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  1. Do you have a Mac in your household which is not updated to Catalina? If so, download an older EyeTV (v3.6.9 build 7521 should work) and updated within EyeTV -> Settings -> Devices. There should be a button.
  2. Yes. Please update the Netstream app for tvOS 13. IF you do it, please also fix these issues: - use a black font in the EPG when tvOS is set to dark mode. Otherwise you can barely read it - don't let the Apple TV go to sleep if Netstream is active and set in "Pause". This prevents recording of Timeshift - larger Timeshift buffer (2 GB is not enough) - Aspect ratio fix. The image is cropped in most channels (probably some kind of overscan/underscan error)
  3. I thought my tuner is broken. The update from today (2 October 2019) fixes this. Thanks.
  4. eyekey

    64 Bit support

    Wow! I am a little bit stunned. And happy. And a little bit angry. If you guys just would have said one word, all this bit**ing around in the forums never had escalated. I never understand why companies do not talk to their customers. Well... But I am glad EyeTv4 is happening. And thanks for using my flat theme I posted on Deviant-art a few years ago. (or is it just coincidence that it looks exactly the same :)) )
  5. eyekey

    64 Bit support

    Thanks. Looks good, but does not support the Netstream-Tuners.
  6. The only updates I see are for the (very ugly) Windows version. I hope, that guy will never be involved in the Mac-version of EyeTV. ... So there will be only one month until the beta for the next macOS will come out. Can we expect a 64 Bit EyeTV version for that? - I doubt it. Can we expect a 64 Bit EyeTV version for macOS 10.15 in October? - I doubt it. Well... then EyeTV is dead. Is there anything else, you can use on macOS?
  7. Thank you Reiner. Luckily I was able to restore version 7416 out of an old TimeMachine-Backup. I did the trick. Suddenly the firmware update came up and worked. I am pretty happy. Thanks. Now I can finally use my iPad to watch TV! Sadly Geniatech did not help me with this matter within the last 12 months. Their customer service is pretty bad. I wonder if they will update to 64Bit before it is too late. My guess: they won't. Lol!
  8. Looks amazing! Please give feedback after you set it up. Software looks very modern (unlike EyeTV which is still in 2005). But there is not a MacOS app, or am I wrong? Are you in Germany, too?
  9. Does not work in Germany. And it sticks into a single computer via USB. I used HDHomerun (European version) since a few years. It worked flawlessly. EyeTV dropped support, so I bought a Netstream 4C. Sadly it is buggier than a third party device. The TV-window closes every now and then. It is so sad, they cannot even maintain their own hardware well. BTW... I asked on Amazon which is the newest firmware. For Netstream 4C it is The question is, how to get my device updated to that? Mac, iOS and Android are not showing a button to update. And Geniatech is bungling.
  10. I tried to email Geniatech support in German and English, tried their hotline. - Nothing. Geniatech support is the worst experience I had with a company since ages. Nobody can tell me how to update from this super old firmware. I wish there was another option on a mac than EyeTV. Hardware barely works, software is not (really) updated since over 10 years. Airplay? No. Fullscreen (OSX)? No. Modern interface? No. Apple TV software is a joke. iOS is crashing a lot. Android software is... how should I know? And I am so stupid and keep buying that stuff. Horrible!
  11. Have the same problem. My Firmware is on 1.1.0-390r1. Neither eyeTV on a mac or iPhone show me an option to upgrade the firmware. I tried on Windows and THC said my Firmware is "too old", I should update. I can't find online which the newest firmware is. Is there any?