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  1. Is anyone out there trying to get an Eye TV 500 (Firewire-based) receiver to work? That seems to be my problem. The app crashes on start-up every time; it never completes the set-up process. This is with a new activation key, the latest Catalina (10.15.7 + security updates), on an i7 quad-core iMac using a genuine Apple Firewire adapter. I know it's an old configuration, but I checked before I ordered the activation key. Eye TV 500 was listed as supported. I'm asking here, as in several months I have yet to get a response from GeniaTech support. So: anyone else got a 500 that's working?
  2. I have been trying to get assistance on an Mac OS Eye tv 4 application problem (app crash) for several months. No response. They gladly sold me an activation key, but the app hasn't worked once since I downloaded it. No updates have fixed the problem. I have yet to record a single minute of television with Eye tv 4. No customer support has been offered. No refund has been issued. I after reading this topic I see that this is not unusual for them.
  3. I have an Eye tv 500 (Firewire) running on an Late-2012 iMac i7 (Catalina 10.15.7 (19H524)) using Apple's Thunderbolt to Firewire dongle adapter. I bought Eye tv 4 in September and it hasn't worked once. Every launch gets into the setup sequence and immediately crashes. (Always thread 24 or 25 with the same, identical SEGV.) I have contacted GeniaTech about this numerous times over the last seven months and never once gotten a reply. I have included crash logs from the Console app, system configuration data from System Profiler, steps to reproduce, contact information, .. everything I can think of to make a good bug report. I get an automated response that my bug report was received, and then, nothing. The greatest insult is that they also have not refunded my purchase to my credit card. I find it hard to describe this. In forty-five years of computing, I cannot recall ever paying for something that simply never worked at all. And only rarely do I recall having Customer Support turn theirback on me and ignore a crash report.