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  2. Agreed! Perhaps while using a TRIAL LICENSE!
  3. Why do I have to pay for EyeTV4 license before I know it works? Can we please get a 14 day trial license, to see if the software is worth money? Buying software before you can try it seems so 1985.
  4. Sorry I can't help you on the memory question but I would be more concerned with your CPU EyeTV 4 currently is a CPU hog, hope that gets fixed at some point.
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  6. So it is the same problem; must have then started with at least 10.13. I had upgraded from 10.11 (where the time tracking counter for a program worked correctly) to 10.14, where it counts down to an hour and then disappears. Anyone report this to the EyeTV people, or figure out a workaround? No point in upgrading to version 7528 if the bug is still present there as well.
  7. Hello! 8518 is okay, beside missing features 8519 did not find my SAT>IP devices, impossible to use 8520 is okay, beside missing features Missing features are: looks like Sharing does not work at all, I can use only one tuner fo my SAT>IP devices (DigitalDevices Octopus NET, Fritz!Box 6490). Because of this I do not use EyeTV 4 on a daily basis and can not tell if automatic recording works. As soon as EyeTV 4 can share videos to my other Computers and iOS devices it will replace my EyeTV 3. Bye, eweri
  8. Since the latest update (Build 8520) I can't export my recordings (from EyeTV Netstream 4Sat) as MPG-Media-Stream. Only avi videos are exported which are useless on Mac.
  9. WisconsinEric - I'm running EyeTV version 7528 on both a 2015 i7 27" iMac running 10.13.6 and a 2018 i7 Mac Mini running 10.14.6. As I move the counter to less than an hour the time disappears on the right side on both Macs. Hadn't noticed this before.
  10. Impossible to proceed with the 8519 upgrades, can't either click on the next button or escape from the screen. Have to do a force shut down and when launching App the same happens again. EyeTV team can you explain how to get around this issue. Had to downgrade back to 8917 again........very frustrating chaps!!!! iMac 27" 3.5 GHz | Quad-Core Intel Core i7 | 10.15.1 (19B88) | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2 GB | EyeTV DTT dongle
  11. Howdy Peter, The Dual Tuner function works for me but not very well. So functionally I can tune, PictureinPicture and/or record two separate channels at the same time BUT the quality is poor (breaks up and is jerky). I'm guessing the poor quality is because I'm in a poor signal area and that the actual Dual function DOES work as it should. I have to always have my tuner set to Diversity in order to maximise signal from both antennae so that I get one very good channel. If you are having Dual Tuner problems then note that I'm still running EyeTV 4 under Mojave (Catalina may have bugs?), and check your TV signal quality / strength. Good luck mate.
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  13. 8520 does not show 'Shared EyeTV archives' 8518 does. Disable and enable EyeTV 4 to look for archives, crashes the app. Catalina 15.2
  14. same issue, I just updated my Mac to Catalina to use the new 64 bit EYETV software and there is no audio reaching my iOS devices.
  15. Just check for updates from within the menu. The naming Release Candidate is by mistake since several versions.
  16. A new "Release Candidate": Release Candidate eyetv 4.0.0 (8520) Change Log 1.fixed transparent window unable to close issue 2.fixed Netstream 2A issue
  17. EyeTV 4.0.0 (8519) Catastrophic! my configuration: mac mini mojave with EyeTV Diversity I specify that I had EyeTV 3 for several years, and that everything was at the best. - Play recordings: sometimes no sound - Watching TV: non synchronous sound (sometimes unbearable) - preferences: sharing tab sometimes disappears - impossible to watch a channel during a recording on another (however I have a capable material: eyetv diversity 2 tuners, and it worked without problem with EyeTV 3) - Mac connection with iPad, iPhone, iPod (EyeConnect) impossible This software is not in a marketable state! For 30 Euros, it's a shame! How long will we have to wait to reach the quality level of version 3?
  18. Just purchased the commercial version of EyeTV 4 64Bit & it doesn't let me type in the numerical channel numbers from my keyboard & then do it once again, after. It just locks up! Have to force quit... I also can't use the escape key to minimize.
  19. You need to buy EyeTV 4, your keys from EyeTV 3 will not work on 4. If you have recently bought an EyeTV tuner you can contact Geniatech and ask for an EyeTV 4 licence.
  20. Thanks, jpmist27 I found the xxxx.ts (transport stream I presume) when I opened the package as you suggested. The .ts file plays fine with VLC. But that doesn't excuse Geniatech for releasing such deficient software!
  21. Same thing happens to me. Channel list is empty after auto tune.
  22. I have Eye TV 4 (version 8519). There's no way I can auto tune and bring channels in the data base. I have tried different cables, I have auto tunes 30 times. I have cleared the database and tried again. Nothing. I even deleted and re installed the software, to no avail. Completely useless for me. I am stuck and a blank channel page.
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