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  1. This news item appears in the German section of, not in the English section I'm afraid.
  2. Version 4 for Win is officially announced - so what might that mean for the mac?
  3. A version 4 for Win is announced on Geniatech's site (14.95 €) while the version 3 for mac is still at 79,95 € being a 32 bit app which will be deprecated in the near future. Am I alone in not understanding this kind of product policy? Regards, cebu (user of eyetv since 2006)
  4. poor conditions! This new "plus"-feature to incorporate (freely accessible!) online content into EyeTV is a very good idea and could make media life easier. I would gladly accept to pay once for this as an add-on to the original software i bought (about 12 years ago) without this feature. A recurring payment such as planned is completely out of the question for me. Thank's but no. For any mac user interested in free german (+ partially french) tv-content thinking likewise I'd suggest trying "MediathekView" as a (rather ugly but) quiet functional and free alternative. Regards, cebu
  5. @jens: I programmed the LNB via the Netstream App (iOS --> Should work with the N1Sat as I understand it. BTW: My 1st attempt to set up the LNB failed because I connected all the hardware FIRST and tried to program the LNB THEN. No signal... Only by chance I then realized, that the values for the LNB have to be adjusted BEFORE connecting the sat cable. Can' t explain it, but it worked like a charm then... BR Chris
  6. Hello, after updating to 10.12.3 my Mac mini I had the "No Signal" message with EyeTV (7514) using a Netstream4Sat too. Network was fine, status page reachable, etc.etc. Turned out, the LNB settings (set using iOS 10) were the culprit. Somehow these changed from the correct "unicable" to something else. Correcting these setting did the job... Maybe its been pure coincidence, but a brief chek auf the Sat setting might spare lots of search time and nerves. BR Chris
  7. Snow, thanks for your advice! In the meantime I got a good used one from the bay (150 Euros). Prices there go up to over 250 Euros. A bit stiff... Regards, cebu
  8. Hi dubfire, thanks for your kind advice! Unfortunately the netstream device turns out to be the cable-tv version, not the sat one... (or else i'm too dumb to find it). In the meantime I pulled one out from the waters of the bay (used, 1/2 year old, 150 €). Regards from cebu
  9. Will there be a successor gadget? The Netstream 4sat is scarcely available anymore in Germany. Geniatech's site states a retail price of 199 Euros but no vendors... Where can i buy it? Regards, cebu