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  2. Geniatech is showing arrogance (or is it just ineptitude?) at its finest, when practically nothing of importance has happened with the software since B9, at least not as far as my setup ( MacMini, Catalina 10,15,1, EyeTV Hybrid ) is concerned. Just to mention a few persistent problems: – The GUI is a disaster. For example: not even being able to look at (even less to program recordings of ) next days program table is far from acceptable. – EyeTV4 draws twice as much processor power (>25% vs abt 12%) as EyeTV3, slowing down other programs that are running in the background. – In "full screen mode", EyeTV4 will interfere with other programs that are running in the background, sometimes even change their menus. – Geniatech hasn't even managed to achieve a working installer... + (to be fair) : The b12 doesn't show any crashes in the system logs. I have a few hundred applications in my computer, ranging from the simplest CLI commands in the Terminal to advanced GUI simulators and emulators. Few of their creators have had any significant problems -at all- with the transition from 32 to 64 bits. In this light, Geniatech's achievmentens, as far as the EyeTV software is concerned, isn't impressive. Speaking for myself, of course, I won't spend a penny on a "release" EyeTV4 before Geniatech has shown an acceptable Beta. (Currently running EyeTV3 under a VirtualBox Mojave emulation).
  3. I need to correct myself. Play/Pause does work. Hopefully switching/selecting channels and adjusting the volume will come soon.
  4. I tried again, and you are right, some functions of the infrared remote do work! For me skip and fullscreen are working, but nothing else. Play/Pause does not work. Indeed promising to see that support for the infrared remote is coming.
  5. Remote Control / Also watching on iPad and iPhone via Wi-Fi Hi I have used several EyeTV Elgato/Geniatech usb tuners over four generations of iMac’s as my only British Freeview TV source. The latest being a 2012 27” iMac. Ive upgrade all the latest Catalina Beta versions so far including yesterday’s. As I watch tv on the 27” iMac at a distance what I miss is the lack of remote channel changing function on the rather dated remote control which no longer works. The Jazz media iPhone app now doesn’t change channels but volume and skip still work. Also using a Mobile Mouse app on the iPhone enables volume controls but it’s a struggle and a faff to change channels at a distance! Also now the facility to watch EyeTV on a kitchen iPad or iPhone is disabled which is a big disappointment. Are you going to announce what the latest full upgrade features will include or do I need to save up for a TV set! grateful thanks JB
  6. Last test done on my Mac mini Catalina and EyeTV 4 latest Beta and EyeTv Sat Hardware 1. Screen size Issue is still there, changing to full and back is not possible. 2. Program Guide Premium, update possible but changing the day is not possible. Still jumps back to today. 3. Recording with Timer Programming in to days etc. therefore not possible, because of the Program Guide issue. 4. Remote control most commands no function. power no, 5. Remote button green change to full screen and after the Computer crashed complete. needed to user power off on button on Mac to quite the grey empty screen, could not go back to any application on Mac. Dead screen. 6. so pleas do not use the remote features! full crash. lost all info which was I had typed in during testing and this crash. this Software is for sure not ready to be released! Sorry to say. Good work done!!! up to now!!!! But still a long way to go.
  7. Beta 12 now started to support the remote, kind of. Pause/Play, Skip forward/back now works. Promising. Getting there, slowly but getting there. So thank you, keep it up.
  8. Well - that might be an explanation. I use Cable-TV (in Germany too). So I get this lousy AVI only. EyeTV 3 was able to manage the problem ... Thank you Klaus
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  10. I did nothing special. It "just works" now. Instead of an unusable AVI I get a playable mpg-file. It might depend on the format of the TV stream. I'm watching DVB-C in Germany and that appears to be an MPEG2 stream. The export is in the same format.
  11. Exciting! Could you please tell us how you managed especially that? (Would be of extraordinary interest for me because it would make the soft nearly useful.) Thanx a lot, Klaus
  12. I continue to have the following issues with EyeTV 4.0.0b12 8515, EyeTV Hybrid 1.00 EU 2008, macOS 10.14.6, Mac mini 2018: The automatic update from b11 to b12 failed. The hardware infrared remote does not work. Please fix support for the infrared remote. At first at least for changing channels and volume. It's kind of essential for the TV viewing experience. The day of the Program Guide cannot be changed. It used to be stuck on "today", but right now it's stuck on "yesterday" and cannot be changed. Fullscreen blanks out the main Space. When going into fullscreen mode, an unnecessary BLANKING WINDOW is created that blanks out the main Space. This is quite unnecessary. The main Space should remain usable while EyeTV plays in another Space. The problem can be seen when swiping from the fullscreen Space back to the main Space (the one with the Dock). The scape key does not exit fullscreen. The Share button that is visible in the bottom right when playing a recording is still nonfunctional. The playhead in the Editor can only be dragged by clicking above it. NEW: The playhead time indicator is illegible. It's now white text in a bright grey window. Playtime indicator in Editor doesn't move with the playhead. The indicator of the playtime and scissors button should be positioned directly over the playhead and move with it. It's now always positioned to the left where the scissors button makes little sense. Arrow keys don't change playhead frame by frame in Editor. The arrow keys on the keyboard don't change the playhead by a single frame. Instead it jumps by several seconds. Frame by frame precision is required for reasonable editing of the recording. Return key doesn't show details when pressed twice. When pressing the Return key the name and channel of the current programme are shown, but when pressing twice no details show up. This used to be there in EyeTV 3. The player window cannot be closed in the background. When the TV/player window is in the background hovering over the area of the window fades in those buttons, but clicking the close button does not close the window. It activates the player window instead. Only a second click in the now active window closed it. Other Mac windows (including EyeTV's Program Guide window) can be closed while in the background. I have several suggestions for things that could be improved, but are not bugs. I will share those at a later time. Export has been fixed for me. It now exports as mpg instead of AVI and the files are playable by QuickTime Player. Thank you very much! Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to the next beta versions. Please include a list of known issues, so that we know which bugs need to be reported.
