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  1. I am looking for an answer to this as well, descriptions are maybe one of the most important pieces of guide information and it even shows descriptions in their (geniatech advertising/web pages) screen shots of the guides!
  2. A little off topic for EyeTV 3 guide users: Do you actually see the program description in the guide, not actors, names, but an actual description of the show? For instance, Junkyard Empire: "Andy transforms an old ambulance into a Maryland sportsmobile for a fellow college alumnus, then thinks outside the box to soup up a vehicle for a buddy in blue." Ever since EyeTV 4 there have been NO show descriptions in my paid for guide? I reported it and of course it took several emails till I think they understood the issue. The response from many many months ago was we are working on it. EyeTV4 users: Are you all missing the description like me? Thanks.
  3. And they are back...full program guide has re-appeared ! all the way out till July 19th...
  4. Add me to the list, the EPG no longer updates, newest version (8526). Zip 85750.
  5. Hmmm, EyeTV4 4.0.0 (8524) seems to be workingfine (mostly...) on Big Sur. No freezes. There is an issue now when I use the. >>. or. << they don't work like before they skip ahead with no preview a fixed amount in the correct direction. What happened to the smooth visible video but faster playback and rewind using these buttons? Scan rate set at 32xx like previous version.
  6. Great! Works, and Export works too. Thanks. Now if we could only get real show descriptions in the channel guide, not a EPG without show descriptions that we have been paying for...
  7. October 11: Yep, same here. 8523. After wasting a half hour (and cussing like a drunken sailor) doing everything (ie rebooting everything including the set top box), running the install assistant, yadda yadda I got the old app out of the trash and threw out the new one. The old app still works as well as it ever did. What a kick in butt from Geniatech to cause it to lose access to the tuner.....not acceptable. Hardware: EyeTV HD for the record. October 18, today: Version 4.0. "Release Candidate" 4.0.0 (8523) showed up again, so they haven't even pulled the bad update and it is still being sent out for install?????
  8. Using EyeTV4 (8518) paid for new license. Renewed EPG as well, "EyeTV Premium EPG NA" subscription updated (PAID) even though there were several non-usable months as the timer tolled the OLD TVGuide EPG. As far as I can tell NO shows list a description of the episode, no movie lists a description, nothing is listed for any show. Just a link to IMDB which launches the IMDB search page. This is useless and does not link back to the actual data that would be part of the listing. Is this the new normal, we have no idea what the episode/description is for any show? Was there any notification from Geniatech they were no longer including this data? How do I get show descriptions like I have had for the last 8 years? 3 screenshots: 1) Old TVGuide screenshot showing where the description is part of the guide data, edit info from old recording 2) New 1 showing --> go to IMDB --- guide with NO description. 3) New 2 showing --> go to IMDB --- guide with NO description.
  9. BobEyeTV

    EyeTV 4 sloow

    Yup, there is a DEBUG menu item.....ooops! 4.0.0 8518 I like the debug menu but can't figure out what 1/10 of the items are. I don't have the slowness that you have though just all the regular bugs that are still there from the beta, we are still in beta right but now can buy it to update the activation keys? Oh wait, the word BETA is no longer part of the splash screen....
  10. Installed this update yesterday. Upon launch - no devices found! Tried to run the setup - still NO devices found. Green light on EyeTV HD showing power, etc. Reverted to old version 3.6.9. 7520 - no problems, tuner found and fine! Beware.