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  1. Well, in this case it's only € 29,95, at least. And the USB receiver stick(s), of course. However, according to them they have a user community of a «two times seven-digit number» (maybe Win and Mac). If only a fraction of these users is going to buy the software, the sum below the line is not so bad. Just playing around with numbers: seven-digit numbers range from 1 million to just below 10 millions. Let's assume 3 millions have been forced to buy the 64bit Mac version. This would result in a revenue of (3'000'000 multiplied by € 29.95) 89.85 million Euros. And this covers the software part only. Should be plenty of money available for running this kind of business, including employing a nice team of talented coders.
  2. You are very welcome. You can also try to contact them via the below listed contact opportunities. Found them under «Legal Notice» in the footer of the internet pages... Geniatech Europe GmbH Kaiserstrasse 100 52134 Herzogenrath Germany Represented by: Managing Director Heinz-Jürgen Michael Decker Phone: 0049-2407-55290-80 Fax: 0049-2407-55290-89 E-Mail:
  3. Well, plenty of bugs, as known. As I already explained: I contacted the managing director of Geniatech Europe, followed by mail exchanges with the management in Shenzen. Most probably they just replied because I'm in journalism. However, they are not really open for the necessary steps. And in my opinion any further involvement is wasting time. What kind of action do you propose?
  4. Hi 69jessup! I just checked the mail address I got my license key from. It's "". Sometimes mails end in the spam folder. However, I assume you already checked it, right? I even received a mail with a link for activating my account. Stupid question: Did they charge your credit card for the license? You could also try to contact this mail for complaining:
  5. Indeed it seems to be a very strange company. Most probably they totally underestimated the problems when they bought the whole stuff from Elgator a couple of years ago. Contacting the managing director of their European branch did not bring any success. Therefore I decided to contact the headquarter in Shenzen. However, after exchanging a couple of mails, I come to the conclusion that there is not too much to expect. Most probably the wrong people and no money available. It is a shame as it is obvious that talented Apple coders could bring this piece of software to a full success in no time. In my opinion Geniatech cannot be seen as a serious company. The point is: As long as we, the users, are willing to accept to be cheated like this, nothing will happen. Maybe a lawyer could find a way to open a legal case as they advertised functions that have never been implemented...
  6. Hi Cluttered, there were a lot of users (including me) reporting that the export to mov, mp4, mpeg and others does not work. In the meantime I came to the conclusion that it works more or less well in the background, while the red progress circle hangs at around 20 percent and never finishes. There is not even a pop up message at the end of the export. However, in fact the export takes place in the background within a reasonable time. Simply, it's just an indication bug (hanging red progress circle). Can you please check and confirm this? Txs. I already forwarded the problem with the export progress indication to Geniatech Shenzen but according to them fixing this has no priority. To me it looks like they have nor a coding team available nor something like a project manager. Even worse: Apple knowledge and quality control barely existent. Most probably they are already happy if we can watch live TV with all the USB sticks in the market. Sending them long bug lists doesn't make any sense as they refuse to act. Even their advertising for EyeTV version 4 is totally outdated. Promised to fix functions until February 2020 that are still non existent. And export for applications like iMovie® HD, iDVD®, or DVD Studio Pro® is rather strange, as these apps reached the end of live a long time ago or got new names. And they are still using the term iTunes while Apple replaced iTunes by different new apps. Conclusion: Geniatech is neither willing nor able to bring EyeTV 4 to a real success. They rather try to keep it running, a way of at least. Maybe, simply it's no business anymore?
  7. After playing around with the export module I figured out: The export (mov, mp4, mpeg and others) semms to work. However, as the red progress circle is not coded in a proper way, it looks like the export hangs at around 20 percent. And unfortunately there is no message popping up at the end of the export. This leads to the impression that the export doesn't work at all, while the export has been foinished in the background within acceptable time. I already forwarded the obvious bug regarding the red progress circle (hanging at 20 percent and never finishes) to Geniatech Shenzen but according to them a fix has no priority. To me it looks like they have no real coder team available, as fixing something like this would be rather easy. Can somebody else please confirm that the export works in the background? Just check the respective folder for exported files.
