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  1. They write that they still support the HDHomerun Dual. This is a big lie. Just check (in the latest EyeTV) which devices can be selected. There is no HDHomerun!
  2. Ton

    EyeTV-T2 not working

    Kann viel einfacher: Right-Click on the .EyeTV file, Choose "Show Package" and you get all those files in Finder.
  3. Angela, you clearly do not know Geniatechs track record. Let me tell you: it is not lousy, it is very very lousy! Not only promised they years ago a usable aTV app (which is not available on this day), they took away (without any warning) support for the most popular decoder (HDHomerun) a decoder which was sold directly by Elgato (predecessor of Geniatech), they hardly ever react to problems mentioned here. So you better start reading some posts here before you post nonsens.
  4. Ton

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Channels is only a partial solution because EyeTV users will want to play (on desktop and aTV) recordings made on their iMac. Geniatech should stop with their childish behavior and put back HDHomerun (2 and 4 channel version) on the list os supported devices. Also because there are people who bought it under the Elgato brand. Their behavior is childish because the only reason is to eliminate a competitor that sells better products than their own. Personally I find TVHeadend and TV-Mosaic better replacements.
  5. Probably just like Geniatech is working on an aTV version but (after years) still did not deliver.
  6. I hope they are smart and support the full range of HDHomerun but I am afraid that they will not. If no support for HDHR I will switch fully to either TV-Mosaic (former DVBLink) or TVHeadend. Presently I use both and am very content with it.
  7. More important is the question IF and WHEN ever will there be a 64-bit version.
  8. Ton

    Eyetv 32-bit & macOS HighSierra 10.13.4

    @thomaskud Promises, promises, promises! Just like the promise for an EyeTV app on the aTV which till this very day still does not exist. At least not a usable one that is able to play back recordings made on the Mac. Stop making promises you are not going to fullfill!
  9. HDHomerun is not in the list of supported devices. So what is the use of a version 4 when the most sold device is not supported?
  10. Where (URL) is that announced? Can't find it.
  11. Didn't know they already launched the new version. Don't know whether this only works in Europe. Why not send them a mail and request a copy of old version. If you want it running on a Mac then you could DL the old version here: NB: if link does not work mail me then your IP so I can adjust the firewall.
  12. There is a complete new version of DVBlink in development. However the present version should install with no problems. I suggest visiting their forum where you mostly will receive a solution same day. Mail also works very good. A complete different company compared to Geniatech.
  13. Ton

    Do *NOT* Install Update: v. 3.6.9 (7521)

    There is only 1 permanent solution to all EyeTV problems: Trash EyeTV and switch over to DVBlink from