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  1. I'm stuck to High Sierra anyway, due to lack of Nvidia drivers for the 9xx, 10xx, 20xx series. I've installed the older 7521 version but there is no button under any of the Encoding, Signal, Info tabs. Firmware for the device with "Pre-release version. For testing purposes only. Do not ship!" is Firmware for the "normal" device is as displayed in the Devices-Info tab. I had to power off each of the devices in turn. If both are connected, Info tab only shows "2 Geniatech EyeTV 4C devices connected", no other firmware, IP, etc info. Please advise Thank you !
  2. Hi, I've purchased and received my second Netstream 4c just now, and although the first one is purchased June 2017, the one purchased November 2019 says: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elgato SAT>IP Server 1.1.0-369b3, Oct 14 2014, 14:00:33 Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Elgato Systems GmbH, Germany Pre-release version. For testing purposes only. Do not ship! MAC: 00:0C:6C:08:01:47 Board ID: 1 Name: EyeTV Netstream 4C (327) Compiler Settings: DEBUG RELEASE OPTIMIZE BUILT BY rolf@S-M-UBUNTU12-EG45M-UD2H VIXSDEVICE_DEBUG = WARNING + RUNTIME VIXSHAL_DEBUG = WARNING + RUNTIME FRONTEND_DEBUG = WARNING + RUNTIME XCODE_DEBUG = WARNING + RUNTIME GPIO_DEBUG = WARNING + RUNTIME I2C_DEBUG = WARNING + RUNTIME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No such message "Pre-release version. For testing purposes only. Do not ship!" on the first device, the info is as it should be. After setting it up in EyeTV (7528) the channels open just fine - they were already tuned and stored from the first tuner. I can open 8 different channels from 8 different muxes (frequencies) as expected, and the window titles clearly reflect both tuners beeing used. But since it cleary says "Pre-release version. For testing purposes only. Do not ship!" - how can I update the firmware now ? There is not button in EyeTV and no firmware file to download and upload in the web interface. Please advise how to proceed. Thank you !
  3. I open a TV channel. Then, if I select "Open Live TV on Multiplex" it just opens the next, and the next, and the next TV channel until I get to my second desired channel. Yeah, unfortunately, it's the last one on that multiplex. And I have to open like 7 or so windows, then close them. How can I directly open a certain TV channel on the same multiplex ? An option from the "EyeTV Programs" window would be nice, when you right click on a TV channel name
  4. That line uses curvy quotes. Look carefully. Replace them with normal, straight quotes and the command will work
  5. I am not buying NetStreamer 4C because of this ! Heck, I would even buy TWO I want to be able to open ALL the channels on 4 muxes at the same time. I have the necessary CPU, RAM and gigabit LAN. And also the displays, no problem here
  6. I totally want EyeTV to be able to use more than 2 tuners on the same device !