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    Why no new Netstream DTT

    This product is great it would be great to get a a 4 channel version of this for my Brothers' place. While I'm at it decoder card support would be good as many satellites and some terrestrial signals require it.
  6. Maybe it's their goal. 🤓
  7. And, believe me, I would appreciate nothing more than an honest answer about Geniatech and their dedication (and even size). 🙂
  8. @thomaskud: Some more hints - as I still cannot truly believe that you have no idea as to where to locate the issue -: 1. The behavior of EyeTV on my computer changes with every update of macOS. So it seems to be very clear to me that some component of EyeTV is colliding with some system component starting with macOS 10.13. Apple usually documents its changes to sensitive system components very well. So, why not crosscheck this data with EyeTV components? 2. You say you cannot reproduce the problem on your computers? How is that? What makes your computers different from mine and Igl's and so on? Are you using server editions of macOS? Are you developing EyeTV on Macs at all? Are only people in certain regions of the world affected? Have you tried to reproduce the problem on an ordinary customer Mac? What are the differences to your development computers? Why can't you just let @thomaskud setup a new system and check whether he is able to reproduce the issues (instead of relying on customer help)? If you have done that and @thomaskud has not been able to reproduce the problem, ask yourselves: why is that? What makes his computer different from those in China? 3. Ask yourselves whether the 29 minutes problem isn't indeed a 30 minutes problem (but counting starting at 0 seconds, so after 30 min the counter shows 29:59 which may be rounded to 29 minutes in EyeTV). What processes are reset after 30 minutes? In EyeTV? On the Mac? That also affect WLAN and/or Ethernet and Sat>IP? So look for numbers in your source code like 30, 1800 and so on. 4. The problem has nothing to do with I renamed the folder that includes the app and after restarting the computer and checking in the activity monitor that EyeConnect was not running, EyeTV behaved as always recently, i.e. it stopped working after 30 min. (Yes, 30 min.) Of course, without EyeConnect I could not stream any content to my iPad. 5. For EyeTV to crash it is not necessary that a recording is made. The program even crashes if completely left alone without recording and without viewing - al least on my two computers. 6. First, I am getting the impression that again the users are doing more for bug fixes than Geniatech. Second, I am getting the impression that your programmers have so little knowledge of English that they have difficulties to understand at least what is written in this forum, and probably the same is valid for the source code. So, please, @thomaskud, where are Geniatechs efforts? Is an experienced programmer who knows the details about EyeTV working on this issue? It is in the way of becoming ridiculous that you cannot reproduce the issues, not even to mention identifying the source of it.This thread was started 5 months ago - and where are we? - Nowhere. With no ideas. And some guessing about the source of the issue - that is plainly wrong. What the heck.
  9. Ton

    Eyetv 32-bit & macOS HighSierra 10.13.4

    @thomaskud Promises, promises, promises! Just like the promise for an EyeTV app on the aTV which till this very day still does not exist. At least not a usable one that is able to play back recordings made on the Mac. Stop making promises you are not going to fullfill!
  10. Does not work here. 😞 Also this idea doesn't seem to be very convincing as every restart of the computer would help as well. Still 29 minutes here and than the full crash as described above. All this all is very discouraging - and, actually, I am asking myself on what systems you are testing your software? And I cannot imagine that it should be impossible to identify why the recording stops after 29 minutes. You are speaking of the system scheduler that needs resetting. Then where are the three lines of code that reset the scheduler after 28 minutes and everything would be fine? Heck, and no consequences of the opening my computer to your chinese ghost programmers. Yes, I am angry! Meanwhile I am paying for my Gracenote EPG abo without being able to use it ...
  11. Dear JanG, lgl and all, - 29min crash problem: if we start - or restart the EyeConnect.APP the system scheduler is reset and the “29 Minute” crash is gone - seems to us, as it now works on 2 customers system without error. - eyetv 3 32bit & macOS HighSierra 10.13.4 see our FAQ: There is also a new topic in our forum: cheers
  12. Recently, when starting 32-bit apps on a Mac, a window appears informing you that the application is not optimized for the current operating system of the Mac. This message also affects eyetv if the operating system version macOS HighSierra 10.13.4 is installed on the computer. Irrespective of this information window, eyetv is in no way impaired in its operability and the usual quality. There are no negative effects on the computer and its data, eyetv runs without problems. As future versions of macOS are expected to limit the execution of 32-bit applications as the next step, we would like to inform our customers about the ongoing development of a 64-bit version of eyetv. With this 32 to 64 bit version step, eyetv as a smart TV platform will continue to meet eyetv's expectations, which are also consistently fulfilled under iOS, Android and Windows.
  13. I also have this problem since updating to macOS 10.13.4 (I use the latest 3.6.9 (7524) eyeTV 3 build). I have used eyeTV for many years without any problems but now most of my scheduled recordings overnight don't stop until I wake up my Mac in the morning. I've fiddled with the sleep and night shift settings but that doesn't fix the problem. The strange thing is that a few overnight recordings work ok but most don't. Reverting to earlier eyeTV build doesn't seem to be the way to go from what I read in this forum. Suggestions anyone?
