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  2. In whatsapp versions. My favorites are whatsapp gb and Whatsapp Plus on
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  4. Same! I paid. I emailed support. No response in 10 days!. This is ridiculous.
  5. Same! I paid. I emailed support. No response. This is ridiculous.
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  7. I love this kinemaster prime app and it can do a lot for my videos and I learned how to use it quickly. But I can't seem to download videos, long, edited videos, a minute or less. And after shutting down the app, I can't watch long videos because I can't save my files and I can't download them. I've tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work. So if you are looking for a short video editor, this should work. It may work better on your device but it doesn't work well on mine
  8. It's been more than a year since I posted this thread, and there has been no improvement of the EPG. There are still no descriptions of the programs, and the episode numbers don't show the season (series), and the episode names contain information that should be elsewhere. The episode titles are truncated ridiculously short. All in all, I still have to rely on an external program guide for everything other than the basic data: program name, episode name (partial), start and end date/time. This is not what I paid for. I paid for an electronic program guide that is at least what was advertised. I expect it to have the same capability that it had back in the days when it was powered by TitanTV. This is a joke. I would not recommend EyeTV to anyone, in its current state.
  9. Minecraft 1.19 APK é a versão mais recente do Minecraft, disponível para download agora. Esta nova atualização inclui várias correções de bugs e melhorias de desempenho. O Minecraft 1.19 também inclui suporte para o Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Se você é um fã de Minecraft, então esta nova atualização definitivamente vale a pena tentar. Baixe o Minecraft 1.19 APK agora e aproveite todos os novos recursos e melhorias.
  10. In whatsapp versions. My favorites are whatsapp gb and Whatsapp Plus.
  11. Today I'm still searching for the best video editor but still haven't found the right one, who knows the right app for me
  12. Hello, Years ago I purchased a USB stick that was an Elgato Diversity. Now I run a mac OS Bigsur computer, I need to use EyeTv 4 (e.g the 64bit version) application for Mac. Once downloaded, the activation key card that came with the box doesn't seem to work soI cannot finish the installation process. I tried to type the serial with, and without comas in between segments, with no luck. Am I missing something ? Best regards.
  13. Yes, this just happened to me today with the EPG guide update. Every other time I have done it the email has come right away. I haven't got any response yet, but will give them 24-48 hours. I got the order number in a PayPal receipt but it's not showing on my online account.
  14. Hi everyone (esp. you folks in Germany). Does anybody have any idea why there is no EPG data for Eurosport 1 from May 27 on? All it says is "Sendepause" (broadcast break) for the entire day(s). Deleted and rebuilt the EPG, tried "DVB" instead of "Gracenote", but to no avail. Anything else I could try? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Creating text in LightBurn is simple - click the Create Text tool () on the creation toolbar, click somewhere on the page to get a cursor, and type. When you enable the Create Text tool, the Text Options toolbar will activate as well. For generating triangle circle symbols, you can easily generate text by clicking triangle symbol
  16. On replaying a captured video… Why on earth have the layout designers split the tools so we now have two time-line replay bars; one at the bottom of the video replay window and one at the top? Why divide a comparatively perfect multi-function tool interface found in EyeTV 3 which sat at the bottom of a screen into two, where we have to mouse from the top to bottom and bottom to top of our screens to achieve the functions which were logically and ergonomically kept together. For more detail about alternative tools, just click at similar website finder
  17. Most people spend between eight and 10 hours per day working. So it's important to choose a job that provides physical or emotional benefits. If you are just entering the workforce or considering a career change, you may be struggling to decide what path to take. In this article, we describe four reasons people sometimes can't decide on a career and explain seven steps for choosing the right career path for you.
  18. The Dataromas website came into being after observing the amount of inadequate content there was present regarding super investor portfolios and holdings. Moreover, the outrageous biases in the content further stopped our faith in the sources they were published on. So in pursuit of showcasing accurate grand portfolios, we spent hours of our time building this website.
  19. Minecraft APK já está disponível para download. Esta versão inclui alguns novos recursos e correções de bugs. Minecraft 1.19. adicionou suporte para o próximo jogo Minecraft Dungeons, bem como várias outras melhorias e mudanças. Minecraft é uma atualização gratuita para todos os jogadores que possuem Minecraft. Para instalá-lo, basta visitar TechGara.Com. Não hesite mais, baixe hoje e experimente.
  20. I purchased: eyetv 4 (64-bit) macOS Hi Geniatech Sales, But there are problems: a) No confirmation from Geniatech of the purchase. b) No activation key. c) Download link is dead ( 517_2.dmg ) d) I tried to create an account, and your system said, that you sent an email to me for activation of my account... but I haven't received any mails from you. I have checked the spam folder. If I don't receive the product that I paid for, then I will contact PayPal and get my money back. I have the PayPal receipt. But I would really like to have your product! PLEASE RESPOND! Regards, DavidW Checkout _ Geniatech EyeTV.pdf
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  22. I think some minor transmission problems have occurred. In addition, please refer to the worldbox that has long been popular and received the attention of gamers. On the Android mobile platform, there are some outstanding products such as worldbox Have you ever wished to be a god to restructure and rebuild the world the way you want? Your chance has come when WorldBox gives you the power of God. You can build and destroy anything you want. Everything is at your fingertips in worldbox modern update
  23. Marty

    Exporting Video?

    Sorry to hear that. It appears this software is dead/abandoned.
  24. MisterMud

    Exporting Video?

    I am also unable to export, and I see no signs of progress (not even that empty file that Marty is getting.
  25. I think some minor transmission problems have occurred
  26. ritoom

    Andorid mod apk

    To watch all the TV channels, you can use the Yacine app on your smartphone...
  27. Hello, Good news. thanks for your feedback and happy for that At the beginning, I hadn't noticed that the other versions there were only 3 channels that worked for France. That's when I went through all the Eyetv 4 versions I could find, until I found this version where all the channels work for France. Hope Geniatech will fix it for recent version where all channels doesn't work for France (The image is jerky)
  28. Bonjour Eric / Hello Eric I just saw your message. I hadn't gone back to the forum having given up on the idea of having EyeTV fully functional. I downloaded the 8519 version and ... everything works perfectly with the 8519 version 👌😃 It's nice that you shared the 8519 version and I'm very grateful for it. Donc seul EyeTV 4.0 v.8519 fonctionne correctement en France. Only EyeTV 4.0 v.8519 works fine in France. Thanks to Eric and EYEMISSELGATO.
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