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  1. I open a TV channel. Then, if I select "Open Live TV on Multiplex" it just opens the next, and the next, and the next TV channel until I get to my second desired channel. Yeah, unfortunately, it's the last one on that multiplex. And I have to open like 7 or so windows, then close them. How can I directly open a certain TV channel on the same multiplex ? An option from the "EyeTV Programs" window would be nice, when you right click on a TV channel name
  2. That line uses curvy quotes. Look carefully. Replace them with normal, straight quotes and the command will work
  3. I am not buying NetStreamer 4C because of this ! Heck, I would even buy TWO I want to be able to open ALL the channels on 4 muxes at the same time. I have the necessary CPU, RAM and gigabit LAN. And also the displays, no problem here
  4. I totally want EyeTV to be able to use more than 2 tuners on the same device !