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  1. In my defense, that post was a year and a half ago before Eyetv 4 was even released. and I gave up on Geniatech and am now happily running a Tablo
  2. Looking for an alternative, I ended up jumping ship and getting a Tablo which has been pretty solid, the automatic commercial skip detection works about half the time but using the Tablo with Tablo tools gives me everything that Eyetv gave me and in many ways, a better interface. the best part is it streams to my hand held devices far better then eyetv ever did for me.
  3. There are many reasons why people are moving forward with OS upgrades, some of it is drivin by other apps that we need for other functions that no longer support the older OS.
  4. if you go this route, you will want Tablotools
  5. I've been watching EyeTV 4 for a year now waiting to upgrade my Mac Mini to Catalina and over the past year, I've come to the conclusion that EyeTV 4 is buggy as heck and it doesn't seem to be getting fixed anytime soon. I will continue to watch it because I loved EyeTV 3 and also have an EyeTV hybrid which I love. I've been pretty impressed with the Tablo over the last week and a half that I have had it, I would say that the auto commercial skip is a bit hit and miss but the appletv interface is really nice and having the guide pop up with posters images for the shows is a big step up from anything I've ever gotten from my EyeTV.
  6. the Tablo only records broadcast TV, if you are looking for something to record from HDMI, you might look at some HDMI capture cards (HDMI - USB) and then use quicktime to capture. You might have to put anHDMI EDID in line as well if the card won't talk tot he HDMI source.
  7. I gave up and bought a Tablo, and am using Tablo Tools and am happy with the decision so far
  8. I gave up on eyetv over the weekend, after nearly 10 years with my eyetv, and more then 2 years without a working update I gave up on eyetv and moved on to a Tablo, and over the few days I've been really happy so far, using the free "tablotools" software I can download files directly off my Tablo to my mac, and it streams to my appletv. I'm sad to depart eyetv, there was so much right with it until it was abandoned.
  9. a bit of spam for me today, but the first time in a month I could check and see if any progress is being made on v4
  10. I suspect that geniatech is focused on getting the 64 bit version up and running and I suspect that v3 is now yes, I suspect v4 will fix this issue.
  11. I suspect that the move to 64 bit was also partially responsible for the tv guide crash which I'm sure pulled focus from the 64 bit app.. so while I still have issues with 7528 and my eyetvHD I would much rather them focus on getting us a v4 with 64 bit support then some of this minor other issues in 5 year old software.
  12. thanks jpmist27, I've always wondered how well those things work.. also on a similar note, I use Quicktime Pro 7 to open the compressed movies and cut commercials out, what are people using now that Quicktime Pro is obsolete.. I know you can use the newer quicktime, but I've found it glitchy, and it wasn't to re-encode the videos after they have been edited.
  13. I'm digging deeper into the odd time thing, I still can't figure it out, but I do have hooked up to my mac mini, both an EyeTV HD and an eyetv Hybrid. I use the HD to record things from my satellite, and the hybrid to record off air. this time shift issue only seems to affect the HD.
  14. Problem is I can't change the eyetv guide, any time I try no matter how I try the application crashes.