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  1. Ton

    64 Bit support

    " they are actually devoting their energy into creating a 64 bit version of the software." You are a standup comedian?
  2. Ton

    64 Bit support

    TV-Mosaic is an (64-bit) alternative on the iMac.
  3. There are many ways to export already. 1. Use Handbrake to convert the .eyetv fillet a regular .mkv or. mp4 and have Handbrake write the result to your NAS. Use Infuse for replay. 2. Set the EyeTV Archive pointing to your NAS. All recordings will end up there and you can replay using Infuse. 3. Manually (using Finder) extract the .mpg file within the .eyetv file and put that file on your NAS. Play with Infuse. In all cases: rename the resulting NAS file and Infuse will generate all Metadata. Use programs like Hazel if you want to automate the above process. You could also switch to TV-Mosaic or TVHeadend both can run directly on a NAS and write output in the needed format.
  4. No idea what the problem is with the EPG. But money is a likely culprit. It can be found here and might be easily adaptable to more countries.
  5. I think their motivation is quite simple. They want you to put your HDHR in the garbage bin and buy their Netstream, 4C. This problem was already present in the Elgato days when they only supported the Dual-like devices and even sold these under their own name. Most likely they have tried to get money from Silicon Dust in order to turn support on again. SD refused and is (I'm told) now working to improve their DVR program so that it can live up to the EyeTV standards. Their present program is quitte useless
  6. Ton

    EYETV3 64 BIT

    Nice solution but only for apps that you seldom need but not for stuff used daily.
  7. Result: iMac:~ tonio$ defaults read com.elgato.eyetv "poll for HDHomeRun" 2019-03-24 16:50:53.912 defaults[34663:12354907] The domain/default pair of (com.elgato.eyetv, poll for HDHomeRun) does not exist defaults.txt
  8. EyeTV is more than 5 (maybe even 10) years old! In the meantime there have been no upgrades at all. People are not mad about 20 Dollars but mad because EyeTV is now for over 2 months useless! People are mad because Geniatech does not know the word "communicate". So you better first find out what the problem is before writing nonsens.
  9. They have deliberately removed the support for HDHomerun devices. It has nothing to do with the EPG guide. It was a commercial (and very stupid) decision. If you want to use HDHR devices then you will have to stick to version 7520 or switch to another product like TV-Mosaic or TVHeadend.
  10. You can let TV-Mosaic Pro output .MKV or .MP4 instead of the .TS.
  11. I suggest everybody takes a look at either TV-Moasic (runs on a lot of platforms) or TVHeadend (runs on most NASses). Both do not offer 100% of all EyeTV features but do a very good job. And more important, the support of TV-Moasic is superb. It is easy to use products next to each other. So you can have a try out. BTW: the support of El Gato was only in the starting years better.Their last years they gave almost no support at all. So it looks like Geniatech is largely the same population as was. I wonder how many people there are in their support department. According to the website is looks like over 15 but in praxis I am afraid it is limited to 1 or 2 persons.
  12. If you use XML files to fill the EPG you must also set in Preferences->Guide "service" to none. Otherwise you will get conflicts. If the Channel settings do not stay fixed then you have a permission problem.
  13. Stop waisting everyone's time with nonsens messages.
  14. You can fetch it from and the Mac App Store.
  15. Don't understand what you mean.