; continuo a rifare la sintonizzazione generale dei canali senza risultato. Qualcuno ha indicazioni utili?
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  8. удалите пожалуйста.
  9. Where is moderator?? It is about advertisement on your website. Thank.
  10. Where is administration? It is important. Thank.
  11. Here is the response from tech support team re the narration problem. Hello Michael, Thank you for contacting us. We have reported this issue to our Software Department. We will inform you when it is fixed. Kind regards, Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team
  12. Where is administration? I'ts important. Regards.
  13. Where is administration? It is important. Regards.
  14. Where is admin? It is about advertisement on your website. Regards.
  15. I give up on Geniatech. I don't think this functionality will ever return. Pity. I have a dedicated Mac mini running Mojave and EyeTV 3.6.9 (iTunes) to retain that functionality.
  16. Can I contact Administration? It is important. Regards.
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