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  1. rtraill

    eyetv 3.6.9 (7521) for mac does not include HD Homerun

    Given that in Australia all the Free to air TV HD stations have moved to mp4 (which they say in the FAQ is something they don't support) and there are no MPEG2 streams left then EyeTV is dead in the long term (even without 64bit support). Strange then that their tuners (EyeTV diversity fully supports mp4 in HD)
  2. To put it slightly differently, none of us chose Geniatech! Almost all here are people who purchased devices from Elgato or their software and then were sold down the river when the company was sold to Geniatech. As they have no products to sell in Australia (as an example) and they have stopped EyeTV working on network tuners that are sold what market is there for they product in many parts of the world. So you seem to be alone in the "give a little faith" game. If they came out and said there were developing EyeTV 4 and what tuners it would support or provided the aTV app that we all asked for we might have a little faith. As it is just a forlorn hope they will produce something and realise that without hardware no-one is going to buy their software!
  3. rtraill

    Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    I have just purchased a HDHome run connect 4 channel tuner in Australia and am running the PLEX DVR service. I have been pleasantly surprised at how good it is. They have also (as of today) implemented a grid view for the TV Guide. It integrates with a local EPG provider (XMLTV although it has its own) and the recording options are quite good. It saves the files in a TS file which is either MPEG or MP4 in Australia so it is pretty easy to trim in Wondershare Video Converter. I still have a soft spot for EyeTV but Ill continue until such time as the existing software stops work (it is less reliable when their are multiple simultaneous records needed to be done) or a new version arises (if ever). I don't need to watch live TV remotely. Bizarre decision of EyeTV to stop supporting the HDHomerun tuners as they don't have an alternative product themselves in Australia.
  4. Well its very important for those of us with devices that are still supported!
  5. Some information on EyeTV 4 Highlights Enjoy live TV on the Windows PC & Laptop, pause, fast forward and rewind Look for different criteria in the electronic program guide Record a show or an entire season Including 4 weeks of eyetv plus for free! Watching TV live on the PC Turn your PC into the coolest TV in the house. Pause the running program to get a snack. Rewind to watch a scene in the movie again. Suggest when advertising starts. Float the TV window above any other open windows so you can watch your favorite movie while surfing the web. Or watch two programs simultaneously via picture-in-picture. In the work and living room You can sit at your desk and navigate the mouse in the resizable eyetv 4 windows window. Through the luxurious eyetv 4 windows on-screen menu you can easily zap through the program, see through the electronic program guide and operate the eyetv 4 windows menu. Integrated electronic program guide (EPG) eyetv 4 windows provides you with an up-to-date overview of all upcoming programs. Organize stations eyetv 4 windows provides detailed information about each receivable TV station. By dragging and dropping, you can group your favorite stations in a freely identifiable channel group, or better, arrange your favorite stations according to categories such as sports, news, feature film and so on. Eyetv 4 windows displays the associated program information (EPG) for each station list. Ideal for travelers is the eyetv 4 windows option to save the station list after a channel search. Thus, the user can simply watch TV in different places by calling up the station list stored for the location. A new station search for a change of location is then eliminated. Record the program you are watching The show you are watching is worth recording? No problem. eyetv 4 Windows offers the option to also "record the past" if it is present in the live buffer. You can still pause, fast forward or rewind the live program while recording Record future broadcasts If you want to schedule a recording, simply use the automatic recording function via the EPG. Record a whole series If you select "Intelligent EPG", eyetv 4 windows can create a Smart Serial EPG that will automatically record the entire season of the TV series. To save space on your hard drive, you can also tell your Smart Serial EPG how many episodes to keep. Dolby® Digital Sound eyetv 4 windows can play and record Dolby® Digital Sound, including 5.1 surround sound, if available. Excellent picture quality Only eyetv 4 windows offers excellent image quality and is also capable of Full HD TV with processor and memory-saving optimized decoding of DVB-T2 HD HEVC H.265 on the PC with Windows 10, Intel Core i5 CPU at 2.5 GHz or higher play. In addition, EyeTV supports subtitles and picture-in-picture (PiP). Technical information System Requirements windows 10 or newer an Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen at 2.5 GHz at least 4 GB of RAM a suitable television receiver Compatible peripherals Eyetv T2 lite Windows Edition DVB-T / T2 HD HEVC Eyetv T2 lite Mac / Windows DVB-T / T2 HD HEVC Eyetv T2 Hybrid DVB-T / T2 HD HEVC + DVB-C (Cable TV) Eyetv Hybrid DVB-T + DVB-C (Cable TV) Eyetv Netstream 4C DVB-C (Cable TV) Eyetv Netstream 4Sat DVB-S / S2
  6. This is the translation. Possibly encouraging for a version for Mac. eyetv 4 windows brings the highest quality television to notebook and PC Press release No. 05/2018 With eyetv apps for Apple and Android devices eyetv became the standard for television in the digital world. With eye tv 4 windows now comes the version for Microsoft Windows. Aachen, 09.04.2018 TV with Windows in the best eyetv quality. With eye tv 4 windows, a high-quality Windows application completes Geniatech's eye tvplatform. With it, the current television program in conjunction with the popular Eyetv tuners Geniatech on Windows PCs and notebooks play, pause and record. This is the equivalent of the proven eye tv apps that work well with Geniatech's eye tv receivers on Mac and iPad, iPhone and Android devices . TV reception on all channels Whether satellite, cable or digital terrestrial television: eye tv 4 Windows brings the best picture quality in a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and the repetition rate of 50 frames per second (1080p / 50) on the display. The Windows app also supports the HEVC decoding of DVB-T2 HD in conjunction with eye tv T2 Hybrid, T2 lite and T2 Lite Windows Edition, ie terrestrial antenna via terrestrial antenna. In combination with eye tv netstream 4Sat and 4C, the Windows computer is able to receive the TV program directly via the home network via wireless or cable without any additional accessories. Shipments at any time With eye tv 4 windows, the viewer not only brings the running program to the PC or the notebook, but he can also interrupt the program with a single mouse click in the event of interruptions or save by recording the stream of the TV post to later with a other application to play or even edit. Here, the user can comfortably and clearly capture and control the selection and programming of his recordings via an electronic program guide. Eye TV Smart TV Platform For the realization of the new Windows app, Christian Hackbart, the well-known programmer of DVBViewer, supported the eye tv team. The focus was on the user-friendly integration of the Windows program into the smart TV platform of eye TV , which brings together the various aspects of television enjoyment with high-quality technology. Mike Decker, Geniatech's European General Manager, commented on the launch of eye tv 4 windows: "After setting standards for digital TV with our eye- TV apps for Mac OS, iOS and Android, it was a big challenge to catch up with Windows machines , I am glad that with Cristian Hackbart we have a developer on board, with whom we can continue the convincing quality lines of our eye tvproducts on Windows. " The developer Christian Hackbart adds: "After successfully running DVBViewer on Windows PCs for 15 years, I was pleased to work with Geniatech. Here I was able to contribute my knowledge to eye tv 4 windows, thus enriching the in-house Smart TV platform. "
  7. rtraill

