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  1. Also the latest EyeTV Reporter I can find is 1.8.7 from 2015!!! Wonder if that was around the time they closed down their support & development departments... I don't understand their behaviour, surely we all have the same goal, make the program as good as it can be! Find problems, fix them. The issues won't go away just because they ignore them.
  2. Tried gain to raise a support ticket, still no response. Tried to use EyeTV Reporter to see if that might help, foiled again, hey ho.
  3. No one at Geniatech bothers to respond to me, been trying for years now and they ignore everything. Audio usually restarts if you reselect it in the menu, you can just choose the same destination so audio, audio output, system sound output. For example. Absolute junk. v3 was much better, but then v3 was written by Elgato rather thean Geniatech. Elgato presumably hired professional programmers while Geniatech did not.
  4. You can no longer save a live view, you used to be able to right-click and choose “save current program”.
  5. You cannot use the time at at the top of a live window to go backwards. Watching the news, it says there is 5 hours in the buffer, I cannot move the slider to go back. I can use the arrow keys but that takes forever and it keeps jumping back to the live view?
  6. Example of the upside down thumbnails.
  7. Three more: * Go to a favourite channel list. Scroll forward to a week today to add new schedules. The display is likely blank so update the DVB guide. It’s still blank, go to the normal guide then back without doing anything else, scroll forward again, all the data appears. It only seems to update the favourite channels display when you first enter it, not when you do an update. * Recording thumbnail is sometimes upside down. * Search only seems to look at the title.
  8. Hi, I am still on 8526, I tried 8528 when it was available (has it been removed?), it didn't fix ANY of my issues and introduced a new one so I downgraded(?). If you don't need to update then I wouldn't bother. 8526 has many,many, many problems as do all v4 versions, 8528 is no better, I haven't tried 8527 but I would bet it doesn't fix anything. Not sure why they bother. If they fixed problems and released an update then that would be awesome, but they don't, at best it is no worse, but usually it adds a new issue or two. They ignore all my support requests so they are not even trying to address them. I use the diversity too, I have three, v3 was super, v4 is an absolute car crash. If GeniaTech actually made some pretence of looking at the issues and trying to fix them then that would be something, they don't. I wish there was a decent alternative.
  9. I don’t see that there is anything I can do. I tried the proper steps, raising support issues directly, they ignore them. I tried emailing further up, they ignore them. I tried social media, they ignore them. Now I am just posting all my issues here, so there is a record, maybe one day someone will sort the product out - I doubt that. Maybe a 3rd party will buy it out and fix it, that would be nice. Maybe a competing product will emerge at which point people will jump to it in droves. I think personally that it will just be left as it is now, slowly dying until it just evaporates and becomes totally unusable and thus abandonware. This is becoming more widespread, buying up software rather than developing it themselves, then just raking in as much cash as they can get with little development and less support. The same happens with patents I believe. Buy the rights to someone else’s work, milk it for all you can get and sue everyone in sight if they try to compete. They don’t care about anything other than money so it is the end users/customers that suffer while they are laughing all the way to the bank. But then the large tech companies do the same I suppose. I have to jump through hoops to use iTunes or the large number of 32-bit apps I have bought over the years. I often find software on my iPad has now been quietly removed from the store and will no longer receive updates, then when the next iOS is forced on me they no longer work. Or worse the money grabbing software companies decide that I should really be paying them every month just to use something that I actually bought outright. Ah well, the old argument that you can’t switch from iOS, Apple, Windows etc because you have so much investment in software is starting to become moot. If the software won’t run, and keeps getting taken off you, then you might as well take the hit and switch to a different platform. It’s just finding one that is worth switching to that is the problem!
  10. Just found another one. Select to edit a recording, the edit bar is nearly always offscreen so you have to reposition the window, not really worth mentioning. But, if you select edit and then go to full screen, the edit bar is completely inaccessible. *sigh*
  11. 99% of the time when I try to export, it creates a zero byte file then that is it. No red circle, no further access, the file never grows (and I left it for ages). Sometimes it does actually create a decent sized file and show the indicator - tried one this morning actually and amazingly it ran, that was some hours ago, it created a 1.1GB file, the red circle is still there at about 75%, there is no indication from the program that it has actually finished, quite the opposite if you believe the icon! I STILL have had zero responses from Geniatech, either from the online support requests which I have been making for over a year, or from the direct sales email you suggested. I very much get the impression that the only priority Geniatech have is taking money for a virtually unusable program. They certainly have no interest in fixing any of it’s problems or even of providing basic support for it. They should revert it to a beta and pay existing users to use it.
  12. I sent an email to them before when you suggested it, copied in the long list of problems and a link here. Probably shut down for Christmas/December/2021-2022/ever. Wondering if the windows version is any better, could install that in my Win10 vm but there is no way I am spending more money on a license for this rubbish. I would suppose my mac license won’t work and I don’t think there is a demo.
  13. It was uninstalling from the real mac and installing into a vm, it sees it as different hardware and thinks you’re trying to pirate it. I had to revert to 8524 too, the guide windows had the right headings but the record button was at the end of the program name (didn’t screenshot it unfortunately), so instead of all the record buttons being aligned on the far right they were jagged down roughly the centre of the screen. No way to change the size and no program descriptions shown. Useless. I am yet to hear from support! Why buy a product if you have no interest in supporting or developing it! The answer of course is that there is no real competition and so it’s a license to print money. No trial so anyone that gets it has to pay the obscene price. EyeTV3 worked great and so people either think that that is what they are buying or assume it will be just as good. How wrong can you be.
  14. You cannot uninstall it like normal apps otherwise they disable your serial number and you have to raise a support ticket and then wait until support deigns to contact you. Instead you have to download eyetv reporter, which isn’t shipped with or mentioned by eyetv4, then use that to remove it before reinstalling on another machine. No other app I have ever used works like this!
  15. Watch a program while it is being recorded. Then at the end double click it, instead of dropping down to the cmd-3 window size it barely shrinks and remains almost full screen.