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  2. Thanks guys, glad it was of some use. I must admit I hardly ever use EyeTV now, I moved everything from iTunes into Emby, bought the one off lifetime premiere licence and an HD homerun quatro (4 tuners) and use that. It works so much better. I love the fact that I can say ‘record series, all episodes, not in my library’, then if I have say season two of a program and season one gets repeated it will record it as it isn’t in my library. (Or if you only want new series you can do that too). But the main reason is that it works and is supported. There are other media servers, plex for instance, I tried lots and decided emby was the best for what I wanted. The original EyeTV releases by Elgato were great, geniatech are just a total waste of space. It’s been many, many years since I first raised issues with them, still waiting for any useful response!
  3. I agree with you, the information was helpful
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  5. I wrote this repIy a year ago... I have the same problem, I installed EyeTV4 software on my new Mac Mini M2. It needed Rosetta, After installing Rosetta it worked a couple of hours then gave me the message, My software is invalidated. Support e-mail did not answer. I waited one week. Wrote second mail but no answer. and I cannot use EyeTV 4 with the Intel MacMini 2018 with Sonoma. Also I cannot use EyeTV 3 with Sonoma either. I wanted to expand my reply.
  6. I have EyeTV running on 2 Macs. My main ‘recording machine’ is still on OSX12 sits under my TV and also runs a Plex server. My other ‘Desktop’ Mac I keep more or less up-to-date. I just updated this to OSX 14 and EyeTV seems to work, apart from the crashing on exit. So I may update the other Mac soon. Both are Intel Mac Minis, 32gb ram and 10gb ethernet. I haven’t made the leap to Apple Silicone yet! The Desktop Mac used to be a very old Tower Mac tricked out with lots of goodies, but had to be retired once I couldn't update the OS anymore. Shame about the EPG being dead. I have got used to setting up repeating manual recordings and then converting the saved video directly with Handbrake, not exporting from EyeTV. I edit this video in EyeTV to remove adverts. Exporting in Handbrake lets me keep any subtitles, which is good 👍🏻. I recently changed my collection of single satellite tuners to a single 4 Chanel satellite network box. Great bit of kit, works really well for me. Can be had for a bargain on eBay too. I can record 3 streams at the same time if I want too! Interesting 3rd party EPG mentioned above. I’ll have a look at this. Manually having to setup recordings is a very retrograde step compared to what I used to do. Tivo, a few decades ago, was brilliant at finding things all by itself, using its algorithms. But I guess we are in a different world now, streaming, etc. I don’t know how much longer there will be any real need to directly record a satellite feed?
  7. Netstream4Sat (first Version) - no setup possible Does anyone have any ideas how to set up the Netstream4Sat with iPhone or iPad with iOS/ipadOS 17.4.1? In my eyeTV Netstream App the Netstream is visible, but any attempts to change something crashes the app or does nothing. The Netstream works fine with my actual configuration, but i have to change my satellite setup. Thanks for any suggestions
  8. Running the same specs. And EyeTV4 works well with no limitations.
  9. Did you get it solved or still experiencing it?
  10. Netstream4Sat (old version) Does anyone have any ideas how to set up the Netstream4Sat with iPhone or iPad with IOS/IPADOS 17.4.1? In my eyeTV Netstream App the Netstream is visible, but any attempts to change something crashes the app or does nothing. The Netstream works fine with my old configuration, but i have to change my satellite setup. Thanks for any suggestions
  11. EyeTV is probably the main thing keeping me from moving up to a newer mac at this point. I'm on a 2012 Mini running Sierra. Have another eyeTV on a 2014 Mini running High Sierra. $29 doesn't seen like a ridiculous amount to risk on seeing if the 64 bit version plays nice with my EyeTVs, which are 2009 (NTSC) with FM tuner. Do you think testing EyeTV4 on my current macs with current OS would get me anywhere in terms of determining how I would fare on a M2 Mini?
  12. terratec h7 rev. 4 is not recognized by eyte-tv (mac os 10.14) a few days ago i bought an unopened terratec h7 rev.4 in its original packaging on ebay in the hope of being able to watch ci-encrypted pyur kabel tv with it. so far and for many years now i have been doing this on my apple macintosh with a terratec cinergy htc usb xs hd and eye tv 3.6.9 under mac os 10.14.6. this works without any problems, just not encrypted. eye tv also offers me the terratec h7 as a device, so i got it. but unfortunately it doesn't work. the h7 is recognized correctly in the system profiler, but eye tv doesn't recognize a connected h7. i know that the h7 is an older device, in various forums it was stated that it runs on mac with eye tv. and terratec also seemed to have delivered the h7 with an eye tv version in the past. i have also tried several earlier eye tv versions from 3.1 onwards, including on an old macbook pro with mac os 10.6.8 snowleo. none of my eye tv versions recognized the h7. what can i do?
