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  3. Software / driver required Hi guys I have an old EyeTV Cinergy 850e PVR unit that I wish to now use on my (newer) Mac version 10.15.7 However I cannot find where I can download either software (if required) or a driver for this item Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. Eyetv Netstream 4sat recording problems Hi, Mac Pro 2013 with Monterey 12.7.1 newest version. EyeTV Sat and alternately Eyetv Netstream 4sat connected to sat1. In both cases Diseq1.0 with 3 transponders connected. All scanned channels are recognised and appear ok. Like previous versions howver, build 8531 still often crashes when changing a channel list. Trying out Eyetv Netstream 4sat led to the same problem as well as a more serious second problem: Recording is very erratic and often second blank window appears. Sometimes works, sometimes not -- even for 2 conscutive programs on the same channel. Eyetv Netstream 4sat is thus unusable for recording. SOftware needs a vigorous overhaul/ Regards, Brian Coleman I
  5. EyeTV 4 MacOS Catalina drops Frames Dear Forum, i bought a Hybrid Stick and it works flawlessly on High Sierra and EyeTV 3. But on Catlaina with EyeTV 4 it drops a lot of frames and i cant really use it. Is anyone here who runs it succesfully on Catalina? Maybe someone can send me an installer with a better older version? I sent an email to Support, but they dont answer. Maybe i will send it back to amazon and get a refund. Thank you
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  7. Thanks for confirming the Sonoma update, Bob. About the TV guide capability: are you aware that there is an option of importing TV data from other sources? I use XML TV Listings. It isn't free (I pay $20/year for the data) and you have to be somewhat technical to implement it, but it does work reliably. Here are the instructions: I also found this forum thread helpful in implementing it:
  8. This might help - although in my EyeTV the column is the one most left, column of littles squares. Choose all channels by clicking the headline square and drag channels. _________________ After you Auto Tune in EyeTV, it’s possible that they may not be in the order you expect. Sorting the channel order in EyeTV is a simple process: 1) Go to the EyeTV Programs window. 2) Visit the Channels section. 3) There are many columns at the top of the window. One has a “#” sign. 4) Highlight the blank column to the left of the “#” sign. That blank column will turn blue.
  9. It also doesn't detect my Hauppauge Win-TV HVR 950Q, which was plug-and-play with EyeTV 3. That makes EyeTV 4 completely useless to me. Also, I noticed that the editor doesn't function as well with my older recordings. When I compacted a couple of my old recordings, the beginnings and ends that it created were very sloppy, not clean like they are from EyeTV 3. I was able to repair my old Mac, and it's now back in business, with EyeTV 3. I like the interface of EyeTV 3 better, anyway. I also upgraded the old beast: maxed out the RAM with 16GB, and replaced the old tiny 500GB HDDs with 2TB SSDs. This beast cooks, now. I'm looking into XML TV to replace the programming guide, but for now, I use the OpenCable schedule, in combination with the TV schedule at Zap2It to manually enter my program information (copy and paste).
  10. I'm looking into Tablo. From what I read, it looks like you give up the ability to edit your recordings, and export them to another computer for further processing. Currently, I trim (or compact) my recordings, then I export them and compress them with Handbrake, into MP4, which is a lot faster than the built-in compression of EyeTV, and provides a better quality outcome. I then copy the files over to my media center computer, and watch them using Kodi. I'm awaiting the Tablo support team to give me some answers. But it looks like Tablo won't fit into my multimedia setup without some serious changes. And I'll end up with my old system for watching my older recordings and all my other media, and the Tablo for watching only my newer recordings. I'd like to just replace EyeTV with a similar functioning device, with the same flexibility for editing and exporting videos. Customer support at Tablo doesn't appear to be interested in answering my questions.
  11. I'm still using Eyetv 3 on iMac because it works and also because i'm not even confident that if I purchase a key for Eyetv4 i will be sent a code to use it. And like the previous poster said will that code only work once? Can I put it on my MBP also? The new owners should really read these forums and get more engaged.
  12. M2 Pro mini, 14.1.1, 4.0.0 (8532), EyeTV HD, USA, woks fine for me. Whatever the previous version did as well, no problems. I am still pissed though about the guide DOA all these years. 😠
  13. Did you see that Geniatech released a new update to EyeTV 4? In the release notes, it says "Compatible with macOS 14" (Sonoma). I haven't upgraded yet, but would be curious if anyone has any reports on this latest version.
