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  1. @PickleRick Why first exporting? You can handbrake let open the package directly. So no need for an extra step. I have no problem whatsoever with Handbrake. Is you problem maybe that your Mac is overloaded?
  2. Don't really understand what you are trying to get across but here I start watching EyeTV just like any other app. Click either on the Dock icon or in Finder then the program window opens, click on any channel/program and I get the choice "What to do" either schedule it, record it or watch it. Good system. I leave all apps that I use more than once a day open. Fastest way to start anything and I find no significant degradation.
  3. For all those who want to be beta tester solely because they have installed Catalina. I'm sorry but EyeTV 4 is far away to be used for production. Too many problems. So you better revert your iMac/Macbook to Mojave. Doing that is simple: (1)make a full backup to an external HD, (2) start install Mojave, (3) choose option for Disk utility, (4) erase the HD where Catlina was installed, (5) Install Mojave, (6) do a migration from the ext. HD.
  4. There have been several messages about using XML. First , it has to be loaded (dragging the .xml file onto the EyeTV icon) for the rest it works fine. I myself use a python app that scans several sites and builds a xml file containing the information of about 60 stations during the next 14 days. Other people use xml files using a subscription to a ste that delivers such a file. The XL language is standardized and so will always work. " elgato turbo.264 HD" Somewhere I read that this will no longer work due to the fact that the next macOS will only run 64 bit. It is also a rather useless device if you watch the internal speed of todays Mac's.
  5. This problem is caused by the Helper app missing. it has gotten deleted somehow. Best way to solve this problem is by unpacking the EyeTV app from the .DMG. If it is the EyeTV3 app that is damaged then download if from the Geniatech sit. Solved the problem for me.
  6. Some more problems: - I used to switch from full screen to regular screen using the backspace. This is no longer possible. Please reenable this. - EyeTV4 sometimes simply stops with no visible reason. - When EyeTV4 is started because of a scheduled recording then also a live TV window is openen even when “Always open …. at startup” in Preference is not checked. - Program guide (filled by XML) sometimes suddenly disappears. - Scheduled recordings are not always visible in Recordings. They become visible only when the app is restarted. - When I click on a program to see details then when I want to close that I have to click on the exact same program. Please change that to (preferred) an “x” in that window or clicking anywhere outside that window.
  7. Rather small problem. Sharing does not work. Both sharing from v4 to v3 and no sharing from v3 to v4. The culprit is most likely v4 because it also doe not work between two v4 system while two v3 systems is no problem.
  8. The day after. The zero byte recording has done in other words recording is fine. I see that the pictures I included in my previous message are now gone. After posting the message they were still there, now all gone. If you need them I will reproduce them. Just tell me.
  9. Software: Mojave 10.14.6, EyeTV 4.0b4 (8507). - In Setup Assistant an error message (set_through_bindings) appear. - In Setup screen no provider available and as a result no service appears in next window. As a result there is no service provider and no scan is done. The fact that I see all channels is probably because the old EyeTV is available on this system. - When starting the app then main program window appears but also a big large white window with no possibility to have it disappear. So there is no tuning. Also at close erroneous window appears. - The window above apparently is the window that should be used for displaying a channel. No matter what channel I chose the window show short the information about current running program and the reverts to the full white window. - When I record a program (either using the Program Guide or Schedules the there is always a zero byte recording. - The program guide has a very ugly font. This is maybe also caused by the resolution of the used screen. - When I try to watch a channel I always get an error message that there is no device connected although the Nextstream is coupled. - After some time (going back and forward in divergent subwindows) he station number no longer correspond to the given program information. E.g. the 9 should be 1, the 10 should be 2 and so on. - Not all logo’s are visible. - The Recordings and Schedules window are good looking. - I do not use EyeTV Plus, is there a way to get rid of it in the left column. - I think you should add an option (in Preferences) “Font” there the user can decide which font to use for the right column, left column, and so on. - I would like to be able to have My Sorting in the program Guide. Just like it was in EyeTV 3. - When I do a restart/rreboot then all program information is gone and I have to bring the TV.XML file again on the EyeTV icon. This is very time consuming.
  10. @Mikyesun I see that you deleted your answer to my question "When can I expect a version that works with Netstream 4C", you replied "tomorrow" (which is today). It Is policy to remove messages and not very transparant. If you cannot fulfill to a promise just say so but don't change history.