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  1. EyeTV Hybrid Composite Problem Hey community, so I'm relentlessly trying to get my VCR hooked up to my EyeTV Hybrid, which I have used to digitalize some VHS tapes a while ago, which was working flawlessly back then, I believe it was back in 2017 when I was still on EyeTV 3 and an old OSX version. When I hook it up now and tried to get it running via EyeTV 4 I do only get a black screen via composite and it won't display any video playback from my VCR. Also hooked up a old XBOX 360 via composite which gave me the same result with a black screen. Am I doing something wrong, or is there any solution, besides getting an old system which runs with EyeTV 3?! Regards, ~mj.*
  2. Closing in on 120 days without EPG service. Come on.. PLEASE fix it already.
  3. Hello Everyone, I installed eyetv version 3.6.9 (7416) as a new install on Sierra DP3 on a Mac mini5,3 connected only by WiFi to the LAN with an HDHomeRun dual channel receiver. The first time I launched eyetv, it crashed immediately. Well, I tried the reopen button and it did not crash. I ran the setup and got 51 ATSC channels. It works just like my main machine running El Capitan. It works as well over WiFi as my main machine using Ethernet. I will test with one or two USB receivers whenever I find the time. On subsequent launches, eyetv did not crash. Thanks in Advance Regards: Diksha
  4. Running 3.6.9 (7523) on High Sierra with an EyeTV Diversity OTA, with no issues. When I play a show recorded with EyeTV in EyeTV, I can turn DVB subtitles on and off, so the application clearly has the ability to handle such subtitles. However, if I export the show to a native format (h.264), only audio and video are exported. Ideally, I would wish for EyeTV to be able to export subtitles, either in a .mp4 or .mkv container.
  5. It would be great if we have an option in eyetv to can stream liveTV without compressing video to watch TV in other room with another mac I want to say something like this project: eyetv-iptv-server: It would be great to have this option included in future updates Regards
  6. Dear Geniatech, Just a simple feature request; please return support for HDHomerun tuners in future updates to the EyeTV software. This support was deleted in the latest update without notice or warning to current EyeTV users with this configuration. Thus, the tuner hardware access was disabled, leaving users to figure out that a software roll-back was needed to get EyeTV working again. I"ve been a fan of EyeTV for over 10 years, and was forced to get an HDHomerun for dual tuner support when ElGato left the US market. Please consider continued support for this configuration for US-based users if you're not going to introduce a dual-tuner product for the US. EyeTV is an excellent product, and you showed great foresight in picking it up and continuing it. Thanks!
  7. Up until yesterday my EyeTV installation was working perfectly in conjunction with my EyeTV Diversity on my Mac Mini running OS X 10.11.6 now all I get is the message "This channel is currently unavailable". I've checked that there is sufficient space (over 1TByte). I've now updated to version 3.6.9 (7514) but that made no difference. My Mac Mini restarts every night but that doesn't seem to help. In preferences I can see that the signal quality and strength are 100% on both channels. I've raised a support ticket with Geniatech but have not heard back from them Can anyone offer any advice?
  8. First test seems EyeTV 3.6.9 is working with the first Developer Beta of MacOS Sierra The Program found all DVB-T channels, but none of the 8 available DVB-T2 in Cologne Germany Even if there is no h265 (HEVC) implementation yet to present any streams, the search mechanism does not show any DVB-T2 channels. The same with El Captain, Yosemite and Snow Leopard. Please Geniatech release first a Beta Software-Codec for EyeTV OS X before announcing DVB-T2 support If You have Genius programmers, Apple Metal API would be fantastic to be supported with EyeTV 4 Thank You... Mathew. PS: Channel Preview with 4,9,16 and even more Thumbnails would be amazing too.
  9. OK so you decided to stop supporting SiliconDust HD Homerun products in EyeTV (see this thread**) and strangely you didn't explain when you made this change what *YOUR* recommendation is if we want to continue to use the latest versions of EyeTV in North America / Canada with an antenna NOT cable. I don't believe any of the hardware EyeTV sells works in North America / over-the-air (OTA/antenna), so what hardware do you recommend that you are committing to support for the next 5-10 years, that would allow anyone in a household to watch live TV from OTA/antenna on any device over wifi, *AND* allow EyeTV to act as a Mac based DVR? (This is what SiliconDust HD Homerun provides with EyeTV software). ** To be clear of course you can decide to stop supporting hardware by another manufacturer at any time. That's your right. But why not do it in a way that attempts to keep the trust between yourselves and the customers who chose, in good faith, to use your software with another manufacturer's hardware that, at that time, you did support. The *way* you let us know, means you've managed to upset a large number of customers. We just discovered your decision when we did a normal upgrade, no warning, no apology, no announcement to give us time to (for example), buy a replacement for our SiliconDust products that *does* work with EyeTV. In fact as far as I know you've not even made a recommendation of what you are suggesting HD Silicondust HD Homerun customers do - hence this post! By the *way* you have handled this has reduced the trust that 1000's of customers have for you and your products to zero. That's just *BAD* business / bad for profits - your shareholders / owners must be mad!
