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  1. EyeTV for iOS & iPadOS with Apple Silicon desktop I'm happy to be able to access my tuner running on an intel iMac running MacOS 13 Ventura. However this has never worked with the tuner on my M1 Mac mini running MacOS 14 Sonoma. Do others users see the same issue? Does Genitech have any plans to update the app?
  2. My activation key was invalidated when upgrading my old Mac Mini to an M1 model. I tried the support link five times over several months - with no response. Thanks to Roland B, I emailed Kelli Li directly and got a response within 24 hours. Happy days, I'm now back up and running with one of my most favourite Mac OS, iOS & iPad OS apps. I was under the impression EyeTV 4 had been abandoned and had considered keeping my old Mini exclusively for free-to-air TV. But the release of 8528 suggested the lights are still on at Geniatech.