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  1. Another one: In the channels list views, as you scroll then the title headers 'Channel', 'Name' etc all appear to be transparent so the content becomes unreadable. The headers should be opaque. There's no attention to detail.
  2. Two more issues: ⁃ If you select the File menu, press OPTION, then a menu item "Open All Live TV Windows" appears, I have a diversity in dual tuner mode, so it should open 2 windows, it doesn't it opens one. If you then repeat the process but choose "Close All", then it of course doesn't, it closes the Program Guide window but any TV windows that are open are left open, so much for close *ALL*. ⁃ Upgraded to Monterey and a new problem has cropped up. If I am watching a full screen TV/recording then a schedule starts, a new desktop space is opened which is a duplicate of the one that the EyeTV app is in, it shows a black screen and if you select it then it looks like the desktop that the app is in (it has the same desktop image). If another schedule kicks off then another space opens. They have the window name under them so something like "EyeTV/2 - 2- BBC TWO". The only way to get rid of them is to wait until you can close the EyeTV app and then they vanish.
  3. I don't work for these idiot's, I don't support their crappy software, if you read the rest of the posts in here you will notice I have one or two problems with their software myself, I also have had zero success getting them to provide support. So I would suggest you start your own threads, post your problems in there nd keep your fingers crossed.
  4. Well Monterey was released in October 2021 and 8528 was released in November 2021 so it’s reasonable that they would quote Monterey compatibility as their reason for that release.
  5. Hasn't helped for me, I have had a quick check and all the cosmetic problems (upside down thumbnails, inability to sort guides, programme guide jumping all over etc) are still there. It is the version I installed back in November last year so it isn't new, it is the last version I have seen from them and it isn't listed on the normal site under downloads, 8527 is the last one shown there. I kept copies of the DMG's from 8524 on just in case. Not convinced that they have any support personnel and certainly don't believe there is any active development. The only thing they seem to be doing is selling it.
  6. Still downloading, but looking at the info in MacUpdater it doesn't sound promising on either count. 8528 has a date of 17/11/2021 so there doesn't seem to have been an update in the last year, I went to 8526 a few days back which is when MacUpdater offered it to me.
  7. Hmmm, I am currently on 8526 (It was getting the display aspect ratio wrong every time I went to full screen, I would have to exit, re-enter full screen to fix it), 8526 seems to be the best of a bad lot, it offered 8528 to me a couple of days back and I declined, 300 times bitten... Just looked back on this topic and both Roland B and I installed 8528 a long time ago (20th December 2021), it didn't help. (I notice 8528 hasn't been on the download page for a long time). I don't know if that makes it not abandoned or just that the version from a year ago has resurfaced for some reason. I am stuck on Catalina (my Drobos won't work on anything newer and Apple & Drobo are blaming each other and thus refusing to fix it). I will give it a go and see what happens, I am not holding my breath 😉. It has been years and I have contacted Geniatech in many different ways and I am yet to get any real replies. I did get one from an odd address from their main German site I think it was ( and they asked me to tell them the problems, I sent them a link to this topic, I never heard from them again, that was 30th May 2022. EyeTV v3 was wonderful, v4 has been nothing but trouble and their 'support' has been pretty much non-existent. To be honest I had long since given up. I don't understand them, they could have an amazing product if they could be bothered. I suppose the fact that there is little to no competition is the issue, they don't have to try, there are no other options so it's take it or leave it. A wonderful business model!!
  8. Also the latest EyeTV Reporter I can find is 1.8.7 from 2015!!! Wonder if that was around the time they closed down their support & development departments... I don't understand their behaviour, surely we all have the same goal, make the program as good as it can be! Find problems, fix them. The issues won't go away just because they ignore them.
  9. Tried gain to raise a support ticket, still no response. Tried to use EyeTV Reporter to see if that might help, foiled again, hey ho.
  10. No one at Geniatech bothers to respond to me, been trying for years now and they ignore everything. Audio usually restarts if you reselect it in the menu, you can just choose the same destination so audio, audio output, system sound output. For example. Absolute junk. v3 was much better, but then v3 was written by Elgato rather thean Geniatech. Elgato presumably hired professional programmers while Geniatech did not.
  11. You can no longer save a live view, you used to be able to right-click and choose “save current program”.
  12. You cannot use the time at at the top of a live window to go backwards. Watching the news, it says there is 5 hours in the buffer, I cannot move the slider to go back. I can use the arrow keys but that takes forever and it keeps jumping back to the live view?
  13. Example of the upside down thumbnails.
  14. Three more: * Go to a favourite channel list. Scroll forward to a week today to add new schedules. The display is likely blank so update the DVB guide. It’s still blank, go to the normal guide then back without doing anything else, scroll forward again, all the data appears. It only seems to update the favourite channels display when you first enter it, not when you do an update. * Recording thumbnail is sometimes upside down. * Search only seems to look at the title.
  15. Hi, I am still on 8526, I tried 8528 when it was available (has it been removed?), it didn't fix ANY of my issues and introduced a new one so I downgraded(?). If you don't need to update then I wouldn't bother. 8526 has many,many, many problems as do all v4 versions, 8528 is no better, I haven't tried 8527 but I would bet it doesn't fix anything. Not sure why they bother. If they fixed problems and released an update then that would be awesome, but they don't, at best it is no worse, but usually it adds a new issue or two. They ignore all my support requests so they are not even trying to address them. I use the diversity too, I have three, v3 was super, v4 is an absolute car crash. If GeniaTech actually made some pretence of looking at the issues and trying to fix them then that would be something, they don't. I wish there was a decent alternative.