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  4. Easy to find under: Support > Software > EyeTV 4 Mac OS Support. There you will find releases down to 8518.
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  6. I've had this problem twice in the past couple of months. The Gracenote programme guide would just suddenly disappear. The DVB guide still showed. The Gracenote guide came back in a day or so. Annoying.
  7. Hello everybody! Regarding to the missing audio with EyeTV iOS app (iPhone / iPad), I can confirm: It is a bug on the EyeTV 4 release 8526. Install release 8524 and the audio works when connecting to the EyeTV on the Mac via your EyeTV iOS app on the mobile device. I informed Elgato support accordingly. As it worked on the previous release, they should be able to fix it. Best regards, Roland Where to find the previous release 8524? Just go to > Support > Software > eyetv 4 mac OS: Support. There you will find all releases down to 8518. Just go bach to 8524 and install it over the 8526 release. For me it just worked, even on a MacMini M1. Of course, like this you will lose the improvements that came with 8526, but at least the audio works.
  8. Bonjour a tous. j'ai acheté une eye tv t2 lite sur amazone avec une clé d'activation. j'ai telechargé la version Mac 64 bits pour Bigsure mais lors de l'activation de la clé le bouton SUIVANT reste grisé. Quelqu'un pour m'aider avant de renvoyer le produit svp?
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  10. Haven't had an problems with the 3.6.9 or 4.0 guide since the program update 3 months ago ... updating normally (for U.S. location).
  11. Hi. Yes, I downgraded to build 8517 and now the playback on HD channels is smooth. The build has some other issues but I can live with them.
  12. Mine grew up to 800 Gb in a matter of a couple of hours. What's weird is that this file appears not only using EyeTV4 (last version), but also HDHomeRun (I have a homerun 2tuners device). I am sure that sharing from EyeTV4 is OFF. In addition, activity monitor does not show any eyeconnect program running. This happens on an iMac M1. It does not happen on my old, intel iMac. PS: the log file appears under /Library/Logs (not in the home folder, the main one)
  13. Hiya Did you get this resolved? I have the same issue (choppy on HD chnanels) John
  14. I ended up having to go to Big Sur also. After reading months/years of complaints about EyeTV4, with people sounding like they are about to jump off the roof in despair, it was surprisingly different than expected and surprisingly similar to 3.6.9. I haven't had any problems with it, and after about the first day, had adapted and didn't particularly miss EyeTV 3.6.9 -- which I can still run on a virtual machine running Mojave under Big Sur/Parallels). Very serviceable replacement. I think Geniatech got a bum rap on this. The little on-screen "remote" is gone, but I realized I didn't miss it ... it was just something to push to the corner of the screen to get it out of the way, never used. The 4.0 controls at the bottom fo the screen + keypad seem easier anyway. Minor things here and there could be tweaked, but for example, it has NOT missed program records, the program guide works well, the display is fine with no lines or bars, or artifacts, etc. While I was trying to avoid upgrading my Mac to avoid "losing" EyeTV functionality, it turned out to be a non-issue. I wouldn't worry about it. That said, I'm running EyeTV 250+ harwdware, which does the heavy-lifting of encoding and just passes the result to the sw for display. So it is possible people with modern "stick" tuner hardware that passes the encoding job on to the computer's CPU & sw may have a different issues.
  15. I have not had any unusual problems after the software update. It sounds like signal strength issue, which could just be coincidence: broadcasters changing antenna patterns with season, or actual problems at the transmitter, etc. Skipping frames (given marginal signal strength) has been the case for as far back as the transition to digital in 2007/2008. Analog can pass on signal as it gradually degrades into noise-snow. With digital going through an encoding process, as EyeTV has always been, data drop-outs get compressed away to nothing since the process always tries to reduce and discard unnecessary data for better performance.
