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  1. While I Believe that eyetv is about to become a much loved product from our past, there is a part of me that is hopeful that the long lag in getting the TV Guide back running is because they are actually devoting their energy into creating a 64 bit version of the software.
  2. I updated about a month ago, but have not been getting updates. I hope they get this fixed by Feb 4th because that's when I run out
  3. Same problem in the US with the TV guide EPG
  4. I heard from Geniatech and it is a known bug, the subscription did renew it just doesn't show up as renewed.. and it does appear to be updating the schedule
  5. so I just tried renewing my tvguide subscription and upon clicking the link in the sent e-mail, it behaved as if it had updated my subscription, but it didn't update within eyetv..There is a code link in the e-mail which I recommend using. I'm trying to fix the issue with geniatech, because now that the system thinks I've updated it won't let me update my subscription manually.
  6. Mac running OS 10.12.6 Sierra having the same problem.. installed the update and it won't recognize eyetv HD hardware - No Signal - fortunately like the others I always keep the previous version of eyetv because this isn't the first time I've had this issue with Geniatech