  10. Hi this question is a follow-on to the earlier announcement that eyeTV 3.6.9 (7521) and later doesn't support the Silcon Dust HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US) - see this thread. Today I notice this post in the Geniatech FAQ which gives us one reason for this decision Now, I have all transcoding off on my HD Homerun Extend - see config page below i.e. as far as I understand it my HD Homerun Extend is sending MPEG-2 transport streams - as required by newer eyetv versions. In fact it always sent MPEG-2 streams - I never had transcoding turned on - and this is working well today with eyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) which I continue to use. So Geniatech, why can't the HD Homerun Extend (HDTC-2US) work with newer versions of EyeTV if I turn off transcoding?
  11. to renew you first buy a new subscription at, after this you will get a Your EPG Renewal Key Email from the shop / system: Please read below instructions to extend your subscription successfully! With regards to our authorization server upgrade and customer privacy protection – and cooperate privacy protection, we apologize to claim, that you need to follow below steps carefully and strict – to activate your EPG – Subscription. 1st Step: Make sure your EyeTV software is updated to the latest version (EyeTV 3.6.9 or later is required). You can download the latest EyeTV 3 from this link: Please install accordingly. 2nd Step: Register with the email address you used in the Webshop via EyeTV 3.6.9 or higher. Please note, that this is necessary even though you are already registered. The next steps describe how to register successfully. Please follow them carefully. a) Please open EyeTV 3 (Version 3.6.9). In order to check the EyeTV Version, go to EyeTV // Info. It must be EyeTV 3 (Version 3.6.9) b) Please open Preferences // EPG (Gracenote) Klick on change / create a new account with the email address you used in the Webshop. It is important that this step is completed successfully. 3rd Step: Please click on the activation link to activate your EPG Subscription (Your EPG Renewal Key Email from the shop / system)
  12. This morning, EyeTV told about an new Update, actualy Eye TV 3.6.9 (7524). The Website still remains to 3.6.9 (7523). Is there an Download-site for actual versions? A.
  13. EyeTV was a quality application under Elgato, now it seems like Geniatech are driving it into the ground. Updates: are infrequent don't include the latest OS support introduce more bugs than they fix include no new and useful features.
 Currently I experience the following bugs: 
Timeline - when playing videos on High Sierra doesn't show the elapsed or remaining time Live TV Buffer (Keep in RAM) - reducing the program stability when recording and playing back at the same time. SmartGuide selection - you can't set a recurring recording from a SmartGuide, so you end up having to search for the program manually. The Elgato Turbo HD - only works with the first iOS encode of each recording I still use EyeTV everyday but if there is no longer any focus on it (64-bit support anyone?) can Geniatech open up the hardware so people can move to alternatives such as Plex DVR?
  14. I have been waiting a long time for an update to EyeTV 610 and a few month ago, I stopped waiting and bought an Octopus Net from Digital Devices. I knew that it would not work with EyeTV for Mac and I'm fine with that fact, I mostly want to use the Octopus Net with my Apple TV. I still record using my old EyeTV 610 on my Mac mini. What I want from an Apple TV app, is the ability to stream the recordings - without transcoding. It's possible to stream RTSP and SAT>IP to Apple TV, I need to be able to record and control my recordings through Apple TV. I would also suggest, that it becomes possible to stream live TV directly from the Mac to Apple TV. But if the user already owns a network-tuner, then it should be possible to use the network-tuner with Apple TV - even when the Mac is not turned on. And this should include network-tuners that are not supported by EyeTV for Mac. In addition, I would also suggest that you create an API on EyeTV for Mac, where it would be possible for other developers to pick up recordings. I believe that it’s important that you open up for developers, so that anyone can build on top of your great software. This could be anyone from the TV networks, who may want to pick up a recording instead of streaming or someone who gets a great idea for an app. I want my Mac mini to act more like a server and less like a HTPC. It’s just easier to use the interface on Apple TV
  15. NEW Release. EyeTV 3.6.9 (7519) DVB-T2 HD HEVCWhat’s new this release? Enhanced performance and stability Improved DVB-T2 HD AAC Support for the EyeTV T2 lite and EyTV T2 Hybrid for DVB-T2 HD Less processor and memory demanding decoding for DVB-T2 HD HEVC H.265 on -Mac, which is the new standard in Germany as of the 29th March 2017 General improvements
  16. Hello, very often, insite EyeTVs editor i need the contrary of the function "split", the concatenation of two clips/films into one! Did someone know, whow to do this. I´m not shure, but i think, its unpossible until now. greetings Arnd Gehrmann
  17. I've been trying to renew my EPG subscription (TV Guide for Canada) without success. Problem: I can't complete a purchase. When I click on "TV Guide", it shows as added to my basket, and I see the choices to "continue shopping" or "proceed to checkout". However, when I go to the checkout, my basket is empty. I'm trying to purchase on a Mac (OS X 10.11.6), and have used three different browsers: Safari, Firefox and Opera. I've also tried to do the purchase from my iPad, and also from my iPhone when I'm away from my home network. Same result. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong? I make online purchases elsewhere, and have never run into this problem before. Thanks.