  13. Sorry Geniatech, but EyeTV4.0.0b12(8515) can't be the Final Beta / Release Candidate !!! There is for example the 5.1 audio issue. A product with such elementary issues can't be a Release Candidate !!! THX and BR Joerg
  14. Yeah... I reported this months ago. The developer does not care and will probably never fix it. The only work-around I found is: go to settings -> control. Set the shift+arrow modifiers to 600 seconds. This gives you the opportunity to quickly skip back from live view to the point where you want to jump in. (I leave the normal arrow keys to 10 seconds, because I use those much more often). The old mini controller was terrible and ugly. Just use your keyboard. The commands are quite easy to learn. I hope this helps.
  15. Running beta 12 (8515) under MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) I have an EyeTV HD tuner with my Live TV buffer set to 10,000 MB If I time-shift more than approximately an hour and a half, the time-slider at the top becomes confused and unusable. Moving it at all takes me to "live", and I cannot slide it to any other point in the buffer (the REV control at the bottom does still function as expected). The time is then "stuck" showing the previous 1Hr 30 Min on the left side and counting up on the right. Also, I really miss the functionality of the old controller, I hope that comes back to EyeTV 4 . . . Or at least add the "jump forward" and "jump back" controls to the bottom of the Live TV window
  16. Hi, I have encountered the following problem on the beta version. 1) screen doesn’t minimise when doubled clicked 2) I am unable to drag the programme run bar backward to rewind a programme. thanks colin
  17. Offending ? not sure. Customers should be offended with the misleading advertising of the product from the web page and of course the total lack of making something usable having a warning almost 4 years now. Devs should put their head down and make their product, sorry selling product, sorry i bought this product rather expensive work. And you know what ? i kindly want an formal explanation ton the first page of the website of stating CLEARLY that this does not work in catalina (not the misleading MacOS 10+ ) and we are working hard 4 years now to make it work. We apologize.
  18. Hello, in the latest beta (12) there is still a bug which prevents computer going to sleep (as indicates Activity monitor for EyeTV process) after a scheduled recording has finished (and EyeTV 4 beeing idle). This does not happen on EyeTV 3 (computer going to sleep). My setup: EyeTV T2 Lite tuner, MacOS 10.15.1
  19. Final beta.. and my tuner still doesn't work on eyetv 4. Not even an option to select it. I don't understand why there's no added drivers or whatever for other tuners, you are literally getting zero feedback from those people who use them. Which means possible bugs/glitches that haven't been seen yet. Works fine on eyetv 3
  20. Hello, Today, I have installed the last public beta of eyeTV 4 for the first time and try to activate this version with the shown licence keys for Version 4. But no shown licence key works. Could someone help me to find a working licence key for this beta? Before, I am using eyeTV Version 3 with a running licence key. My Hardware is Geniatech EyeTV 300/310. Also, another problem: You can not join the actual doodle voting, because the maximum of users was already reached. Thank you for any help.
  21. EyeTV4 b12 Some issues in accepting the b12 license terms: it was impossible to click on any button or control EyeTV4 main window. Same after a restart. The workaround was to open the program with the tuner (EyeTV DTT Deluxe) disconnected. In this way the license window took control and after accepting it I could plug the tuner back in. 

I've also identified a bug in the broadcast language selection: if I click the gear (bottom right corner) I can switch to another language but then I can't switch back from there. The workaround is to switch the language back from the menu in the top bar.
 Also the cursor still doesn't disappear in full screen mode as it used to do in EyeTV3
  22. Funny. I just looked for the german words ‚Hinhaltetaktik‘ and ‚Versuchskaninchen‘. Don‘t know if ‚delayed tactics‘ and ‚Guinea pigs‘ are correct, but that‘s what I‘m thinking now.! 😉 Not very confident for working Eye TV 4 right now!
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