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  1. Hi I purchased the 8521 version of Eye TV 4 for MAC. I couldn't have had imagined geniatech could relase such a primitive and defective sofware! The progamm wasn't able to detect all the services as version 3 did. EPG from live signal was retrieved just sporadiclly for very few of the services. But the cheery on top: with this software Eye TV 4 (8521) the HD Services are recorded as ordinary SD Services with the resolution downgraded from 1920x1080 to 720x576!!! Thanks God I could claim for a refund. Such a disaster, I will never install on my MAC! The video editor simply cannot be used. The Eye TV 4 was released without any manual. "Help" just redirects you to geniatech. eu webpage My advice: stay away from Eye TV 4, but If you really want to try it: install Catalina on an USB drive. After that purchase Eye TV 4. Try it and if you are not satisifed claim the refund witin 14 days.
  2. I downloaded also their app Eye TV 2.1.7 (861). There is no clear information how must you connect to the Geniatech or Mac device running the eye tv software, neither in the local network nor remotely, over internet. Support doesn't answer emails. pathetic...
  3. Thank you very much for your answers! Unfortunately Handbrake cannot open the recorded eye tv files either (unsupported file) Eye TV Support acknowledged that for now the exported files cannot be opened with any third party player (see att. picture): "Thanks for your explanation. It is very clear. The exported eyetv file from EyeTV 4 does not support playing by the third party player for now. This issue has been passed on to the R&D center." For me, EYE TV 4 is useless for the following reasons: -scheduled recording doesn't work. Recording simply doesn't start -recorded files cannot be played with any other player but the Eye TV embedded one. Thus exporting has no meaning... Insane... -"Eye TV Reporter" doesn't work with Eye TV 4.Reports cannot be generated in order to be sent to Geniatech. -Eye TV 4 frequently starts unable to load any video content. Requires restart, again and again. Finally, Eye TV 4 has so many major bugs that it can be considered a crap! As you guess, nobody from support or R&D Dept. (Research and Development?) doesn't give a $hit to fix this issues. They simply ignore them... Sad...
  4. With eye TV. 3.6.9 the file was saved as mp4 and could be played by any player.With Eye TV 4 the file is saved as avi. I changed however the file extension to .ts also, but the file simply won’t open There is no problem wirh the file extension but with the content of the file itself. Name a ftp server and I will upload the 6.5 GB file, if you want to try to open it.... From one day to another, using the same machine but with Catalina and Eye TV 4 the box became useless...
  5. I recently installed Catalina and Eye TV 4 on my machine. As a result the recordings cannot be played with any player, Quick Time or VLC. Before, with Mojave OS and Eye TV 3.6.9, there were no problems. Also, during exporting the recorded file, the live TV streaming produced countless still images, a sign that the HW was overloaded. This phenomenon didn't occurred before, as well. As a conclusion: the box together with it's new SW is useless!