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  1. I have been waiting a long time for an update to EyeTV 610 and a few month ago, I stopped waiting and bought an Octopus Net from Digital Devices. I knew that it would not work with EyeTV for Mac and I'm fine with that fact, I mostly want to use the Octopus Net with my Apple TV. I still record using my old EyeTV 610 on my Mac mini. What I want from an Apple TV app, is the ability to stream the recordings - without transcoding. It's possible to stream RTSP and SAT>IP to Apple TV, I need to be able to record and control my recordings through Apple TV. I would also suggest, that it becomes possible to stream live TV directly from the Mac to Apple TV. But if the user already owns a network-tuner, then it should be possible to use the network-tuner with Apple TV - even when the Mac is not turned on. And this should include network-tuners that are not supported by EyeTV for Mac. In addition, I would also suggest that you create an API on EyeTV for Mac, where it would be possible for other developers to pick up recordings. I believe that it’s important that you open up for developers, so that anyone can build on top of your great software. This could be anyone from the TV networks, who may want to pick up a recording instead of streaming or someone who gets a great idea for an app. I want my Mac mini to act more like a server and less like a HTPC. It’s just easier to use the interface on Apple TV