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  3. Since “upgrading” to eyetv 4, my recordings will open, but not start unless I relaunch the app. Any thoughts?
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  5. I have a EyeTV Sat Free using EyeTV 3.6.9 on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.6 and every thing is/was fine. But now I am moving to Mac Catalina 10.15.6 where EyeTV 3 doesn't work. I have downloaded EyeTV 4 64 that requires a new authentication code. Can you supply me with one. Thank you. Regards Hans Dithmar
  6. Don't expect apple to get involved on a single software that it is not working. Maybe if Microsoft Word was not working they get involved but not with some piece of code poorly written by a company that we do not know if the exist anymore just give up. I have done it. Im still in Mojave and since apple gives security updates for two releases back i will stay here. I'm not using my MacMini , its from TV and KODI only. I have asked for alternatives here but nothing has come up, i'm still waiting for someone to point me on how to work with the Parallers software. Have no problem pay
  7. I could report it. I just sold my laptop that was running the beta so I don't have the direct feedback option as I am on another laptop running Catalina. However, Apple should have a beta feedback page. But I am wondering how much responsibility is in GeniaTech's hands here? There are still many incompatible x64 applications during the Big Sur beta that are still catching up. I had to wait for a few apps to get a new update and when they did, they were just beta offerings. The thing that concerns me is the negative feedback that GeniaTech has gotten on this app. I have been reading comments from users saying don't expect this company to offer any updates for this app with Big Sur. I don't know what to believe.
  8. Thanks for testing this out. Can you report these issues to Apple? I'm not convinced we can rely on GeniaTech to do so. Apple should bear some responsibility here. Existing software should not break from one release to the next – year after year – without some seriously good excuse. On x86 EyeTV should "just work" on Big Sur.
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  13. Hello, I am using EyeTV 4 with a couple of HDHomeRun DUO (DVB2) + 1 HDHomeRun QUATRO (DVB2) from SiliconDust. So it's a total of 8 tuners The devices are connected to my Wireless router and so I get the signal wirelessly to my devices. For some reason, EyeTV on my Mac can only detect only 6 tuners out of 8 but that's OK. I have no problem getting the broadcast on my Mac or my devices (iPhone, iPad). My problem concerns the recordings. I daily schedule a few movies or shows to be recorded at night (sometimes 4-6 recordings at the same time) and all starts well, on time. The problem is that, quite often, the recordings stop after about 1h or 1h30 and therefore I miss all ends of my recordings. All my recordings are planned to record at least 2-3hours so most of the time they stop before the end. Any idea of what's wrong here? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance, Sincerely Eric
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  16. There isn't any administration. It's like Geniatech, missing in action.
  17. Where is administration? I'ts important. Regards.
  18. I feel this software is now abandoned. It could be covid has put them very far behind schedule but the signs are, very, clear to me that EyeTV is just here to make money off of existing hardware/software. If Geniatech wanted to keep EyeTV going they wouldn't have taken so long to release a functional version of 64-bit EyeTV or release an "upgrade" that is so inferior to the previous version. The fact that since its release last February there hasn't even been a .0.1 update to fix the worst bugs is truly telling. When was the last update to the Windows software? Is that in need of bug fixes? If it is and that has not been updated in a long time then, I feel, it's time to move on from EyeTV. As far as I can see they are no longer supporting these forums too. Look at how many spam posts there are that have not been cleaned up and there seems no attempt to improve security to prevent posting of spam.
  19. Just updated to Beta 7 of Big Sur. EyeTV will launch. However, before it can launch the actual TV window, it just sits there, unresponsive, with the spinning beach ball. I had to force quit the application. Unknown if this will actually work in the final version and/or if a needed software update needs to be provided from Geniatech.
  20. It became non-responsive after launch. A new beta of Big Sur was just released yesterday. Going to install and see if that fixes the issue. I will let you know.
  21. What problems are there with EyeTV 4 under Big Sur?
  22. My Mac's usefulness/flexibility seemed to peak about 2013-2015. Since then, Apple's relentless, yearly updates have cast off old functionality to advance other things. My computer is continuously headed toward doing less in the future than it has in the past. SIP broke things, 64 -bit lost many tools, Catalina broke a bunch of peripherals with the redo of drivers. Now it looks like ARM will break what's left. Apple's "vision" no longer lines up with what I want. Companies spend 10, 20,100 man-years developing something, then Apple makes an arbitrary change to create a new "fashion" in computing, obsoletes it all and expects it to be redone or else "oh, too bad -- bye-bye!". Doesn't bode well for the future. Did customers ask them to remove 32-bit support, switch to ARM architecture?
  23. Hi eyetv-Team, we are now suffering for more than half a year all those bugs and shortcomings of your software. When are you going to release a new version which solves our problems? Thank you and best, Mat
  24. My eyetv Activation Key does not work. I have typed it exactly as it is printed on the card (all upper case with hyphens) but it will not permit me to go any further (the NEXT button is greyed out).
  25. EyeTV doesn't even seem to be working on BigSur. I don't expect it to work on ARM.
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  28. Can I also use the TiviMate app with EyeTV?
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