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  1. Solution? Either switch to version 7520 or different software like DVBlink, TVHeadend, MythTV.
  2. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    @great_vc You could switch to DVBlink (free version does it all, aTV cost money) or MythTV (if you like tinkering on it-level)of (if you have a NAS) TVHeadend. These have no editing features but for that Quicktime is very nice alternatively you could use Video Cutter. DVBlink is the easiest to switch to but misses 1 feature (in which EyeTV is outstanding) and that is scheduling. Their scheduling is rather primitive. Otoh the support is great meaning mail and forum are often replies to the same day.
  3. EyeTV Plus in menu of version 3.6.9 (7521)

    So that is where Geniatech is working on. Rather useless because there are, even free, alternatives like XMLtv, DVB programm e.s.o.. I would rather have seen a aTV app, EyeTV 4!
  4. 3.6.9 7521 breaks Geniatech EyeTV HD!

    @claire Most compagnies have the decency to inform their customers beforehand instead of letting them find out the hard way. Sorry to say, but in respect to customer friendliness you are worse than Elgato already was.
  5. Since they write "It is te decision of our company" it clearly has been done deliberately so small chance they will revert it. Either go to the old version and stay there or start using different software (DVBlink, TVheadend, MythTV). Also Silicon Dust has software running a Mac that used their HDHR's.
  6. Open letter to Geniatech

    @thomaskud I think it is a good idea if you add links to new updates in "EyeTV News and Announcements" makes it easier to update.
  7. Do *NOT* Install Update: v. 3.6.9 (7521)

    A channelscan may take up to several hours! I never understand that there are still people that do not save their system on regular interval or use Time Machine. Doing either gives the option to restore a previous working system. Best is making a clone of your system. Carbon Copy Cloner is perfect and worth its money.
  8. See (old review). As usual the price was quite a bit higher than the original. Just like the Hybrid is marketed.
  9. Elgato has sold the HDHomerun for some time rebranded under their own name. Makes it more weird. When Geniatech took over I had hopes that it would undo the error Elgato had made by killing off their forum. Alas, we have now again a forum but with even less support Thant the old original forum. Luckily there are now alternatives (DVBlink, TVHeadend) although with less comfort than EyeTV.
  10. I fear that they have done this on purpose in an tempt to boost the sales of their own hardware. Typical short time thinking and disastrous in the long term.
  11. 1. When skipping then the timber no longer shows how much time is remaining. 2. When scheduling then starting/endtime does not show.
  12. Open letter to Geniatech

    The above is now one 1 year old!!!!! And nothing in the positive has happened. Worse, the situation has degraded even further. No aTV app, problems with High Sierra, no response to problem messages, no sign of EyeTV 4 (64 bits) In short: EyeTV (software and hardware!) have become abandonware. Products that are sold without any support. There are 11 moderators (an absurd large group for a niche product) @Abigale @David Andel @Dual_HD @Echo88 @justin @Mikyesun @N.Z @Nick @NinjaKai @thomaskud @Vanessa but where are the technicians i.e. people that know how to program and solve problems? Where is the management that should decide on timelines? What is the timeline? And more, more, more questions.
  13. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    DVBlink has one big fail and that is scheduling. This is too primitive and my only reason to also use EyeTV. For Win users there is a good solution in the from of an addon.
  14. Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    Both (iMac & HDHR) should get their IP-address from a DHCP-server which is usually located in your modem/router. Most will provide always the same IP. If not (apparently your case) then you should tell the DHCP-server to assign fixed IP-addresses. How, depends on brand router.
  15. EYETV on HIGH SIERRA - 10.13 beta 1

    DVBlink from works very good and has a working aTV and iPhone/iPad app.