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  1. eyekey

    No firmware update

    Looks amazing! Please give feedback after you set it up. Software looks very modern (unlike EyeTV which is still in 2005). But there is not a MacOS app, or am I wrong? Are you in Germany, too?
  2. eyekey

    No firmware update

    Does not work in Germany. And it sticks into a single computer via USB. I used HDHomerun (European version) since a few years. It worked flawlessly. EyeTV dropped support, so I bought a Netstream 4C. Sadly it is buggier than a third party device. The TV-window closes every now and then. It is so sad, they cannot even maintain their own hardware well. BTW... I asked on Amazon which is the newest firmware. For Netstream 4C it is The question is, how to get my device updated to that? Mac, iOS and Android are not showing a button to update. And Geniatech is bungling.
  3. eyekey

    No firmware update

    I tried to email Geniatech support in German and English, tried their hotline. - Nothing. Geniatech support is the worst experience I had with a company since ages. Nobody can tell me how to update from this super old firmware. I wish there was another option on a mac than EyeTV. Hardware barely works, software is not (really) updated since over 10 years. Airplay? No. Fullscreen (OSX)? No. Modern interface? No. Apple TV software is a joke. iOS is crashing a lot. Android software is... how should I know? And I am so stupid and keep buying that stuff. Horrible!
  4. eyekey

    No firmware update

    Have the same problem. My Firmware is on 1.1.0-390r1. Neither eyeTV on a mac or iPhone show me an option to upgrade the firmware. I tried on Windows and THC said my Firmware is "too old", I should update. I can't find online which the newest firmware is. Is there any?