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  1. As previously reported there still is the problem that the Netstream 4C “disappears” after 20 or so minutes. I even bought the paid version but still the same problem. After stopping and starting the program all is fine and the 4C is available again until …..
  2. I am one of the first beta testers and I have put many tens of hours in testing the several beta versions. The present version is still far from a production version. It is 100% unfit for daily use whereby recordings are made and live TV is watched. The present version shows very little improvement compared with the previous version. In general I have the feeling that only 1 or 2 persons are working on solving the problems.I have that feeling because the time between updates are quite long and the improvements are minimal. So I have decided to spend minimal time on EyeTV. When a new version arrives I will check on a few points whether they are solved and if not I delete it and wait until the next version. I expect that media end 2020 there will be a commercially ft version. In the meantime I us TVHeadend & TVMosaoic. Both products that work 99,9% problemless. A big advantage is that both work fully with all HDHomerun products. So no more problem messages from me which I feel are useless. Goodbye betas. @Mikyesun @Angela Xu
  3. EyeTV c4 produced a .TS file which can be played by most available video players. I myself use mainly Movist (=free) which plays nearly all formats. So the problem lies with Quick Timed not EyeTV. PS: you can always convert to .MKV with Handbrake and you have the format most around.
  4. Today I wanted to check on the usage of EyeTV on a iPhone/iPad. In preferences/iPhone it "use My EyeTV" is set but all isgreyed out. Ans since I have no inkling as to what Password to use I cannot check it further out.
  5. All remarks pertain to recording/scheduling. - major problem! In preferences there is set a “Extended recording time”. Sometimes this is honored, sometimes it is not and then the watcher misses the last minure(1). - when scheduling in program window and one adds ’Start time…. Is in the range” then it is only possible to enter time using the up/down arrows. This is very tedious. Faster is to (by hand) enter the wanted time. Just as was possible in v3. NB: this (only by using arrows) occurs inn many more places. - missing is the “Options” where one could set number of recordings and some more. - I do not like the new visual of “Recordings” window. The old oen with a tabular view gave much better information at a glance. - same for the “Schedules” window. Remarks on “Program Guide”: - when one has set a schedule (or anything else) the Program Window is placed in a different position. - in general: in v3 after returning to this window it was always position with channel 1 in the topmost visible position. Now that is Channel 5 General remarks: - it would be nice if on could hide the leftmost/black column. Most of the time only the Program Window is needed. Also the footprint is greatly diminished. - in All Channels most of the icons ar missing. I would prefer no icons at all over the present view. - it is very irritating that there is no sorting possible on the stations..
  6. @eyekey Alas, that is a road that cannot be taken because it would put a full stop to all my other activities. So I've taken a different approach. I ordered a new Netstream 4c and will connect that one. If the problem does not dome back (i.e. it functions as should be) then I conclude that it was caused by defective 4c. If the problem persists with the new 4c then I conclude that the problem lies in the software.
  7. There is no crash report. It's really strange: all of a sudden the device disappears (and EyeTV is halted), Then after some time it appears again and EyeTV works like nothing happened. In the console following is communicated: I don't has the faintest ideas what it all means. maybe you do.
  8. I use the Nextstream 4C and my biggest problem is that the program crashes about every 20 minutes. Then I have to restart it it and set the EPG in All Channels to DVB since all entries are lost. This problem is either caused by the software or the hardware. I have no way to check that. Anyone else having the same problem?
  9. @PickleRick Why first exporting? You can handbrake let open the package directly. So no need for an extra step. I have no problem whatsoever with Handbrake. Is you problem maybe that your Mac is overloaded?
  10. Don't really understand what you are trying to get across but here I start watching EyeTV just like any other app. Click either on the Dock icon or in Finder then the program window opens, click on any channel/program and I get the choice "What to do" either schedule it, record it or watch it. Good system. I leave all apps that I use more than once a day open. Fastest way to start anything and I find no significant degradation.