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  2. EyeTV 4 does run on my M2 Pro MacBook Pro, but it's not getting a signal from my EyeTV Hybrid. There was one instance where I plugged the Hybrid back in and it miraculously worked. It stopped working again after I reopened the app.
  3. EyeTV 4 does run on my M2 Pro MacBook Pro, but it's not getting a signal from my EyeTV Hybrid. There was one instance where I plugged the Hybrid back in and it miraculously worked. It stopped working again after I reopened the app.
  4. EyeTV4: Editor Clears All Markers Hi there. Long-time user of EyeTV3 on an aging iMac from 2014. It's finally time to update my hardware, and so I'm stuck with EyeTV4 on a new mac. Not good. I'm running into an issue with existing recordings where commercials have been marked by comskipper. When I go to edit the recordings in EyeTV4, it automatically clears all markers. Any thoughts / recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Never mind. All working now. It just needed a bit of time to come to life
  6. EyeTV 4 on Apple M2 Hello, does EyeTV 4.0.0 8528 work for anyone using M2 silicon? On my MacBook Pro with Apple M2 Pro running macOS Ventura 13.4 I cannot find any channels with my EyeTV Hybrid. I allowed EyeConnect Full Disk Access in System Settings. Thank you!
  7. I have been without EyeTV 4 for a while, mostly because I couldn't get it to work with Ventura. I finally discovered today that I was using the wrong Diversity stick (don't ask why I have two). Running the Assistant worked fine, and I have all the channels I expected to have. It's been so long since I've set up from scratch I don't know how to do the next step. How do I watch a channel? How to I record a program? Do I need IceTV? Pointers to doco gratefully accepted . . . Best regards, David
  8. German channel list for EyeTV 4 and Netstream 4Sat (Astra 19.2) Hello, is here someone from Germany who is using EyeTV 4 with Netstream 4Sat and is willing to share his channel list? I am looking especially for a channel list which has all German channels at the beginning of the list. Regards Matthias
  9. Es gibt verschiedene Versionen von EyeTV, die speziell für verschiedene TV-Empfangsmethoden entwickelt wurden. Eine davon ist "EyeTV Sat Free", die für den Satellitenempfang konzipiert ist. Mit der EyeTV-Software und einer passenden Hardware (z. B. einem TV-Tuner oder einer DVB-S2-Box) können Sie Satellitenfernsehen auf Ihrem Mac empfangen. Wenn Sie Fragen zur EyeTV-Software oder zu anderen Produkten haben, empfehle ich Ihnen, sich direkt an den Kundensupport von Elgato Systems oder an die offizielle Website des Unternehmens zu wenden, um aktuelle Informationen zu erhalten.
  10. Es tut mir leid, aber ich kann keine Informationen über die spezifische Version "EyeTV 4.00" finden. Mein Wissen wurde bis September 2021 aktualisiert, und zu diesem Zeitpunkt war die aktuellste Version der EyeTV-Software die Version 4.0.0. EyeTV ist eine TV-Software, die von Elgato Systems entwickelt wurde und es Benutzern ermöglicht, digitales Fernsehen auf ihrem Mac-Computer anzusehen, aufzunehmen und zu streamen.
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  12. I guess there are other issues involved. Apart the problem with the VCR, the old software does not have option for Brazil TV and the updated app do have Brazil option but Elgato hardware seems to be analogic and all TV signal now is digital, so, it does not work as a receiver either....sigh. So, I gave up and bought a HDMIxUSB video capture sitck that can be used with QT or OBS, both free soft. All problem resolved...and cost a tenth of a new Elgato hardware....LOL. Anyway, thanks for your help
  13. We managed to configure some automatic spam prevention today - should eliminate 99% or better
  14. If I remember correctly, the old Elgato EyeTV Hybrid came with a cable to connect to VCR though I have never done this to see if it worked. I have a 2008 Hybrid on my iMac Retina 5K running Catalina and earlier non Clear QAM Hybrid on much older iMac. The cable is sitting in a drawer somewhere. You are connecting with the cable, yes?
  15. I have got a Eyetv that my son gave me. It about the same year, 2007, but I can't get it work on my PB G4 2005. It simply doesn't give me the option to tune in Brazil or, even worth, doesn't open any option to tune the VCR so I could copy some old VHS tapes. It does not work as the recording guide says. Any ideas how to work it out? thanks Mauro
  16. I have been. The messages are from Friday so the purge is long overdue. lol
  17. just report it - purge of garbage happens daily
  18. Would be nice if someone could get rid of all this political spamming.
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  20. Spike

    Mac OS 13.2

    Same 8528 version on MacOS 13.3.1 M1 Mac mini.
  21. I'm seeing this too, Mac mini M1 on Ventura.
  22. The latest in an email from Geniatech about the EPG failure. In short, no progress: Sorry that we can not get the connection with EPG/TV Guide server company, our software can not get EPG/TV Guide data at present. 
    Our development team is still trying to integrate/ migrate the new EPG/TV Guide Metadata Services. 


  23. How about Geniatech does the right thing and fixes its software for the EyeTV products. I have had nothing but problems with my EyeTV Diversity Dual Tuner since they took over the service. Prior to EyeTV 4 version of the software, my product worked wonderfully, and I could move up and down the timeline of tv shows without problem. Then with the software upgrade required when my Mac OS need to be upgraded, it no longer has dual tuner and I can only move up and down the timeline in jumps of a few seconds using the arrows. Even the user interface is inferior and they took away the floating controller. Now I can't even get it to work. All I get is a 'device cannot be initialized' message and the appropriate link for this issue on Geniatech's website doesn't work. Geniatech didn't upgrade EyeTV; they destroyed it!
  24. My early post was mistaken, my new mac mini is M1 and everything is working just fine. The Eyetv 4 will not run on M2?
  25. I've found three solutions. Play the exported video in a player that can compensate for the problem. On macOS, I've found the IINA video player to work <>. Export it from EyeTV using one of the export formats that re-encode the video. For example, use "Apple TV HD 1080p" or "HD 720p". Re-encode the exported video using a program that can compensate for the problem. I've found HandBrake <> and Shutter Encoder <> to work. Of course, unfortunately, re-encoding can take a long time. The "HD 1080p" export format in EyeTV does not perform re-encoding. So it is very quick, but it may have the stuttering problem. Out of all the common export formats supported by EyeTV 3.6.9, I recommend using either "Apple TV HD 1080p" or "HD 720p". They all produce H.264 video files. But for 1080p or 720p output, those two produces slightly smaller files. The formats "Apple TV", "Apple TV HD" and "iPad" also produce 720p. The "iPod" format produces lower resolution 480p, and the "iPhone" format produces an even lower 360p, so it is unlikely you'll want to use them. This problem appears to be causes by incorrect frame rate information in the video stream. In my case, roughly each 5 frames has 2 repeated frames, one of those repeated frames is a copy of one of the earlier frames is from a few frames earlier. Hence, it is out of sequence and causes the video to stutter. This is similar to what telecine pulldown does to convert frame rates.
  26. Okay, good to know. Thank you.
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