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  1. One thing we can do is to air the issue publicly on their social media accounts. I'd suggest posting to Geniatech on Twitter: @Geniatech_EyeTV I will be doing that today.
  2. Dear Geniatech, Just a simple feature request; please return support for HDHomerun tuners in future updates to the EyeTV software. This support was deleted in the latest update without notice or warning to current EyeTV users with this configuration. Thus, the tuner hardware access was disabled, leaving users to figure out that a software roll-back was needed to get EyeTV working again. I"ve been a fan of EyeTV for over 10 years, and was forced to get an HDHomerun for dual tuner support when ElGato left the US market. Please consider continued support for this configuration for US-based users if you're not going to introduce a dual-tuner product for the US. EyeTV is an excellent product, and you showed great foresight in picking it up and continuing it. Thanks!