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  1. Export of subtitles

    It will never come. I have been writing about this issue for many years now but they are not that clever to fix it. Sorry to say. My guess is that they only have 1 old guy sitting at home in his basement and some times he do some programming on EyeTV, a ll the other time he is drunk.
  2. Another bug !!

    3.6.9 (752x) When starting the app it opens in Channel View, not last seen view.
  3. Timecode stopped displaying

    Many users have same issue, a fix would be nice but when .... ?
  4. High Sierra: time information missing

    They'll never fix it.
  5. High Sierra: time information missing

    I have same issue.
  6. Open letter to Geniatech

    The time displayed left at the scroll bar is to big or just missing in MacOS 10.13
  7. Open letter to Geniatech

    Perhaps in 2021 or never. It has become abandonware, very sad.
  8. Hardware/Software wish list

    And a new Diversity with DVBT2. :-)