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  1. I too have the EyeTV Hybrid - and I'm running it on a Mac mini with EyeTV 4, BUT with an Intel chip. It works fine, no issues.
  2. According to the Geniatech website, the hardware that is compatible with EyeTV 4 can be found here: Scroll down to the "Compatible Peripherals" section. For the hybrid models, it looks like only the T2 version is supported.
  3. The remote not working is a known issue, see this blog post from nearly 4 years ago: It states: "The EyeTV Remote is currently not supported, but will be by the next release." We are still waiting for the next release nearly 4 years later... As a workaround, I have a Bluetooth keyboard and use that as my "remote" instead.
  4. Thank you. I’m still on macOS 13, and it also crashes for me every time I close the app.
  5. Thanks for confirming the Sonoma update, Bob. About the TV guide capability: are you aware that there is an option of importing TV data from other sources? I use XML TV Listings. It isn't free (I pay $20/year for the data) and you have to be somewhat technical to implement it, but it does work reliably. Here are the instructions: I also found this forum thread helpful in implementing it:
  6. Did you see that Geniatech released a new update to EyeTV 4? In the release notes, it says "Compatible with macOS 14" (Sonoma). I haven't upgraded yet, but would be curious if anyone has any reports on this latest version.
  7. Have you tried Build 8531? Based on past macOS versions, Geniatech is slow to release EyeTV updates for compatibility. But glad to hear that TheMats84 had success.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to research this discrepancy on the version number, that is much appreciated. I don't think I'm going to go through the effort of the uninstall with the EyeTV Report App, since it still shows as 8526 when you did that. I am also in IT, and couldn't agree more with you on your frustrations. But I'm going to hold off on updating to Monterey for the time being. While there are still bugs, I don't have any jittering that others are complaining about. Apple is still supporting Big Sur, so I'm going to wait a while. Thanks again Stefan!
  9. Yes, that is a new version number that they recently posted, and I just installed it yesterday. But when I open the app and look at the version number, it is still showing as 8526... so there is something wrong.
  10. There are still bugs in EyeTV 4 on Big Sur, but I don’t have any of the video choppiness that others are complaining of on Monterey.
  11. Thanks to everyone’s feedback, I have decided to stay on Big Sur and not upgrade. It is a shame that they appear to have abandoned maintenance of EyeTV…
  12. Wow, I am impressed with how thoroughly you've tested this. And three EyeTV Diversity's?? 😁 I'm now having a new issue all of a sudden: it won't record anything that I've scheduled. And I 100% agree with you on EyeTV 3 vs 4, and on Elgato vs Geniatech.
  13. Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play? Kidding aside, what OS are you running? I don't have a fraction of those issue on Big Sur.
  14. Thank you! I’m glad that I’ve held off and stayed on Big Sur. Hopefully they release an update soon.
  15. Agreed! And the fact that they still don't have the physical EyeTV remote working yet is unacceptable. Thanks for the feedback on Monterey.