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  1. Thanks guys, glad it was of some use. I must admit I hardly ever use EyeTV now, I moved everything from iTunes into Emby, bought the one off lifetime premiere licence and an HD homerun quatro (4 tuners) and use that. It works so much better. I love the fact that I can say ‘record series, all episodes, not in my library’, then if I have say season two of a program and season one gets repeated it will record it as it isn’t in my library. (Or if you only want new series you can do that too). But the main reason is that it works and is supported. There are other media servers, plex for instance, I tried lots and decided emby was the best for what I wanted. The original EyeTV releases by Elgato were great, geniatech are just a total waste of space. It’s been many, many years since I first raised issues with them, still waiting for any useful response!
  2. I installed 8532, opened a live window, went full screen, then used command-W to close the window - the entire app crashed as always. If this simple test fails then I suspect all the other problems are still there and I really can't be bothered testing them. I don't believe geniatech actually do update the software any more, they update the VERSION NUMBER and sign it as usable on the latest version of macos so that they can rake in more cash but they don't bother fixing any problems, or if they do then they haven't fixed any of the dozens of problems I have raised. I have a list of the MANY, MANY, problems that I have encountered, none of which have ever been addressed by the mythical geniatech support team(?), they have never bothered to respond to my numerous attempts to contact them. The only thing geniatech is set up for is taking payments. A re-branded turd is still a turd, you can call it anything you like but unless you actually change it then it doesn't make a blind bit of difference. EyeTV v3 was great, EyeTV v4 is a pile of sh*t. If you need a TV solution and are considering EyeTV then DON'T, yes some people can get by with it but if you are unlucky enough to find one of the many problems then you're screwed, you won't find any help from the developer. Instead look at something like KODI/EMBY/PLEX etc and a decent tuner like the HD Homerun series, I got the flex quatro which needs one aerial and has four tuners, works great, plus it's on the network so all my devices can watch TV from it, but the main thing is that the media servers and the tuners are from people who actually provide support and fix problems rather than ignore you completely and just grab your cash.
  3. Yes there are a few, jellyfin (fork of emby) and kodi are another couple. Initially I was looking for something to use instead of iTunes, I tried all of those, can’t remember why I didn’t like Plex, but anyway I settled on emby, Plex is probably the most widely used though. They can all be tried for free so you can make up your own mind. It wasn’t until I was mid-transfer that I thought about using it for TV, so I didn’t test the others with the TV functionality, I suspect they are all very similar. I would suggest that pretty much any of them will be superior to EyeTV4. It’s so weird, EyeTV3 was a wonderful app, really worked well, then Geniatech got hold of it and completely butchered it and produced the waste of space (and money) that is EyeTV4.
  4. Just gone to the download page, they seem to have removed all versions other than 8528 (which they try and claim is updated for ventura and shiny and new - twaddle - same old junk). No sign of 8531 on the main page. It is listed under their support/downloads page. Just tried it and given a quick test, I can’t see any real change, the few bits I tried are still broken on my system. Did an update and the guide still jumps up & down as before. I opened a full screen live window on BBC1 then pressed 2 to switch to BBC2, it switched to BBC2 fine, but the info bar won’t close and it won’t respond to any other actions now, can’t change channels, can’t minimise it or switch it’s size, can’t close it, no menubar, nothing at all, my only option was to force-quit the app. Doesn’t give me any confidence that anything else has been addressed. As ever, looks like they have tweaked the number and nothing else.