  14. Bonjour, j'ai les mêmes problèmes chez moi, les horaires de programme étant de plus différents, surement ceux d'Arte Allemagne.
  15. Same issue here. Many recordings just don't stop. This results in recordings of up to 9.5 hours and 70 GB file size. The whole night! Important observation: EyeTV stops the recording as soon as I start using my computer again: Computer is running and recording (On the switch, I can see the network traffic between the Netstream 4SAT and my iMac) Display is turned off I hit a key on the keyboard and enter my password At this moment, EyeTV stops the "endless" recording This is a relatively new issue for me. Probably started with the update to 10.13.4.
  16. Nice to know that there is a Windows-Software called EyeTV 4. But it would be very important just to make a 64-Bit version of EyeTV otherwise Geniatech will lose a significant Number of users as soon as macOS 10.14 will be available.
  17. Well its very important for those of us with devices that are still supported!
  18. HDHomerun is not in the list of supported devices. So what is the use of a version 4 when the most sold device is not supported?
  19. Some information on EyeTV 4 Highlights Enjoy live TV on the Windows PC & Laptop, pause, fast forward and rewind Look for different criteria in the electronic program guide Record a show or an entire season Including 4 weeks of eyetv plus for free! Watching TV live on the PC Turn your PC into the coolest TV in the house. Pause the running program to get a snack. Rewind to watch a scene in the movie again. Suggest when advertising starts. Float the TV window above any other open windows so you can watch your favorite movie while surfing the web. Or watch two programs simultaneously via picture-in-picture. In the work and living room You can sit at your desk and navigate the mouse in the resizable eyetv 4 windows window. Through the luxurious eyetv 4 windows on-screen menu you can easily zap through the program, see through the electronic program guide and operate the eyetv 4 windows menu. Integrated electronic program guide (EPG) eyetv 4 windows provides you with an up-to-date overview of all upcoming programs. Organize stations eyetv 4 windows provides detailed information about each receivable TV station. By dragging and dropping, you can group your favorite stations in a freely identifiable channel group, or better, arrange your favorite stations according to categories such as sports, news, feature film and so on. Eyetv 4 windows displays the associated program information (EPG) for each station list. Ideal for travelers is the eyetv 4 windows option to save the station list after a channel search. Thus, the user can simply watch TV in different places by calling up the station list stored for the location. A new station search for a change of location is then eliminated. Record the program you are watching The show you are watching is worth recording? No problem. eyetv 4 Windows offers the option to also "record the past" if it is present in the live buffer. You can still pause, fast forward or rewind the live program while recording Record future broadcasts If you want to schedule a recording, simply use the automatic recording function via the EPG. Record a whole series If you select "Intelligent EPG", eyetv 4 windows can create a Smart Serial EPG that will automatically record the entire season of the TV series. To save space on your hard drive, you can also tell your Smart Serial EPG how many episodes to keep. Dolby® Digital Sound eyetv 4 windows can play and record Dolby® Digital Sound, including 5.1 surround sound, if available. Excellent picture quality Only eyetv 4 windows offers excellent image quality and is also capable of Full HD TV with processor and memory-saving optimized decoding of DVB-T2 HD HEVC H.265 on the PC with Windows 10, Intel Core i5 CPU at 2.5 GHz or higher play. In addition, EyeTV supports subtitles and picture-in-picture (PiP). Technical information System Requirements windows 10 or newer an Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen at 2.5 GHz at least 4 GB of RAM a suitable television receiver Compatible peripherals Eyetv T2 lite Windows Edition DVB-T / T2 HD HEVC Eyetv T2 lite Mac / Windows DVB-T / T2 HD HEVC Eyetv T2 Hybrid DVB-T / T2 HD HEVC + DVB-C (Cable TV) Eyetv Hybrid DVB-T + DVB-C (Cable TV) Eyetv Netstream 4C DVB-C (Cable TV) Eyetv Netstream 4Sat DVB-S / S2
  20. This is the translation. Possibly encouraging for a version for Mac. eyetv 4 windows brings the highest quality television to notebook and PC Press release No. 05/2018 With eyetv apps for Apple and Android devices eyetv became the standard for television in the digital world. With eye tv 4 windows now comes the version for Microsoft Windows. Aachen, 09.04.2018 TV with Windows in the best eyetv quality. With eye tv 4 windows, a high-quality Windows application completes Geniatech's eye tvplatform. With it, the current television program in conjunction with the popular Eyetv tuners Geniatech on Windows PCs and notebooks play, pause and record. This is the equivalent of the proven eye tv apps that work well with Geniatech's eye tv receivers on Mac and iPad, iPhone and Android devices . TV reception on all channels Whether satellite, cable or digital terrestrial