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  1. Nice going, thanks for spending the time. So this computer didn't have a prior EyeTV install, so no EyeTV files in the System? Where I got lost is the "import my channel list part", since I've never done that. Any chance you could manually add the missing channels? The beta has been out for a month and I was hoping they'd have a final version released by now, but I gather from what you reported, it's just not ready yet. . .
  2. Thanks for that! I knew it had to be somewhere. I discovered that TextWrangler is no more, bought up by BBedit, which I tried and I still couldn't see the channels listed. No biggie, but good to know for sure which file to archive.
  3. That was the part I was curious about, thinking you'd read some recent article about Rovi contracting with TV Guide. Thanks for the "thanks" but I wasn't in that conversation. (Edit: Oops, maybe that wasn't directed to me. . .) We all use eyeTV differently I suppose, my use and the reason you have to tear EyeTV from my cold dead hands is the DVR controls. I watch almost nothing in real time because commercial skipping is so effortless. Plus I can watch a football game in 50 minutes thanks to the custom skip forward controls. I use different settings to watch golf and basketball, but baseball is impossible. No one else has that, either because Geniatech has the patent for it or Comcast and AT&T simply wants skipping commercials with their DVRs to be cumbersome. For my content management, I like the excellent ElGato Turbo.264 HD stick with it's excellent software to shrink the EyeTv recordings down and store 'em on an external drive. The HD Turbo stick pops up on eBay from time to time and with it's software it makes archiving pretty easy.
  4. Thanks for that as well as your test of the beta. Can you expand on this bit of news? My basic google news search didn't come up with anything for Rovi Corp & Geniatech.
  5. Sorry about that! Seems like you went thru what I did. I also ended up using a Time Machine backup to get it going again, but I'm still convinced the channels list is in a preference file somewhere in the System Library, so I dug into the system and have stored copies of all the EyeTv/ elGato files I could find. There are files in the Application Support folder as well as the Preferences folder in both the System and User libraries. I tried reading the ones I could with TextEdit but couldn't find anything like a channel list. Still haven't gotten up the mental energy to go rooting around with the xmltv solution, but frankly, I had been using TitanTV for years before breaking down and shelling out for the TV Guide so it's not a big loss to go back to it. . . Glad you got yours back up and running and to everyone else, just for insurance, consider backing up those system files. . .
  6. Many thanks for all that, I appreciate the time spent. I'm going to give another try so this may come in handy if I screw it up again . . .
  7. Thanks to you and "Stuff" for trying the beta. Still hoping someone with a functioning EPG account could give it a go and see how it does, but I know that's asking a lot. I also took encouragement with the new EyeTVPremiunEPG service that's apparently in the works. The beta is dated 3/14/19 so perhaps they're still working on finding bugs before offering it again. Until I accidentally deleted all my EPG channels I was ok with trying the XMLTV service and am gonna give it another try and take notes this time so hopefully you guys can help where I went wrong. While the guide populated, something happened where I couldn't change channels anymore and in fixing that I deleted the EPG data somehow . . . One last thing, I was looking thru the EyeTV manual and saw a reference to "EyeTV can also build an EPG from information contained in a digital broadcast . . . it is an alternative for users without an active subscription . . ." It wasn't clear how to actually do that. Anyone know?
  8. Looked at that, thanks, it appears to be OTA channels. I keep wondering if it's new HDMI specs & licensing, plus Digital Rights Management that drove electronics makers out of making DVR boxes like ours.
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    I've done a little research but don't know enough about being a moderator. Also, if there's only, like 12 people who would participate, there's no need to stray from this site. A Wiki page might work better or maybe a web site. Part of my motivation here is simply gathering a critical mass of knowledgeable folks together to cobble together a way to continue to use EyeTV once MacOS goes 64 bit exclusively. Am already keeping a spare Mini that I'm not updating to be sure I can run EyeTV until it wears out, but it'd be good to hear from others how they're planning to continue.
  10. Thanks for that! Saves me a lot of confusion.
  11. If that's my "useless" comment, let me expand. If you were to try to install EyeTV on a different computer that has never run EyeTV you won't be able to set up the cable channels - at least that was my issue when I tried it. Without the channel data the program gets from TV Guide during set-up, the program can't change from one station to another. So - pretty "useless" for me. Someone pointed out that you'd be able to generate over the air channel data which I didn't test cause I run my EyeTV HD box from my cable box so that's not much help for me. Since offering the beta, Angela has ghosted me once again after I reported I couldn't set it up without an active EPG guide account. (Geniatech promptly refunded 10 months of my subscription) I've made no agreement with Geniatech not to share it so here is the download link she sent me. It's active as of now, but there's no knowing for how long.!yqYliazS!fSoLZGzaE3HZHdP9azpYauSQDV8vqU660zOkifDtDPw Some total stranger offers a program over the internet so please be as paranoid and careful as your circumstances dictate. I'd strongly suggest opening this on a spare Mini and NOT YOUR MAIN MEDIA RIG. I have the Little Snitch utility which records when a program attempts to send out info and found a few attempts to check with Geniatech but little else. All I can offer are pics from the email to validate it's authenticity and a screengrab from the download web site. What I was able to discover is that Geniatech is working on an EPG without TV Guide, similar to what they do for Euro accounts. If anyone braves this who has a still active EPG account, would be interested in hearing how it works.
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    Yep, I guess I could, but I really was wondering if anyone would be interested in posting there
  13. Sorry to quibble, but the EyeTV app is nearly useless without the EPG service. Sure you can do a workaround with TitanTV and XML TV on an existing install, but while experimenting with the XML TV guide stuff, I wiped all the existing EPG channel settings and because I don't have an active EPG service (refund) there was no way to get those channels settings back. I basically bricked the program. So heads up on that, because you literally cannot do a fresh install of EyeTV on a Mac without an active EPG subscription. I highly recommend going into the System and User Library folders and make copies of those el Gato files in the Application Support and Preferences folder just in case.
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    Anyone know how or is willing to set up a subgroup on reddit for us EyeTV fans? Dunno anything about it, but I'd have time to help moderate if needed. I imagine there's enough people who could use it. Some topics I'd love to see covered are alternate EPGs like XML TV, how to maintain our EyeTV system when Geniatech stops upgrading it, best MacOS for each EyeTV version, someone to host all the legacy EyeTV versions, general tips and tweaks etc. I suggest this because this forum is pretty much at the mercy of Geniatech. There's a loyal community of EyeTV users in the US who maybe shouldn't rely on the generosity of Geniatech to share info and workarounds. Thoughts?
  15. Been following this discussion for over a month now and finally figured out how to get my Forum sign-in working (hint - I'd received the same email from Angela everyone else did and maybe because I didn't abuse her too much I got a response from her yesterday offering a beta version to try out. The beta takes out all reference to TV Guide and offers an "EyeTVEPGPremium-US" service instead in the Guide part of the EyeTV Preferences. This is excellent news. Because I shut down my TV Guide subscription I couldn't get the beta (EyeTV3.6.9(7527)20190314) to actually work since without an active guide the listings won't populate. Still I'm encouraged that Geniatech is working on a workaround that has been in testing for almost a week and hopefully will be released soon. I think if you inquire nicely to Angela she'll respond with a link to it. Am gonna editorialize for the rest of this, so please skip if you don't want to read some old guy bloviate, but I gotta "tsk tsk" some of the anger I've read in this thread. Honestly, it's been over 10 years since I actually paid for this program and that it's been updated for this long is a miracle considering no one makes an El-Gato type DVR box for this software anymore. I'll be as sad as anyone when we finally get abandoned for good, but until then, please be kind to the support guys.