  5. Hi, EyeTV4 4 is the largest pile of poo I have ever used, it is utter rubbish. I haven’t tried 8531, I may have a look later but I would suspect that geniatech have fixed nothing whatsoever. In the many, many years since I have been asking for help they have not responded at all. Indeed you will notice no response from geniatech in here either. In the past they kept sending out an update saying it worked with the latest os, but in reality is was the same version number as the last one and the app was identical - as were all the faults. They just re-signed it or whatever so they could rake in more money. As to people being quiet ‘so has geniatech fixed all the problems’… …no, no they haven’t, I don’t even believe they have a support team, the reason we are quiet is because it is pointless trying anymore, I have raised numerous problems over many years and none of them, NONE OF THEM, have ever been addressed. I have probably found another few faults since I last posted but just can’t be bothered raising them it isn’t worth the effort. High Sierra was good, I regret upgrading, my iMac is now on Monterey and cannot upgrade further, HS was better, from memory Catalina was absolutely dreadful. I recently got Emby - it’s free, I am moving my iTunes library over to it and it is really nice. I purchased the lifetime premiere license (£100) it’s a one off charge, you can get a subscription if you prefer from £4/month but I hate those. You can do most things without a license but you need it to record TV… (Silicon dust do offer a subscription to allow you to record but there is no lifetime option so it would be a non-starter for me, you don’t need the Silicon dust subscription to record in emby they are totally separate so the emby license is all you need). I bought an HD Homerun Flex Quatro £150, it has four tuners and when combined with emby it provides a wonderful replacement for eyetv (interestingly if you try using it with eyetv it will only allow you to use two of it’s four tuners! *typical*). I do still have eyetv on my mac but haven’t recorded much with it since. Emby works, I can record/view four streams at once, I can record programs as with eyetv but I can also record a series, unlike eyetv - which would then record everything which usually means you get a dozen copies of the same program & episode, emby only records new episodes not in your library - wonderful. Another difference is that eyetv has zero support, emby has an active support forum and the developers respond pretty quickly. Plus I got a free program called shotcut, I can open the recorded .ts files in there, takes a couple of minutes to edit out commercials and then export to .mp4 (emby can also automatically convert recordings to .mp4 and apparently there is a plugin that does commercials but I haven’t investigated that). EyeTV4 export is pitiful, most often it just does nothing. All in all I would urge people to look elsewhere. Until now I hadn’t found anything I liked and just had to put up with the awful EyeTV4 but emby is for me the better option. EyeTV4 is expensive, has zero support and a huge number of bugs. It isn’t worth the effort. The only reason it sells is because EyeTV3 was brilliant, it was also developed/owned/supported by Elgato which is a reputable company. Geniatech is awful and doesn’t care a jot. Oh, and another benefit of emby over EyeTV4, I can watch live TV on my iPad, iMac, AppleTV, xBox, Oculus Quest and pretty much anything else if I had it. As you already have an HD Homerun then you are pretty much set, there would only be the subscription/lifetime license, I certainly couldn’t and wouldn’t recommend EyeTV4 to anyone. Hope that this is of some use, I will investigate the newer(?) version but I am not holding my breath, I seriously doubt it has any fixes at all, just a new number, I am currently using 8526. Mark.
  6. Not sure if this is of any use, my script to switch to the player window stopped working in v4, I just got round to looking into it, I noticed that if it is playing and I click the dock icon for EyeTV then it flips over to the player window, couldn't find any other way to do that. The code for it is: tell application "System Events" tell its process "Dock" tell its list 1 tell its UI element "EyeTV" click end tell end tell end tell end tell If EyeTV isn't running then it launches it. If it was running but not playing then it switches to the app. If it was playing though, then it switches to the playing window. I couldn't find a way to make that work in v4 as player_window/player_windows/open player/show player etc all seem broken. (what a surprise). I usually let it update the EPG via DVB on it's own, I did write a script for it in Keyboard Maestro but I don't bother with it any more, it mostly seems to stay up to date, one of the few bits that does still work!! Anyway, might be of use, if not ignore it. All the best. Mark.
