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  1. Thanks, different strokes - different folks, certainly everyone's situation is different. Mine is that I have old Apple Mini's lying around cause I never got around to selling them off when I upgraded to a newer one. I also have my TV as the monitor for my EyeTV 2012 Mini and it works as well now as it did 8 years ago. I do nothing else on that Mini but check IMBD and sports scores on ESPN on Safari so I honestly don't care what bells and whistles Apple loads on every new bloated OS they put out. Maybe when everything is 4K I'll have to upgrade but that's likely a long way off . . .
  2. Thank for your replies! I suppose I'm fortunate to be able to keep an old 8 year old Mini in service with an old OS and EyeTV but I'm puzzled why other's don't consider that an reasonable option? As unhappy as it makes us all, the EyeTV program is dead- the original programmers are long gone and there is no hope for it to be modernized to Apple's OS and zero hope when Apple changes to their own new processor chips. HDMI licensing and DRM issues have made making the HDMI boxes too expensive to market where the rest of the video world has moved on to streaming As long as my Cable service doesn't abandon the box I've been using for over 10 years, the EyeTV program will continue to allow me to record shows, archive and share them in any format I want, have the wonderful skip forward option plus an integrated TV guide. EyeTV works as well today as it did the day I got it, I dunno why that's not enough? Apologies for the rant . . .
  3. Well, I gave their website a quick scan, but didn't seen anything there to abandon my EyeTV setup. I have a dedicated 2012 Mini system frozen on 10.12 and will keep it there until they take it from my cold dead hands . . . My setup depends on being able to take an hdmi connection from a cable box so I didn't see any way to do that with the Tablo. And am curious, does the Tablo allow you to record a streaming signal from Netflix, Showtime etc? Are you able to end up with a video file from a streaming show?
  4. Well, for what it's worth, I'm running EyeTV (7527) on a Late 2012 2.3GHZ with MacOS 10.12.6. EyeTV runs a bit flakey at times - there are times I have to restart the Mac because I get a blank screen when I select "Open Live Window." So what's been working for me is to run OnyX weekly to keep everything running ok. Consider trying that or MacJanitor to clean up any system files that are screwing up EyeTV. Failing that it might be time to wipe your system and re-install?
  5. What box do you have? There's always the possibility that the box has simply failed - 10 years is a pretty good run. I had a 200 model once that died . . . And it could also be software and or OS system related. When the application is opened, open the Preferences, then to the Device menu - do the two drop boxes show your EyeTV box?
  6. Spam free today! Many thanks to the forum moderators!
  7. I recall once seeing a way to mute someone posting on this site, does anyone know? A shame that a few spam-assholes has rendered this forum completely useless
  8. (3) Yes, if you downgrade from Catalina you can re-set up your EyeTV. It's not a simple process as you really should backup everything as you'll have to wipe your drive of all data and find a way to install an older OS. To reinstall a system, I'd suggest using Internet Recovery which gives you the option of installing the OS your Mac came with instead of reinstalling Catalina. More here (2) As far as I know, all you need is the product key to activate the software for the new install. However that's half the battle, you'll have to set up the program guide once again so be sure you still know the account ID and password you used for that. (1) I haven't done that, dunno, my guess is you have a EyeTV HD (component outputs?) and it should be supported but perhaps someone will confirm.
  9. Just FYI, my problem with the preference file not saving the changes made to my list of Channels was solved by reinstalling the MacOS. I'm in 10.10 now and EyeTV is now working fine. The reinstall also fixed a lot of random crashes I was having with EyeTV as well as the program failing to change the channel correctly for recording a show. Problem I'm having now is that my Turbo.264 HD stick isn't being recognized by the neither OS or the EyeTV program so I can't use it . . .
  10. Yeah, I miss the descriptions in EyeTV 3 as well. Another argument for just sticking with TitanTV which does have the description as well as some other useful features.
  11. The Elgato Turbo.264 HD is still working great for me. If you're patient they pop up on eBay every month or so for $30
  12. Thanks for that, but I think the issue is the program isn't writing or reading it's own preferences files properly. I did try what you suggested, but after closing and reopening the program the channels were all back to before I changed them. It's getting tiresome to turn off 40 channels I don't want to see in the Program Guide so it's gonna be TitanTV for now till they get around to fixing this . . .
  13. Reporting back after 10 days and this version is kinda glitchy. At first in the Channels pane it didn't recognize that I receive my channels via the Composite input, but that fixed itself on it's own after a few minutes. But now I have another glitch. After having been rock solid with the same cable box for several years, in the last year the program fails to tune to a channel I have set to record. It fails about 30% of the time. Wanting to record a movie, I'll get 2 hours of the wrong channel instead. I've been working thru the EyeTV Setup Assistant to get to the part where I can change how many channel numbers for the program can send to the IR blaster as well as buttons to enter after the channel and the speed the program sends the channel numbers. What I've found is when I close out the Assistant the program freezes for a few seconds or crashes. When I restart the program I have to go back and uncheck about 40 channels in the Channels pane that my cable box can receive that I don't want to watch. Then going to the program guide a random selection of 5 or 6 channels populate the guide and I have to manually update the guide to get it to show all the channels I have checked in the Channel pane. After a few times this is getting annoying. . . If you're out there Angela I could use some help . . .
  14. So after putting it off a few weeks after I managed to buy the upgraded EPG, I tried getting it set up and of course it didn't work the first time as I feared. My fault of course cause I wasn't using the 7528 version. With that I got the Preferences to recognize my new subscription key but not until I wiped the EPG Database would the Program populate with listings. DTV has about 1,000 channels so it's gonna take a while, ( 10minutes!) then I'll have to delete about 950 of them. But it'll be good to have the listings back, I really missed the IMBD links it offered. Ah, I saved my Channels! Whew! In the Channel window I see now that TV Guide has been replaced by EyeTV Premium in the EPG column. But going back to the Program guide it shows only one channel, yikes. Oh, well back to the default channel setting and manually deleting. So I have 2 weeks worth of program guide and my IMBD links are still there. Have programed a few things to record just to test it out. Fingers crossed.
  15. Can you add some color to that statement? Who is it that's stating this? Not sure what source you're citing besides "Today all stream TV series" which I can't find any info on. Not a surprise to me, there's not many offerings for DVR boxes anymore that handle anything besides OTA and I think it's due to more restrictive HDMI and DRM licensing. The content providers simply don't want their content copied in any manner even though time shifting personal copies is perfectly legal. Like Comcast does to TiVO, they can litigate any smaller hardware manufacturer for years to keep DVR boxes off the market. Just my opinion. So either get used to Streaming only or set up a EyeTV Mini to keep on 10.14 . . .