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  1. build No 7511 has no licenced HEVC codec inside I searched, AVC maybe, but no copyright hint in info box from MainConcept about h265 I spent about 400€ for three EyeTV Sticks two of them Hybrid one DVB-T only one from 2014 other before with Analog-In ... Well, the Tuner I read can recive DVB-T2 HD signals not all of the bandwith of DVB-T2 but it can, second It just needs H265 for recieving HD. Well, now the question: will we ever be able to recieve anythink of DVB-T2 or it is just a new sticker on old package ....without any function.... My resume : build 7511 has no h265 Encoder or Decoder yet. there is no menu entry in the EyeTV assistent for Anntena DVB-T2 signals thery is not any hint of supported new hardware product in this release (searched for pic or firmware in dmg) called eyeTV-T2 and I fear my hardware will be useless for DVB-2 but more fear I cannot trust Geniatech for future products (this time eyeTV Hybrid @Yosemite)
  2. First test seems EyeTV 3.6.9 is working with the first Developer Beta of MacOS Sierra The Program found all DVB-T channels, but none of the 8 available DVB-T2 in Cologne Germany Even if there is no h265 (HEVC) implementation yet to present any streams, the search mechanism does not show any DVB-T2 channels. The same with El Captain, Yosemite and Snow Leopard. Please Geniatech release first a Beta Software-Codec for EyeTV OS X before announcing DVB-T2 support If You have Genius programmers, Apple Metal API would be fantastic to be supported with EyeTV 4 Thank You... Mathew. PS: Channel Preview with 4,9,16 and even more Thumbnails would be amazing too.