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  1. I am one of the first beta testers and I have put many tens of hours in testing the several beta versions. The present version is still far from a production version. It is 100% unfit for daily use whereby recordings are made and live TV is watched. The present version shows very little improvement compared with the previous version. In general I have the feeling that only 1 or 2 persons are working on solving the problems.I have that feeling because the time between updates are quite long and the improvements are minimal. So I have decided to spend minimal time on EyeTV. When a new version arrives I will check on a few points whether they are solved and if not I delete it and wait until the next version. I expect that media end 2020 there will be a commercially ft version. In the meantime I us TVHeadend & TVMosaoic. Both products that work 99,9% problemless. A big advantage is that both work fully with all HDHomerun products. So no more problem messages from me which I feel are useless. Goodbye betas. @Mikyesun @Angela Xu
  2. EyeTV c4 produced a .TS file which can be played by most available video players. I myself use mainly Movist (=free) which plays nearly all formats. So the problem lies with Quick Timed not EyeTV. PS: you can always convert to .MKV with Handbrake and you have the format most around.
  3. Today I wanted to check on the usage of EyeTV on a iPhone/iPad. In preferences/iPhone it "use My EyeTV" is set but all isgreyed out. Ans since I have no inkling as to what Password to use I cannot check it further out.
  4. All remarks pertain to recording/scheduling. - major problem! In preferences there is set a “Extended recording time”. Sometimes this is honored, sometimes it is not and then the watcher misses the last minure(1). - when scheduling in program window and one adds ’Start time…. Is in the range” then it is only possible to enter time using the up/down arrows. This is very tedious. Faster is to (by hand) enter the wanted time. Just as was possible in v3. NB: this (only by using arrows) occurs inn many more places. - missing is the “Options” where one could set number of recordings and some more. - I do not like the new visual of “Recordings” window. The old oen with a tabular view gave much better information at a glance. - same for the “Schedules” window. Remarks on “Program Guide”: - when one has set a schedule (or anything else) the Program Window is placed in a different position. - in general: in v3 after returning to this window it was always position with channel 1 in the topmost visible position. Now that is Channel 5 General remarks: - it would be nice if on could hide the leftmost/black column. Most of the time only the Program Window is needed. Also the footprint is greatly diminished. - in All Channels most of the icons ar missing. I would prefer no icons at all over the present view. - it is very irritating that there is no sorting possible on the stations..
  5. @eyekey Alas, that is a road that cannot be taken because it would put a full stop to all my other activities. So I've taken a different approach. I ordered a new Netstream 4c and will connect that one. If the problem does not dome back (i.e. it functions as should be) then I conclude that it was caused by defective 4c. If the problem persists with the new 4c then I conclude that the problem lies in the software.
  6. There is no crash report. It's really strange: all of a sudden the device disappears (and EyeTV is halted), Then after some time it appears again and EyeTV works like nothing happened. In the console following is communicated: I don't has the faintest ideas what it all means. maybe you do.
  7. I use the Nextstream 4C and my biggest problem is that the program crashes about every 20 minutes. Then I have to restart it it and set the EPG in All Channels to DVB since all entries are lost. This problem is either caused by the software or the hardware. I have no way to check that. Anyone else having the same problem?
  8. @PickleRick Why first exporting? You can handbrake let open the package directly. So no need for an extra step. I have no problem whatsoever with Handbrake. Is you problem maybe that your Mac is overloaded?
  9. Don't really understand what you are trying to get across but here I start watching EyeTV just like any other app. Click either on the Dock icon or in Finder then the program window opens, click on any channel/program and I get the choice "What to do" either schedule it, record it or watch it. Good system. I leave all apps that I use more than once a day open. Fastest way to start anything and I find no significant degradation.
  10. For all those who want to be beta tester solely because they have installed Catalina. I'm sorry but EyeTV 4 is far away to be used for production. Too many problems. So you better revert your iMac/Macbook to Mojave. Doing that is simple: (1)make a full backup to an external HD, (2) start install Mojave, (3) choose option for Disk utility, (4) erase the HD where Catlina was installed, (5) Install Mojave, (6) do a migration from the ext. HD.
  11. There have been several messages about using XML. First , it has to be loaded (dragging the .xml file onto the EyeTV icon) for the rest it works fine. I myself use a python app that scans several sites and builds a xml file containing the information of about 60 stations during the next 14 days. Other people use xml files using a subscription to a ste that delivers such a file. The XL language is standardized and so will always work. " elgato turbo.264 HD" Somewhere I read that this will no longer work due to the fact that the next macOS will only run 64 bit. It is also a rather useless device if you watch the internal speed of todays Mac's.
  12. This problem is caused by the Helper app missing. it has gotten deleted somehow. Best way to solve this problem is by unpacking the EyeTV app from the .DMG. If it is the EyeTV3 app that is damaged then download if from the Geniatech sit. Solved the problem for me.