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  2. Could you explain how that is used with EyeTV please?
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    13.2 (22D49)

    Still crashes while clicking on schedules or info haven't tried double clicking on info yet this might be the on that works
  4. I have used the other EPG provider Schedules Direct for years, and it still works great. There are many posts about how to use it, I put some consolidated instructions on other parts of this blog, too. Wisconsin Eric's may be easier, but I had already set Schedules Direct up for the previous outage and went back to it again after the current outage. It works on my older mac mini running Mojave and EyeTV 3. I haven't been able to get it working on my Mac Studio running EyeTV 4. Maybe the XMLTV setup would work on Ventura, I haven't tried that. Good Luck!
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  6. EyeTV Version 3 permits use of any standard EPG (electronic program guide) formatted source; it does NOT have to be through a Geniatech provided source. I can tell you for a fact that it works with XML TV Listings ( out of Ottawa, Ontario, which covers North America. At $19.95 a year, with automatic renewal built in, it's a bargain (I have no connection with the company, just a satisfied customer). I've been using this without incident since the US TV Guide source was abruptly terminated in January 2019. I collected other people's info and my own experience to write up detailed instructions for setting up Eye TV to use this service; it is tricky but I've never had to fix anything once it was up and running in 2019 and I watch and record a lot of TV programs. These instructions are still posted somewhere on this site, and XML TV Listings asked me for permission to post, so it's on their site also. Since EyeTV 3 is 32-bit software, I have kept my Mac Mini used as a media center permanently at OS 10.14.6. Given the poor customer reports on EyeTV 4, and the fact that EyeTV 3 is an outstanding and mature piece of software running virtually perfectly, I could see no reason to go through the pain and agony of upgrading (I have several other computers running OS 12, but my understanding is EyeTV 3 will not run on anything later than OS 10.14). It should be possible for you to get an inexpensive older Mac Mini, erase it and reinstall OS 10.14, and run EyeTV 3 on it. An Apple dealer I patronize gave me instructions on how to erase a Mac and install an older OS; they are still available on an Apple web site that is not publicized. You notice I haven't said anything about Geniatech here; I've written them off, sad because EyeTV is great software that they apparently lack the technical knowledge to upgrade. Hope that answers your questions.
  7. As the Program Guide has not worked since at least August 2022 and many users have reported the issue to Geniatech and it remains unresolved with no apparent communication to users, would this approach from 2019 work with current versions of EyetV whether version 3 or version 4? Like a lot of users I am using MacOS 10.15.7 and have not updated to 11.x, 12.x or 13.x of the Mac OS. I really hope Geniatech updates eyetv or opens it up to other epg sources. I would like to renew my geniatech epg subscription soon as it will expire this spring but I do not have much confidence and I feel like i would be throwing money away if buy a new subscription when it has not worked for over half a year. Any thoughts?
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  9. Wenn ich auf meinem Mac Mini 2018 mit Ventura das Programm EyeTV 4.00 (8528) starte geht kein Fernsehbild auf. Das passiert auch bei dem zweiten starten es geht kein Fernsehbild auf. Erst beim dritten starten der EyeTV 4.00 (8528) App kommt ein Bild und es ist alles so wie es sein soll Ist der fehler bekannt, gibt es ein Lösung. When I start the program EyeTV 4.00 (8528) on my Mac Mini 2018 with Ventura, no TV picture appears. This also happens with the second start there is no TV picture. Only with the third start of the EyeTV 4.00 (8528) app comes a picture and it is all as it should be. Is the error known, is there a solution.
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  11. Alles beim Alten. Es geht nichts mit EPG Service Everything as before. Nothing works with EPG service Medialer
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  13. Still crashes Still works with xml Is there another post i should be involved in?
  14. Can you all tell me your experiences running EyeTV 4 on Monterey? Any comments or cautions? Any horrible issues? NOT updating to Big Sur or Ventura at this time, so please comment on macOS Monterey only, thanks.
  15. As I mentioned in a post some time ago, I now use a Humax TV recorder which allows recordings to be transferred to a memory stick. I convert the recorded programs to a Mac compatible format using Handbrake on my iMac and can the transfer them to my iPad to watch elsewhere should I wish. It is a little more laborious than the old Eye TV and EPG system but it is perfectly satisfactory. I would not need to renew my EPG subscription should it ever return - which, by now, we all know that it will not!
  16. Also continuing to wait for EPG. Estimated time please? Does anyone have a good alternative to this problem and/or software?
  17. now using 13.2 (22D49) I'm scared to click on anything else. Something might make it crash. It works
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  19. Interesting that this thread shows 0 replies when obviously, that's not the case. Still no EPG data nearly 6 months later. That's some stunningly BAD customer service.
  20. Thank you for staying on this. I can’t figure out why they won’t respond to us.
  21. I use it on a iMac with an I5 and Monterey No such problem BUT on my MacBookPro as well with Monterey the recordings do not stop neither I changed the versions, deleted everything , it does not stop
  22. Peut-on automatiser cette séquence pour la lancer à volonté ? Moi, je ne connais rien aux scripts ...
  23. Je crois bien avoir tout compris; j'avais fait la sottise de glisser/déposer le XML dans l'icône du DOCK ! Maintenant ça marche ! En fait, à chaque fois que l'on va chercher le xmltv_tnt.xml sur le web, il prend les programmes du jour et des 4 suivants (il est mis à jour la nuit précédente) et il suffit de le déposer sur pour avoir les 5 jours par rapport à la date du jour où on le fait. Est-ce que j'ai bon ?
  24. I think I know where all the money is going. I just saw at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas that Geniatech is one of the many companies developing set top convertor boxes for ATSC-3 now being called Next Gen TV. I intend to contact the people I used to work with at both the FCC and FTC. I am a consulting engineer with a law degree. I may be able to show they do not deserve certification (required to sell these devices) since they have basically done a one sided cancellation of their "contract" to supply existing users with the pre-paid service(s) ie. the guide.
  25. I have just sent the following email to Geniatech. A waste of time, I know, but it makes me feel better! "The EPG ceased working in about August 2022. You told us that there was some sort of technical problem but five months later we still have no EPG. Clearly Geniatech has no intention of supplying this service again and that is up to the company. What concerns many former users of the EPG is that we paid an annual subscription for a service that is no longer supplied. It is not good enough to tell us that we will be credited for the period that the EPG was not operational when the EPG is not going to be provided ever again. My subscription was paid on 18 April 2022. Would you please now refund the proportion of the subscription from the date the EPG stopped working to date. Thank you"
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