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  3. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    @asander: I bet there never will be a app for the aTV, just like there never will be a really updated EyeTV. Just too complicated for Geniatech. If you want aTV usage then switch over to DVBlink. It has a good working aTV app foor a long time now. Only their scheduling sucks.
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  5. sir

    Hi Smedev, Unfortunately, Eyetv products don't support PayTV (CI slot) anymore.
  6. Hi Janne, May you give us your support tickect number via PM? In this case, your hardware might be faulty.
  7. EyeTV stuttering

    I'm jumping ship and moving over to Siliconedust's DVR. Geniatech offers such piss poor tech-support it's not worth the aggravation any longer.
  8. EyeTV stuttering

    Other machines on the network run EyeTV smoothly, so it is localized to this individual machine. Current versions of everything. Any ideas?
  9. sir

    Is there any way to record a tv signal over the air including pay tv for later viewing. Have a good day
  10. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    IFA 2017 has come and gone - but I haven't seen any information that you guys have made any progress with the app you have announced for the IFA 2017 timeframe - should we instead look forward to IFA 2018?
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  12. EYETV on HIGH SIERRA - 10.13 beta 1

    Eyetv3 build 7520 works quite good on HIGH SIERRA - 10.13 beta 9. The only problem is if you call EPG in full screen tv Eyetv crashes.
  13. EyeTV 3 (7520) stuck on running Setup Assistant

    Looks like a good old fashioned reboot has fixed the issue
  14. EYETV on HIGH SIERRA - 10.13 beta 1

    Anyone having stuttering issues on the current High Sierra beta build?
  15. EyeTV stuttering

    My eyetv is stuttering badly (build 7529). The playback is much smoother is HDHomeRun View. Im running public beta 9 of High Sierra. Any suggestions to help smooth things out?
  16. EyeTV 3 (7520) stuck on running Setup Assistant

    I have reloaded 7519 but have the same issue so it does not look like my issue is build specific. Restarting is something I normally do quite regularly but I have not seen this issue previously. I did have to Force Quit though today which may be connected.
  17. Hi I am having an issue with 7520. When I start EyeTV it forces me to running the Setup assistant every time I start it. I don't have my Recordings folder in the default location so it is not seeing existing recordings and schedules. If I change it the location in preferences I have to restart EyeTV to take affect but then I am back at the Assistant again.
  18. There will be any chance that eyetv will be able to jump advertising while in live tv selecting our music from iTunes???
  19. To all who do not want to delet all the EyeTV files and reinstall from scratch. I just added <key>max SAT2IP tuners</key> <integer>4</integer> to /user-name/Library/Preferences/com.elgato.eyetv.plist And it works, 4 scheduled recordings within an overlapping period. MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 EyeTV 3.6.9 (7520)
  20. Hello, i have to pull this up. I need to know which com.elgato.eyetv file has to be edited (in which directory is that file).
  21. Hi, I purchased EyeTV T2 Hybrid in late May and have been a happy user ever since. A couple of days back the OSX app started crashing upon startup, I reinstalled earlier versions, the most current version to no avail. I have found out that the EYETV application crashes immediately if the tuner is plugged in any USB port (I also have an old tuner from Elgato times which did not have HD support - and plugging that tuner in does not cause crashing). The EYETV app works fine (can view recordings) when the tuner is not plugged in. Could my tuner have broken and that causes the crashing ? (I did fill in a support form 4-5 days ago with crash logs and all, but have not heard anything back - hence this approach) Please advise,
  22. Can't Download EyeTV Software

    Try right-clicking the download link and choosing "download linked file".
  23. EyeTV DTT > Discontinued

    We're still working on the decoder/encoder of HEVC It will be coming soon.
  24. Creating an Animated Commercial Have you ever seen an animated piece on TV, whether it’s a commercial or a movie, and asked yourself “how do they do that?” Have you ever wondered what actually goes into creating an animation? To get a better idea of what’s involved, let’s examine the process that was involved when creating a couple animated spots for one of our clients. 1. Character Development After coming up with the initial concept, we first came up with a design for the main character, Frank. Everything else that was designed was based around the look and feel of Frank. After he was finalized, we had to create each additional character, including main characters like violet & Mr. Snickers or the various doctors and nurses that were needed to tell the story, 2. Scene Design Once we had all the characters ironed out, then the remaining visual pieces had to be created. For example, the background for the opening scene had to be designed – the trees, the house, the street, etc. Next, each of the props had to be created, like Frank’s bike, the stretcher he falls on, the ambulance he enters, everything that was needed to tell the story. This process had to be repeated for every scene that was featured in the piece. 3. Scripting Now that all the visual pieces had been created, they all had to be combined to create the animation. In order to do this, aspect of the story had to be planned out. This included storyboards to show how each scene would progress to the next, the voiceover to narrate the story, and finally, how the characters were going to interact with the props. 4. Keyframing & Animation Next, everything passed was on the animation stage to create the final piece. This was probably the most difficult step in the process. Every item in the commercial that required motion had to be keyframed to create a fluid story. It needed to look realistic. This included every little movement of a character’s limbs or their facial expressions, every moving prop; and even the “camera” movements to show the linear progression of the theory 5. Music & Sound Effects Now that we had a completed animation, sound and music needed to be added to give the story more life. Background music was added to help express the feeling of the piece. On top of that, sound effects were inserted for that final touch to make the character interactions a little more realistic And there you have it! The final commercial then get sent to media stations to be featured on TV. For more info visit
  25. EyeTV-T2 not working

    Everything is working for me on eyeTV so no worries again!
  26. EyeTV DTT > Discontinued

    Any news about this? I'm very interested! I had 2 EyeTV DTT Deluxe, and both broken itself suddenly after some years, I think because the excessive heat in such a small size device. So I would like to try something bigger and don't need to connect to the computer.
  27. Software interface to EyeTV hardware on macOS

    Thanks tomw. However, what is streamed to UDP in this case is not the tuner's raw stream. It is a demuxed program (ie. TV channel) from the tuner's transport stream. It is "watching TV", extracting a specific program from a multiplex, removing most of the original transport stream, just keeping one single program. This is the standard end user's requirement. Why I want is technically simpler : just get the raw complete transport stream without demultiplexing anything, without processing, without removing anything. But it seems impossible to achieve. Too bad...
  28. Can't Download EyeTV Software

    Good morning from Spain, I have EyeTV 3.6.9 (7518) installed in my iMac. Every time I launch it, it advise me that there's a new version (7520) but when I try to install the update, there's an error. So I've tried to download directly from your website, but the link seems also broken. So... I think there's no possibility to download the latest version. What can I do? Thank you!
  29. EyeTV-T2 not working

    Den Buffer abspielen habe ich auch eine Zeitlang gemacht, fand ich aber deutlich schlechter von Handling her. Bei mir ruckelt absolut nichts, beste Qualität, keine Artefakte. Achte darauf die aktuelle VLC Version zu verwenden, aber nicht die Beta.
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