  18. Hi, i have the hardware, but no software (or activation codes). Is there any other tv tuner software out there that will work? I don't really care about recording - would be nice, but not necessary - I just want to watch a little tv from my computer. Thanks!
  19. Joda99

    EyeTV 4

    Hi what is the status of EyeTV 4? When can we expect to see it or get a BETA?
  20. can you implement LCN (logical channel numbers) support on eyetv software, i have one eyetv hybrid, and it's a pain to order all digital channels.
  21. What is the difference between T2 lite und T2 Hybrid?
  22. Since the EyetTV product has moved over to Geniatech the Gracenote service answers me with 'Invalid user name or password'. My subscription runs to the 14th of October 2016. So no service for the money I already paid. My email to Geniatech about this is still unanswered. I hesitate to renew the subscription under these conditions. Has anybody further information about the reliability of this service in the future? macveteran
  23. Staffan

    No T2

    Hi I have just installed my T2 hardware to my EyeTV, it works and I am getting a lot of channels, same channels I got before when I had the Hybrid (T1). I am living in Sweden and the Swedish Public Service (SVT) is broadcasting T2 HD signals in the air. But when I am locking in the eveTV channels selecting it is only saying it is getting T1 signals, even if the setup was looking for T2. Is it a HD signal (SVT is broadcasting in 720) even if it´s saying T1? Or I am missing something on how to enable T2? thx! //Staffan
  24. Cramming everything into the hardware/software wishlist thread is is going to get awkward, I think, so how about individual topics for areas of hardware/software function? This one is about EyeTV's display and handling of lists of recordings, guide search results and show detail. 1) Please add additional columns to episode lists in Recordings, guide searches, etc. I'm working through Big Bang Theory reruns. The program is on twice weekdays and also on weekends. Usually each time slot is doing its own "episode stream", each stepping through a different season. This gets chaotic. If a sortable "Season/Episode" column were available on lists, it would be much easier to watch recordings in order, without having to constantly click to get Show Detail then click back for each episode. Similarly, when looking at guide search results or schedules, it would be possible to see what seasons/episodes are coming without having to be constantly popping into and out of Show Detail. There may be other columns that would be quite useful, but I would (figuratively!) kill to have season/episode added. 2) Along the lines of #1, make it possible to get rid of the Preview thumbnail and have Title on a single line so that listings are as compact as possible. Perhaps there should be options for the two line Title, Show Tile and Episode Title columns. Preview too. 3) When Show Detail is displayed, it completely replaces the Guide or list in the right pane, so one has to keep clicking in and back out if one is trying to get the details on a series of shows. How about an option for three pane display? When one selects Show Detail, the two pane display becomes a three pane display with the detail in the right pane. This would be similar to Finder's column view. If one moves around the list or guide, the detail pane would update. 4) When in Show Detail, when up or down arrow are hit, move to the next or previous list/guide item instead of changing channels!
  25. I record Australian Rules Football games using EyeTV 3. The mid-season switch to HD broadcasts means that any conversion to make the files smaller makes them unwatchable. There are too many artifacts, and lack of smooth motion. If I edit the file and export the entire (edited) file as a clip this plays back fine- indistinguishable from the original recording. But it seems like the original time signature is still in the file. Instead of being 1 hour 50 minutes, it plays as a 2 hour 50 minutes file. Each edit causes the playback to pause, resuming only when the time matches up again. For those unfamiliar with the game, there are 45 second breaks when a goal is scored (about 20 -30 per game) and two 10 minute breaks (quarter and three quarter time) and a 20 minutes break at half time. I'm happy to live with the lack of compression, a 5gb file is OK by me, as it gives perfect playback, I just want the edits that I have made to skip straight on, as would happen with a normal export. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.