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  1. They don't have resources to support the product. Even the web site certificate is now expired.
  2. Just like me. Hoping against hope that paying in advance will get a working product similar to what we had in the past.
  3. go to system preferences - security & privacy - General - should be a button to push to allow app to run
  4. As posted elsewhere: Go to System Preferences - Security - and allow it to run.
  5. I don't see a way to edit my response. Mojave is fine with eyeTV 3. It is Catalina that will have the problem.
  6. No. The current EyeTV is a 32 bit application that Mojave does not support. There are several threads about hope for a 64 bit version but there has been no official announcement.
  7. Could you post the letter? I did not receive one. Also still don't see the software on their US site. With the TVGuide data I had to use 2 zip codes to get all my channels. New guide I get everything with one. (This version crashes with 2 anyway)
  8. I see that the upgrade is listed on their EU web site, not the US site.
  9. Stuff

    64 Bit support

    They just released 7528 which moved to a new guide and put back HDHomeRun support so they haven't abandoned the software yet. So still hoping for 64 bit.
  10. EyeTVDBG (7527) is working for me. It crashed a few times during setup so I can see why it is not ready for general release. (crashes related to having two ZIP codes for EPG data - needed to for TVGuide but don't appear to need for this EPG)
  11. Thanks for sharing. So there is some hope - support may be back for HDHomeRun and moving from TVGuide to something(?) else is fine as long as it works. 64 bit won't be needed until the fall. P.S. I've been trying emby, Plex, Channels, and the HDHomeRun app. None work as well as eyeTV on a Mac. All of them try to be a generic media player, not a Mac windows based application.
  12. I tried installing it on a scratch o/s drive. Got far enough to see that it doesn't have HDHomeRun support so it won't help me.
  13. Stuff


    Can't you just click on the "Create Community" button?
  14. How I interpret this is that they don't have the knowledge to rebuild their backend infrastructure. Guess is that things got lost in the transition from Elgato. So new backend means new frontend software.
  15. Nothing else official being said but by their actions TV Guide and EyeTV 3 in general has low priority. My guess is that they don't get enough revenue out of the porduct to justify support.