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  1. Friends at Geniatech, first I would like to congratulate Geniatech for the successful Cocoa transition of EyeTV. It might have come to your attention that Apple is planning the transition to ARM processors for their Macs over the next two years. New ARM-based Macs will run an x86 emulator (Rosetta 2), but I would assume the performance is not ideal when you are doing things like HD video decoding. So it would be great if you could stay on top of this transition right from the beginning. And now that you are on Cocoa, things should be easier. Are you planning to port EyeTV 4 to ARM and distribute as Universal ARM/x86 binary in the future? Apple is providing developers with an ARM-based Mac mini for rent, so that they can start building for ARM right now. See the following link for more information: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/06/apple-announces-mac-transition-to-apple-silicon/ Kind regards!
  2. For the time being you can use HandBrake to convert to mp4.
  3. M|S

    EyeTV 4 Sharing

    Sharing was supposed to come in an update in February. Apparently this update has been delayed.