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  2. To put it slightly differently, none of us chose Geniatech! Almost all here are people who purchased devices from Elgato or their software and then were sold down the river when the company was sold to Geniatech. As they have no products to sell in Australia (as an example) and they have stopped EyeTV working on network tuners that are sold what market is there for they product in many parts of the world. So you seem to be alone in the "give a little faith" game. If they came out and said there were developing EyeTV 4 and what tuners it would support or provided the aTV app that we all asked for we might have a little faith. As it is just a forlorn hope they will produce something and realise that without hardware no-one is going to buy their software!
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  4. Angela, you clearly do not know Geniatechs track record. Let me tell you: it is not lousy, it is very very lousy! Not only promised they years ago a usable aTV app (which is not available on this day), they took away (without any warning) support for the most popular decoder (HDHomerun) a decoder which was sold directly by Elgato (predecessor of Geniatech), they hardly ever react to problems mentioned here. So you better start reading some posts here before you post nonsens.
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    EyeTV T2 Lite

    Hi all, i have received from this product. I install Wyeth lite on Mac and app request serial number. Into the packages not have any serial number . How to find it? thx Roberto fiume
  7. After some additional tests, I noticed that the issue also occurs on the "other" account with admin rights.
  8. Updates: The problem did not happen during my sevral tests.
  9. Ton

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Channels is only a partial solution because EyeTV users will want to play (on desktop and aTV) recordings made on their iMac. Geniatech should stop with their childish behavior and put back HDHomerun (2 and 4 channel version) on the list os supported devices. Also because there are people who bought it under the Elgato brand. Their behavior is childish because the only reason is to eliminate a competitor that sells better products than their own. Personally I find TVHeadend and TV-Mosaic better replacements.
  10. bertie

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    To those who have an hdhomerun can I suggest moving to channels (available on Apple TV, web, chrome cast, firetv etc) it works great with the homerun and depending on how fast the machine/nas is that you have the software installed on, it works well out of the house. As a long time eyetv user it’s sad to see its demise.
  11. I don't know the TV things. But Geniatech has announced they will be ready, they will. Please trust them. Their customes are all over the world. Why do they take risks to lose them? Now that you choose them, please just give a little faith of them.
  12. Probably just like Geniatech is working on an aTV version but (after years) still did not deliver.
  13. Geniatech is working on a 64 Bit Mac Version for Eyetv 3, which will be ready in time.
  14. I tested with EyeTV 3.6.9 build 7524 on a Netstream 4SAT with firmware
  15. I will help to test. For confimation: 1. did you test it with eyetv software(7524)? 2. Which hardware/product did you test it on? Eyetv Netstream 4Sat?
  16. I remembered that one thing to always check is trying to use a different user account. So I logged out of my normal account, logged in into another account and scheduled an overnight recording. This worked perfectly. But I only tested it once. Can anyone else please test this? My normal account has "standard" rights whereas the other account has "admin" rights. Apart from that, there are some differences in the user agents.
  17. I gave up trying to get EyeTV too work on 10.13 Despite what Geniatech say it simply doesn't work reliably and they seem to have no interest in fixing the application I went back to running EyeTV 3 on an old MacMini with 10.12 and it has been completely stable EyeTV 3 is as good as abandonware since Elgato sold it to Geniatech. An absolute shame as I have used the hardware and software since first released and recommended it to many of my friends. Not any more
  18. I too am experiencing this issue running macOS 10.13.6, EyeTV 3.9.4 (7524). It seems to be intermittent: some scheduled recordings work, some don't. This issue only appeared when I updated my mini to 10.13. When it fails, the recordings continue until I lwake up the mini. Also, when it's in this state, I cannot connect to EyeTV from my iPhone or iPad - they "see" the mini, but when I try to connect, it hangs (says "Connecting..." forever).
  19. JOhan Morris

    Renew EPG Subscription (Gracenote)

    The link to "renew" does not work, it is automatically forwarded to
  20. JOhan Morris

    Wj´hy is my Accout not authorized any more?

    Same problem here. When I click the button to "renew the subscription", I'm landing on page that has nothing to do with it!
  21. I hope they are smart and support the full range of HDHomerun but I am afraid that they will not. If no support for HDHR I will switch fully to either TV-Mosaic (former DVBLink) or TVHeadend. Presently I use both and am very content with it.
  22. Geniatech just posted to their blog that a 64-bit version of EyeTV is in development!! If this version supports the HDHomeRun, I'll be happy. If not, I'll be moving to Plex. Enjoy! Jim
  23. Reiner

    No firmware update

    After going back from the latest version of EyeTV to version 7412, I was able to update the firmware to The option just came up in the setting menu.
  24. Doubleyou

    eyeTV is hanging

    Here is a workaround that worked for me: Go to Preferences->EPG and turnoff EyeTV Plus
  25. Doubleyou

    eyeTV is hanging

    Yes, I have exactly the same problem! I use the netstream4Sat product for yours now and no problems. But starting today I can watch TV with the app on my iPhone only, but no success on my Mac Pro. It's simply crashing!
  26. baeumerlh

    eyeTV is hanging

    EyeTV is very slow. After minutes I can see the EyeTV Plus list. There are >1000000 items. Why? Is that the reason? How can I solve this?
  27. baeumerlh

    eyeTV is hanging

    Until today I could still watch TV on iMac and MacBook with EyeTV. I use netstream 4sat. As of today, EyeTV (build 7524) is stuck on all three Macs. Uninstalling, resetting all does not help. Anybody have the same problem? Could it be that a service is down at Geniatech (I use Gracenote). I can watch TV on iPhone / iPad or PV with dvbviewer without any problems. Yours Matthias
  28. Respo


    I cannot pick any Channel 2ABC on my My Eye TV 3 Diversity. Has anybody got an answer to why I can't How do i connect these channels if they are available
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