television: eye tv 4 Windows brings the best picture quality in a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and the repetition rate of 50 frames per second (1080p / 50) on the display. The Windows app also supports the HEVC decoding of DVB-T2 HD in conjunction with eye tv T2 Hybrid, T2 lite and T2 Lite Windows Edition, ie terrestrial antenna via terrestrial antenna. In combination with eye tv netstream 4Sat and 4C, the Windows computer is able to receive the TV program directly via the home network via wireless or cable without any additional accessories. Shipments at any time With eye tv 4 windows, the viewer not only brings the running program to the PC or the notebook, but he can also interrupt the program with a single mouse click in the event of interruptions or save by recording the stream of the TV post to later with a other application to play or even edit. Here, the user can comfortably and clearly capture and control the selection and programming of his recordings via an electronic program guide. Eye TV Smart TV Platform For the realization of the new Windows app, Christian Hackbart, the well-known programmer of DVBViewer, supported the eye tv team. The focus was on the user-friendly integration of the Windows program into the smart TV platform of eye TV , which brings together the various aspects of television enjoyment with high-quality technology. Mike Decker, Geniatech's European General Manager, commented on the launch of eye tv 4 windows: "After setting standards for digital TV with our eye- TV apps for Mac OS, iOS and Android, it was a big challenge to catch up with Windows machines , I am glad that with Cristian Hackbart we have a developer on board, with whom we can continue the convincing quality lines of our eye tvproducts on Windows. " The developer Christian Hackbart adds: "After successfully running DVBViewer on Windows PCs for 15 years, I was pleased to work with Geniatech. Here I was able to contribute my knowledge to eye tv 4 windows, thus enriching the in-house Smart TV platform. "
  21. This news item appears in the German section of, not in the English section I'm afraid.
  22. Where (URL) is that announced? Can't find it.
  23. Hallo @JanG ich komme derzeit nicht zum Testen, ob sich das 29-Minuten-Problem bei meinem Heimnetz irgendwie verändert hat. Hat sich eigentlich aus der TeamViewer-Session mit @JanG die Fehlerursache finden oder zumindest eingrenzen lassen @thomaskud? Ich hab zu dem Thema bisher noch nichts entdeckt? Aber zum Thema 64-Bit kann ich vielleicht was beitragen: @thomaskud hat sich mir gegenüber per PN geäußert, dass eine 64-Bit-Version bereits recht weit fortgeschritten ist - ein offizieller Erscheinungstermin sei noch nicht festgelegt. (@thomaskud, ich hoffe, das war jetzt nicht so super geheim, dass ich es hier nicht verlauten lassen sollte - du siehst ja, eure Kunden werden ungeduldig und fangen an, sich anders zu orientieren....)
  24. Version 4 for Win is officially announced - so what might that mean for the mac?
  25. A version 4 for Win is announced on Geniatech's site (14.95 €) while the version 3 for mac is still at 79,95 € being a 32 bit app which will be deprecated in the near future. Am I alone in not understanding this kind of product policy? Regards, cebu (user of eyetv since 2006)
  26. Dear Geniatech, I'm not too confident that you will read this or even care about this, but nevertheless, I'd like to contribute my part so that you could improve things. When I start my Mac (Macbook Air, 10.13.4, but happens also with previous macOS versions), a software named PeakHour claims that it can not start properly, because some app occupies the TCP port it wanted to use. PeakHour suggests, that it could be EyeTV and it is: PeakHour wants to use the port that is used by EyeTV, when in the EyeTV settings --> sharing --> Access to my film archive in the local network is checked. (In German, it says "Mein Filmarchiv im lokalen Netzwerk freigeben"; my English translation is just a guess what it could be in English). When I start EyeTV and uncheck this setting, PeakHour indeed can use the port. But sadly after restarting the Mac, the setting in EyeTV is switched on again. Therefore my observation: EyeTV does not keep the setting after rebooting. Please fix this and also please generate a 64-bit app. Otherwise this will be the end of EyeTV, a former great software, which more and more seems to be abandonware, just like this forum. BTW: Why did you open up this forum, when you never had the intention to take part in this forum?!? Why did you buy EyeTV, when you never had the intention to rev up your commitment for this tool?!? I hope the developers in Germany did or will find better employment.
  27. Ich muss mich korrigieren, Bis zum Update auf macOS 10.13.4 funktionierten Aufnahmen bei mir wieder problemlos. Seit ein paar Tagen ist jedoch auch bei mir bei sämtlichen Aufnahmen nach 29 min Schluss (vor dem Update waren es unterschiedlich lange Zeiträume). Also @thomaskud, auf zur nächsten Überarbeitung - und bitte auch zur Umstellung auf 64 Bit - oder macht bitte eine klare Ansage zu dem Thema 64 Bit, damit man rechtzeitig nach Alternativen suchen kann. Danke!
  28. Where i can download EyeTV 3.5.3?
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