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Is that with 10.13.2?
  8. rtraill

    EyeTV and 10.13.2

    With the release of 10.13.2 can anyone report back their experience with EyeTV 3.6.9 (7522) please?
  9. rtraill

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Anyone from Australia who is using a Elgato Diversity tuner (as a double channel tuner) using 3.6.9 (7522) working properly under high sierra?
  10. rtraill

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Can others please confirm that 3.6.9 (3522) now works reliably on High Sierra?
  11. EyeTV Diversity tuner is no longer available in Australia either so EyeTV is useless if my current device breaks. They need to support the HDHomerun products unless they intend to introduce their own new tuners. They also need to have 4 tuner support (like the new HDHomerun product).
  12. rtraill

    Silicon Dust HDHomeRun CONNECT 4 tuner

    It’s all irrelevant now as Geniatech has removed HD support for Homerun devices as of the 7521 version of EyeTV 😩. Although 7520 still works but as it is 32 bit it will stop working with the next version of the MacOS
  13. rtraill

    EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Has anyone tried the new 7522 version of 3.6.9 to see if it solves any of the High Sierra issues? https://www.geniatech.eu/software/
  14. Hi all, this just posted from SiliconDust page: "The New 5th Generation HDHomeRun CONNECT has launched in the USA and there have been many questions regarding launch in other regions globally, here is some detail: There is a 2 tuner (replacing current CONNECT with a slimmer, sleek metal enclosure design, with same great function) and a new 4 tuner model offering more tuners with one antenna input to increase your base tuner count or add to your existing tuners. These have launched in USA only at this time. Other regional role outs will continue into mid to late 2018 (4 tuner HDHomeRun QUATRO is sold exclusively through Best Buy USA through Dec 31st) UK EU AU NZ devices use DVB-T or DVB-T2 (different hardware / guts) signals and those are in the production and certification processes now. Roll out will begin in UK retail before end of the year and continue to Q1 2018 for EU, AU and NZ markets. These require more on the certification side than other regions. Which takes significantly more time." Do you think this might be a supported tuner for EyeTV (Australian version of the above)?
  15. rtraill

    Is an ATV4 app ever going to be released?

    Any update on this, we really need this aTV app for EyeTV. There is an obvious market for it.