  14. From reading threads like this I wonder if this is a ONE-TIME ONLY license, which I don't think I've ever heard of. What I'm wondering is when you key the activation code in, does it call home and invalidate the license so it can't be used again? This would be a potential problem for me, as I was experimenting with several TV apps on an external drive (EyeTV, Plex, Emby, HDHomeRun), and whichever one I selected would have been installed on my internal drive. Now I think the only possible installation was to my test drive, and I would have never been able to install it on my internal later. If so, this is very weird licensing! I have since settled on using the last version of EyeTV 3 under Geniatech, which works great on Mojave, which is almost the highest OS my older Mac can run. So I will not be installing EyeTV 4 on my internal drive anytime soon (not until it offers something over Geniatech's EyeTV 3 stability and functionality). But if this guess is true, only install it on your production drive! And you will be glitched if you ever have a HD crash and have to re-install... 🤨
  15. I thought I’d let you know what I ended up doing on my EyeTV. To recap, I had a 2012 Mac mini working perfectly with Elgato’s EyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) on Sierra 10.12. Then my hard disk crashed. So, had to decide whether to get off that very old but stable OS, and if I did, what app I would use for my PVR. A 2012 Mac mini is capable of 10.15 Catalina maximum (64-bit only), so I tried that. Unfortunately it crashed and rebooted twice within a few hours when activating the monitors from power saver mode, and Catalina was the only thing installed. So no Catalina for me. Backing up to 10.14 Mojave, I found a stable OS. So I tried EyeTV 4 (8531), but it was riddled with bugs. I was able to find a workaround for most all of them, but then I ran into one that was a drop-dead issue for me. You see, my main use for EyeTV is to time-shift the evening news. I have a reminder set to start watching about 8 minutes into the broadcast. That way I can skip all the commercials and finish the broadcast live. I love doing that, and it worked a few times with EyeTV 4. But then it crashed on an attempt, so EyeTV 4 had to go. Being that I backed up to Mojave, I could now also run 32-bit apps. So I put Elgato’s 3.6.9 (7520) back on it, and I have never looked back. Runs great! I am currently using over-the-air program guide, but I find it wanting. I have to manually update it at least once a day, and it does not distinguish ‘new’ shows. I was using for a continuous and automated 2-weeks of listings, but their ability to distinguish new shows disappeared. So I dropped them. They never did mark a show ‘new’, but they used to mark the repeats. So I was using a convoluted Smart Guide search to record all episodes that weren’t repeats, lol. Worked on everything but SNL. But that ability is gone now. So if anyone knows of an XML service that marks new episodes, let me know! 😊
  16. Handbrake 1.7.1 has now been released, and the issue appears to have been fixed.
  17. This also drove me nuts. As it turns out there is a command in the context menu of the channel list (right click or control click) that reads "Apply default sort order". For me it does just the opposite: It enables a personal sort order. The German translation "Sender neu sortieren" ("new sorting order") seems clearer.
  18. Handbrake 1.7.0 and EyeTV 4 Just a heads-up, the latest version of Handbrake (1.7.0) doesn't automatically see the audio track in recordings made by EyeTV4. The developer says "Eyetv packages are folders that contain multiple files, the code to open files was rewritten and I didn't test it properly with these packages. As a workaround until the next snapshot or release, you can select the correct title from the titles popup button.". This will be fixed in the next release of Handbrake.
  19. The latest version is 8532, so I'm not quite sure what version you're using (possibly 8528?). 8532 works fine here, with one caveat (need to close the EyeTV window before quitting the app, otherwise it crashes). Mac mini M1, Sonoma 14.1.1.
  20. Please see my post here:
  21. Hi, I use or try to use the following EyeTV Hybrid Stick with EyeTV 4.0.0 (8532) in Berlin / Germany / Europe: This stick DOES work on my MacBook 12" with Intel CPU and macOS Monterey 12.7.1 The stick does NOT work on my Mac mini M2Pro with Apple CPU and macOS Sonoma 14.1.1. However, EyeTV 4.0.0 (8532) works without problems - only the communication with the EyeTV Hybrid Stick is apparently severely impaired. The metadata of the stick can be read (see above), but the channel scan does not work at all. I think this is because EyeTV 4 is still an Intel CPU program that runs on Apple CPUs under Rosetta II. It would certainly be very helpful to deliver the software as a universal binary that can also run natively on Apple CPUs (M1, M2, M3). Regards - Matthias
  22. This just showed up today: 8532. I am on a 2023 M2 Pro Mini running 14.1.1, didn't have any issues with 8528 though....YMMV. Goes without saying, EPG still dead dead dead.
  23. Habe das gleiche Problem und auch vor einiger Zeit im Forum angezeigt. Bei mir wird die Hardware erst nach dem 3.Start der Software erkannt und dann läuft es stabil. Selbst das Script "Recording Done" funktioniert ab Version 8531. Bei der neuen Version, 8532, besteht das gleiche Problem. Gruß Herwig
  24. Release Candidate eyetv 4.0.0 (8532) with OS 11 Big Sur? Release Candidate eyetv 4.0.0 (8532) Today I saw pop up an offer to upgrade EyeTV 4 to 8532. It says it is compatible w/ OS 14; but it says nothing about compatibility with OS 11. Will this work with Big Sur OS 11.7.6, which I have?
  25. eyetv4 - build 8538 - recording composite causes immediate crash hi folks. Familiar story - it used to work great in 32-bit form. Now, if I try to record (play works fine) it immediately crashes. This is under macOS (Intel) Catalina or macOS (M1). Anybody seeing success here? cheers! Steve
  26. Hi guys, I was just about to replace my nice old intel mac mini from 2012 by an M2 mac mini, but after reading about all that trouble I‘m gonna replace the old hard disk by a cheap 2TB ssd and continue to use the nice old EyeTV Version 3 on the nice old High Sierra OS 😜 Thanks for all your storys and comments which lead me to this cheep desicion 😊 jb
  27. If anybody still has this problem with EyeTV 3 on High Sierra, try altering the location of the EyeTV Archive if it is located on iCloud. Removing it from iCloud seems to make the problem disappear.....
  28. EYETV Sat free 2.0 wird nicht erkannt. Hallo zusammen, hat irgendjemand ein funktionierendes EYETV Sat free 2.0? Ich nutze seit Jahren den Satelitenempfänger EYETV Sat free mit EYETV 3 für MacOS. Da das Gerät langsam seinen Geist aufgibt ( Der Gerätestart dauert ca. 30 Minuten ) habe ich mich für das neue EYETV Sat free 2.0 entschieden. Dummerweise wird das Teil von der Software nicht erkannt, bzw. wird in der Geräteliste beim Einrichten garnicht angezeigt. Ich hab's mit EYETV 3 und 4 versucht. Der Support von Geniatech scheint garnicht zu existieren. Keinerlei Reaktion. Ich wäre froh um jeglichen Hinweis, bevor ich das Gerät wieder zurückschicke.
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