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Found 6 results

  1. Eye TV4 and Eye TV HD I bought this horrible update EyeTV 4, and it constantly crashes and I have to uninstall and reinstall then it works for a little but but ultimately crashes again. I just want it for recording stuff. The old EyeTV 3 is great and works well but does not run on modern Mac OS. So I was delighted when I saw there was a 64bit version. What a disappointment! Totally un reliable and it does list the EyeTV HD as a compatible hardware. I want my refund but they have not replied to my emails. BEWARE! I am calling PayPal to let them know.
  2. Dear EyeTV community In December 2021 and January 2022 due to ongoing crashes and quality issues in general I exchanged dozens of mails with Geniatech Europe and Geniatech Shenzen. On their request I sent them many screen shots and software error logs. And I made them aware of mistakes in their advertising in regards too EyeTV 4 for Macs (i.e. referring to Apple software that does not exist anymore, listing features that are not working in EyeTV 4 anymore and using outdated Apple terms). The result was rather frustrating. A lot of mails but nearly no improvement in regards to the software. Is it because of a low number of users? Certainly not as the the German director of Geniatech Europe (Mike Decker) wrote me that they have an user community with a two times seven digit number (means millions of users). Fact is: Geniatech completely missed the long in advance announced transfer of the Apple world to a 64-bit OS, that already started in 2010. And in 2018, when Apple stopped to support the 32-bit apps, It took them 15 months to produce a kind of beta software that had a very limited feature set. Furthermore they used Covid-19 as an argument for not being able to deliver within an acceptable time frame. Even now, 4 years later, EyeTV macOS is far away of being a finalised product with all the promised features – features we were used to by using the old EyeTV 3, coded by Elgato. And again they missed to make use of the developer version for the new macOS Ventura 13 that was available for months before the public launch. The result: After the update to macOS Ventura EyeTV 4 became unusable. Once more, we, the user community, feel frustrated and cheated by Geniatech. In the US of A and most probably also in the EU such a behavior would qualify for a legal battle, as Geniatech never delivered the advertised feature set and still selling this software in an unfinished and now even crashing version. Beside the legal aspects simply it is a question of business ethics. It looks like thet totally unacceptable behavior of this company needs to be counteracted by the power of their customers. As nobody at Geniatech cares in regards to the content of this forum, all of us should send a huge amount of complaining mails to the people concerned. During my contacts with Geniatech Shenzen and Germany I collected the contact addresses listed below. Feel free to flood these mail addresses with your complaints. (Geniatech EyeTV Support Team) (Sales Director Geniatech headquarter Shenzen) (Geniatech Europe GmbH, EMEA HQ in Germany, Director is Mike Decker)
  3. I have an Eye tv 500 (Firewire) running on an Late-2012 iMac i7 (Catalina 10.15.7 (19H524)) using Apple's Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle adapter. I bought Eye tv 4 in September and it hasn't worked once. Every launch gets into the setup sequence and immediately crashes. (Always thread 24 or 25 with the same, identical SEGV.) I have contacted GeniaTech about this numerous times over the last seven months and never once gotten a reply. I have included crash logs from the Console app, system configuration data from System Profiler, steps to reproduce, contact information, .. everything I can think of to make a good bug report. I get an automated response that my bug report was received, and then, nothing. The greatest insult is that they also have not refunded my purchase to my credit card. I find it hard to describe this. In forty-five years of computing, I cannot recall ever paying for something that simply never worked at all. And only rarely do I recall having Customer Support turn theirback on me and ignore a crash report.
  4. Friends at Geniatech, first I would like to congratulate Geniatech for the successful Cocoa transition of EyeTV. It might have come to your attention that Apple is planning the transition to ARM processors for their Macs over the next two years. New ARM-based Macs will run an x86 emulator (Rosetta 2), but I would assume the performance is not ideal when you are doing things like HD video decoding. So it would be great if you could stay on top of this transition right from the beginning. And now that you are on Cocoa, things should be easier. Are you planning to port EyeTV 4 to ARM and distribute as Universal ARM/x86 binary in the future? Apple is providing developers with an ARM-based Mac mini for rent, so that they can start building for ARM right now. See the following link for more information: Kind regards!
  5. Previously used EyeTV since 2006 with a DTT stick with minimal problems, at beginning of this week I got a Netstream 4Sat, and as my Mac is running Catalina, downloaded EyeTV 4 64-bit and activated it via Geniatech support. However, I soon realised that on the channels that I was getting the audio description overlaid over the sound for programmes. The channels' AAC Narration option is 'ticked' ON, and wont untick. Sometimes, if I look quickly after changing channels, two options are displayed (while the AAC Narration is ticked), the other along the lines of Dolby English, try clicking to 'tick' that but the narration is still on. But the latter is brief, as when the options are viewed again, only the AAC Narration is there, and with a tick beside it. I do have a support ticket with Geniatech (TicketID: 2020030516000347), but have nothing back except the auto acknowledgement. Not all programmes go out with an audio narration, but it seems when its available its being auto selected, I cannot unselect it as a choice. A few times it's shown two AAC Narrative's, but still nothing unchecks it (see screenshots). Has anyone else experienced this bug - unsure if it is bug with the EyeTV 4 software handling of the satellite streams, or a bug in the Netstream's box?
  6. Hello, Last year, I purchased a second-hand Elgato EyeTV Netstream Sat on a bit of a whim. My satellite receive isn't really in the most useful room of the house anymore and it seemed like it would be a good idea to replace this with a network tuner so that I could watch TV elsewhere. I'm using the satellite system for free-to-air service from Astra 19.2E, and the dish and receive are both working well. I haven't had the chance to do anything with it until now, but with the internet under strain due to the Coronavirus, I thought I'd do my bit and reduce my use of streaming radio and TV services and get everything set-up. I'm having problems getting it to work though, and I wondered if anyone might able to point me in the right direction. Although the seller supplied the box and the original CD, they didn't include a licence key for EyeTV 3. I'm still using macOS 10.14 at the moment but I suspect I'll need to go '64-bit' only sooner or later, so I purchased a licence for Eye TV 4 directly from Geniatech. I've connected everything, installed the software and run the Setup Assistant, but keep getting a told "No devices found" after selecting "Netstream" from the list of options available. I've tried selecting the Netstream from both the 'Geniatech' and 'Network / IPTV' lists, but neither seems to work. I tried resetting the Netstream itself by powering on the unit whilst holding down the reset button on the back. It's now displaying an orange light rather than a green one, but my router can still see it and has given it an IP address. Would anyone have any ideas as to what to try next? Is this hardware compatible with version 4 of EyeTV, or have I bought the wrong version of the software? Have I somehow not reset it properly, and left it in a sort of limbo state? I'd be very grateful for any help and suggestions; thanks in advance! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Thanks, Richard