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  1. I open a TV channel. Then, if I select "Open Live TV on Multiplex" it just opens the next, and the next, and the next TV channel until I get to my second desired channel. Yeah, unfortunately, it's the last one on that multiplex. And I have to open like 7 or so windows, then close them. How can I directly open a certain TV channel on the same multiplex ? An option from the "EyeTV Programs" window would be nice, when you right click on a TV channel name
  2. djlyon

    How many Tuners does EyeTV Netstream 4C have?

    That line uses curvy quotes. Look carefully. Replace them with normal, straight quotes and the command will work
  3. djlyon

    Use all 4 decoders with EyeTV

    I am not buying NetStreamer 4C because of this ! Heck, I would even buy TWO I want to be able to open ALL the channels on 4 muxes at the same time. I have the necessary CPU, RAM and gigabit LAN. And also the displays, no problem here
  4. djlyon

    Hardware/Software wish list

    I second that.
  5. djlyon

    Use all 4 decoders with EyeTV

    I totally want EyeTV to be able to use more than 2 tuners on the same device !