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  1. Ton

    Eyetv 32-bit & macOS HighSierra 10.13.4

    @thomaskud Promises, promises, promises! Just like the promise for an EyeTV app on the aTV which till this very day still does not exist. At least not a usable one that is able to play back recordings made on the Mac. Stop making promises you are not going to fullfill!
  2. HDHomerun is not in the list of supported devices. So what is the use of a version 4 when the most sold device is not supported?
  3. Where (URL) is that announced? Can't find it.
  4. Didn't know they already launched the new version. Don't know whether this only works in Europe. Why not send them a mail and request a copy of old version. If you want it running on a Mac then you could DL the old version here: NB: if link does not work mail me then your IP so I can adjust the firewall.
  5. There is a complete new version of DVBlink in development. However the present version should install with no problems. I suggest visiting their forum where you mostly will receive a solution same day. Mail also works very good. A complete different company compared to Geniatech.
  6. Ton

    Do *NOT* Install Update: v. 3.6.9 (7521)

    There is only 1 permanent solution to all EyeTV problems: Trash EyeTV and switch over to DVBlink from
  7. Works fine here (same versions).
  8. Ton

    stream via Safari

    Still works. Use "http://XXX:2170/eyetv/#home' where XXX is the IP of the Mac running EyeTV.
  9. @DHK DVBlink (from is working on a complete overhaul of their product. The present version is less polished than EyeTV but it works fine and also on aTV.
  10. EyeTV has never been able to use more than 2 tuners of the HDHR-4's. And probably never will enable that because they rather sell their "crippled" Netstream 4C so the software is explicitly limited. if you want to use all 4 decoders then only solution is to switch to a product like DVBlink which also has the additional advantage that it is able to record more than 4 stations at the same time as long as these are within the same 'bouquet'. Downside of DVBLINK is that it does not have the extended scheduling facilities like EyeTV has.
  11. Ton

    No firmware update

    @eyekey " wish there was another option on a mac than EyeTV." You could switch to DVBlink (works out of the box. check or if you love tinkering then MythTV or TVHeadend (if you own a NAS) are alternatives. DVBlink does almost everything EyeTV does but with good support. Pity is that their scheduling options are rudimentary.
  12. If you use EyeTV (on a Mac) the default location is "EyeTV Archive" within "Documents". But you can choose your own location using the Preferences.
  13. Ton

    Newbie needs advice

    See your PM.
  14. Ton

    Newbie needs advice

    Rule (mine, that is) 1: never change permissions when using different users. Get's too complicated. For now: just go (as administrator, hope you only have 1), right click the "EyeTV Archive" (assuming it is now in a place where you want it and you already defined that place in EyeTV's preference) and set all three to "read/Write" and click "change all in the cogwheel. This may not be the "purist" Linux way to do it but will work and prevent many problems.
  15. Ton

    Newbie needs advice

    Checked it and don't have that problem. You could have a problem is you have moved the "EyeTV Archive" location. In that case go to that location click right on the EyeTV Archive location and set that folder so that you have permission. Do not forget to check the bottom Cogwheel to let the change be done on all in the folder.