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  1. IceTV is an australian supplier of EPG data (paid $A7.99/month or XML data for other software recorders e.g. Plex for $4.99/month) which also allow automatic scheduling in EyeTV. It has been doing this for well over 10 years in Australia.
  2. Can mattes.hh clarify if he is using IceTV for the EPG. I have EyeTV 4 running on a spare iMac and I already use IceTV for an EyeTV 3 and Beyonwiz T3 DVRs. I created a new "recorder" on IceTV which both work well however on the EyeTV 4 installation it won't "hold" the correct IceTV recorder under the guide preference (it keeps defaulting to the EyeTV 3 label) and if I set it to automatic nothing happens and if I do a manual check it says it times out. The EPG downloads correctly twice a day however. Recording via the guide works but it only recognises two channels of my HDHomerun Quattro tuner. Anyone else using IceTV for the EPG and scheduling resource?
  3. Is there any way to push Geniatech to support 4 channel HDHomeRun tuners such as the Australian HDHomerun Silicondust HDHR5-4DT(AU) HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO TV Tuner? At present EyeTV thinks it is only a two channel tuner with a model ID number of 1251390f
  4. I would just like to report some results with EyeTV 4 on a 2012 iMac running Mojave in Australia using IceTV as the EPG source. For completeness I ran EyeTV reporter and "uninstalled" EyeTV 3 (perhaps this is a step people should use to eliminate issues with the old installation). I then ran the installer and reloaded the TV stations. Quite a few had the wrong channel number and needed the correct number to be correctly assigned manually. I have a HDHomerun Silicondust HDHR5-4DT(AU) HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO TV Tuner but Eye TV doesn't recognise it as such. it says it is a HDHomerun Device ID 1251390f with only two channels. Recording seems to work properly (manually from Guide and Smart EPGs) but I have not set it up with automatic scheduling from IceTV as I have another iMac using EyeTV 3 running a Diversity Tuner (IceTV only seems to recognise one instance of EyeTV. It is annoying that none of the export options produces the proper mp4 files like EyeTV 3 does. Of course you can open the EyeTV container and use the .ts file contained within but this is simply silly when it worked perfectly within EyeTV 3. Geniatech really needs to fix this. As an aside the best way to handle these .ts files to trim them is to use Avidmux_2.7.4 which is a free demure and choose the mp4 muxer option. Really easy trimming and very fast "saving" as an mp4 file. There was an email from IceTV warning people not to upgrade to Catalina with EyeTV 4 due to problems they were having but I am not sure what they are.
  5. Can anyone report success with EyeTV 4 on Mojave or Catalina in Australia using IceTV as the EPG source. If so does exporting the HD channels result in a functional "mp4" file? Is it ok to run EyeTV 4 without removing EyeTV 3 first? Thanks for your advice. PS: I also think complaining about having to pay 30 Euro for the new product is pretty cheap and the developers have to have some incentive to finish the product off. I also hope that they restore official support for HD Home run receivers (HDHR5-4DT(AU) HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO TV Tuner in Australia).
  6. Can anyone confirm that the HDHomerun Silicondust HDHR5-4DT(AU) HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO TV Tuner (Austrailian digital tuner) works for all four channels with the latest beta? I would also add my opinion that "export" should produce a proper file (eg mp4 for HD) and not an avi file.
  7. Is the Doodle poll regarding device support only open to beta users? How does one access it? It would be great to get support forHDHomerun.Silicondust HDHR5-4DT(AU) HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO TV Tuner (Austrailian digital tuner). I am running EyeTV 3.6.9 (7524) and one issue I have had is that when one trims and exports a file as H264 (native no encoding) the exported file often has problems with stuttering particularly SBS HD. Can anyone confirm that native export works for all Australian particularly Sydney HD FTA channels?
  8. EyeTV 4 must have support for the HDHR5-4DT(AU) HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO TV Tuner which is sold in Australia (4 channel TV) Not interested in Option A
  9. rtraill

    update 3.6.9

    https://www.geniatech.eu/download/eyetv-3-6-9-7524/ works properly in Australia
  10. https://www.geniatech.eu/download/eyetv-3-6-9-7524/
  11. I can confirm the Beta does not recognise my 4 channel HD Homerun tuner in Australia
  12. Can you provide the link to download 3.6.9 (7527) please? This is great news if Homerun support has returned