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  1. Ton

    TV Guide not updating

    If you use XML files to fill the EPG you must also set in Preferences->Guide "service" to none. Otherwise you will get conflicts. If the Channel settings do not stay fixed then you have a permission problem.
  2. Ton

    TV Guide not updating

    Stop waisting everyone's time with nonsens messages.
  3. Ton

    TV Guide not updating

    You can fetch it from and the Mac App Store.
  4. Ton

    TV Guide not updating

    Don't understand what you mean.
  5. Ton

    TV Guide not updating

    It has no editing capabilities but you can use "Video Cutter" for that. You can find it in the App Store, does a good job.
  6. Ton

    TV Guide not updating

    That has no scheduling/EPG capabilities at all. Better then is to switch to TV-Mosaic. Nearly identical with the features of EyeTV but good and fast support.
  7. Ton

    Activation issue

    Check the site macserialjunkie or find serial seeker. it's the place for people that don't get support from Geniatech.
  8. Ton

    EyeTV to Video TS has a number of programs that do something with an equalizer. Maybe there is one that suits your need. Remember, you only need the .mpg file within the package/folder and that can be played by many videoplayers.
  9. Ton

    EyeTV to Video TS

    .eyetv is nothing ore than a package/ folder containing files. One of them is the .mpg file. That contains the recorded program. There are many programs that can convert .mpg to DVD, MKV or whatever. Take a look at and you will find several.
  10. They have a good working forum and also they replay Quickly to e-mails sent to them. Full EPG is a paid function but most DVB-C have a Free limited one contained.
  11. TVheadend only runs on NAS/Linux. TV-Mosaic is available for almost any platform.
  12. Both do much more recordings simultaneously. With either I sometimes record up to 8 stations. Have no deep knowledge on the technical stuff but it has to do that with DVB-C a number of stations are bundled in a single transmission. EyeTV only records one of these stations while others record the bundle and then select what you have chosen. Tryit out. Both are available fully unlimited at no cost.
  13. I suggest that you better put your energy in "voting with your feet" meaning looking for alternatives like TV-Mosaic or TVHeadend. Both for to use.
  14. They write that they still support the HDHomerun Dual. This is a big lie. Just check (in the latest EyeTV) which devices can be selected. There is no HDHomerun!
  15. Ton

    EyeTV-T2 not working

    Kann viel einfacher: Right-Click on the .EyeTV file, Choose "Show Package" and you get all those files in Finder.