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  1. I think the best and easiest way to develop tvOS app further would be to put Netstream 4C USB port to use and support DVR recording to a USB drive attached to Netstream 4C. After that feature, all would be ready for new users -> more money for Geniatech. If Geniatech would then like to further develop the app, EyeTV server and NAS etc sources could be added.
  2. I would like to know if 4C works in Finland? Any experience from users?
  3. I'm leaning towards DVBLink, at least they have pretty good support and they answer back.
  4. Excellent communication and customer care
  5. thomaskud can you please provide any info on time schedule?
  6. thomaskud, you mentioned TVOS app is going to be released now. Do you have any updates on the schedule? I'd be happy to continue with EyeTV but it desperately needs a TVOS app...
  7. Do you know if a public beta is coming, I'd be really interested to try it out? I hope it'll include fast channel switching like Channels app is providing now, I use it with HDHomerun now but it lacks good PVR functions that EyeTV offers...
  8. It doesn't seem like a PVR app is coming for tvOS, does someone have any info on this? I'm about to switch to DVBLink that promises a tvOS app this month...