  16. For the last few days FM radio has been stopping. The sound stops, timer stops. None of the controls or changing stations will unstall it. Switching to TV and then back to Analog radio will get it going again, but only for a short while (20 seconds to 3 minutes or so.) . Unplugging and replugging the dongle with get it going again, but only for a short while. Quitting ad restarting EyeTV will get it going again. I'm on a 2012 Intel Mac Mini running 10.11. EyeTV Hybrid (the only one with FM- 2009?) Things I've tried, with no success: -updating to latest EyeTV for my mac (3.9 build 7530) -swapping in a known good dongle -moving the archive from the external drive (USB) where it's been working fine forever to the internal drive -restart -different USB cable -contacting geniatech (no response.) Thanks for any suggestions. The only thing I can think of that really changed was that a backup drive went kablooyey (it was the drive that backed up the drive where the EyeTV archive normally lives) and was a bit toxic. The drive where the archive normally lives is fine.
  17. Ho acquistato a suo tempo un dispositivo EyeTV diversity della Elgado per Mac (acquisita ora da Geniatech). Con l'aggiornamento dei nuovi sistemi operativi Mac OS non funzionano più le vecchie versioni. Ho scaricato la versione 4.0 dal vostro sito, ma le mie credenziali di accesso non vengono riconosciute. Cosa posso fare? Activation Key: WVD3S-ULECUKZ-W22P3S8-DS9W7G4 Elgato Software Proof-of-Purchase: 5HKM-88SS-TK7K . Grazie
  18. Прошу прощения, что вмешался... У меня похожая ситуация. Готов помочь.
  19. And I FOUND it, never mind, lol. If anyone is looking for the same info, it is actually contained in your account info here on the website. Super helpful! Thanks Lou
  20. Hello! I have had this app for a long time. But I am upgrading from my Intel Mac Mini to a Intel Mac Pro as my main HTPC and I seem to have misplaced (from years and years ago) my eyeTV disc and activation code. The copy on my Mini was purchased and activated legitimately, but it only shows the first 5 digits of the activation code when I tried to look it up. Am I out of luck for losing my disc and paperwork? Any help appreciated?
  21. Is this a 64bit issue or some incompatibility with EyeTV4? I was going to try EyeTV4 on a Mojave system since that is what I currently have. That will run 32bit so if this is just a 4bit issue it might not show up. I noticed Wine does have a 64bit version running on Apple Silicon so I hope ComSkip will get updated also.
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  23. Following this issue, as it also applies to me. Tried to auto and manual Tune, but did not find any, even though there are about 50+ in the air.
  24. Hello, thank you for your info. I did try the latest version (8526). It did not solve my problem. Today I decided to send back the EyeTV-stick also because the Geniatec-Service had no idea except claiming that my equipment should be the reason for receiving tv-programs in a bad quality. I also contacted Appel-support asking if there may be a problem with the M1-Chip. No idea also from this side. Does anybody know if there is another way to receive tv-programs with my MacBook Pro, M1 (2020) without internet connection on the road so to say ? As I found out it seems that other tv-sticks are available only for Windows. Is that true ?
  25. Hello the last version Is EyeTV 4.0.0 (8526) maybe it helps
  26. MacBook Pro, Big Sur: my EyeTV was working adequately, and is still working 'adequately' but even though it will tune stations, and I can watch free-to-air, my Diversity is not listed under the Devices heading. It used to be. The MacBook/EyeTV can see/employ the device, but EyeTV doesn't list it under Devices in the sidebar. I also run a MacBook Air, and it's fine; the Diversity appears, listed under Devices. I can still tune via the Assistant, but that's a long way around, and since I move around a lot, it's a pain. Thanks in anticipation, GeoffPh
  27. Hi there, I recently bought this EyeTV T2 hybrid-stick and installed the software EyeTV 4.0.0 (8523). I am using a DVB-C digital TV-Connection at the moment and the TV-programs are not running fluently as if some frames would be missing. The videos get stuck constantly for splitseconds. A normal video performance I only get with the normal TV-programm without HD-quality. Does anyboby know what might be the problem. Is it maybe the configuration ? I can exclude that the usb-connetction or cable are not working right. Unfortunately Geniatec has no answer for that. I have an old MacBookPro Retina from 2013 and an old EvtTV hybrid-Stick from Elgato. There everything is working all right.
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