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  1. I might be tempted to go for a VBox instead ...
  2. Many thanks for your replies. How about remote access via MyEyeTV - any experience with it?
  3. Having previously been a user of the 32bit version I switched to using Slingboxes. Now that they are being deprecated in 2022 and there not being any alternatives I have come back to look at the 64 bit version of EyeTV. Is it as bad as some of the earlier posts suggest or has it improved and is it useable?
  4. I have just discovered that the programme guide for UK is not being populated properly even though my subscription is valid until 11/3/2019. Does anyone else have this problem?
  5. I have EyeTV 3.6.9 (7524) running on my Mac Mini at home. It is configured for sharing, iPhone/iPad access and the green light is on for My EyeTV. I want to access this server remotely from a MacBook running EyeTV 3.6.9 (7524). It is configured to look for shared archives but not for sharing to others or iPad/iPhone access (as there is nothing to share). When I start up EyeTV on my MacBook I get the following message:- I can connect to the Mac Mini using Back To My Mac and also from the EyeTV app on an iPad but I also want to access it from my MacBook at times. Can anyone advise me what I am doing wrong?
  6. Stoker

    Double NAT issue

    My holiday apartment block has just installed a new internet service which means that there are two routers that I have to go through to get connected i.e the main router and the router in my apartment. This means that I am getting a double NAT error when I try to connect to My EyeTV for remote access to my server at home. I don't think that NAT can be disabled on either router. I am able to connect to the server using Back To My Mac(BTTM) so I don't understand why I can't do the same with My EyeTV which by all accounts should work if BTTM works. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Is this something that Geniatech could address in a future release?
  7. I am now no longer able to record two programmes at the same time.
  8. At the moment I am running EyeTV 3.6.9(7520) on a Mac Mini running OS X 10.12.6. When I try to watch live TV on my MacBook while I am away from home I often get the message "One Moment Please ..." followed by the channel name. No picture or sound appears. To correct this what I have to do is log on to my Mac Mine using Back To My Mac and restart EyeTV. Then it works correctly. Surely I shouldn't have to do this. There is obviously a bug in EyeTV that needs to be corrected.
  9. I'm not sure that what you are saying has something to do with the problem, it's strange that it can populate the smart guide just not set the programs to record at that time.
  10. I've just update EyeTV on my Mac Mini (late 2014 running OS X 10.12.4) to version 3.6.9 (7517) and find that navigating through the program guide is horrendous, lots of spinning beach ball. This seems to be backward step! anyone else experiencing the same problems?
  11. I'm away from home at the moment Ton but will be trying that as soon as I return. In the meantime all I can do is update software/restart my Mac Mini.
  12. Up until yesterday my EyeTV installation was working perfectly in conjunction with my EyeTV Diversity on my Mac Mini running OS X 10.11.6 now all I get is the message "This channel is currently unavailable". I've checked that there is sufficient space (over 1TByte). I've now updated to version 3.6.9 (7514) but that made no difference. My Mac Mini restarts every night but that doesn't seem to help. In preferences I can see that the signal quality and strength are 100% on both channels. I've raised a support ticket with Geniatech but have not heard back from them Can anyone offer any advice?
  13. I've just discovered that when I open the second entry in the Smart Guide it says that it is "scheduled by Smart Series Guide "Coronation Street"for recording at another time."
  14. This is what the programme guide looks like
  15. This is what the Schedule looks like