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  1. Gnyffe

    64 Bit support

    Fantastic, EyeTV 4 is coming, it has been awaited for several years, but late is better than never. 🤓
  2. EyeTV for Mac is dead, there will be no more development as we never har developed EyeTV since the overtake from Legato. Sorry but's that the facts. Today all stream TV series.
  3. Gnyffe

    64 Bit support

    I'm using a Mini as TV recorder using ScreenShare to acces it. It's hidden away. Running MacOS 10.12.6. You can use IINA to view the EyeTV recordings. It just works as a charme. And it's 64 bit. 😁
  4. No, it had existed for a very long time now.
  5. Well then you have to wait forever, it will never come. EyeTV is abandon ware, sorry to say it.
  6. I have same issue one times. The problem is that Finder can't find your Mac Mini. Just Restart Finder and the issue is solved. 🤓
  7. I don't expect any 64bit or version 4, Geniatech is just out fasing all EyeTV - now is everyone streaming tv. Yes it was much BETTER when Elgato was in charge. I sure hope that I'm wrong.
  8. It will never come. I have been writing about this issue for many years now but they are not that clever to fix it. Sorry to say. My guess is that they only have 1 old guy sitting at home in his basement and some times he do some programming on EyeTV, a ll the other time he is drunk.
  9. 3.6.9 (752x) When starting the app it opens in Channel View, not last seen view.
  10. Many users have same issue, a fix would be nice but when .... ?