  7. I'm afraid to say after 3 posts I set the user to ignore, I couldn't cope with it. Posting in here demanding help for an unrelated problem is unhelpful to everyone. It is the wrong approach. As I said in the previous post, search the web first, then search the forum, then create your own post, or go to the support page and email support - I even provided a link to just click on, don't try hijacking someone else's post. It isn't helpful. If they post their own question, and importantly specify what that problem is in the main subject, then they have much more chance of getting help. Just saying HELP ME NOW, is not going to get them anywhere. I don't work for them, nor do I work for geniatech, I have many problems of my own, my health both physical & mental are very poor, I also am not a mind reader, this user wants help now, don't we all, but what help? We have no idea what their problem is other than "it's urgent" (in their opinion) or whatever it was (I can't see the posts any more as I said). Had the person said something like "it won't accept my licence" or "it won't recognise my device" or "I have no sound", whatever, then someone can say "oh yes I had that, try this" but to repeatedly demand help now for an unspecified issue and of a user who has obviously been trying to get help themselves for years with zero success!, I mean it is just foolish. This is the third or fourth time this has happened (though I notice the other ones have vanished so hopefully they got help). This post is meant to be a list of the very many issues I have found in my setup, some people have the same issues, if so then it's helpful that they note that, it's also helpful to see that you're not alone and that this is happening to another user, maybe one day support will actually do something (though that seems increasingly unlikely). If I find a solution to any of those problems then I post that too so other's can benefit.If I haven't posted a solution then it's because i haven't found one. It's upsetting to see people repeatedly demanding help especially when they do not state what their issues are, I have none to offer, I do not work for geniatech, I get the impression that the only staff they have are in sales, I wish there was a decent alternative. Elgato made a great product - EyeTV3, unfortunately thanks to Apple that is no longer viable as it was a 32-bit app. Typical Apple. Geniatech bought it, they have no idea how the product works, they have little skill in software and even less in customer support, as such nothing gets fixed. The last update I know about was November 2021 since then nothing. My iMac is from late 2015, I can't afford a replacement, I am on Monterey as that is the last one it can support. I suspect most of my software will become obsolete over the next couple of years, it's a race now between what expires first, the iMac, the software or me. Hopefully me. I don't know what the answer is, maybe someone with some ability will produce a decent alternative or else a better company will buy the product and actually start taking it seriously. It was a good product and could be a massively profitable one, it has no real competition, if it worked properly it would be a gold mine. This unfortunately is the way of the world, someone creates a great product, someone else see's pound/dollar signs and buys it, they rake in as much as they can while spending as little as possible, existing users suffer. Hey ho. Thank you for your post though, and I apologise for the length of this one 😉 Mark.
  8. My best advice to anyone with problems: 1) Try searching the web. 2) Try searching the forums. 3) Don't just tag on your request in here, no one will see it. Create your own forum post, make sure the subject has some detail in it, that gives you more chance that someone will help, it may be a known problem. 4) Try going to their homepage and look under support, then raise a new ticket and/or post to the relevant address(s). Posting in here is likely only going to be seen by me and as I don't work for them isn't going to do you much good. Oh, and posting with, URGENT, HELP ME NOW, or similar phrases will just make me switch off and ignore it. Like I say, I DON'T WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE, I have enough problems. Good luck.
  9. I'm just a user, not sure why people keep asking me, especially given my lack of success. You can try 4 macOS but it hasn't done me any good for the last couple of years. Personally I don't think they have any support staff anymore. But give it a go.
  10. One more: If I am watching a recording full screen, then close it with CMD+W ie. close window, EyeTV crashes.
  11. Another one: In the channels list views, as you scroll then the title headers 'Channel', 'Name' etc all appear to be transparent so the content becomes unreadable. The headers should be opaque. There's no attention to detail.
  12. Two more issues: ⁃ If you select the File menu, press OPTION, then a menu item "Open All Live TV Windows" appears, I have a diversity in dual tuner mode, so it should open 2 windows, it doesn't it opens one. If you then repeat the process but choose "Close All", then it of course doesn't, it closes the Program Guide window but any TV windows that are open are left open, so much for close *ALL*. ⁃ Upgraded to Monterey and a new problem has cropped up. If I am watching a full screen TV/recording then a schedule starts, a new desktop space is opened which is a duplicate of the one that the EyeTV app is in, it shows a black screen and if you select it then it looks like the desktop that the app is in (it has the same desktop image). If another schedule kicks off then another space opens. They have the window name under them so something like "EyeTV/2 - 2- BBC TWO". The only way to get rid of them is to wait until you can close the EyeTV app and then they vanish.
  13. I don't work for these idiot's, I don't support their crappy software, if you read the rest of the posts in here you will notice I have one or two problems with their software myself, I also have had zero success getting them to provide support. So I would suggest you start your own threads, post your problems in there nd keep your fingers crossed.
  14. Well Monterey was released in October 2021 and 8528 was released in November 2021 so it’s reasonable that they would quote Monterey compatibility as their reason for that release.
  15. Hasn't helped for me, I have had a quick check and all the cosmetic problems (upside down thumbnails, inability to sort guides, programme guide jumping all over etc) are still there. It is the version I installed back in November last year so it isn't new, it is the last version I have seen from them and it isn't listed on the normal site under downloads, 8527 is the last one shown there. I kept copies of the DMG's from 8524 on just in case. Not convinced that they have any support personnel and certainly don't believe there is any active development. The only thing they seem to be doing is selling it.