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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. OK so you decided to stop supporting SiliconDust HD Homerun products in EyeTV (see this thread**) and strangely you didn't explain when you made this change what *YOUR* recommendation is if we want to continue to use the latest versions of EyeTV in North America / Canada with an antenna NOT cable. I don't believe any of the hardware EyeTV sells works in North America / over-the-air (OTA/antenna), so what hardware do you recommend that you are committing to support for the next 5-10 years, that would allow anyone in a household to watch live TV from OTA/antenna on any device over wifi, *AND* allow EyeTV to act as a Mac based DVR? (This is what SiliconDust HD Homerun provides with EyeTV software). ** To be clear of course you can decide to stop supporting hardware by another manufacturer at any time. That's your right. But why not do it in a way that attempts to keep the trust between yourselves and the customers who chose, in good faith, to use your software with another manufacturer's hardware that, at that time, you did support. The *way* you let us know, means you've managed to upset a large number of customers. We just discovered your decision when we did a normal upgrade, no warning, no apology, no announcement to give us time to (for example), buy a replacement for our SiliconDust products that *does* work with EyeTV. In fact as far as I know you've not even made a recommendation of what you are suggesting HD Silicondust HD Homerun customers do - hence this post! By the *way* you have handled this has reduced the trust that 1000's of customers have for you and your products to zero. That's just *BAD* business / bad for profits - your shareholders / owners must be mad!
  2. Hi this question is a follow-on to the earlier announcement that eyeTV 3.6.9 (7521) and later doesn't support the Silcon Dust HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US) - see this thread. Today I notice this post in the Geniatech FAQ which gives us one reason for this decision Now, I have all transcoding off on my HD Homerun Extend - see config page below i.e. as far as I understand it my HD Homerun Extend is sending MPEG-2 transport streams - as required by newer eyetv versions. In fact it always sent MPEG-2 streams - I never had transcoding turned on - and this is working well today with eyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) which I continue to use. So Geniatech, why can't the HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US) work with newer versions of EyeTV if I turn off transcoding?
  3. Hi, Has the recent 7521 update completely broken functionality with HDHomeRun tuners for any one else? Running the Setup Assistant shows no option for HDHomeRun at all under Network/IPTV. Installing 7520 does have HDHomeRun and runs OK. C'mon Geniatech, how'd this get through testing?