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  1. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    @asander: I bet there never will be a app for the aTV, just like there never will be a really updated EyeTV. Just too complicated for Geniatech. If you want aTV usage then switch over to DVBlink. It has a good working aTV app foor a long time now. Only their scheduling sucks.
  2. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    @Mikyesun @thomaskud I hear the bookmakers are taking 1:1.000 that in 2025 you guys have been able to produce a real working aTV4 app. Helas, small problem: the aTV4 has been replaced for many years by the aTV6. May I take your bets?
  3. Mystery Schedules How can I remove?

    Schedules are within a (invisible!) folder of the EyeTV Archive. Use a programm like "Funter" or similar and it will show all invisible files. Also you can use programs like "Ifilex" to find any file anywhere.
  4. Remark on @jelockwood fine description: " it is not necessary to scan for stations again." better is to not do the scan since it will delete existing scans. Offcourse an update scan is no problem since then the old scan remains active. In this way even the HDHR3-4DC can be used although then only 2 decoders are accessible.
  5. If the U6 is able to pick-up up all wanted stations then it might work if you set it up the U6 and then disconnect it, connect the HDHR. I know by experience that this method works in a number of cases. If not then the best solution is dumping EyeTV, get (Free) version of DVBlink. That will function perfectst with the HDHD. Alternative is using TVHeadend but that has quitte a large learning curve. If you love working on the "bits & byte" level MythTV is an alternative but only if you can get it to work.
  6. You might try another brand like in the picture. They are all able to be used by EyeTV.
  7. I doubt Geniatech will provide the necessary APi & other technical info. Better luck might be HDHomerun from SiliconDust. All their info is public.
  8. Do not use any option to convert from within EyeTV! Use Handbrake because it is fast and any player can play the converted movie.
  9. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    I've lost all confidence that an aTV4 app (similar to the one for IOS) will ever see the day of light. Even the conference call did never happen.
  10. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    Due to family circumstances it may be possible that I will not be present. Sorry but priorities. My view on the subject: Either port the iPad.EyeTV app to the aaTV4. Offcourse update it so that recoding on the Mac is not necessary but do this on the aTV. It is powerfull enough and many videoplayers on aTV do same. This will suffice 90 ~ 99% of all users. Or develop a brandnew app and look at competing apps (DVBlink, TVHeadend, Channels and many more) and pick the best of each. Appoint a number of users here as Beta-testers. But I to be able to attend.
  11. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    Id is simple: "TonVanHest"
  12. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    @Mikyesun I am able all 3 dates/time if (!) these ere EU times/ @fissionbomb I probably need something like a manual because under hardware there is no Netstream 4c showing. Otoh my HDHR does show.
  13. Edit and fine tune clippings

    I use "Video Cutter" from the App store. Positioning is a bit troublesome but depends on experience.
  14. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    I own (among other brands/types) both the Netstream 4C and HDHR3-4DC. The HDHR is recognized and functions with EyeTV & DVBlink & TVHeadend. The Netstream 4C functions only with EyeTV and not DVBlink. According to the people of DVBlogic the Netstreams uses a different protocol and does not use the regular DVB-C drivers.
  15. No problem here. In your case I would do a full uninstall (using EyeTV Reporter) and then install anew from the .DM. A bit of work but then you're sure all is up-to-date. If you have many schedules then make first a complete copy of 'EyeTV Archive' folder (there are hidden files in there) and restore it after reinstall.