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  1. D'oh! I didn't know that! Just tried it and it worked like a dream! Thanks!
  2. Years ago, I decided to use Handbrake to encode my recordings; they look better and the files are smaller. I would export from EyeTV as a MPEG program stream, then re-encode the file with Handbrake. At some point, this stopped working properly - frames were being dropped occasionally. Does anyone have a better way?
  3. I'm running EyeTV (7528) on a Mac mini running Yosemite and it's not booting up when a recording is scheduled. It was running Mojave as of a few days ago. Maybe there was a firmware update that blocked this ability.
  4. I tried the .plist thing. I opened it with Xcode and saw that the the settings were what I set them to be, so I changed them with Xcode. EyeTV still didn't extend the recordings. I have EyeTV set to record to an external drive - maybe that's the issue.
  5. Weird. I distinctly remember that it did at one time. I never set my computers to sleep - I shut them down every night. There have been times that I've shut it down for the night (forgetting that something was scheduled), only for it to boot up an hour later in order to record a show. Maybe my Mini was haunted.
  6. My issue: does EyeTV boot the computer when there's a scheduled recording? It used to for me (I think) but it hasn't been doing it lately. I have my Mini set to auto log in, so it shouldn't be a password issue.
  7. Same for me. I did a complete wipe of my Mac Mini (which was on Mojave), then installed 10.9.5 (the earliest version of MacOS that's compatible). Same issue there, too - only eyeTV crashed all the time. Then I upgraded to 10.10 and am still having the same issue. I'll try the .plist thing next.
  8. It was $30. Plus my bank will probably charge me a foreign transaction fee of around $2. It doesn't automatically renew, which I appreciate. They send you an email with a link; you click on the link to activate (or copy/paste). I stupidly did it on the wrong computer (I remote in to my Mac Mini from my iMac) so it tried to activate on my iMac
  9. I downloaded the new version and bought the program guide (in the US). I have FiOS, and split the signal to my HD homeruns. It's not without it's quirks, but I'm happy to have it. So far, this is what I've seen: When I select Verizon FiOS as my provider, the program guide was unable to associate any of the found channels to the EPG, so I had to associate them myself (I just did the networks - I'm not going to associate 200+ channels). The channels aren't in numerical order in the guide. It gives it a number that can change if you disable channels. It used to give the channel number based on what Verizon assigned. Trying to change the EPG to a different provider causes it to freeze. The program guide doesn't know what season the show is, just the episode number.
  10. I figured that I'd find out for myself and download the beta. And it does work with the HD Homerun. I have two dual tuner Homeruns and I just scheduled four simultaneous shows as a test. Seems to be working. Can't subscribe to the TV Guide yet, though. Hopefully, they'll get that working by September.
  11. Are you in the United States? Are you saying that this beta version brings back support for two tuner HD Homeruns and the TV Guide in the US?
  12. I see that there's a new version (Release Candidate) of EyeTV available. The notes say that it supports the new guide. My setup has two HD Homeruns, so I'm stuck on 7520. The website still says that the guide is "out of stock". Can anyone on 7520 who still has a subscription check the guide as see if it works again? If it does, then maybe I can download the new version, subscribe to the guide, then roll back to 7520. My guess is that the guide will be exclusive to 7524.