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  2. rtraill

    eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Given that in Australia all the Free to air TV HD stations have moved to mp4 (which they say in the FAQ is something they don't support) and there are no MPEG2 streams left then EyeTV is dead in the long term (even without 64bit support). Strange then that their tuners (EyeTV diversity fully supports mp4 in HD)
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  4. Suicide Squid

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    My problem exactly. Lock ups in Full screen mode. Did you ever hear back about this problem? i upgraded to High Sierra a few months ago and every thing seemed fine. But the lock ups in full screen have increased in frequency. Within 10 minutes of viewing usually. At least I know now it's full screen mode causing the problems so I can get through programs in a window.
  5. eyetvuser

    eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Good to know Ton - would be great if someone from EyeTV could comment!
  6. They write that they still support the HDHomerun Dual. This is a big lie. Just check (in the latest EyeTV) which devices can be selected. There is no HDHomerun!
  7. Hi ABC123, Your post helped me to nail down the cause of the issue. Now I can reliably reproduce it following these steps: Program a recording of – let's say – 1h 30m. In System Preferences/Energy Saver, set "Turn display off after" to a value below 1h 30m and uncheck "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off" Put the computer into sleep mode This will result in an "endless recording" until I wake my computer manually. There is one – very interesting – exception: Should another process be active at the end of the programmed recording which prevents the computer from going to sleep (you can check this in the process list of Activity Monitor), the recording stops normally. The same holds true if you use your computer at the end of the programmed recording. In my case, a backup process for a cloud backup service (Arq backup to Backblaze) sometimes would run during the recording which led to normal recordings. Summary: The issue occurs if EyeTV is _the only process_ preventing the computer from going to sleep at the end of the recording. Please test an confirm.
  8. eyetvuser

    eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Ok so Geniatech have now partially explained their decision to drop support for some SilconDust products - specifically the Plus/Extend (HDTC-2US) - see this post to their FAQ. But this explanation doesn't make sense to me - since you can turn off the MPEG-2 -> H.264 transcoding - and indeed mine has always been off. So I have a follow-up question here in a new thread. Hope they choose to respond. And perhaps I don't understand... love comments to the new thread.
  9. OK so I see you've posted some of the reasoning now here... and I have a follow-up question here. Hope you choose to respond
  10. Hi this question is a follow-on to the earlier announcement that eyeTV 3.6.9 (7521) and later doesn't support the Silcon Dust HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US) - see this thread. Today I notice this post in the Geniatech FAQ which gives us one reason for this decision Now, I have all transcoding off on my HD Homerun Extend - see config page below i.e. as far as I understand it my HD Homerun Extend is sending MPEG-2 transport streams - as required by newer eyetv versions. In fact it always sent MPEG-2 streams - I never had transcoding turned on - and this is working well today with eyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) which I continue to use. So Geniatech, why can't the HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US) work with newer versions of EyeTV if I turn off transcoding?
  11. yiannis

    eye tv 3 with mohave

    I DOWNLOADED EYE TV 3 but when I try to open it a popup window appears saying:"eye tv cannot create an eye tv archive.eye tv cannot continue to run", when I press ok the application quits
  12. Ton

    EyeTV-T2 not working

    Kann viel einfacher: Right-Click on the .EyeTV file, Choose "Show Package" and you get all those files in Finder.
  13. Rantanplan

    EyeTV-T2 not working

    Vorbemerkung: Leider beweist die Firma Apple auch mit dem neuen Betriebssystem ‚Mojave‘ wenig Interesse oder Fähigkeit auf Kundenwünsche einzugehen. Hier betrifft es die Codecs. (Auch ein zentrales Update von iPhone Apps im iTunes bzw. einem adäquaten Tool wäre schön.) .. Dies macht ihre Software nur in Teilen nutzbar und sorgt dafür, dass bessere Produkte anderer Anbieter genutzt werden. Dass die Firma Geniatech, die ich seit Jahren durchaus schätze, hier eine Ausschliesslichkeit auf die Verbindung mit QuickTime setzt bzw. setzen muss, ist schade, da es auch ihr Produkt mit einem Mangel behaftet. Im Folgenden geht es um die vereinfachte ‚Extraktion‘ der .mpg aus einer EyeTV-Aufnahme (T2 Hybrid) mit VLC-Player (3.0.4 Vetinari) und OS Mojave: - Film aufnehmen und bearbeiten (Beschnitt leider weiterhin mit weißer Vorschau) - VLC-Player öffnen - über ‚Ablage‘, ‚Datei öffnen‘ - .eyetv auswählen - es öffnen sich nacheinander 4 Dateien, die .mpg wird abgespielt - Film stoppen, Wiedergabeliste einblenden - .mpg mit der rechten Maustaste klicken und ‚im Finder anzeigen‘ - die Datei wird im Finder angezeigt und kann dupliziert/verschoben/umbenannt werden - fertig. Keine Hänger beim Ton oder mit der Lippensynchronität. Bei ARTE die mit deutscher und französischer Tonspur. Viel Spaß und mit freundlichen Grüßen.
  14. Arnd_Gehrmann

    EyeTV-T2 not working

    Es ist der 1. Oktober . Sechs Monate sind vergangen und bei dem Problem der Software Eye TV 3.6.9(7524) bei Nutzung des Empfängers EyeTV T2 ihat sich nichts geändert. Mit DBV T2 HD HEVC H265 in Deutschland aufgezeichnete Filme können immer noch nicht editiert werden, da die Bearbeitungsfunktion immer noch keine Indexbilder zur Verfügung stellt.
  15. Solution: GoTo System Preferences > Security & Privacy and click on the Privacy tab, scroll down to the Camera item in the sidebar and saw EyeTV listed there but unchecked, now please set to “Allow apps below to access your camera”. #Problem #fixed.
  16. Did you still install Mojave? did anyone else install Mojave? does eye tv work?
  17. I thought it does not work in Mojave anymore. Then I can install mojave Thank you.
  18. Mojave will still allow to run 32 bit apps, but it will be the last version of MacOSX with 32 bit support. Nevertheless, Geniatech does not give me confidence that they will deliver on time, even if it still is some time left... Not commenting in this, ?their? forum is one part of the sad truth about the commitment of Geniatech.
  19. I was listening to iTunes with the display off and noticed it paused after a certain period of time. So I tried finding a fix and found that using caffeinate also works for EyeTV. I've tested it a couple of nights so far. KeepingYouAwake and Caffeine work on High Sierra and use Apple's built-in caffeinate command line utility which prevents your Mac from entering sleep mode. I'm guessing that has something to do with recordings continuing past their set duration until you put the display back on and they stop. Download and more info:
  20. There are only a few days left for Mojave to come out for Mac... the 64 bits are coming😮
  21. bratman91

    EyeTV DTT and BBC 4

    I recognise that my EyeTV DTT is an obsolescent device and the relevant forum section has been discontinued but can anyone tell me if I should be getting UK BBC 4 (Freeview Channel 9)? Signal strength and signal quality is 100% on all the channels that autotune finds, and I have the latest software (3.6.9).
  22. HJM

    EyeTV T2 Lite

    just send a email to, you get immediately help.
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