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  1. EyeTV is probably the main thing keeping me from moving up to a newer mac at this point. I'm on a 2012 Mini running Sierra. Have another eyeTV on a 2014 Mini running High Sierra. $29 doesn't seen like a ridiculous amount to risk on seeing if the 64 bit version plays nice with my EyeTVs, which are 2009 (NTSC) with FM tuner. Do you think testing EyeTV4 on my current macs with current OS would get me anywhere in terms of determining how I would fare on a M2 Mini?
  2. EyeTV and North American 2009 Hybrid with FM? I'm still chugging along on a 2012 Mac Mini running Sierra but the move up to 64-bit only Mac is inevitable; would have done so already but EyeTV is the main barrier. I have a small collection of working tuners, I think the model is "2009" EyeTV Hybrid with FM (see image link) Looking through these comments it's hard to know if EyeTV 4 works with this model- would appreciate hearing from someone that has this model that EyeTV 4 is workinig with it and that they have full FM function as well, thanks.
  3. Highest MacOS that supports EyeTV3 I want to upgrade but I'm not willing to leave my EyeTVs behind. I understand EyeTV4 is a disaster.... My 2012 Mac Mini will support up to 10.15 Catalina. It's currently running Sierra. Am I correct that Catalina is the first OS that will not run EyeTV3? In my search I see barely any mention of Big Sur, but seems like the logical choice? Thanks.
  4. Considering moving from 2012 Mini to M2 Mini I see lots of discussions about EyeTV 4 problems, with lots of mention of build 8528... but it looks like there are a few newer builds available for download? Is it generally working fine for people with Sonoma now? What features are still missing from EyeTV 4? My EyeTV is important to me but I really don't do much with anything but the basic features... rarely even save recordings anymore. But absolutely need the FM to still work fine.
  5. For the last few days FM radio has been stopping. The sound stops, timer stops. None of the controls or changing stations will unstall it. Switching to TV and then back to Analog radio will get it going again, but only for a short while (20 seconds to 3 minutes or so.) . Unplugging and replugging the dongle with get it going again, but only for a short while. Quitting ad restarting EyeTV will get it going again. I'm on a 2012 Intel Mac Mini running 10.11. EyeTV Hybrid (the only one with FM- 2009?) Things I've tried, with no success: -updating to latest EyeTV for my mac (3.9 build 7530) -swapping in a known good dongle -moving the archive from the external drive (USB) where it's been working fine forever to the internal drive -restart -different USB cable -contacting geniatech (no response.) Thanks for any suggestions. The only thing I can think of that really changed was that a backup drive went kablooyey (it was the drive that backed up the drive where the EyeTV archive normally lives) and was a bit toxic. The drive where the archive normally lives is fine.
  6. I bought a used EyeTV Hybrid from ebay. The seller sent the unit and included the EyeTV activation key in a message but didn't provide anything else. If I sell this, will the next owner be able to register EyeTV software with that key and use the device? Or is something else needed.... or will the key be attached to someone else's identity..... I assume the keys are software rather than device specific...?