  8. Just in case you don't know: Your license for EyeTV 3.0 is not valid anymore. For version 4.0 you will have to buy a new license...
  9. Did you try 8524 and higher?
  10. In the meantime I got the version 8524 working again on my Mac mini M1 2020. Had to try several times as either it crashed after installing or video was not streamed to the EyeTV app (iPhone) anymore. For time being everything is working, including video, audio, EPG. This software is rather bizarre as it acts different after each installing. Up to now I was unable to find a clear traceable behaviour. The 8527 did not stream the video at all to the EyeTV app. Geniatech China gave me this contact address: Maybe it's better to send complaints directly to the Chinese headquarter. The more noise we make the better. If nothing happens there are more ways to increase the necessary pressure...
  11. Had no problems in regards to uninstalling / reinstalling. Just used my EyeTV 4 serial number and it just worked. In the meantime I was able to downgrade to 8524 and 8526, without experience crashes after the program search. Two days ago they published 8527 instead of the perviously version 8528. But now I'm fighting with a new problem: The EPG data is not streamed to the EyeTV app (iPhone) anymore. Once more I have to invest time in order to get this problem solved too. Without program data on the iPhone I'm not able to use it for remote recording and programme selection without content data available becomes very uncomfortable too. I'm still in exchange with the coding team in China. However, IMO the whole project «EyeTV 4 for Mac» would need a complete restart from the scratch. New project managemnet, other, more competent coders. I don't expect the actual team would be able to bring this software up to the quality (features and performance) of the previous EyeTV 3. I already expressed my total lack of understanding and recommended them to sell this business to someone who knows how to manage a software project like this.
  12. Hi Cluttered Thanks for your kind support. As soon as possible I will try to remove all remainings of 8528 by using your list. Most probably, 8528 placed a code into my systems that is not yet recognised by the EyeTV reporter for a full and proper deinstalling. By the way: Send your complaints to this address: I managed to get in touch with the responsible people in China. They alreaday asked for crash records and screen shots. Most probably the 8528 is already a result of my interventions. At least they tried to publish a quick fix for the the missing audio stream to the iOS app plus some fixes for Monterey – unfortunately without success, in my case. Regards, Roland
  13. I forgot to mention this in the above post: After installing 8528 ended in a continuous crash of 8528 AND the 8524/8526, I strongly recommended Geniatech to remove the 8528, as this version has the potential to make all even worse. However, as far as I see, it is still available...
  14. Hi Cluttered You are lucky if you managed to downgrade from 8528 to 8526. In my case before «upgrading» to 8528, I had a working 8526 on my Mac Pro 2019 and a 8524 on my Mac mini M1 2020. Why not the 8526 on the Mac mini, too? Well, I need to stream the program from the Mac mini to my iPhone via the internet (remote access with the EyeTV app). And the 8526 does not stream the audio, so I had to go back to 8524. However, I tried to upgrade both of them to 8528 as Geniatech communiacted that the audio streaming problem is solved on this release. Result: the 8528 cannot be installed on M1 macs and on my Mac Pro 2019 (Intel) the app is crashing after the programm search. But the worst: After trying to downgrade on both Macs, even the previous working versions 8524/8526 are crashing now. Of course, I used the EyeTV reporter for deinstalling the 8528 but most probably a critical file was left in the system. And this remaining code is now crashing the older versions too. I'm in contact with Geniatech's developer team, hoping that a quick solution is on the way. Had to send them screen shots. Facing your list of of bugs above and my own experience, I'm not sure whether they are fully aware of the situation. IMO a lack of resources or a lack of experience in regards to the Apple world. Or both. It is extremely hard to understand, that they were unable to bring the full feature set and performance of the good working EyeTV 3 (32 bit) to EyeTV 4 (64 bit). Apple published so much instructions and tools for this transition well before the switch. And now the same again with the transition to the M1 processor architecture (Apple Silicon)? Regards, Roland
  15. I already tried to downgrade. On OS 12.1 now even the 8526 is crashing on both Macs. Most probably there is still code from 8528 somewhere left, that was not removed by EyeTV reporter during deinstallation.