  13. I too have the EyeTV Hybrid - and I'm running it on a Mac mini with EyeTV 4, BUT with an Intel chip. It works fine, no issues.
  14. I also have an EyeTV Hybrid #2009 and an EyeTV One that have worked great for years in the US with EyeTV 3 software on an intel iMac running El Capitan. I just bought a 2021 iMac 24 M1 running Sonoma. I know I will need to purchase an EyeTV 4 activation key for the EyeTV 4 software on the iMac M1. Does anyone know from experience if the older tuners will work with EyeTV 4 on an M1 Mac, has anyone actually tried it? The newer U6 tuner is $100 on Amazon, whereas the activation key purchase for version 4 software is only $30.
  15. Here are pics of a portion of my channel list and a portion of the nice generic TV Guide provided by choosing ATSC/Open cable in the EPG column of the All Channel List
  16. I have an Intel Macbook Pro running Sonoma vs 14.4.1 and EyeTV vs 4.0.0 build 8532. EyeTV works quite well altho sometimes crashes when I use the red close button or quit EyeTV in the upper left of the window. I am in California, USA using ATSC channels. The program guide is quite nice for the 60 channels I receive, it is free and rather generic. I am attaching a photo of the Channel list showing I have chosen the ATSC/Open Cable for the source of the TV Guide and a photo of the Program Guide.
  17. I I have an Intel MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.4.1 and EyeTV Vs. 4.0.0 8532. EyeTv works just fine here in California USA using ATSC channels. Susie
  18. The mistake of upgrading - EyeTV no longer works Hopefully, someone out there can help me. I have just upgraded to a Mac Mini M2 Pro, 32GB memory, and running Sonoma 14.4. I am based in the UK. EyeTV would not work, so I used EyeTV Reporter to remove my old EyeTV preferences and app. When I reinstall EyeTV4 it cannot find any channels, although the software tells me I have 100% signal strength. Has anyone else had these issues? Are there any fixes? Many thanks.
  19. According to the Geniatech website, the hardware that is compatible with EyeTV 4 can be found here: Scroll down to the "Compatible Peripherals" section. For the hybrid models, it looks like only the T2 version is supported.
  20. The remote not working is a known issue, see this blog post from nearly 4 years ago: It states: "The EyeTV Remote is currently not supported, but will be by the next release." We are still waiting for the next release nearly 4 years later... As a workaround, I have a Bluetooth keyboard and use that as my "remote" instead.
  21. Unfortunately, I don't have specific information about EyeTV compatibility with the North American 2009 Hybrid with FM. It's best to consult the product documentation or contact customer support for accurate details.
  22. j'ai enfin réussit a saisir ma clef après qu'elle a été débloquée suite à ma demande.. j'avais utilisé de multiples outils pour effacer la traces du blocage lié à l'invalidation de la clef en supprimant l'appli, les fichier cachés n'y arrivais pas finalement j'ai trouvé eyrtv reporter qui permet de faire une désinstallation propre. du coup je fais un petit partage d'expérience: - le suport étant à priori injoignable : essayez d'envoyer des mail à toutes les adresses geniatech que vous trouverez...c'est le service commercial qui m'a répondu... - la licence est valable pour trois delà elle est désactivée: suspicion de fraude - si vous êtes de bonne foi ils la réactiveront... à condition de réussir à les joindre - pour éviter de dépasser le seuil de trois effacez, lorsque c'est possible, les applsi eyetv4 que vous n'utilisez plus avec le EYETV REPORTER dispo sur le site de Geniatech bon courage
  23. Bonjour à tous, j'ai vécu la même mésaventure que vous et ai décidé d'envoyer des mails sur toutes les adresses .eyetv que je trouvais, au bout de quinze jour quelqu'un du service commercial m'a expliqué le topo et a réactivé ma clef...en me suggérant a l'avenir de contacter le support...qui n'a répondu à aucun de mes mails depuis quinze jours. Pour faire simple la licence est valable pour trois appareils et si l'on dépasse ce seuil elle est désactivée...suspicion de fraude. Pour obtenir une réactivation il faut en théorie demander au support. Bref ma clef est enfin réactivée et je croyais voir le bout du tunnel... Et patatras quand j'ouvre eyetv pour la première fois et quand j'arrive à la page d'enregistrement de la clef, avant que j'aie tapé quoique ce soit le message "votre clef "N° de clef " a été désactivé" et je ne peux toujours pas valider la saisie de mon numéro de clef. Avec easyfind j'ai essayé de repérer tout les fichiers lié à EYETV pour les effacer, mais sans résultat. mon échec initial semble gravé à jamais dans mon disque dur...que faire? J'ai écrit au support mais je n'espère pas de réponse rapide voire pas de réponse du tout....
  24. Remote control on eyetv 4 hello I have an eyetv diversity I have bought the eyetv 4 program and I can't get the remote control to work with mac os x ventura Is there any way to make it work? I can't see the EPG guide either.
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